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Research Paper



Published in Lifestyle , Business
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  • 1. Cagle 1Amie CagleMs. Bennett12th Lit/Comp.16 September,2011 Cosmetology as a Whole “The oldest use of makeup dates back to 4000BC from ancient Egypt”(History ofCosmetology). Most people think that doing hair and applying makeup is something recent, butcosmetology goes back a lot farther in history. Cosmetology is such a broad subject; no one canreally narrow it down to just one career. There are many jobs that anyone could go into incosmetology. There are barbers, cosmetics, cosmetic surgeons, makeup artists, nail technicians,and hair stylists. There are many other professions just in the cosmetology category, but the mostwell-known jobs are hair stylist and makeup artist.There is more to hair dressing and makeupartistry than just cutting hair and putting on some lipstick. Cosmetology goes into much moredepth than putting on lipstick. There is so much about cosmetology that so many people do notknow and there is always so much more to learn. When people think about cosmetology, they think about it just being from the past ten ormaybe twenty years. Little do most people know, cosmetology goes all the way back to theB.C.era.The history of cosmetology goes all the way back to the 4000BC. The Egyptians werethe first ones know to use make up on men and women. The Egyptians would use anything theycould get their hands on to create any type of makeup.“Nobility in ancient Egypt usedcombinations of lead, mercury, ash and other substances to create black eyeliner and was used toaccentuate the shape of the eye”(History of Cosmetology).Using make up was a way to not only
  • 2. Cagle 2alter their appearance, but also to show that they were a higher power or that the people wereroyalty. Not only women in Egypt would wear makeup; the men would also wear eyeliner.Mostly only pharos would wear makeup.“Ancient nomadic peoples were known to have made uppastes of mud and ash that they applied to their bodies for disguise or to scare othertribes.”(History of Cosmetology)When it came to cosmetology the first type that is recorded inhistory is barbering. There are painting and drawings of men with their heads shaved showingthe existence of barbering. Most people in early history that wore make up were people that werehigh in power such as priest, nobles, and Royalty. The Romans advanced by using wigs and haircolors so that anyone could alter their appearance. Then a little later in history, in the ElizabethGolden age, when theater was very popular they would use makeup and wigs. They would usethe makeup and wigs to change the actor’s appearance to look more like the character they wereplaying for the play. In the era there were not a lot of women in theater so the wigs and make upwould help a man that was playing a woman look more like the character.(Careers in Focuspg.113) As time went along cosmetology became more popular and available to just averagepeople. It was used in movies, on actors, models, and then sold in stores across the world. In theworld that we live in today cosmetology is a very important factor in many people day to daylives and none of it would ever be possible without its history. Hair cutting, styling and coloring is the most well know factor of cosmetology. Cuttinghair is more than just snipping off a few pieces here and there and hair coloring more thanthrowing hair color on to some hair. Many women will spend hundreds of dollars to get their haircut and colored to perfection. To most women having their hair fixed, cut, or colored is a hugepart in their lives. To some woman, have their hair natural is the best but in the end, they willstill be using cosmetology. Hair styling is a very important part to many people’s lives. Hair
  • 3. Cagle 3styling is not just for women, there are also many men that style their hair just as much aswomen do. So year after year many men and women rush into the field to become acosmetologist. To become a hair stylist student must go through a beauty school which teachesthe different ways to style hair, the special technics they use to cut peoples hair, and the differentchemicals a stylist deals with when coloring hair. Across the world there are many differentschools that have hands on learning to help the men and women to become the best hair stylistthey can be. Once a hair stylist is out of school and running into the field there is still so muchwork to do. In most salons before anyone can become a full time stylist they have to spend manyhours as an assistant. While the future stylist is assisting in the salon they learn everything thereis to know about the salon and what the stylists need. After spending a certain amount of hoursas an assistant they will finally get their own chair and a pair of cutting shears. Becoming a hairstylist is a lot more work than many people can even start to realize. “Hair stylists are not onlyresponsible for cutting and styling hair, but they also take on coloring, chemical straightening,re-texturing, permanent waving, and much more.”(Cosmetology: Careers in the Beauty Industry)Hair stylist will do all that they can to help anyone become as beautiful as they wish. Men andwomen are spending hours in a hair salon, forming a relationship between them and their hairstylist, until perfection is made. For a hair stylist a person hair is their canvas. Creativity flowingout through their cutting shears and their hair coloring brushes. For a makeup artist the face and body is the makeup artists’ canvas. Makeup artists paintthe eyes and lips, powder the cheeks, and perfect the skin. They create beauty and perfection outof nothing, out of imperfections. “Makeup artist use cosmetics to help people look and feel theirbest by enhancing their natural beauty.”(Cosmetology: Careers in the Beauty Industry) For yearswomen have always turned to makeup to feel beautiful. Makeup can be crazy, bright, dark, or
  • 4. Cagle 4natural.Unlike a hair stylist that only has the hair to work with, a makeup artist as the whole bodyto design on. When a person walks into a makeup store or maybe just a local drug store, peoplewill see eye shadows, mascaras, eyeliners, and foundation, but makeup artists’ deals with somuch more than that. Makeup artistry is not just putting on eye shadows and lipsticks. Just theseproducts are not always about making someone beautiful. Sometimes a makeup artist cantransform someone anyone into the most horrifying monster. There are some makeup artists thatonly do horror monster make up. These makeup artists don’t make people beautiful atall.Makeup artist do not just do wedding make up and fashion photography, they also do moviesets or backstage at theaters. When you watch a horror movie and the spooky monster that givesyou nightmares for weeks is all the work of a makeup artist. When you are watching a comedymovie and you see a woman that is truly a man that is also the work of a makeup artist. It is trulyamazing the things that a makeup artist can do with a few martials. Some of the most commonmakeup artist jobs are with models and celebrities. Fashion is one of the more popular and wellknow makeup artist job. Makeup artist work behind the scenes of fashion shoots for people likeVogue and Dior making the models that everyone sees in magazines extra extraordinary andbeautiful. Models would be nothing without their makeup artist and hair stylist. The makeupartists do the makeup for photo shoots and fashion runways. The makeup artist work hard tomake people all around the work to look beautiful, amazing, and different. The history of cosmetology goes back farther most people know or realize. Cosmetologycould go all the way back into ancient history.Cosmetology is the study of cosmetics and theiruse. Almost everyone around the world uses cosmetology in some sort of way even if they don’trealize it. Cosmetology consists of skin care, nails, cosmetic surgery, makeup, even permanentmake up but the two most well know parts of cosmetology is hair stylist and makeup artist.Every
  • 5. Cagle 5time someone puts their hair up in a ponytail they are using cosmetology in some way.Cosmetology is not only hair coloring, coloring hair, and putting on pounds of makeup.Cosmetology consists of all the simple things as well. People get their nails painted and changethe way they look with cosmetology. It is very important to many people all over the world.Cosmetology is not just for celebrities and models, everyone uses it. Whether people realize it ornot cosmetology is a huge part of today’s society and is very important to a large part of ourpopulation.