Limelets marketing plan


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Cal Poly Agribusiness students proudly present Limelets branded finger limes.

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  • Shoppers at santamonica…..sample a lemon tart….down the street…..over a glazed salmon….unlike
  • Experience that….
  • The extraordinary….about the size of…. The multi colored…. Which burst….
  • Native to australia….. Burst into…… Shanley farms
  • Their almost…..we….
  • Have been….proudly presents to you….Lime consumption is…
  • United States. Foods…..
  • Growing lime popularity stems……
  • Furthermore….
  • Expected to increase……consumers are now using…..
  • Paving the way……..meals at home. Rest……
  • The specialty….. Originality… distinctive uses… exotic attributes….two thirds----- Meeting Notes (4/17/13 07:51) -----specialty food stores next
  • There is only….
  • The leading producers are…
  • Which are located in california…. They offer little threat…. Goodland branded as…..phillips farm not yet differentiated…. Now ali
  • Poly pro conducted asking over…..respondents were shown a…..asked questions….shown that respondents likelihood of 80+
  • Just like any other fruit finger limes susceptible
  • Although…
  • Avaliability.Shanley farms….
  • Additionally….
  • Exotic…hip foodies…objectives
  • Add nutritional information to back
  • Add nutritional information to back
  • 1.5oz in size
  • Somehow show percent decreases yet supply stays fairly constant
  • Working on this one’s format
  • Price and Place animation is next***
  • Place and…. Will..
  • The “push-pull” will pulse/balloon effect when Ali says structured a push-pull promotional strategy. The the pull and green arrow fade so just “push” and red arrow show in middle alignment for when ali says the push strategy will emphasize. “investing in the future” will go hidden until the line “ the push strategy will emphasize INVESTING IN THE FUTURE (appears)
  • Limelet launch party logo comes first. Round pictures, have one appear, then next image appears.----- Meeting Notes (4/5/13 18:13) -----Two more photos with these
  • Add lesson plans
  • Get ready for savor
  • Savor image appears alone, then western.., then pma logo.----- Meeting Notes (4/5/13 18:13) -----Add logo images, change PMA logo
  • Push animation is next**
  • “Pull” and arrow pulse in without text. “brand awareness and cultivate excitement” appear.
  • Due to successful market penetration
  • After accounting for losses from second grade fruit and spoilage,our ability to supply almost 10,000 pounds in year one will grow to approximately 21,000 pounds by year three, as additional non-bearing trees come into production.
  • Limelets will move further into the retail sector each year, reaching 64% in year three, while maintaining a strong presence in food service, and reserving 2% each year for direct salesPhotos for all channels
  • Limelets will move further into the retail sector each year, reaching 64% in year three, while maintaining a strong presence in food service, and reserving 2% each year for direct salesPhotos for all channels
  • As a result, Limelets will generate Total revenue of approximately $346K in year one and nearly $750K by year three.COGS and operating expenses are based on Shanley Farms’ internally prepared financial statements. COGS will increase as more units are sold and varies by sector due to packaging differences. Operating expenses will increase slightly each year due to increases in the Operations Manager salary. **Krysten: As Blake reads all of the numbers we can highlight them. This is a lot of information so I feel that keeping the slide steady and highlighting will be most effective.
  • Marketing expenses, will be highest in year one as Limelets substantially invest financial resources to gain brand awareness among Hip Foodies but will taper down to 24% of total revenue in year 3. **Krysten: Is there a way we can show how we received the 24%? ?/?Total marketing expenses arise from the push and pull promotional strategies, with the highest expenses incurred being the brand manager salary and Limelets Launch Party.
  • Limelets will capitalize on the specialty food movement and in turn, surpass the profit margin objective set for year three. With a 50% profit margin and net income of $373K in year three, Limelets are a worthy and profitable investment.
  • In the area of brand awareness, surveys will be conduct toward the end of every Limelets season. Social media sites and web usage will be controlled and monitored by, HootSuite, an analytics software.
  • In conclusion, we, Poly Pro Marketing, are proud to present this marketing plan to Shanley Farms.
  • Limelets extraordinary citrus eveperience that when driven…..
