How to Recruit Young Professionals Utilizing Recruiting 3.0 Tools


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Need helping recruiting members of Generation Y to your job openings? In this webinar, we’ll discuss how to use recruiting 3.0 strategies such as search engine optimization and talent communities to recruit today’s young professionals. We’ll discuss the importance of engagement and authenticity in professional networking sites. We’ll also share some tips on SEO and other recruiting strategies that you should be utilizing.

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How to Recruit Young Professionals Utilizing Recruiting 3.0 Tools

  1. 1. How to Recruit Young Professionals Utilizing Recruiting 2.0 ToolsHow to Recruit Young Professionals Utilizing Recruiting 3.0 Tools Contact Heather at
  2. 2. What We’ll Cover • Social media and networking sites • Talent communities • Social applicant tracking • Search engine optimization (SEO) • Other recruiting strategies Contact Heather at 2
  3. 3. Recruiting 3.0 & Today’s Young Professionals • What is recruiting 3.0? – Utilizing today’s tools to recruit candidates to your company, including social media, RSS feeds, talent communities, search engine optimization, etc. • Who are today’s young professionals? – Generation Y, born 1977-1997, also known as Millennials or the Internet Generation – Tech-savvy, passionate, concerned about the environment, well-educated Contact Heather at 3
  4. 4. Social Media & Young Professionals • Social media – According to Nielsen, sites like Facebook and Twitter now account for 22.7% of time spent on the web (Mashable, Aug. 2010) • Young professionals and social media – 85% of members of Gen Y use social networking sites (eMarketer) – An average job seeker spends 5 hours per week using social media Contact Heather at 4
  5. 5. How to Use Social Media in Your Overall Strategy • Engage in sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter & YouTube • Include links to your company careers page or portal • Interact with potential candidates & job seekers • Be a real person: authenticity & transparency is what Gen Y expects • Regularly update your profile and status on each site to inform followers & fans about job openings or current news Contact Heather at 5
  6. 6. LinkedIn (85 Million+ Users) • Create a company page • Provide information on current job openings, products & services, and links to your website • Engage in groups (or create your own) and LinkedIn Answers • Incorporate applications for branding and sharing – Slideshare – Wordpress/blog applications – Events Contact Heather at 6
  7. 7. Facebook (500 Million+ Users) • Create a company page • Provide a separate tab with information on careers at your organization • Post links and relevant information for your fans • Interact with fans, create a community • Send updates to fans periodically • Promote events through creating a Facebook Event Contact Heather at 7
  8. 8. Twitter (175 Million+ Users) • Create a company account and separate recruiter accounts • Participate in job seeker chats • Share blog posts, relevant links and articles • Interact with followers and potential candidates • Regularly promote/highlight others (they’ll likely reciprocate) • Link to other social media accounts and your job postings Contact Heather at 8
  9. 9. YouTube (people watching 2 billion videos/day) • Create a company account • Develop a video strategy • Post videos to your account • Customize your YouTube channel with a unique URL and skin Contact Heather at 9
  10. 10. Blogging (77% of Active Internet Users) • Good for SEO of your website • Establish expertise in your field or industry • Address concerns or common questions • Create a community of employees, candidates and customers • Share industry news • Link to media coverage and other social media accounts Contact Heather at 10
  11. 11. Talent Communities • A network of groups: potential employees, past applicants, former employees (“alumni”), recruitment professionals, college campus recruiters – All together in one place: your careers hub • A portal focused on two-way interaction between these individuals • A great way to interact with potential employees & answer questions/confront concerns Contact Heather at 11
  12. 12. Why Do You Need a Talent Community? • Qualified candidates at a recruiters fingertips • Less dependence on expensive, ineffective job boards • Less money spent on job advertisements • Increased interaction with potential candidates • Better quality of applicants to job openings • Creates a talent pipeline for future job openings • Attracts passive candidates Contact Heather at 12
  13. 13. Social Applicant Tracking • Keep up with applicants and candidates through social applicant tracking • Stay in touch with candidates throughout the recruitment process • Manage referrals and applications Contact Heather at 13
  14. 14. Optimize Your Careers Site for Search Engines • SEO is an important part of your recruiting strategy • How will job seekers find your site if it doesn’t show up as a top page in search results? • Drive traffic to your listings • Optimize your site to show up first for searches of: – “Your company name” jobs – “Your city” jobs – “Your industry” jobs Contact Heather at 14
  15. 15. Why Does SEO Matter When Recruiting Gen Y? • Gen Y grew up with the Internet • They tend to start their job search on search engines rather than job boards • They trust your careers site over a job board ad • If your page isn’t optimized, they’ll find someone else’s job listings before yours Contact Heather at 15
  16. 16. How to Improve SEO on Your Careers Page • Include relevant keywords and search phrases in job listings • Remain active: blogging, forums and updating your pages often make it look more established • Make it easy to navigate (good for job seekers, too!) • Link to your careers page whenever you can (social media helps with this) – search engines will notice • Optimize your page titles • Correctly format URLS Contact Heather at 16
  17. 17. Other Recruiting Strategies • Niche job sites – MediaBistro, Dice, YouTern • Job aggregators – SimplyHired, Indeed • Mobile marketing • Instant messaging – Skype, Meebo Contact Heather at 17
  18. 18. Other Recruiting Strategies, Cont. • Create content – Whitepapers, eBooks • Create podcasts – BlogTalkRadio • RSS Feeds Contact Heather at 18
  19. 19. Important Take Aways • Go where the young professionals are: the Internet & social media • Be real: Gen Y does not want to interact with a “company account” – they want real people who they can relate to • Talent communities: a good way to bring together former employees, potential employees and recruiters for interaction • Be visible: make yourself easy to contact and connect with online in order to attract talented Gen Y candidates Contact Heather at 19
  20. 20. About Cachinko: Get & Stay Connected Talent Community Manager (TCM) • Target job postings to specific Talent Networks. Your Talent Network: Talent Network: contacts can apply, refer and Houston Drillers (34) Houston Engineers (19) share the jobs! • Your Talent Community is secure and private. Your 1st Stacey Tim Sally Bob Harry degree contacts are always secure, they can never be Sally’s Personal Network: seen by others. • Your recruiters can effectively TCM engage the Talent TPR Richard Courtney Community in conversations about job openings. Courtney’s Personal Network: Maria Sally Edward Mark Contact Heather at 20
  21. 21. Cachinko Broadcasts Your Jobs! Contact Heather at 21
  22. 22. Thank you! Join us for our next employer webinar on:January 27, 2011: How to Create & Maintain a “Green” Recruiting Program Contact Heather at