Ca partner day - service management in saas - milano e roma


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Sessione di approfondimento sulle soluzioni per la completa gestione e il monitoraggio dei servizi IT offerti attraverso una piattaforma SaaS.

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Ca partner day - service management in saas - milano e roma

  1. 1. Nimsoft Company and Solutions Portfolio Overview Partner Day Italy 31/05/2012 Gilles Vincent, Senior Consultant Technical Sales Page 1 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  2. 2. Agenda 01 Introduction- Positioning 02 Unified Monitoring with Nimsoft 03 Nimsoft Service Desk 04 Nimsoft Cloud User Experience Manager 05 Nimsoft DCIM 06 Demonstration Page 2 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  3. 3. 01Positioning Page 3 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  4. 4. Our Nimsoft Heritage Unified Monitoring – From the Data Center to the Cloud › Monitoring without the effort and pain › On-Premise or SaaS delivery › Flexible pricing » Subscription or perpetual › 1000+ customers in 36 countries » ~50/50 split between Enterprise and Service Providers › CA acquisition March 17th 2010 » Rationale – new market areas » 120+ new customers » 150+ new employees » New products for the Nimsoft portfolio Page 4 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  5. 5. Characteristics of Today’s IT CAUSE EFFECT > Extreme resolve on gaining Ever Increasing role of Focus competitive advantage Service Providers > Demand for flexibility and variability > Limited IT skills and resources > Complexity fatigue Single Product Velocity > Agility and speed to keep Powerful Simplicity pace with the business Consume Best Practices > Dispersed knowledge Leverage > Need right answers, right now User Centricity and > Tools of life becoming tools of Social Media trade Page 5 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  6. 6. Nimsoft IT Management-as-a-Service ITMaaS for Today’s IT › New Target Market Nimsoft Unified Manager > Mid-market Enterprise > Service Providers › New Offering Nimsoft Unified Management Portal > Unified IT Management: Monitoring & Service Mgmt On-Premise SaaS > Nimsoft Cloud User Experience Manager Nimsoft Open APIsNimsoft Open APIs Nimsoft Nimsoft > Right-sized functionality Monitor Service Desk > Faster time to value › New Delivery Model Nimsoft Cloud > SaaS and on premise User Nimsoft › New Business Model Experience DCIM > Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) Manager > Customer Success > Inside sales focus Page 6 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  7. 7. Nimsoft Vision Nimsoft Unified Management Portal BSM/ Ops ITAM New Apps DP DCIM SIEM GRC …… SLM PPM & CM ( built on core products)Applications Communities Nimsoft Open APIs Nimsoft Open APIs Monitor Service Desk DP: Data Protection Automation DCIM: Data Center Infr Mgmt SIEM: Security Info & Event mgmt BSM: Business Service mgmt Configuration Management Service (CMS/CMDB) PPM: Operational PPM ITAM: Converged asset & config GRC: Compliance & risk mgmt Shared Architecture Page 7 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  8. 8. 02Unified Monitoring with Nimsoft Page 8 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  9. 9. Nimsoft Unified Monitoring Architecture Page 9 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  10. 10. agent-optional coverage› Easily monitor local or remote systems » Agent-less monitoring - collects information from “black box” systems such as hypervisors, SAN storage systems, network devices, SaaS, and cloud environments where no agents are permitted » Agent-based monitoring - provides a more detailed system view. In addition, the agent- based architecture provides spooling of performance data in disconnected environments so no data is ever lost. The average Nimsoft Monitor data collector is less than 10MB in size, and consumes less than 1% of CPU usage Page 10 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  11. 11. Nimsoft Unified Monitoring ArchitectureSyslogs Page 11 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  12. 12. 