  • Limelets. Can you handle the burst? Thank you for your attention; at this time wewill be happy to answer any questions.----- Meeting Notes (4/9/13 11:56) ------Document where target market number comes from-Outline bland and distracting-Packaging choice-number for packaging recycling (make stronger)-easily damaged (Why you made it that way)(lower number for recycling is better)-organicaly produced-Why not worried about competition?-look for name brand like cuties, relate limelets to cuties-why would a hip foodie not move onto the next trend?-why are there two different colors?-find data to suport local not australia finger limes(imports)-retail issue-concern about green packaging (upscale buyer), new packaging options that are biodegratable-what is the total production in california and what percent is shanley farms (such a new and small market)-supply constraint address (why do you have such a large market and small amount of product)-relate to your audience, what is the closest thing to limelets? (Safron), used fresh-How much is used on a dish (sense of scale)-the target market number-Extrodinary spelled wrong on limelet pamphlet-Target number is very specific-up and coming cooking group through google plus-change pull and push arrows opposite directions-williams sanoma cooking at stores-add sources
  • Slide 12 Specialty Retail Stores--Anna
  • 10. Survey Collection
  • 10. Survey Questions
  • 12. Specialty food retailers
  • 11. Number of retail outlets, restaurants, and farmer’s markets in each year
  • 9. Survey Demographics
  • Blake Financials
  • Blake Financials
  • Limelets marketing plan

    1. 1. Logo with the tagline. It is a single image and the colors,spacing, and icons contained in the logo should not be altered.It may be scaled to any size necessary.Anna AdamsNicole BillingtonGabriella BragoliJoey BuskirkKrysten CholewinskiAli CopelandAlexandra DanellLisa DaytonCindy GumberNathan LongJustin MachadoSarah MarchettiJessica MonteiroEmily PaddackJustin RomingerJacob RogersLauren StrojnyBlake Van GrouwAdvisor: Dr. Lindsey Higgins
    2. 2. Introduction
    3. 3. Introduction
    4. 4. Pops the Ordinary to the ExtraordinaryIntroduction
    5. 5. Introduction
    6. 6. Introduction
    7. 7. Introduction
    8. 8. Market Analysis00.511.522.531990 1995 2000 2005 2010PerCapitaDisappearance(Pounds)Lime Consumption Trends"Food Availability (Per Capita) Data System: Food Availability Documentation." ERS-USDA,Nov. 2012.8.9%Growth
    9. 9. Market Analysis
    10. 10. Market Analysis-40-30-20-100102030405060DifferencefromIndexIncome (1,000s)-40-30-20-100102030405060DifferencefromIndexAgeMRI+ MediaMark. Fall 2009 Product Report. Household Products - Food Products: Limes.2009.Lime Consumption
    11. 11. Market Analysis2.9%National Restaurant Association. "2013 Fullservice Outlook.", 2013.
    12. 12. Market AnalysisIntimidationandExpense
    13. 13. Market Analysis19.1%o Originalityo Distinctive Useso ExoticAttributesNational Restaurant Association. "2013 Fullservice Outlook.", 2013.
    14. 14. Market AnalysisPurcell, D. "The Trending Habits of Todays Specialty Food Consumer.” Specialty FoodAssociation, Oct. 2012.
    15. 15. Market Analysis
    16. 16. Market Analysis
    17. 17. Market Analysis850 Shoppers
    18. 18. Market Analysiso Experiment with ingredients and recipeso Read food blogso Converse about foodo Find novelty important$5Poly Pro Marketing. “Finger Lime Survey.” Cal Poly, Feb. 2013.
    19. 19. Market AnalysisThreatsWeaknessesStrengthsOpportunities
    20. 20. ThreatsMarket AnalysisHardy, S., Wilk P., Viola J., and Rennie, S. "Growing Australian Native Finger Limes." PrimeFacts, NSW Government Industry & Investment. 2010.
    21. 21. Market AnalysisWeaknessesJuly August SeptemberOctober November DecemberFinger Lime SeasonAugust 1st to January 1st
    22. 22. Market AnalysisStrengths
    23. 23. Market AnalysisOpportunities
    24. 24. Market AnalysisLive inAZ, CA, NV,OR, or WAAge25-44Householdincome over$100,000Live inmetropolitanareasActiveon socialmediaExperientialeatersLooking toimpressTarget MarketAmerican Community Survey, 2011.National Association for the Specialty Food Consumer. "Annual Report:Specialty Food Consumers 2012." Specialty Food Magazine, 2012.Poly Pro Marketing. “Finger Lime Survey.” Cal Poly, Feb. 2013.U.S. Census Bureau. "Age of Householder by Household Income in thepast 12 Months.”
