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Making Your Brand Pinteresting to Youth

Making Your Brand Pinteresting to Youth



Presentation at ESOMAR 3D Digital Dimensions 2013 in Boston, MA. Examines results from a two-part national survey on youth's usage, habits, and attitudes toward social media. Connects why youth 18 to ...

Presentation at ESOMAR 3D Digital Dimensions 2013 in Boston, MA. Examines results from a two-part national survey on youth's usage, habits, and attitudes toward social media. Connects why youth 18 to 24 use Pinterest and best practices in Pinterest marketing strategy to show the best ways to reach this important consumer group.



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  • FMG market research outside W DC in Arlington VAExcited to discuss Pinterest; one fave sites; looking forward share our insights YA and P
  • Inherently socialWhole lives; communication is one of the first things we developNeed to communicate has been around for long timeCave drawings to todayNew tools with technology, social media
  • More than need to comm; Clearly + quicklySocial media way broadcast message to connections or even public all at onceConstantly finding ways to improve even with smSm landscape changingSo as ex went to nationals baseball game in dc10 yrs ago I’d blog; several paragraphs published for my blog followers
  • But that’s a lot to digestFB I can post status; few sentences, FB friends know I’m at the game
  • And then came twitter with 140 charac limitFollowers know im at the game plus anyone following the #natitudehashtag
  • Now photo on instagramEven with a short caption and geo tag to stadium, people know im at the gameA picture is worth 1000 words; research shows react & understand pic over text
  • Result richness imagery adds to communication we’ve seen rise of the visual webSites = tumblr, pinterest, instagramGraph clearly shows that growth in popularity of these sites
  • Get sense of familiarity with p; raise handsOk decent amount are familiar but we’ll quickly review some basics so everyone is on same pageFounded March 2010Tool for…Think of digital version of physical pinboards someone such as artist, designer would create as inspiration
  • Have your user or pinnerThey pin images onto their various boards which are grouped by categories (clothes, recipes)2 ways to pin:**Pin it button on websiteRepin it from within pinterest by browsing boards or topicsLike said pin lives on a board: Image if you click acts as direct link to source (retail website, blog, etc) EXAMPLES: DIAPERS, IKEALots of screenshots of pinterest throughout so you can get a sense of site
  • Saw rise visual web – tumblr, instagram,pinterestBut growth of p explosive2012 to 2013 massiveObvious why caught attention of marketers who want to be where consumers are
  • Beyond growth, marketers care because retail connectionPotential raise brand awareness, drive referral traffic to websites and drive purchase revenueP has become part of consumer journey69/70/67Personal experience this is true
  • May be wondering who avg pinner?Looking at herMost of info and data out there examines avg pinner or general user best practices
  • For our study unique approachYA US market: $$ power, digital natives enthus adopt new platforms, opp brands build, estab customer relationship earlyLook at: What YA do on P, what they look at, why they use itUse results frame discussion goes beyond data examine how ya usage behav affects mkting decisions
  • Quick overview methodologyUS residents 16 to 24 civilian (non Mil) and noninstituTwo part survey:Paper spring 2012 gained general insights into SMOnlinefollowup summer 2012 recontact paper respondents use SM, went deeper into usage habits specific sites they reported using
  • As I mentioned, we’ll look at….
  • First WHO:16%Similar pattern as typical user:Gender (f)Race/eth (W)Usage higher with olderUsers about 30 min or less typical day
  • Looked at usage by census divisionWNC: IA, KS, MN, MO, NE, ND, SD sig > all othersConsistent data experian (DIFF GEO) Mid West, SE & NW overindex visits
  • So we know who in YA mkt on PinterestNo WHAT they are viewingPinterest categorizes boards across about 30 topics, asked which ones users viewScreenshots give idea of types of pins under eachMost pop = do it yourself & craftsRetail connection all of these might not be obvious, but for examp DIY- products to complete
  • 2nd: womens fashion Retail connection obvious, many pins users can click to go directly to retail website where they can purchase itemIm going to breeze through remainder top 10, but screenshots will give good idea of types of pins on therePresentation will be avail if want closer look later
  • OK so we have WHO YA pinners are, WHAT theyre looking atBut WHY do they use Pinterest?We’ll look at main reasons: theme of entertainment but also a learning aspectAgain I’ve pulled some pins that exemplify eachFIRST = to have fun
  • See/hear…again entertainment aspect
  • Learning aspect
  • Memes, funny quotes adding to entertainment value of P
