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Monument Valley Brochure - Design by Cal Nez Design


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Monument Valley Brochure - Design by Cal Nez Design

  1. 1. AREAS Brochure Design & Layout: / Cover Photo: Cal Nez Emergency N umber: Kayenta Police D ept. (928) 697-5600 H AT EE MOST SCENIC (928) 871-6647 Window Rock, Arizona 86515 YA Post Office Box 2520 T H E N AT I O N ’ S Navajo Parks and R ecreation D epartmentEEH (435) 727-5874/5870 or (435) 727-5875 WELCOME TO Monument Valley, Utah 84536 A AT Y Post Office Box 360289 Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park the Navajo population of more than 300,000. For information write or phone: acre Navajo Reservation, and its residents are but a small percentage of Telephone (928) 871-6656 or (928) 871-6655. ties of crops. Monument Valley is a small part of the nearly 16 million Window Rock, Arizona 86515 Post Office Box 308, residents have herded sheep and other livestock and raised small quanti- Service, Navajo settled in Monument Valley. For generations however, Navajo A permit is required for commercial photography, please contact: Department of Broadcast Commercial Photography: abandoned by the Anasazis in the 1300’s. No one knows when the first (435) 727-3468 Fax (435) 727-3470 and Deer. Like other areas in the region, however, the valley was Monument Valley, Utah 84536 the rock art portrays hunting of game for survival—Big horn, Antelope, Post Office Box 360457 The View Restaurant Restaurant a complete list of tours operators & road conditions. For information on tours into the valley please contact the Monument Valley Visitor Center for Guided Tours NATIONAL P ARKS AND GOLDEN EAGLE PASSES ARE NOT A CCEP TED . Entry Fees are Non-Refundable. Prices subject to change without notice. Ages 9 or under Free General Admission $5.00 Entry Fees: The Park and Valley D rive are closed Christmas D ay Winter (Oct. - April) 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM Summer (May - Sept.) 6:00 AM - 8:30 PM Monument Valley N avajo Tribal Park Scenic D rive H ours: Thanksgiving Day 8:00 AM - Noon Winter (Oct. - April) 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM Summer (May - Sept.) 6:00 AM - 8:00 PM ment Valley sustained a fragile but stable lifestyle for centuries. Some of Monument Valley N avajo Tribal Park Visitor Center H ours: IMP ORTANT IN F ORM ATION some water. Using similar techniques, the prehistoric residents of Monu- Even in dry years, seepage from sandstone aquifers provides Navajo Nat’l Monument 4 amounts of water and corn planted there has a better chance for survival. Window Rock 7 Antelope Canyon 3 ing the possibility of crop failure. At depth, sand dunes retain surprising Cameron 6 Hubbell Trading Post 2 plots to catch most of the runoff from limited rainfall, thereby minimiz- Four Corners 5 Canyon De Chelly Nat’l Mon. 1 who live in a similar environment today. Crops are planted in scattered Other Tribal and N ational Parks: Perhaps an analogy can be drawn from modern Pueblo Indians WINSLOW H O L BROOK NEW MEXICO FLAGSTAFF survive here? SANDERS ARIZONA is virtually the same now as it was centuries ago. How then, did people ROCK GALLUP WINDOW 6 3 RESERVATION streams run through the valley today, and the climate INDIAN CROWNPOINT CHELLEY HOPI CANYON CHACO 5 DE CANYON CHINLE 2 sites and ruins dating before A.D. 1300. No perennial TUBA CITY gists have recorded more than 100 ancient Anasazi KAYENTA 4 FARMINGTON SHIPROCK 7 CANYON environments such as Monument Valley, but archaelo- GRAND N A V A J O T R I B AL PARK 1 M O N U M E N T VALLEY PAGE COLORADO UTAH NORTH uman occupation is severely limited in hot and arid IMPORTANT INFORMATION HISTORY YA AT EEH MONUMENT VALLEY AVERAGE MONTHLY TEMPERATURE (F) JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUNE JULy AUG SEPT OCT NOV DEC elcome. The Navajo Nation cordially invites you to MAX. 43 47 54 65 73 85 90 88 82 66 50 42 visit one of the most scenic areas—Monument MIN. 25 26 33 40 47 58 63 62 57 41 30 24 Valley. Experience the wonder of discovery among the monuments—the buttes, mesas, canyons, and free standing rock formations that defygravity. The tranquility of the land, culture and traditions will leave youfascinated. Amid the pollution-free environment, observe the rising andsetting sun and watch as the valley’s colors change before your eyes.Share in the culture and tradition which is uniquely Navajo. We hope you will stay long enough to discover MonumentValley’s unique qualities which draws people from all parts of the world,as well as, gain appreciation of the land as the Navajos do. Navajo Name: Tse’ Bii’ Ndzisgaii GEOLOGY Elevation: 5,564’ above sea levelMaterials eroded from the early Rocky Mountains were deposited Size: 91,696 acres; extends from Arizona into Utahover earlier layers here and cemented into sandstones. Natural forces THE MOVIES(wind & water) eroded the land. Then an uplift generated by cease-less pressure from below causing the surface to bulge and crack. The A great attribute of Monument Valley is its wilderness beauty. Manycracks deepened and widened into gullies and canyons. The natural movies were filmed here, beginning in 1938 with Stagecoach by John DATE SUNRISE SUNSETforces still continue to endlessly shape the land today. The changes Ford. Mountain Standard Timeare slow, taking thousands and thousands of years, thus going at a A few of the major productions filmed here entirely or partially January 1 7:31 5:16pace unnoticed by humans. are: My Darling Clementine (1946); The Searchers (1956), How the January 15 7:30 5:29 February 1 7:21 5:46 The simple wearing down of altering layers of soft and hard West was Won (1942), The Trials of Billy Jack (1973), The Legend of February 15 7:08 6:01rock slowly revealed the natural wonders of Monument Valley today. the Lone Ranger (1980) and Back to the Future lll (1988). March 1 6:51 6:14 March 15 6:30 6:27The harder Shinarump formation caps and protects the underlying De Many other television show and commercials were also made April 1 6:07 6:41Chelly (pronounced de-shay) Sandstone, which form the prominent here continuing the valley’s popularity with the film industry. Mountain Daylight Timecliffs on mesas and buttes. The softer Organ Rock, Shale, found at the April 15 6:47 7:53base of these cliffs, erode out in stairlike horizontal terraces, forming May 1 6:28 8:07the sloping foundations of the mountains. May 15 6:14 8:19 June 1 6:04 8:31 The orange-red colored sandstone cliffs are of the Culter June 15 6:02 8:39 Formation from July 1 6:06 8:42 July 15 6:14 8:38 Permian period August 1 6:27 8:26 (approximately 160 August 15 6:38 8:12 September 1 6:51 7:49 millions years ago). September 15 7:02 7:29 Past volcanic activity October 1 7:15 7:05 October 15 7:26 6:46 is evident by Agathla Peak and Chiaslta Mountain Standard Time Butte, located at the November 1 6:42 5:25 November 15 6:56 5:12 southern edge of the December 1 7:12 5:06 valley. December 15 7:22 5:07