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Lesser Known Opportunities in Technology
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Lesser Known Opportunities in Technology


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A lot of technopreneurs are building me-too businesses, while many opportunities remain underserved. This presentation discusses these underserved opportunities.

A lot of technopreneurs are building me-too businesses, while many opportunities remain underserved. This presentation discusses these underserved opportunities.

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Lesser-Known Opportunities in Techology by Calen Legaspi
  • 2. IT Industry Growth US Software Market ($Billions) 600 500 400 Cloud / Internet of Things 300 200 100 0 Social Networking 2012 global IT 1970 1980 1990 2000 2010 spending to hit $3.6 trillion - Gartner Personal Computers World Wide Web MobileMainframes
  • 3. Less capital intensive thantraditional businesses
  • 4. Littered with Me-Too Businesses
  • 5. Extensions to SaaS SystemsUsed by millions of organizationsProvides “marketplaces”No logistics necessary No physical stores, warehouses, deliveries...
  • 6. Extensions to SaaS SystemsOutsourcing opportnities also abound
  • 7. Offshore Outsourcing Programming in Niche Languages User Experience (UX) (Ruby, Python, Scala) Design Others... whats your expertise?
  • 8. Opportunity: Untapped Talent in Countryside good schools with thousands of students
  • 9. Getting Started
  • 10. Challenges in OutsourcingScaling up gets costly- formal office space- professional management- marketing trips abroadCompetition for talent- less competition in provinces- have in-house training capability
  • 11. Machine Learning & Data MiningMany machine learning & data mining libraries are now open source (free)Create products that learn as it is used or find patterns
  • 12. ExamplesProduct recommendationsStock-market analysisFraud detectionSurvaillanceGames
  • 13. Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)
  • 14. Setting up your own platform
  • 15. Deploying on your own platform
  • 16. PaaS
  • 17. Free at low usageVery cost effectiveBest infrastructure in the world
  • 18. Internet of Things
  • 19. August 2010, AT&T and Verizon announce thatnon-human subscribers exceed human subscribers on their networks
  • 20. December 2011, scientists create a working transistor of only one Phosphorus atom
  • 21. January 2012, IBM announces they have created computer memory of only 12 iron atoms
  • 22. June 2012, researchers create spray-on battery, 0.5 mm
  • 23. Welcome toThe Internet of Things
  • 24.  Ever smaller and cheaper Self-configuring Embedded Connected to the internet Everywhere
  • 25. embedded in everything
  • 26. Applications
  • 27. Internet of Things (IoT) Everything will be programmable and accessible on the internet New industries will be created. Blue ocean opportunities will abound
  • 28. Important IoT technologies...
  • 29. Arduino Open-source microcontroller
  • 30. Cosm on-line database service connecting device-derived data
  • 31. Zigbee Wireless sensor network
  • 32. Linux Open-source operating system
  • 33. Payment GatewaysPhilippines on FATF “gray list”Difficult & expensive to get payment gatewayWorkaround: Incorporate in HK
  • 34. Programming TalentTough competition for talentMake friends with CS & CoE people!
  • 35. Programming Languages &FrameworksThe most popular technologies are necessarily the bestPHP is good for content, but not complex logicJava is good for complex logic but difficult to programRuby on Rails lacks maturity
  • 36. Programming Languages &FrameworksMy recommendations:- Grails- Python & Django
  • 37. CapitalBetter now, but still very difficult to get venture funding, on good termsExpect to bootstrap
  • 38. What is
  • 39. VisionTo create a Filipino technology company admired by the world.
  • 40. VisionContribute to rebuilding the Filipino technology community.
  • 41. Systems Design & Development
  • 42. Training & Coaching
  • 43. Other Activities• Start-up incubation• Sponsorship of technology events and organizations• Industry-Academe Linkage – Conducting teacher training – Advising CHED, TESDA and PSITE• Scholarships
  • 44. Partners
  • 45. First Philippine company to useand teach Agile
  • 46. First and still the only SpringSource partnerin Southeast Asia – East Asia region
  • 47. Tiger Awards 2011 Kuala Lumpurmost productiveinvestment inworkforce; from stafftraining to socialresponsibility
  • 48. Employment & Internship- Best developer training program in the country- Highest engineering standards- Excellent trainers and mentors- Challenging projects- Technopreneurship programs
  • 49. Online Magazine: