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Cal-Med products brochure

  1. 1. Cal-Med & Your Practice: A Perfect FitElectronic Medical Records E-PrescribingEMR Stimulus Document ImagingPractice Management InteroperabilityScheduling Personal Health Record
  2. 2. About UsFor over 30 years, California Medical Systems (Cal-Med)Cal-Med has been providing cutting edge medicalsoftware to healthcare professionals. Our team hasexperience in every facet of the healthcare and softwareindustry and they bring their knowledge to each andeveryone of our products.Cal-Med partners with physician of all specialties of allsizes across the United States. We know that every officehas their own way to practice and with that in mind wehave made Practice Expert modules fully customizable. Practice Expert is developed in the latest development environments, such as WPF, Microsoft Silverlight, etc…Practice Expert Technology Simple User Interface, Robust Functionality Microsoft SQL Databases Touch Screen Technology Both ASP & LAN Models Handwriting Recognition More….
  3. 3. Practice Expert Workflow Cal-Med’s Practice Expert workflow solutions provides medical offices with all the tools needed to automate their practice. All modules can be integrated into a robust practice management solution, or the modules can be used as stand alone solutions, such as E-Prescribing.Practice Expert Modules Electronic Medical Records E‐Prescribing Practice Management Document Imaging Scheduling E‐Lab
  4. 4. Electronic Medical RecordUtilizing the latest cutting edgedevelopment Cal-Med’s EMR medical Cal-Med EMRworkflow solutions maintains an functions with overindustry leading user interface, 20 Physician Specialtiesrobust functionality, and uniquecustomization, to make sure eachclient is happy with their medicalworkflow needs. Below is a graphic ofour physician dashboard. Physicians Dashboard The Physicians Dashboard shows all unsigned charts, messages, appointments & orders for an individual physician.
  5. 5. EMR StimulusPart of the HITECH Act is aimedat accelerating the process of the Medicare Incentivehealthcare industry to make the Up to $44,00conversion to Electronic MedicalRecords (EMR). Within the Actthere are incentives for Eligible Medicaid IncentiveProfessionals (EP’s) that help Up to $63,750offset the costs associated withconverting to an electronicmedical records solution. Eligible Professionals Under the Act there are definitions for qualifying as an Eligible Professionals. 90% of physicians currently working Under Medicare an EP has no minimum could qualify for patient requirements to qualify. For federal incentives. Medicaid an EP Physician has to have a 30% Medicaid patient volume. For an EP Pediatrician they have to have a 20% Medicaid patient volume.Meaningful Use"Meaningful Use" means that Eligible Professionals must beshowing that they are working on and implementing thethree stages of Meaningful Use, in how they use the software.
  6. 6. Practice ManagementThe leading software backbone of medical officesaround the U.S. for over 30 years.Fully integrated with all othermodules, Practice Expert PM is thebilling software of choice byproviders and billing services alike.The powerful reporting features,among others, gives you the ability tokeep your practice running at the Practice Expert PMhighest efficiency. Features:In addition to doctor’s offices, Patient LedgersPractice Expert is one of the mostrecommended management systems Reminders & Alertsused by some of the largest billingservice companies in the U.S. Attain Marketing Info Whether you are an administrator or a Patient Query receptionist, you will find PM user friendly Productivity Reports and intuitive. With PM, it is a snap to post Finical Reports charges, payments or write-offs. Making the Workmans Comp end of day balancing only a few clicks away. More….
  7. 7. SchedulingPractice Expert Schedulingenables you to take control ofyour office’s scheduling with easyto use tools, providing both thefront office and physicians theability to predefine appointmentdurations by type, by physicianor by time. Fully integrated with Practice Expert EMRScheduling Capabilities Recall Reminders Physician Access to EMR Multi‐viewing Option  Multi‐scheduling Export to Outlook To‐Do List Color Coding Easy to Use Templates  Fast & Easy Search  More…..
  8. 8. E-PrescribingA robust, web-based, developed in the latestprogramming environment, Microsoft Avoid MedicareSilverlight, Cal-Med offers E-Prescribing Penalties, Know the Facts.(ERx) through a trusted relationship withSureScripts, a leader in the ERx industry.Cal-Med also partners with First Data Bank,which provides information and lists onmedications, allergies and drug interactions.Benefits of ERx Electronically submit prescriptions Confirms prescription benefits Enables prescription history Eliminate eligibility problems Reduces pharmacy errors More…. Fully Integrated with EMR
  9. 9. Document Imaging Practice Expert Document Imaging is a user- friendly interface that gives the ability to organize and attach scanned images to their respective patients charts. Additionally create categories and sub-categories for recalling documents in seconds.Document Imaging Capabilities Lab Reports EOBs Referral Letters Charge Slips Consent Forms Old Patient Notes More….. Achieve a truly paperless office with the ability to scan & manage all of your paperwork.
  10. 10. E-LabCal‐Med interfaces with Quest Diagnostics  allowing our Practice Expert EMR clients to electronically submit lab orders and receive lab orders. Personal Health RecordCal-Meds Personal Health Record functionality,allows patients to access all of their medicalhistory and emergency contact information. Whichthen can be automatically synced with PracticeExpert EMR and their primary physician.As needed, patients will be able togive access to their Personal HealthRecord to their personal physiciansor emergency healthcare workers inthe case of an emergency.
  11. 11. Request A Demo Today Chris Urzua, Sale Manager Phone: 949.719.6767 Fax: 949.719.6771 567 San Nicolas Dr. Suite 160 Newport Beach, CA 92660