PwC and AIESEC in Serbia partnership FY2012


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PwC and AIESEC in Serbia partnership FY2012

  1. 1. and AIESECSerbiaOur ideal partnershipJune 2012
  2. 2. PwC and AIESEC in Serbia PwC is a National Partner of AIESEC in Serbia since 2007 and we are proud to say that during FY2012 we strived and succeeded to grow our collaboration even more. We have defined new activities and projects by constantly being in touch during the whole year. Overall we believe that through our partnership we can develop both our organizations in a sustainable and impactful way. PwC firmly believes that empowering young people, for peace and fulfilment of humankinds potential, will give birth to trustworthy leaders. PwC collaborates with AIESEC Serbia Leaders that will make the difference in a world that needs to be rescued from despair. People need to be led to deal with greater opportunities. To our contentment, AIESEC, a student-run organization, and we, PWC, have been working hand in hand, providing support to young talented leaders in order to enhance their strengths.PwC 2
  3. 3. Elements of our partnership (1)Career Days AIESEC Business Days Youth 2 Business ForumIt’s a successful tradition for We also work together to PwC was a partner ofus to participate annually, realise the project “AIESEC AIESEC Serbia’s Youth tobecause it offers us the Business Days” which is Business in December 2011.chance to attract young happening in Belgrade and We delivered our topicprofessionals not only from has the aim to educate under the CSR umbrella andAIESEC but from many students from Belgrade motivated many AIESECother different universities. University on topics like HR, members to think in a Finance, Marketing, SalesVery enthusiastic young sustainable way, this and IT.AIESEC people, always resulted in various ideas forchallenging themselves, are PwC covers both HR and further cooperation.capable of organizing Finance track which takesdifferent activities aiming to this whole project to anothertap into this unlimited field level.called creativity.PwC 3
  4. 4. Elements of our partnership (2)Networking for A combination of theory and practice, interaction,professionals examples, and professional, but relaxed approach, is what makes this training both interesting andThe project aims to make useful.students more employable byexplaining concepts of As always it was a great pleasure working withnetworking and how to use it in AIESEC, we were happy to share our skills andpractice. We gave participants knowledge and invest in the potential of youngsome useful tips and tricks to people eager to learn and develop.make networking fun and highlyefficient.Also the training pointed outhow networking is a skill, not atalent, we encouragedparticipants to embrace this skilland practice it first on thetraining and later in theirprofessional careers.PwC 4
  5. 5. In addition to...“Be creative-in your thoughts, in your feelings and in all your action. Applyyour own uniqueness to everything you undertake”Mildreth AngeloHR Senior Manager and AIESEC Champion at PwCIn addition to all the support offered, PwC All this is very important and definitelyhas been cooperating with AIESEC by describes the ideal partnership, andcarrying out pro-Bono annual what we value the most in PwC andauditing. Part of our contract is to AIESEC Serbia partnership is endlessprovide support with tutoring, support and understanding.mentoring on issues such as humanresources.PwC is led by a very solid approach to CSR,especially in the education field. Thus, weinvite AIESEC members that trust in theirown greatness, to participate in variouseducational activities like Exceltraining courses, ACCA papers. June 2012PwC 5
  6. 6. ContactsOpenness and friendly approach gives the possibility to always ask for feedback, backand forth, to improve in everything we do together. We are proud to say that thispartnership will only grow even more in the upcoming years.Mildreth Angelo Mirjana DjordjevicPwC | Human Capital Senior Manager AIESEC | National External RelationsBelgrade, Serbia ResponsibleAIESEC Champion Kamenicka 6, 11000 Beograd , SerbiaVanja LjubicicPwC | Human Resource ServicesBelgrade, SerbiaAIESEC Alumna PwC and AIESEC PartnershipVladan Petrovic Our Pages:PwC | HR Consulting Leader | HumanResource ServicesBelgrade, Serbia Our Groups:AIESEC Alumnus SparkPwC 6