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Adopt a Good case CSR practice from Egypt! Please help us spread the word to your CSR committe? …

Adopt a Good case CSR practice from Egypt! Please help us spread the word to your CSR committe?

Do you know about the Triple Effect project?

The Triple Effect is a blood donation project initiated in Egypt by PwC and AIESEC and aims to address and alleviate the blood issue by encouraging Corporate & Active Youth Organizations in Universities to participate in.

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This project can be implemented in other territories as well in your organisation! Can you help us spread the word to your CSR committe?

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Testimonial form the organisers:


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  • 1. The Triple Effect Give Life, Get Life, Live Life Corporate ProposalThe Triple Effect invites Corporate Partners to join this project in solving theblood issue in Egypt. In this Corporate Proposal, you will find:  Who We Are, What We Do, Why We Do It, How We Do It  Ways of Cooperation  Corporate Benefits  Campaign Recommendations  World Blood Donors Day 2012  Corporate Partnership
  • 2. Who we are:The Triple Effect is a blood donation project initiated by the Mansour CharityFoundation, the charity arm of PricewaterhouseCoopers Egypt.Our project aims to address and alleviate the blood issue in Egypt byencouraging Corporate & Active Youth Organizations in Universities toparticipate in our sustainable integrated solution & strategy.Regular voluntary non-remunerated blood donation (the foundation of a safe,sustainable blood supply) and health promotions are core elements of the TripleEffect.We are committed to empower motivated & passionate employees and studentsto lead their working environment in solving the blood issue in Egypt.“Giving is the act of helping or providing someone with somethingthat is required, giving liberates the soul of givers, imagine howgood you will feel when donating blood.” - Tarek Mansour, Senior Partner PwC Egypt
  • 3. What We Do: Introduction“Blood is the only thing that cannot be reproduced ormanufactured. Blood is the Gift of God.” - Dr. Assem Al-Akabawi (AstraZeneca, Marketing Company President)With a simple toolkit, we empower Your involvement is one majoreach corporate to manage and run 3 component to the overall strategy ofblood donation drives annually this project. Involving corporate for athemselves. project like this is extremely purposeful because they have aWith our Health Incentive Package critical role and influence on civil(HIP), we highlight how employees society and vice versa and to ensurecan lead a healthy and active the expansion and sustainability oflifestyle in order to be a safe and this project.healthy blood donor. At the Triple Effect, we groupWith the Youth-to-Business forum, everything into 3 phases:we connect corporate volunteers to Empowerment, Ownership &youth by encouraging the sharing of Sustainability, including forcorporate expertise to empower corporate engagement.youth to run campaigns inUniversities.
  • 4. Why We Do It According to the National Blood Transfusion Centre, - Dr. Nabila Metwali (World Health Organization, Regional Advisor, Blood Transfusion Safety)  Approximately 1% of the population in Egypt are  To prevent deaths from the loss of blood; for mothers and children, cancer patients, road traffic accident victims, surgical operations; currently blood donors, the minimum needed to meet the basic needs in a country;  To provide them with safe equitable blood to reduce risk of  Out of this 1%, only 35% are non-remunerated “Importance of voluntary non-remunerated blood donation: voluntary blood donors;  The other 65% are family replacement & obliged donors, which means the blood donated carry a transmittable diseases from blood transfusion.” higher risk of diseases such as Hepatitis B & C; According to the World Health Organization,  We aim to triple the number of voluntary non- remunerated blood donors to 3% of the population to meet Egypt’s transfusion requirements. Corporate employees represent a safe source of potential regular blood donors.
  • 5. How We Do It:THREE PHASESPhase 1: Phase 2: Phase 3:Empowerment Ownership SustainabilityWhen a corporate agrees We encourage the Holding regularto be a partner: appointment of “Blood campaigns is essential to Champions” (stand out instill the habit of regular A step-by-step employees) who will have blood donation and to campaign manual the duty and authority to ensure the goal to meet outlining how to run a recruit, motivate and the demand for blood is blood campaign will be promote participation met. provided by the Triple among the other Effect; employees. Part of the campaign manual includes post- We will work together Complimenting the blood campaign evaluation, with corporate drives are awareness which we will run through employees to adopt this sessions on: together with you to make campaign as their own;  Blood Donation any necessary changes  Health & Wellbeing and improvements for Regular (2 or 3) blood We aim to make this as retention of donors and campaigns will be run relevant for you as it is for planning for the next throughout the year. campaign. us. These sessions are designed to encourage regular blood donation and developing a cohesive mentality for improving health and wellbeing. This is the “Empowerment Model”: Empowerment – Ownership – Sustainability
