Cake decorating equipment: Basic Tools You Really Need


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Cake decorating equipment: Basic Tools You Really Need

  1. 1. Cake Decorating Equipment: Basic Tools You Really Need Written by Cake Decorating Jessie Getting all your cake decorating equipment in one go can be quite expensive as there are a lot of tools that are available for use in making cakes look pretty. If you are a beginner, it can be quite challenging to complete your set of equipment and tools if you do not have any idea where to start. Here are some of the most useful cake decorating equipment that you can invest in whether you are a beginner or an experienced hobby cake decorator: Stand mixer All bakers will agree that a stand mixer can take your cake decorating skills to the next level. A mixer is useful in creating different kinds of frosting used to give your cake a nice finish. Piping bag with tips When the frosting is done, an easy way to apply it onto your cake in swirls and patterns is to use piping bags with the appropriate tips. Piping bags come in washable and disposable varieties and it is up to you to choose which ones to use. On the other hand, tips are numbered and may be sold in a set or individually.
  2. 2. Pastry comb A pastry comb is used to trace the frosting on cakes for added texture. This can be a useful tool for beginners who want simple but an elegant design for their cakes. The come in various patterns and materials as well. Edible coloring Food color is used on icing and frosting to create colorful designs on a cake. A decorating set is not complete without a few bottles of colors. Spatulas Flat and angled spatulas are perfect additions to your cake decorating equipment set. These tools help you apply and smooth icing or frosting onto the cake. Angled spatulas protect you from straining your wrists and give you more control in application.
  3. 3. Mixing bowls Bowls are used for mixing cake icing and batter that's why it is also important to buy them in various sizes. Stainless steel bowls are very durable but sometimes, you might also need heat-proof bowls for melting chocolate. Stencils Stencils are thin sheets with patterns that are used to decorate cakes, write numbers and words. They are made with plastic or stainless steel. Usually, stencils provide lacy patterns on top and sides of the cake and they can be dusted or sprayed on with different colors to reveal the pattern underneath. Turntable Turntables are used to apply decorations easily around the cake. It will save you from making plenty of movements around the cake and for proper posture as well, since cakes will be slightly elevated if placed on top of a turn table. Fondant accessories If you want to create small figures using this type of frosting, you will need fondant accessories to sculpt and define the features of your figures or cake toppers for a more realistic effect.
  4. 4. You can use fondant cutters to create different shapes and forms of different sizes. Both beginners and hobbyists will benefit from all of these cake decorating equipment and tools, which can also be used to create and decorate other baked goods. However, it is not advisable to buy everything at once. Instead, get only a few tools you need for every new project that you undertake until such a time that you complete your set of decorating tools. About the Author Cake Decorating Jessie is a cake enthusiast who loves healthy desserts. She shares her recipes, tips and cake decorating videos with women who love bake cakes and would like to bring more creativity in their lives. Cake decorating for beginners becomes easy with the right guidance and tools. The article was first published at