Calgary Regional Partnership Brand


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How the Calgary Regional Partnership bra

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Calgary Regional Partnership Brand

  1. 1. “Your brand is the sum of the conversations about you.” Radian6
  2. 2. “A brand is the emotional and psychologicalrelationship you have with your customers.” Jay Ehret, Marketing Blog
  3. 3. “A brand is a person’s gut feeling about a product, service, or company.” Marty Neumeier – The Brand Gap
  4. 4. Your Brand is your CornerstoneJey Ehret from the Marketing Blog tells it like this:“The first stone set in the construction of a solid structure isthe cornerstone. It is the most important piece of any ma-sonry structure because all other stones will beset in reference to this stone. Your brand will be theblueprint of your customer experience design, it will flavor all conversation about you, andit will align your advertising & promotionalactivity. Your brand determines the positionand strength of your entire marketing framework.”
  5. 5. Your brand must be the truthand it must be about youYour Brand is made up of the thoughts, feel-ings, and relationships that your customershave with you.Your Brand is who you are to your audience.If you clearly brand your business, you havean understanding of what you are about.You have a self awareness that dictates youractions – where decisions are made in align-ment with the brand. Over time you build astronger business identity.”
  6. 6. A Logo is not a BrandWe refer to something with a logo as“branded” even though logos themselves ,are not brands.Logos are merely representations of brands. repre ationsThey are the entry point and the shortcut to y poin d rthe brand for your mind.If your organization were a person, your logois the recognized face, and the brand is theperson we know – who you appear to be.
  7. 7. CRP BrandDeveloping the brand for CRP is already underway,through a framework of visual materials, evolvinginto a visual identity. Typically a logo is a part ofthe process, but in this case a look and a feelingis still taking shape through the CMP, interactivemultimedia, video and other components. CRPstaff and representatives are engaged and also repre-senting the brand.This is the brand – what the audience experiencesand how they think about CRP.The CRP logo will provide the identifying signaturethat connects all of it together.
  8. 8. CRP Logo AIRDRIE A IRRICANA COCHRANETo create a logo for the CRP brand, BANFF C CANMOREwe step back and observe from CALGARY Y CHESTERMERE C STRATHMOREthirty thousand feet. What do we see? REDWOOD MEADOWS REHow can we distill it down into something simple,a logo that represents an organization as complex OKOTOKS BLACK DIAMOND M MOas CRP. We know that we can’t tell the whole story, TURNER VALLEYjust a part of it. V HIGH RIVERSo what is the important part of the story? Is it some- NANTONthing physical or metaphorical? Is it an ideaor a personality like we saw in the othercompany logos?
  9. 9. One place to look is the CMP, because it is the backboneto the CRP where we have the five key principles:1: Protecting the natural environment and watershed2: Fostering our economic vitality3: Accommodating growth in more compact settlement patterns5: Supported through a regional governance approachWhat do we take from this? Some key words come to mind:Sustainability Partnership Integration Planning Support Vision
  10. 10. Now let’s take a look at the retreat last winter,and the General Assembly this summer, where Innovatio no Visionyou learned a lot about the CRP membershipand about yourselves – with stronger selfawareness and an understanding of who youare in the eyes of our audience. The activitiesof the past year spawned conversationwith us and about us. Opportunity iyBack to the quote from Radian6:“Your brand is the sum of thecoversations about you.” Water W Purpose ter t Futu FutureWhat is the sum the conversations about CRP? Partnersh artners
  11. 11. Vision Future Region Planning Opportunity Security Water Family Collaboration Together Harmony Purpose Land Infrastructure SustainabilityUnderstanding inter-connected Partnership Stewardship Accomplishment Development Innovation Dynamic
  12. 12. Moving Forward TogetherMoving Forward Together Moving Forward Together
  13. 13. Moving Forward TogetherMoving Forward Together Moving Forward Together
  14. 14. Exploring variations: The design we are working with is two colours – blue and green.Further study on the design will explore both waves in solid blue. Options with and without fading areas outside of “the region” , and whether the light blue fill should be incorporated or not.
  15. 15. A closer look at the elements in the design and what they mean. How do they speak to the conversations we discussed earlier?
  16. 16. The green represents growth, life, The blue represents water, strength land, and the environment dynamic and confidence Together they represent land and water, earth and sky – sustainability
  17. 17. Collaboration FamilyTogether Partnership inter-connected
  18. 18. SustainabilityLand Water Harmony
  19. 19. Opportunity Dynamic FutureAccomplishment
  20. 20. PlanningDevelopment Region Infrastructure Innovation
  21. 21. Security Purpose Vision UnderstandingStewardship
  22. 22. Thinking out-of-the-box Responding to changeWorking together for a sustainable Calgary Region