  • 6. What we Offer:Blood Campaigns Youth to Business Health Incentives (In collaboration with Pfizer, we  Participation in Youth-2- offer the following options):  Corporate toolkit outlines how the Business forum event  Free health checks on corporate can run an Diabetes and  Access to mentorship Cholesterol levels efficient blood drive. provided opportunities with (for 30 employees)  Blood donation University students awareness and  Free ‘Stop Smoking’ &  Platform for company ‘Healthy Lifestyle’ education session workshops provided promotion/marketing provided before e  Networking and blood drive. recruitment opportunity  Blood drive with student leaders. facilitated through National Blood Transfusion Service (NBTS)1 to ensure a safe and pleasant donor experience. 1 As known to WHO, the NBTS of Egypt, under the auspices of the Egyptian Ministry of Health, is the Blood Transfusion Service in Egypt, that provides safe blood to Medical Institutions, and partners with the Swiss Red Cross in ensuring blood quality management Guidelines and Policies. The NBTS is also governed by a National Regulatory Authority in the field of Blood Transfusion Safety.
  • 7. Corporate Benefits We have identified three main areas where a corporate will be able to take advantage of the benefits reciprocated for their generous and valuable contribution in the Triple Effect:Investing in your Community  The Triple Effect is the Corporate sector’s collective commitmentThe Triple Effect is a means for towards solving the blood issue incorporate to create a tangible Egypt.and powerful contribution to  Using our resources to make ourimprove the health and well- communities better, workingbeing of their community. together to make a real difference, improving society’s perception of the Corporate sector. Your Corporate can be part of this solution.Investing in your People  The Triple Effect provides the opportunity for Corporate to enableThe Triple Effect creates an their employees to be Active Citizens.ongoing dialogue betweenmanagement and employees  A balanced contribution to both workon health and wellbeing and and community vastly increasescommunity impact. employee satisfaction; improving productivity and retention rate.Investing in Youth  The Triple Effect connects Corporate with Universities in building the capacity of students to run healthThe Triple Effect provides based social change campaigns onCorporate with direct access inspired future leaders inlocal Universities.  While increasing their exposure, Corporate is also able to recruit topYouth are the foundation of the talents and having students be active spokespersons of their company.future blood donor base.
  • 8. Campaign Recommendations We highly encourage companies to make the campaigns more than just a blood drive, but rather an inclusive and interactive event. The following suggested scenarios can help make the campaign a memorable and unique experience:  Hold campaign in a large company meeting room or an attractive and accessible location off site.  Provide a healthy meal or snacksBeautiful hotel ballroom decorated during the campaign.with company campaign materials  Capture employee’s thoughts on donating on an autograph board.  Consider including fun and feasible sport activities.  Share in companywide activities such as: collective red dress, photos ofBlood donors getting drawn by aprofessional caricature artist donor blood types, a company photo of participants.  Giveaways can be provided to all attendees prior to blood drive. (CAUTION – The giveaways are by no means to be used as incentives to encourage donors as any blood donation should be voluntary and non- remunerated.)Company employees enjoyingbowling, food, beverages and fun
  • 9. In collaboration with World Health Organization We invite you to: Global Celebration of Donors in June 2012“Countries worldwide celebrate World Blood Donor Day (WBDD) with events to raise awareness of the need for safe blood and blood products and to thank voluntary unpaid blood donors for their life-saving gifts of blood.” - WHO Celebration & Recognition The WBDD is a recognition of your efforts and your contribution to helping those in need. Donors from all over the world join in this celebration together to highlight the unity among donors worldwide. In 2012, we would like to celebrate this day together with our corporate partners* and university partners to witness the impact of the Triple Effect. In collaboration with WHO, this day will celebrate the lives of blood recipients that have been saved due to these blood donations, and also to recognize the donors who have helped make this possible. This event is our way; the world’s way of saying THANK YOU. We look forward to your participation in the 2012 WBDD! *Corporate partners are required to run at least 2 campaigns annually.
  • 10. CorporatePartnershipsfor Sustainable ChangeAgreeing to be a corporate partner with The Triple Effect is avoluntary, yet binding agreement, which requires the following:  A memorandum of understanding that will be discussed and addressed by representatives of both parties to outline the specific details and expectations of the agreement;  An understanding by both parties that this is intended to be a long term and sustainable project, featuring a minimum of 2 campaigns annually;  Corporate access to relevant resources provided by The Triple Effect for full support and guidance throughout the campaign process.  Consideration of purchasing a premier sponsorship for University related activities.Some of the organizations we have reached a partnership with as of August 2011 are shownbelow and this list is continuously growing. Hero Chipcy Agility PepsiCo Lafarge Mentor Graphic TE-Data Oriental Hotel EFG Hermes AstraZeneca British Gas Egypt Tropicana Hotel Groups Adeco MARS Egypt Suez Canal University
  • 11. General SummaryThe Problem:There is a lack in Quantity & Quality of regular safe blood in Egypt.The Solution:Regular and voluntary non-remunerated blood donation.The Method:Empower people to be active citizens and blood donors.How You Can Contribute:Make a commitment to spread the Triple Effect as a corporate partner. Facebook: For more information, please Facebook/thetripleeffect contact: LinkedIn: The Triple Effect | PricewaterhouseCoopers Egypt Mansour Charity Foundation Corporate Responsibility 02)2759 7700 (ext.5407) Twitter: @TheTripleEffect Email: YouTube: TheTripleEffect