  • OK one graphIm going to throw at you but walk you thru it; Look at power users vs all users on averagePower users = mod/high level interaction with other pinners“how often do you interact with people through Pint when using Pint? 1= never 5= always [3-5]Red diamonds = all users / Pink squares = power usersSide panel lists different uses for SM; pint mix ent + learningItems 1 , 2 & 4 about entertainment, fun not much difference not largeItems 6 ,7 & 8 about learning, sharing info, difference noticeable ; Pwr users = sharing about things they love which could be your brand or company
  • Looked at multiple SM sites, able to compare P to other popular sitesFacebook, YouTube, TwitterOverall SM is used for entertainment and that’s apparent across these sitesP + YT share the learning aspect, but more so on PFB + Tw networking, sharing updates with connections
  • Can also look at the other visual web sites: tumblr and instagramAll unique aspect:P = learning, getting better at somethingT = finding out about someone or somethingI = posting fun things doing, pictures when out
  • We just went over the YA mkt + pinterest:16%; female & white consistent with avg pinnerPint is about entertainment but also learningNow we can go into how these data insights can be applicable to your marketing decisions.
  • Data show that there is an opportunity to engage with the very attractive young adult market.Opp brands to establish relationships early in their consumer lifetime
  • Mentioned their spend power & no small marketalmost $118 BILLION
  • Plus being digital natives they are comfortable engaging with brands online. Across SM we found that youth follow brands/companies/orgs: list
  • Young adults are following brand’s boards thus are open to engaging with brands.Whether they’re just consuming or viewing pins and pinning new pins or just consuming, pinners will be exposed to your brand on pinterestSephora beauty product retailer found pinterest followers spend 15x more than their FB followers This could be due to unique nature of pinterest versus other social media which we’ll examine
  • On my facebook feed constantly seeing brand posts and that’s in addition to the advertising panel on the right sideHere I have a post for naturebox a monthly subscription service that sends healthy snacks to you. Post is trying to get me to sign up..$10 off my first box. This is a very sales-focused post
  • If I go to Nature Box’s boards on Pinterest its not sale-focused at allIts showing healthy recipes and ideas that get at the essence of the brand but is not pushing a subscription purchase on me.
  • And I also can search for naturebox and I’m getting pins from other user not even the company and again not sales focused.You can see Pinterest is a platform where users can interact with brands as much or as little as they prefer. I have several case studies of brands that are noted for using Pinterest in ways that enhance their brands
  • Chobani- a yogurt brand- takes this more subtle approach rather than a sales-focused approach.
  • One of their boards “backed with chobani” highlights their product while offering value to the consumer in the form of recipes. By providing recipes that have Chobani yogurt as main ingredient, theyre promoting a healthy lifestyle that is in line with their brand and their consumers.
  • Pinterest is a great way to for brands to tell their story and an opportunity to display their brand personality.Whole Foods a leading organic grocer in the US is noted for effectively reaching their market and driving traffic to their websiteBack at begin P = tool for collecting things you loveBy boards that focus on healthy and green lifestyle, recycling, fitness, healthy recipes, food art, you can personify WF and almost imagine what type of person WF would beAnd if you and WF love the same things, you will want to engage with them
  • With Pinterest largely think of lifestyle, fashion, beauty products and brands, but large variety of brands can find success on PinThe Buick auto brand is targeting a younger demographic and is incorporating Pinterest into strategyCreated pinboard to dashboard contest took 10 design, fashion, food bloggers to pin items that speak to their style and likes, creating a look book for Encore model. The top idea would be chosen and the Buick design team created a custom vehicle based on that bloggers’ ideas for that winnerThis spanned beyond buick fans to include pinners interested in design, fashion, and food plus males again showing how brand personality can supercede product pushing
  • As examples show, there is great potential to reach the young adult market on Pinterest, particularly females. If your company, brand, org somehow speaks to this market our data suggest that they areActively consuming and pinning if on PinterestAnd are willing to engage with brands on social mediaHowever, our data does not make a direct connection between purchase behavior and their behavior on Pinterest, which would be something of interest to look further into
  • Thank you Look forward to your questionsPlease read our full paper for more detail or come find me we can chat pinterest.