140+ probes covering…Server Storage Applications•fsmounts •clariion •apache•ntevl •celerra •cisco_ucm•ntperf •netapp •cisco_unity•ntservices •vmax •iis•netware •ica_response•temperature •ica_server•cdm Virtualization •jboss•logmon •hyperv •jvm_monitor•nexec •ibmvm •easerver•perfmon •vmware •ocs_monitor Email •xenserver •email_response•printers •power •zones •exchange_monitor•processes •sharepoint •exchange_monitor_backend•reboot •tomcat Gateways •exchange_monitor_reports•rsp •weblogic •adogtw •exchange_response•tcp_proxy •websphere •casdgtw •notes•xmlparser •ad_response •cim_traps •notes_response•vblock •ad_server •cmdbgtw •adevlNetwork •dom_traps End to End Response Databases SDK’s •emailgtw iSeries/as400 •dns_response •db2 •.net•dhcp_response •file_adapter •fetchmsg •e2e_appmon_dev •informix •C•interface_traffic •hpovsdgtw •jobqs •e2e_appmon •jdbc_response •java•ldap_response •ovnnm •jobs •url_response •mysql •lua•net_connect •remedygtw •jobsched •wins_response •oracle •perl•net_traffic •smsgtw •journal •oracle_logmon •vb•ntp_response Cloud/SaaS •snmpgtw •outqs •sqlserver •web services•snmpget •snmptd •sysstat •aws •sql_response•cisco_monitor •sysloggtw •history •azure •sybase•Cisco_ucs •tnggtw •googleAppEngine •sybase_rs•cisco_qos HA/Clusters •googleApps•cisco_nxos •tngobjects •cluster •tngwvf •rackspace•saa_monitor •ha •salesforce Page 12 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  13. 13. Nimsoft Unified Monitoring ArchitectureSyslogs Page 13 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  14. 14. nimsoft monitor: multi-site deployment example Page 14 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  15. 15. The Nimsoft Web Archive› Access the world’s largest collection of monitoring probes. » Contains monitoring solutions to cover practically everything you’ll find inside—and outside—of your data center » One-click downloads additional functionality, anytime » Easy updates/upgrades » 120+ probes available Page 22 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  16. 16. Unified Reporter› Business insights via intelligent analytics » ~120 pre-packaged reports and fast, drag-and-drop custom report creation » Report based on geographies, users, and groups » Output reports in HTML, PDF, XLS, RTF, SWF, ODF, and TXT » Flexible report scheduling, distribution and historical versioning Page 24 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  17. 17. 03Nimsoft Service Desk Page 26 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  18. 18. What is Nimsoft Service Desk?› An ITIL v3 Complete Service Desk SaaS Solution“Easy-to-customize ITIL v3best-practice workflows ensurestaff in any location can handlerequests and accelerateproblem resolution.” Page 27 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  19. 19. Business Drivers for Nimsoft Service Desk› What are Customers Trying to Do? Initiatives Processes Projects – Reduce burden – Tools for Incident – Replace legacy of maintaining a & Problem service desk service desk management – Upgrade to – Lower TCO – Manage change modern IT – Reduce capital features – Request expenses in IT management – Implementing for service a new service management – Meet service desk levels Page 28 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  20. 20. Different Segments . . .› Different Requirements Nimsoft Service Desk Traditional “Help Desk” Prospect Prospect › Small, Medium and › Large enterprise Emerging enterprise › SaaS, Subscription offering › On Premises, Perpetual license, custom deal › Simple, quick configuration › Customization options › Streamlined best practices › Special/Complex workflows › Core ITIL processes › Advanced ITIL processes › Low entry cost › Capital expenditure Page 29 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  21. 21. Current Nimsoft Service Desk Challenges forCustomers Expensive solutions to buy and implement (Nimsoft Service Desk can save) Long implementation time and costs (Implement in weeks) Complex Apps based on legacy architectures (100% modern web architecture) Facing forced and expensive upgrades (Automatic upgrades included) Customized and costly maintenance (Customize without programming) Page 30 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  22. 22. Ideal Candidates (1 of 2)› Have decision and budget to implement a new service desk- short list and a requirements doc » Ready to replace rather than upgrade » Have a clear understanding of the modules they want » Have a requirements document› Starting a formal search to replace their service desk within the next six months » Have decided on a SaaS platform » Are willing to adapt their current service desk process to best practices » Want configurable processes, not customization Page 31 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  23. 23. Ideal Candidates (2 of 2)› Actively interested in SaaS solutions » Policy or goal for SaaS business applications » Does not want on-premise solution› Dissatisfied with incumbent solution’s future » Trapped on obsolete version » Want modern solution » Don’t want to manage upgrades » Possible EOL on current product Page 32 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  24. 