4 Reasons To Attend The AIESEC Alumni International Meeting 2012 In Hungary


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AIESEConnect Newsletter - November 2011 | 4 Reasons To Attend The AIESEC Alumni International Meeting 2012 In Hungary

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4 Reasons To Attend The AIESEC Alumni International Meeting 2012 In Hungary

  1. 1. PwC and AIESECHom ePwC and AIESEC 4 reasons to attend the AIESEC Alumni Join us-> IC 2011-> Regional International Meeting 2012 in Hungar Global Partnership PageConferences 2012 AIESEC Interns GroupAIESECer@PwC AAIM is a prestigious ev ent where Alum ni of AIESEC from v arious locations are gathering to reconnect Alum ni and SupportersNews from AIESEC and interact with im pressiv e external speakers like business people, entrepreneurs, politicians and NGOSupporters page leaders. PwC Global Wiki The m eeting will take place between 1 6 th-1 9 th February in Budapest and Tapulca. During the m eeting Cont act there will be discussion panel where Alum ni will debate on topics related to their business, and career.Various occasions will be av ailable to interact with the student body which is holding its Claudia Calinescu International Presidents Meeting, including sessions with the PAI, Plenary and joint dinners andJoin our parties. Check the agenda and locationLinkedIn group Take advantage of the Early Bird rates and the discount which is given to Global Coordinator AIESECHow is it to work relation 1 1 /1 2 at PwCin our PwC those participants who are paying the claudia.calinescu@pwc.beoffice? membership of AAI. Click here +32 491 7 21 460Share it with us...m ore Your Feedback is important for usDo ou hav e an Take a m inute to tell us whatplans for 1. The TSP of PwC in Belgium is invited as a y ou think?Februar 2012? speaker.AIESEC Alum niInternationalMeeting inHungary ?Did ou know?Check theFY 2012 AIESECregionalconferencesEastern, Central or Karel De Baere the current TSP of the Belgian firm and a longWestern standing AIESEC Cham pion is inv ited to talk at the AAIM 2 01 2 inCluster...m ore Budapest. Karel De Baere is well known am ong the AIESEC Network for his continual support to AIESEC by superv ising the global partnership, for his presentations at the last 1 0 International Congresses, contribution to AIESEC dev elopm ent as a m em ber of the Superv isory Group and Adv isory Council of AIESEC International and m any m ore. Karel De Baere began his professional career with PwC in 1 9 82 and now has ov er thirty y ears experience within the com pany . Besides the m any internal and external responsibilities internationally he is also v ery activ e in Belgium . After passing in 2 009 at the head of Risk & Quality Managem ent at PwC, he is since 2 01 0 responsible for the Departm ent of Risk Assurance Serv ices. He is a rev iewer recognized by the Institute of Auditors, where he was Chairm an of the Com m ission IT Audit. Karel De Baere Curriculum The speech will take place on Friday 17th February 2011 during the lunch (1:00-2:30pm) and will be introduced by the CEO of Siemens in Hungary who will chair the conference.
  2. 2. PwC and AIESEC2. Attend the Joint Dinner with Alumni andIPM delegates The AAIM is taking place in the sam e tim e with International Presidents Meeting where 2 00 AIESEC m em bers, outgoing and elected Presidents of the national chapters, are participating. In the sam e day with Karel De Baeres speech AIESEC will organise a join dinner with the Alum ni and IPM delegates where 1 AIESEC country will be awarded for its outstanding initiativ es with the Alum ni Network. This award will be giv en by the AIESEC Alum ni International with the support of PwC.3. The 40th Anniversar Dinner of AIESEC inHungarOn 1 8th February AIESEC Alum ni will participate at the celebrationof 4 decades of AIESEC in Hungary . This is another m om ent whenAIESEC prov es its long term im pact in a com m unity and this tim ehow is dev eloping the Hungarian Youth into Globally m inded andresponsible Leaders.Register now for the AAIM to participate and celebrate together withAIESEC Hungary .4. Became a member of the AIESEC AlumniInternational association. AAI opens the floor to those m em bers who want to continue with activ ities on an international lev el reflecting the AIESEC spirit that rises abov e and bey ond culture, race, sex, citizenship, religion, econom ic sy stem , branch, hierarchy and generation. We welcom e all those who were activ e in AIESEC at a national or international lev el.The aim of AAI, a registered non-profit association for AIESEC Alum ni,is to allow alum ni to continue to interact with the world of AIESEC andfellow alum ni at an international lev el.We inv ite y ou to join AAI in working towards these goals and continueto dev elop the true potential of AIESEC alum ni, one of the world’s m ostform idable networks of people proactiv ely working for change. Reconnect with y our form er AIESEC network Retrace long-tim e fellow alum ni and m eet like-m inded alum ni Find out about international and national alum ni ev ents Discov er new opportunities for personal dev elopm ent, new career prospects, business cooperation Reliv e that buzz of excitem ent from being at a global conference with 1 00 different nationalities Get in touch with AIESEC today “and find out how y ou can add v alue Be an official delegate at the AAI Congress with v oting rights Preferential fee for the biannual AIESEC Alum ni International Meeting Get 2 5% off Brussels Airline European fares Tax receipts for y our m em bership and conference participation upon request Listing in and receiv ing the annual m em bers’ directory Preferred receipt of the AAI m onthly newsletterRegister now!
  3. 3. P C and AIESECRegister now!Currentl AAI is building a v ision and m ision for the Alum niorganisation, also during the AAIM will take place the elections of thenew EB for AAI. Join the m eeting and contribute to the dev elopm ent ofthe association and m a be to the one in our countr . Read the AAInewsletter here.Lets gather an Alumni@P C Delegation?Let us know if ou want to attend?Back to H me age