Digital Culture and the Future Internet


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Digital Humanities Initiative
CUNY Graduate Center
New York, NY

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  • These projects are led by Tom Levy, UCSD Levantine Archaeology Lab and Qalcomm Institute.
  • ----- Meeting Notes (1/11/13 18:03) -----
    A - LiDAR, B- Total Station, C - Helium Balloon aerial photography, D - Laura Croft - OpenDig database for collecting excavation meta-data, E - ToughBook computer for wireless connection to cameras, F - OctoCopter, G – Handheld X-ray fluorescent (XRF) analyzer for non-destructive elemental analysis, H – Indiana Jones – OptiPortable display wall, i – portable 3D scanners, j – Differential GPS base station, K - (FTIR)
    Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy – for mineral components of raw materials, L – Digital photography lab – every recorded artifact
  • Digital Culture and the Future Internet

    1. 1. “Digital Culture and the Future Internet” Digital Humanities Initiative CUNY Graduate Center New York, NY October 30, 2013 Dr. Larry Smarr Director, California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology Harry E. Gruber Professor, Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering Jacobs School of Engineering, UCSD
    2. 2. Birth of the Internet in Early 1970s Led to Forty Years of Exponential Growth But This is What Vint and Bob Looked Like When they Did It Vint Cerf, Robert Kahn, Len Kleinrock, Larry Roberts
    3. 3. The Forty Year Exponential Growth in Traffic on the Internet Data Collected by Larry Roberts Copyright 2009 L.G. Roberts One Trillion Fold Increase!
    4. 4. The First NSFnet Backbone: The National Shared Bandwidth = a Dial-Up Modem! CTC NSFNET 56 Kb/s Backbone (1986-8) NCAR PSC NCSA SDSC Slides from 1994 © CSC Vanguard Meeting with Larry Smarr. JVNC
    5. 5. NCSA Mosaic Home Page Slides from 1994 © CSC Vanguard Meeting with Larry Smarr.
    6. 6. Exponential Growth of Clients Coupling to Servers MBytes transferred over NSF backbone per month MBytes transferred over NSF backbone per month 10000000 10,000,000 WWW exceeds gopher! 1000000 1,000,000 Gopher 100000 100,000 10000 10,000 1,000 1000 100 100 WWW Mosaic available Nov-92 Dec-92 Jan-93 Feb-93 Mar-93 Apr-93 May-93 Jun-93 Jul-93 Aug-93 Sep-93 Oct-93 Nov-93 Dec-93 Jan-94 Feb-94 Mar-94 Apr-94 May-94 Jun-94 Jul-94 10 10 WAIS Mosaic induces 10,000 fold increase in WWW traffic!! Mosaic induces 10,000 fold increase in WWW traffic!! Source: Data from Merit; Graph by Larry Smarr Slides from 1994 © CSC Vanguard Meeting with Larry Smarr.
    7. 7. NCSA Mosaic Led to the Modern Web World Licensing NC S 1993 NCSA Collage AP ro gra mm ers 1992 1990 Open Source Source: Larry Smarr 100 Commercial Licensees
    8. 8. NSFnet Upgraded Backbone Bandwidth: 1.5 -> 45 Mb/s Backbone (1988-94) Image: Donna Cox, Bob Patterson, NCSA
    9. 9. Then Came the Dot-Com Crash Creative Destruction of Capitalism NASDAQ
    10. 10. Out of the Rubble Google Brings Search to the Web
    11. 11. Over the Same Period Facebook Leads the Rise of the Social Web Remember the “1 Millionth FB User” Party? Growth by 1000-Fold in Less Than 8 Years!
    12. 12. The Scale of the Web Today: “You Know What’s Cool?-a Billion” • Facebook – One Billion Active Users • YouTube – 4 Billion Hours of Video Watched Each Month • Google – Over One Billion Searches Every Day • Apple – 15 Billion Apps Downloaded Per Year • Smartphones – 1 Billion Active Users
    13. 13. The Unrelenting Computing Exponential The Computing Power to Make a Single Google Search Is More Than Was Used In Space & On Earth For the 11 Year, 17 Flight Apollo Program!
    14. 14. Four Trends of the Future Web •Being There •Cultural Heritage •Virtual Rooms •Telepresence •Intelligent Cities
    15. 15. The Internet is Moving Throughout the Physical World Source: Deborah Estrin
    16. 16. High Performance Wireless Research and Education Network National Science Foundation awards 0087344, 0426879 and 0944131
    17. 17. San Diego and Imperial Counties Are Densely Covered with Environmental Sensornets 155Mbps FDX 6 GHz FCC licensed 155Mbps FDX 11 GHz FCC licensed 45Mbps FDX 6 GHz FCC licensed 45Mbps FDX 11 GHz FCC licensed 45Mbps FDX 5.8 GHz unlicensed 45Mbps-class HDX 4.9GHz 45Mbps-class HDX 5.8GHz unlicensed ~8Mbps HDX 2.4/5.8 GHz unlicensed ~3Mbps HDX 2.4 GHz unlicensed 115kbps HDX 900 MHz unlicensed 56kbps via RCS network via Tribal Digital Village Network WIDC KYVW KNW B08 1 BDC GVDA Santa WMC Rosa RDM CRY SND SMER PFO AZRY BZN dashed = planned KSW FRD MPO P474 DHL SO SLMS LVA2 BVDA P478 SCS P486 MTGY MVFD P510 P483 RMNA DSME GLRS CRRS WLA USGC CWC GMPK P506 P499 P480 P509 CE 70+ miles to SCI MONP UCSD DESC P497 MLO P494 P473 IID2 SDSU P500 CNM PL to CI and PEMEX POTR P066 NSS S Red circles: HPWREN supplied cameras Yellow circles: SD County supplied cameras Source: Hans Werner Braun, HPWREN PI approximately 50 miles: Note: locations are approximate Backbone/relay node Astronomy science site Biology science site Earth science site University site Researcher location Native American site First Responder site