24. Nimsoft Service Desk DifferentiatorsAttribute What it MeansConfigurable Configure, Don’t Code – Workflow is 100% configurable within the app – No programming skills required – Configuration not lost in upgradesSaaS Lifetime Cost Savings – No infrastructure required – Automated upgrades managed for them Simple Pricing Model – Pay by the month – Pay per user – Fixed or floating licenses – Free end-user accessWorkflow-Driven Workflow focuses on actions – Tell Nimsoft Service Desk what to do, don’t guess based on status changes Adaptable workflow allows you to meet your specific business needs without custom codeExtendable Extensive web services APIs to engage other business/IT systems Page 33 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  25. 25. Nimsoft Service DeskService Catalog & Request› Empowers end users to help themselves, and provides an easy way for them to submit requests for services.› Benefits: » Automated intake & routing to reduces costs » Optimized request handling to increase efficiency » More timely, accurate end-user communication to increase overall satisfaction Page 34 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  26. 26. Nimsoft Service DeskIncident Management› Pre-packaged workflows make it easy to identify, register, prioritize, categorize, and track incidents reported to your service desk.› Benefits: » Tight integration with Knowledge Management to increase efficiency and lower mean time to resolution » Prebuilt incident templates ensure accurate information is collected to increase 1st contact resolution » Flexible workflow to increase response efficiency and quality Page 35 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  27. 27. Nimsoft Service DeskProblem Management› Identify chronic service issues and prevent recurrences to eliminate the impact of these issues on the business.› Benefits: » Identify chronic issues which impact business services » Link multiple incidents to a single problem to efficiently solve, and close, any related incidents » Capture workarounds, solutions, or known-error information in the Knowledge Management to streamline future efforts Page 36 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  28. 28. Nimsoft Service DeskChange Management› Evaluate, prioritize, plan, test, document, and implement change requests using ITIL compatible best practices.› Benefits: » Leverage standardized change procedures to meet objectives for SOX, PCI, and other compliance requirements » Automatically identify assets/CI’s and services which might be affected to minimize service impact » Change calendar and automatic notifications of all change stakeholders to provide transparency and mitigate risk Page 37 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  29. 29. Nimsoft Service DeskConfiguration Management› A consolidated and actionable view of devices, relationships, requests, alarms, incidents, problems, known errors, changes, and releases.› Benefits: » Define and manage relationships and dependencies to diagnosis problems and plan changes more effectively » Associate affected groups with changes and outages to improve quality of service » Track history to show configuration drift and aid in capacity and trend analysis Page 38 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  30. 30. Nimsoft Service DeskKnowledge Management› Improve the quality of decision making with using optimal, and vetted, information to resolve service issues.› Benefits: » Access proven experience and information to resolve service issues more quickly and consistently » Easily retrieve workarounds, solutions, or known-error information to streamline future efforts » Giving technicians and end users easy access to the knowledge base to improve service levels. Page 39 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  31. 31. Nimsoft Service DeskService Level Management› Set, meet, and exceed your critical SLAs to ensure customer satisfaction.› Benefits: » Allows setting of realistic SLAs » Helps proactively report against, manage and exceed SLAs » Manage SLAs from end-to-end, including OLAs & UCs » Manage all aspects of meeting service level objectives, including compliance tracking, automated escalation and assignment rules Page 40 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  32. 32. Nimsoft Service DeskRecap› An ITIL v3 Complete Service Desk SaaS Solution Page 41 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  33. 33. Competition Nimsoft Service Desk› All traditional players » BMC, HP, IBM » They start to offer « on demand » revamped versions of their legacy tools » Being just revamps it keeps the same drawbacks as their on- premise› Pure SaaS Player » ServiceNow, StaffandLine Page 42 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  34. 