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Romeo and Juliet Powerpoint

  1. 1. Main Themes There are many themes explored in the play, some examples are: Love Sex Hate Death Fate Loyalty Language and Word play
  2. 2. Theme of Love Love is a word that means many different things to many different people. Romeo starts the play captivated by Rosaline (Act 1, Scene 1), a gorgeous Capulet with no interest in him, in a childish love. His first encounter with his “true” love Juliet seems like puppy love. The two star crossed lovers are in different warring families but their love over comes their families hatred resolving with them both dying in each others arms, this love, puts a stop to the feud. Throughout the play love becomes a violent and drastic overpowering force that clouds the families values, loyalty and rational thought. “Deny thy father, and refuse thy name” “My only love sprung from my only hate”Love Examples in the Play Love causes Romeo and Juliet to act irrationally: Example: Romeo abandons his cousin Benvolio and best friend Mercutio to go to Juliets garden; Romeo returns to Verona after his banishment to be with Juliet. It is also described as a kind of magic: Example: “ Alike bewitched by charm of looks” Romeo and Juliet are consumed be thoughts of death: Example:” if all else fail, myself have power to die” Its used to make decisions or influence them. “if my heart’s dear love”
  3. 3. Other Types of Love Nurse and Mercutio physical love-sexual puns and tawdry images. Paris represents a contractual love based on family connections only and is only marrying Juliet for her “name” only. Romeo has a lust for Rosaline and only for her looks. Love is also a cause of violence
  4. 4. Theme of Sex In the hormone-charged atmosphere of Romeo and Juliet, it seems that pretty much everything is about sex. A boy and girl from warring families fall in love, and their relationship is marked by both intense chemistry and the constant threat of violence. Romeo and Juliet live in Verona, a city where the dirty jokesare constant, and even asking the time of day acquires a sexual connotation. ("The bawdy hand of the dial isnow upon the prick of noon," -Mercutio.) In this hyper-sexual atmosphere, it can be tempting to interpret the protagonists young love as primarily physical. Their relationship, however, delineates a relationshipbetween sex and love that eludes the stereotypes other characters try to project on them
  5. 5. Theme of Hate Hate- the two families hate each other and are constantly disagreeing and feuding causing many deaths and eventually their own childrens deaths. Although no-one knows the reason for all this chaos. Hate in Romeo and Juliet is paired with love as they are two sides of the same coin. In the play Romeo and Juliet turn their hatred into an insatiable passion for each other that ends up propelling themselves to their own tragic deaths. Romeo and Juliets love is threatened constantly by a society full of hate The honour code that governs the feuding families sees the end of Romeo, Juliet,Mercutio, Tybalt and Paris., Quotes Of Hate “That’s him, that villain, Romeo”-Tybalt “Can god be jealous and hateful?”-Juliet
  6. 6. Theme of Death Death is mentioned a lot, in lots of different ways, such as ‘we were born to die’ or ‘cold death’, and ‘death darting eye’. Mercutio, Tybalt, Paris, Romeo and Juliet all die during the play. Death is never far away in the divided world of Verona Images of death: ‘death marked’, ‘ultimately death’, ‘death bed’ Death is embodied throughout as a compelling connection between hate and violence and in conclusion, passion.
  7. 7. Theme of ‘ A Pair Of Star-crossed Fate Lovers’ The mechanism of fate works in all of the events surrounding Romeo and Juliets Life. The family feud Friar Lawrence’s letter being mislaid The timing of Romeo’s death and Juliet’s awakeningThese events are not coincidences but are indications of fate that bring the unavoidable outcome of Romeo and Juliet’s death.Romeo and Juliet are Star-crossed lovers and are fated to die together.Quotes of Fate “I dreamt my lady came found me dead”- Romeo “Then I defy you, stars!”- Romeo
  8. 8. Minor Theme of Themes LoyaltySome characters have certain loyalties, like Nurse to Juliet, theFriar to Romeo and The Montagues and the Capulets to their ownblood relatives. These loyalties are hard to respect when certainchoices have to be made.Examples of Loyalty:-Mercutio to Romeo( risks his life and goes with Romeo to see theNurse who is a Capulet)-Tybalt kills Mercutio so in revenge Romeo kills Tybalt-Romeo" Good man why are you crying”, Benvolio” I’m cryingbecause your sad”-There is loyalty between Romeo, Juliet and Father Lawrence aswell as trust.
  9. 9. Theme of Language and WordplayRomeo and Juliet constantly play with language. They rhyme and create puns. Romeo and Juliet play with language to escape the world. They claim that they are not a part of their families the Montagues and Capulets: they use words to try to transform day, for a moment, into night: they hide their love even while secretly admitting it. Language in Romeo and Juliet serves two purposes. It allows some characters to escape the world into intense love while it allows other characters to reveal that the world of love, honor, and high ideals are just masks people use to cover their animal instincts.
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