    18. 18. Continuous Environmental Monitoring Enabled by HPWREN Cameras Source: Hans Werner Braun, HPWREN PI
    19. 19. Wireless Remote Cameras Capture Unseen Moments of Nature
    21. 21. Egypt’s Luxor in the StarCAVE
    22. 22. Cultural Heritage Visualization in Chicago’s Electronic Visualization Lab’s CAVE2 Displayed is a 3D panorama of Luxor in EgyptImages were Created at Calit2 by Tom DeFanti and Dan Sandin
    23. 23. Towards Digital Wallpaper Using Calit2’s VROOM to Explore Confocal Light Microscope Collages of Rat Brains
    24. 24. Scalable Cultural Analytics: 4535 Time magazine covers (1923-2009) Source: Software Studies Initiative, Prof. Lev Manovich, CUNY/Calit2
    25. 25. The Beginning of Virtual Rooms Sharp Corp’s 156 60”LCDs for the 5D Miracle Tour at the Hui Ten Bosch Theme Park in Nagasaki Opened April 29, 2011
    26. 26. Over Fifty Years Ago, Asimov Described a World of Remote Viewing 1956 A policeman from Earth, where the population all lives underground in close quarters, is called in to investigate a murder on a distant world. This world is populated by very few humans, rarely if ever, coming into physical proximity of each other. Instead the people "View" each other with trimensional “holographic” images.
    27. 27. TV and Movies of 40 Years Ago Envisioned Telepresence Displays Source: Star Trek 1966-68; Barbarella 1968
    28. 28. The Bellcore VideoWindow -A Working Telepresence Experiment (1989) “Imagine sitting in your work place lounge having coffee with some colleagues. Now imagine that you and your colleagues are still in the same room, but are separated by a large sheet of glass that does not interfere with your ability to carry on a clear, two-way conversation. Finally, imagine that you have split the room into two parts and moved one part 50 miles down the road, without impairing the quality of your interaction with your friends.” Source: Fish, Kraut, and Chalfonte-CSCW 1990 Proceedings
    29. 29. Telepresence Meeting Using Digital Cinema 4k Streams 4k = 4000x2000 Pixels = 4xHD 100 Times the Resolution of YouTube! Streaming 4k with JPEG 2000 Compression ½ Gbit/sec Lays Technical Basis for Global Digital Keio University President Anzai Cinema UCSD Chancellor Fox Calit2@UCSD Auditorium Sony NTT SGI
    30. 30. Tele-Collaboration for Audio Post-Production Realtime Picture & Sound Editing Synchronized Over IP Skywalker Sound@Marin Calit2@San Diego
    31. 31. Collaboration Between EVL’s CAVE2 and Calit2’s VROOM Over 10,000Mbps Optical Fiber La Jolla Chicago Source: NTT Sponsored ON*VECTOR Workshop at Calit2 March 6, 2013
    32. 32. eMedia Studio: Interactive Telepresence Dance/Media Performances Calit2@UCI
    33. 33. Virtual Jazz-Coupling UCI with UCSD
    34. 34. The Disruptive Transition to Intelligent, Secure, Low Carbon, and Climate Adaptive Infrastructure • The First Wave: – Infrastructure Will Gradually Become “Intelligent” • The Second Wave: – From High to Low Carbon Emissions • The Third Wave: – Climate Change is Now Occurring on a Time Scale Commensurate With the Lifetime of Infrastructure
    35. 35. Buildings Are Becoming “Internets of Things” Key to Reducing 40% of U.S. CO2 Emissions Source: Jim Young Realcomm • • Microsoft Collects 500M Data Points/Day from its Campus
    36. 36. Countries, States, and Cities are Beginning to Conceive of a New Low Carbon Future
    37. 37. The Transition to a Low Carbon Society Requires Rethinking Our Cities Infrastructure
    38. 38. Atmospheric CO2 Levels for Last 800,000 Years and Several Projections for the 21st Century 2100 No Emission Controls--MIT Study 2100 Post-Copenhagen Agreements-MIT Model 2100 Shell Blueprints Scenario Source: U.S. Global Change Research Program Report (2009) Graph from: /us-impacts/download-the-report
    39. 39. Over the Last 20,000 Years Humans Have Adapted to Continual Sea Level Rise 73 Future Potential Sea Level Rise
    40. 40. Human Induced Sea Level Rise Will Continue for Centuries 1 Meter will Submerge Over 2 Million sq. km of Land Where ~150 Million People Live, Mostly in Asia Meters of Sea Level Rise 5 3 0.2 Meter Rise Source: The Copenhagen Diagnosis, Allison, et al. (2009) 1
    41. 41. The Transition to Climate Adaptive Infrastructure: “Rising Currents” 2010 Exhibit at Museum of Modern Art New York City's Harbor & Coastline -- How it Could be Restructured to Deal with the Rising Sea Level Visions Created By Five Interdisciplinary Architect Teams
    42. 42. New York City is Building a High Tech Future New York Is Vying to Become Global High-Tech Hub Roosevelt Island: New York’s New Tech Hub