    25. 25. Business PropositionShanley Farms’ finger limes will bethe choice forHip Foodiesexotic citrus
    26. 26. Willingness toRecommendBrand AwarenessBusiness PropositionSales ProfitabilityObjectives20%Aware
    27. 27. Business PropositionSales$600,0001,088,491Hip Foodies217,698Hip Foodiesaware145,132Hip Foodieswill purchase58,053Hip Foodieswill be repeatbuyers20%66%40%
    28. 28. Business PropositionWillingness toRecommend80% willrecommend
    29. 29. Business PropositionProfitability40%Profit Margin
    30. 30. To trendsetting specialty foodconsumers, are fresh, California grownfinger limes that give Hip Foodies a new citrusexperience that the ordinary, to theextraordinary.LimeletspopsBusiness Proposition
    31. 31. Action PlanScan to view ourwebsite
    32. 32. Action Plan
    33. 33. Action Plan
    34. 34. Action Plan
    35. 35. Fine DiningSpecialty Food StoresDirect SalesAction Plan
    36. 36. Action Plan
    37. 37. Action Plan53%34%
    38. 38. Action Plan“The Affluent Consumer Market in the U.S.” 6th ed. Packaged Facts, Dec. 2011
    39. 39. Action Plan
    40. 40. Action PlanAction Plan
    41. 41. Purcell, D. "The Trending Habits of Todays Specialty Food Consumer.” Specialty FoodAssociation, Oct. 2012.Action PlanLemon-limeflavorBurstingeffectEyecatchingWowfactorNovelVersatileFreshImpressivegarnishFunStunningEnrichesdiningexperienceEasy tocontrolflavorplacement
    42. 42. $33.00/poundAction Plan
    43. 43. Wholesale Price: $3.47/1.5ozMaster Pack (10 pkgs): $34.70Suggested Retail Price: $6.00Action Plan
    44. 44. $6.00/1.5ozAction Plan
    45. 45. Action Plan4% more profitable
    46. 46. Action PlanPlacePricePromotion
    48. 48. Action Plan
    49. 49. Action Plan
    50. 50. Action Plan
    51. 51. Action Plan
    52. 52. Action Plan
    53. 53. Action Plan
    55. 55. Action Plan
    56. 56. Action Plan
    57. 57. Action Plan
    58. 58. Action Plan
    59. 59. Action Plan
    60. 60. Action Plan
    61. 61. Financials
    62. 62. Financials$0$50,000$100,000$150,000$200,000$250,000$300,000$350,000$400,000Net IncomeYear 1 Year 2 Year 3
    63. 63. FinancialsYear321,000 lbs
    64. 64. Financials64%
    65. 65. FinancialsSales Year 1 Year 2 Year 3Units SoldRetail (1.5 oz) 46,920 73,600 141,312Food Service (1 lb) 5,181 6,624 7,038Direct Sales (1.5 oz) 2,085 2,944 4,416RevenueRetail $ 162,754 $ 255,300 $ 490,176Food Service 170,965 218,592 232,254Direct Sales 12,512 17,664 26,496Total Revenue 346,231 491,556 748,926Cost of Goods Sold 74,571 107,330 169,624Gross Profit 271,660 384,226 579,302Operating Expenses 17,230 19,948 24,207Marketing Expenses 234,692 193,860 182,506Total Expenses 251,922 213,808 206,713Net Income $ 19,738 $ 170,418 $ 372,589Profit Margin 5.70% 34.67% 49.75%Cost of Goods Sold 74,571 107,330 169,624Total Revenue 346,231 491,556748,926Operating Expenses 17,230 19,948 24,207
    66. 66. FinancialsMarketing Expenses Year 1Brand Manager $70,000Chef Outreach $3,000Culinary Schools $3,000Experience the Burst $6,000Farmers Markets $1,000Feeding America $4,692Limelet Season Launch $80,000Monitoring and Measuring $4,000Savor the Central Coast $15,000Social Media $2,000Trade Shows $15,000Travel $6,000Website $25,000Total Marketing Expenses $234,692Logo by itself. It is a single image and the colors, spacing, andicons contained in the logo should not be altered. It may bescaled to any size necessary.Logo with the tagline. It is a single image and the colors,spacing, and icons contained in the logo should not be altered.It may be scaled to any size necessary.Colors in the logo. Bright green: C:50 M:0 Y:100 K:0Chartreuse: C:25 M:1 Y:81 K:0Dark Gray: 70% BlackComplimentary colors. Red: C:29 M:80 Y:66 K:10Light Gray: 30% BlackBlue-Green: C:75 M:0 Y:75 K:0PUSHPULLLogo by itself. It is a single image and the colors, spacing, andicons contained in the logo should not be altered. It may bescaled to any size necessary.
    67. 67. Net Income $ 19,738 $ 170,418 $ 372,589Profit Margin 5.70% 34.67% 49.75%FinancialsWorthy Profitable
    68. 68. Monitoring/Measuring
    69. 69. Monitoring/Measuring
    70. 70. Monitoring/Measuring
    71. 71. ObjectivesCreatedProgressExaminedContingencyPlan Put In ToEffectMonitoring/Measuring
    72. 72. Conclusion
    73. 73. Novelty VersatilityConclusion
    74. 74. 64% Return on MarketingInvestmentConclusion