Making Your Brand Pinteresting to Youth Making Your Brand Pinteresting to Youth Presentation Transcript

  • Making Your Brand interesting to Youth: Examining Youth Usage and Adoption Rates of Pinterest Caitlin Krulikowski, Jennifer Romano Bergstrom & Megan Fischer
  • We are Social beings social. @ForsMarshGroup @caitlinkru @romanocog @meganpfischer
  • And we want to communicate clearly and quickly. So a blog… @ForsMarshGroup @caitlinkru @romanocog @meganpfischer
  • Became a status update: @ForsMarshGroup @caitlinkru @romanocog @meganpfischer
  • Which became a tweet: @ForsMarshGroup @caitlinkru @romanocog @meganpfischer
  • And is now just a photo: @ForsMarshGroup @caitlinkru @romanocog @meganpfischer
  • The Rise of the Visual Web Source: comScore, 2013 @ForsMarshGroup @caitlinkru @romanocog @meganpfischer
  • So…what is Pinterest? = @ForsMarshGroup @caitlinkru @romanocog @meganpfischer “Tool for collecting and organizing things you love”
  • Pinterest 101 @ForsMarshGroup @caitlinkru @romanocog @meganpfischer
  • Growth of Pinterest Source: inQbation, 2012; Reuters, 2013 @ForsMarshGroup @caitlinkru @romanocog @meganpfischer 48.7
  • Why would marketers care? – 69% find item they purchase or want to purchase – 70% use for buying inspiration – 67% use to track/collect things they like Source: comScore, 2013 @ForsMarshGroup @caitlinkru @romanocog @meganpfischer
  • Your average – – – – White Female Under 30 Some college education Source: Pew, 2013 inner
  • Making Your Brand interesting 1. U.S. young adult market & Pinterest 2. How does young adult usage behavior affect marketing decisions? @ForsMarshGroup @caitlinkru @romanocog @meganpfischer
  • Research Methods – Participants: US residents ages 16-24 – Two-part survey: – Spring 2012 │ paper-and-pencil │ n=3,743 – Summer 2012 follow-up │ online │ n=1,686 @ForsMarshGroup @caitlinkru @romanocog @meganpfischer
  • What We Will Examine – Who is using? – What are they viewing? – Why do they use Pinterest? @ForsMarshGroup @caitlinkru @romanocog @meganpfischer
  • Who @ForsMarshGroup @caitlinkru @romanocog @meganpfischer
  • Where *The Pacific Division includes Alaska and Hawaii, which are not displayed @ForsMarshGroup @caitlinkru @romanocog @meganpfischer
  • #1 Top Board Popular boards @ForsMarshGroup @caitlinkru @romanocog @meganpfischer
  • #2 Popular boards @ForsMarshGroup @caitlinkru @romanocog @meganpfischer
  • #3 @ForsMarshGroup @caitlinkru @romanocog @meganpfischer
  • #4 @ForsMarshGroup @caitlinkru @romanocog @meganpfischer
  • #5 @ForsMarshGroup @caitlinkru @romanocog @meganpfischer
  • #6 @ForsMarshGroup @caitlinkru @romanocog @meganpfischer
  • #7 @ForsMarshGroup @caitlinkru @romanocog @meganpfischer
  • #8 @ForsMarshGroup @caitlinkru @romanocog @meganpfischer
  • #9 @ForsMarshGroup @caitlinkru @romanocog @meganpfischer
  • #10 @ForsMarshGroup @caitlinkru @romanocog @meganpfischer
  • Why: To Have Fun @ForsMarshGroup @caitlinkru @romanocog @meganpfischer
  • Why: To See/Hear Something Entertaining @ForsMarshGroup @caitlinkru @romanocog @meganpfischer
  • Why: To Get Better at Doing Something @ForsMarshGroup @caitlinkru @romanocog @meganpfischer
  • Why: To Laugh @ForsMarshGroup @caitlinkru @romanocog @meganpfischer
  • 1. Have fun 2. See/hear something entertaining 3. Get better at doing something 90 4. Laugh 80 5. Find out more about % of Respondents Power Users 70 someone/something 60 6. 50 Share ideas/info with peers to advance topic 40 7. 30 Teach others something you have learned. 20 8. 9. all users power users 10 0 0 1 2 3 Post about fun things you are doing Find places to eat or services to use 10. Work together toward a shared goal 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
  • @ForsMarshGroup @caitlinkru @romanocog @meganpfischer
  • @ForsMarshGroup @caitlinkru @romanocog @meganpfischer
  • Making Your Brand interesting 1. U.S. young adult market & Pinterest 2. How does young adult usage behavior affect marketing decisions? @ForsMarshGroup @caitlinkru @romanocog @meganpfischer
  • Brands should use Pinterest to engage with young adults @ForsMarshGroup @caitlinkru @romanocog @meganpfischer
  • What is the spend power of US teens ages 12 to 19? $117.8 billion Source: Sommer, 2012 @ForsMarshGroup @caitlinkru @romanocog @meganpfischer
  • Young Adults Follow… – For entertainment – To stay informed – To show their support @ForsMarshGroup @caitlinkru @romanocog @meganpfischer
  • Young adults are seeing brands’ pins: – 59% consume + pin – 38% consume @ForsMarshGroup @caitlinkru @romanocog @meganpfischer
  • Where’s the sales pitch? @ForsMarshGroup @caitlinkru @romanocog @meganpfischer
  • Where’s the sales pitch? @ForsMarshGroup @caitlinkru @romanocog @meganpfischer
  • Where’s the sales pitch? @ForsMarshGroup @caitlinkru @romanocog @meganpfischer
  • @ForsMarshGroup @caitlinkru @romanocog @meganpfischer
  • @ForsMarshGroup @caitlinkru @romanocog @meganpfischer
  • @ForsMarshGroup @caitlinkru @romanocog @meganpfischer
  • @ForsMarshGroup @caitlinkru @romanocog @meganpfischer
  • Conclusions – Great potential for brands to engage young adults on Pinterest. – Further research needed: – Young adults’ purchase behavior & Pinterest
  • Thank you! ckrulikowski@forsmarshgroup.com jbergstrom@forsmarshgroup.com @ForsMarshGroup @caitlinkru @romanocog @meganpfischer Boston, MA │ June