Introduction to the UCSD Division of Calit2


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Calit2 Tour
NextMed / MMVR20
Calit2 @ UC San Diego

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Introduction to the UCSD Division of Calit2

  1. 1. “Introduction to the UCSD Division of Calit2" Calit2 Tour NextMed / MMVR20 Calit2 @ UC San Diego February 20, 2013 Dr. Larry SmarrDirector, California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology Harry E. Gruber Professor, Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering 1 Jacobs School of Engineering, UCSD
  2. 2. In 2005, the Two Calit2 Buildings Were Occupied-- Creating Laboratories for “Living in the Future” • Over 1000 Researchers in Two Buildings – Linked via Dedicated Optical Networks – International Conferences and Testbeds • New Laboratories – Nanotechnology – Virtual Reality, Digital Cinema UC San Diego UC Preparing for a World in Which Distance is Eliminated…
  3. 3. The Ten Year Calit2 Path Forward• A Ten-Year Vision of Digital Transformation – Affiliated Academic Units – Calit2 News and Videos• This Talk Focuses in on: – The Digital Transformation of Health
  4. 4. Exercise and Physical Activity Center (EPARC)
  5. 5. SMART: Social Mobile Approach to Reduce Weight• Leveraging social networks, social media, mobile phones, and the web for weight loss among 18-35 year old young adults – Funded with a 5-year grant from NHLBI/NIH Source: Kevin Patrick, UCSD SOM & Calit2
  6. 6. CitiSense –UCSD NSF Grant for Fine-GrainedEnvironmental Sensing Using Cell Phones Seacoast Sci. 4oz 30 compounds Intel MSP contribute e W ret ns ret se riie CitiSense re CitiSense ve ve L C/A S EPA er “d ov “d iis sc sppll F di ay ay CitiSense Team ” ” distribute PI: Bill Griswold Ingolf Krueger Tajana Simunic Rosing Sanjoy Dasgupta Hovav Shacham Kevin Patrick
  7. 7. Robots Learning Expressions of One-Year Old ChildBody Built by Japanese Animatronic Company Kokoro and its Head Created by U.S. Firm Hanson Robotics UCSDs Machine Perception Laboratory, Led by Professor Javier Movellan
  8. 8. Creating a “Big Data Freeway” System Connecting Instruments, Computers, & StoragePhil Papadopoulos, PILarry Smarr co-PI PRISM @UCSD Start Date 1/1/13
  9. 9. Arista Enables SDSC’s Massive Parallel 10G Switched Data Analysis Resource 12
  10. 10. The Latest OptIPuter Innovation:Quickly Deployable Nearly Seamless OptIPortables 45 minute setup, 15 minute tear-down with two people (possible with one) Shipping Case Image From the Calit2 KAUST Lab
  11. 11. The OctIPortable Being Checked Out Prior to Shipping to the Calit2/KAUST Booth at SIGGRAPH 2011 Photo:Tom DeFanti
  12. 12. 64 megapixel VROOM
  13. 13. 3D Stereo Head Tracked OptIPortal: NexCAVE Array of JVC HDTV 3D LCD Screens KAUST NexCAVE = 22.5MPixels Source: Tom DeFanti, Calit2@UCSD
  14. 14. TourCAVEFive 65” LG 3D HDTVs, PC, Tracker--~$33,000
  15. 15. StarCAVE
  16. 16. Director’s Colony
  17. 17. Telepresence Meeting Using Digital Cinema 4k Streams 4k = 4000x2000 Pixels = 4xHD Streaming 4k 100 Times with JPEG the Resolution 2000 of YouTube! Compression ½ Gbit/sec Lays Technical Basis for Global Keio University Digital President Anzai Cinema Sony UCSD NTT Chancellor Fox SGICalit2@UCSD Auditorium