How to Stay Organized in Your Job Search Using Online Tools
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How to Stay Organized in Your Job Search Using Online Tools



Are you feeling overwhelmed with the amount of applications, profiles, contacts, and documents in your job search? That’s where today’s online tools can help. During this webinar, we’ll look at ...

Are you feeling overwhelmed with the amount of applications, profiles, contacts, and documents in your job search? That’s where today’s online tools can help. During this webinar, we’ll look at several tools and websites that can help keep your job search organized.



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    How to Stay Organized in Your Job Search Using Online Tools How to Stay Organized in Your Job Search Using Online Tools Presentation Transcript

    • How to Stay Organized in Your Job Search Using Online Tools Contact Heather at
    • Contact Heather at
    • Introduction• If you’re currently job searching, you might be frustrated or overwhelmed at the amount of time it can take & the number of applications you might have to fill out to land your next job• Being organized – from your job search documents, to timelines, to follow-up reminders – can help alleviate some of the stress that goes along with the job search Contact Heather at 3
    • Introduction• Here’s what we’ll cover today: – Creating a job search plan – Best practices of job search organization – Free and low-cost online tools for organization in your job search Contact Heather at 4
    • Creating a Job Search Plan• Think about it – What are your goals? – What type of job are you seeking? – What skills, qualifications, expertise & education do you have?• Analyze your online presence – Employers now search for candidates on social media & in search engines – Are your profiles and search results presenting you in the best light? Contact Heather at 5
    • Job Search Plan, Cont. – Recommended resource: Vizibility is like a “Google Me” button for career professionals• Get your job search documents in shape – Your cover letter & resume must be tailored to each position & company – Use action verbs & accomplishment stories to convey your value to the employer – You should also create business cards while job seeking to keep in contact with helpful people throughout the process Contact Heather at 6
    • Job Search Plan, Cont.• Join & engage in professional and social networking communities – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, niche sites, etc. – Join specific groups related to your skills & industry – Provide value & share other’s content – Completely fill in your biography, experience, skills & interests – Include relevant keywords in your profiles to help employers find you – Ask for recommendations to display on your profiles Contact Heather at 7
    • Job Search Plan, Cont.• Create an online portfolio – Buy your domain name ( – Display your best work – Include contact information• Start blogging – Choose a frequency for publishing & stick with it – Share your posts on social media – Write about recent industry news, issues & trends to become a thought leader Contact Heather at 8
    • Job Search Plan, Cont.• Get found on Google – Use search engine optimization (SEO) tactics to help employers find you – Links, keywords & tags are important in your website design & blog posts – Content should be relevant & updated often for Google to display your website/blog as a top result• Become an expert – Blogging, social media & engagement in online groups can help you position yourself as an expert in your field Contact Heather at 9
    • Job Search Plan, Cont. – Interact with other industry professionals & comment on their content to increase your visibility – Offer to guest blog on other’s blogs to share your expertise with their audience• Convert “prospects” into “leads” – Provide a “call to action” on blog posts, e-newsletters, eBooks, etc. – Creativity goes a long way in standing out in today’s job search – Recommended resource: Hello There Contact Heather at 10
    • Job Search Plan, Cont.• Convert “leads” into “customers” once you’ve landed an interview – Do your research on the organization & hiring manager – Be prepared to answer tough questions – Ask good questions, for example: • What brought you to [insert organization], and what keeps you here? • What’s your management style? – Send a thank you note after your interview! Contact Heather at 11
    • Best Practices of Organizing Your Job Search • So, how can one keep track of countless applications, companies & names? • Check out these best practices for staying organized: – Write down/record everything • Although you might feel like you’ll remember the details of a conversation with a potential employer or the date you applied for a specific job, you’re better off writing it down for future reference Contact Heather at 12
    • Organizing Your Job Search, Cont.– Bookmark helpful websites & blogs, along with specific job listings & company sites • Again, you might think you’ll remember these things – but you’re better safe than sorry in a job search!– Utilize your job search plan • Map out your day with specific job search activities to ensure you’re not neglecting any important aspect of job searching Contact Heather at 13
    • Organizing Your Job Search, Cont.– Keep your job search documents with you at all times • You never know when you’ll meet someone who can help you land a job • Keep a stack of business cards handy to connect with new networking contacts • Don’t keep your resume and cover letter exclusively on your home computer – save it to a flash drive, your email account or a website such as Google Docs to ensure you’ll always be able to access it Contact Heather at 14
    • Organizing Your Job Search, Cont.– Record dates, locations & names • This will help when you go to follow-up to a job application or after an interview– Give yourself a break every once in a while • A job search can easily be a full-time job – de-stress by grabbing lunch with a friend, exercising or engaging in a hobby Contact Heather at 15
    • Free & Low-Cost Online Tools• Google Docs – Upload documents, spreadsheets, images & more – Create documents, presentations & spreadsheets online – Access your content anywhere you can log into your Google account – Organize your documents into collections & share them with whomever you like – Cost: Free Contact Heather at 16
    • Online Tools, Cont.• JibberJobber – Personal relationship manager for your career – Organize & manage your job search – Track personal and professional relationships, target companies & jobs you apply to – Cost: Free, unless you’d like to upgrade to Silver ($5/month) or Premium ($9.95/month) Contact Heather at 17
    • Online Tools, Cont.• JobKatch – Add job leads, identify key people, manage your events & track your progress – Keep track of job leads through a simple bookmark tool or add them manually – Import your existing networking contacts to see who can help you in your job search – Track your progress & receive reminders about follow-up steps in the job search process – Cost: Free Contact Heather at 18
    • Online Tools, Cont.• Evernote – A tool to help you remember things using your computer, phone & the Internet – your “digital personal assistant” – Type a text note, snap a photo, grab a screenshot, – Everything you capture is searchable – You can add tags and organize notes into notebooks – Sync your online account with your cell phone for organization on-the-go – Cost: Free, upgrade to Premium for $5/month for additional storage, more versatility & support Contact Heather at 19
    • Online Tools, Cont.• Becomed – Record your applications, resumes & cover letter templates – Track which job applications you sent, how far have they have advanced, & next steps – Set reminders & to do lists – Cost: Free, or upgrade to Becomed Pro for $2.99/month Contact Heather at 20
    • Contact Heather at
    • Thank you! For more tips: Join us for our next job seeker webinar on: May 31, 2011: Unemployed New Grads:Alternatives to the Traditional Entry-Level Job Contact Heather at