34. Best Practices and Experience› Years of experience built in Service Operations » Designed and built by a Service » Incident Management » Problem Management Provider » Request Management » Ability to start with standard » Event Management configurations pre-loaded Service Transition » Change Management » Service Asset Configuration Management » Knowledge Management Service Design » Service Level Management » Availability Management Page 43 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  35. 35. Nimsoft Service Desk Benefits Page 44 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  36. 36. End user self service Page 45 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  37. 37. Unified Analyst ScreenMainscreenshows‘tickets’relevant tothe userand basicdashboard.Othermodulesavailable inone clickalong theleft Page 46 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  38. 38. Configuration Management Search, drill down and graph CMDB items and relationships Page 47 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  39. 39. ReportingReportsdisplayed inNimsoft ServiceDesk orexported toPDF or CSV Page 48 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  40. 40. The Next Generation User Experience Page 49 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  41. 41. 04Nimsoft Cloud User Experience Manager Page 50 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  42. 42. Introducing:Cloud User Experience Manager › SaaS solution for monitoring global Cloud application health › Self-service and deploys in less than 10 minutes › Rich alerting, dashboards and root cause analysis › Alerting via text, pagers, phone, twitter, IM and more. › 60+ locations in 40 countries. › 600-plus customers including Virgin, America, Twitter, Zappos, and Wordpress. › IPv6 and IPv4 enabled › Completely customizable to your brand There is a new mouse in the house… Page 51 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  43. 43. What can Cloud User Experience Managermonitor?› Global monitoring outside the firewall of: » Web Transaction Monitoring - Synthetic user scripts (protocol level) - Multi-step / multi-locations - Record/replay using Jmeter or badboy - Conversion tool for HP LoadRunner/Business Process Monitor/RUM scripts) » Real User Browser Monitoring - Synthetic user scripts (ajax, JavaScript etc. running in the browser) - Captures browser render time to provide a true depiction of the end user experience » Mobile Application Monitoring (new!) » API and Web Service Monitoring - REST, SOAP, oAuth, JSON, XML, RSS feeds, openID and XML-RPC. » Network Protocols - HTTP(S), DNS, FTP(S), LDAP(S), IMAP, SMTP, SFTP, TFTP, SCP, SIP & XMPP » IPV6/V4 » Vulnerability Scanning (using Nesus) Page 52 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  44. 44. Quick StartActive monitor list – Set up in minutesPerformance Dashboard shows the availability for allscripts for the defined timeframe. Page 53 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  45. 45. Creating Synthetic Transactions› Two techniques » Record/replay using Badboy or Jmeter » Conversion tool for HP LoadRunner/Business Process Monitor/RUM scripts) Page 54 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  46. 46. Performance and AvailabilityAlerting and Notification › Performance and Availability Alerts can be sent via: » Email, SMS, Pager, XMPP/Jabber, RSS, MSN, SNMP trap (via plugin) or Web API › Supports stopping alerting during maintenance windows › Enables escalation of alerts to other group members › 8 SMS gateways with 5 providers › All alerts are logged on Cloud User Experience Manager Page 55 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  47. 47. Understanding the customer experience › Monitor, triage and resolve » Understand the user experience globally » Rich reporting and analysis of service levels » Find the problem quickly and understand the impact » Isolate down to a component level » Enables you to monitor both the protocol and browser experience » IPv6 supported Page 56 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  48. 48. Reporting Overview Sample Report Types › Uptime table › Total time › Availability › Downtime › SLA Performance › More… Sample Drill Down Report › Resolve › Connect › Processing › Transfer Page 57 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  49. 49. Root Cause Analysis › Provides detailed insight in problems and incidents » During an incident the tool shows the steps of the scripts that were (not) completed » A screenshot is made after a monitor is triggered » Traceroute of one or more stations after a monitor is triggered » Raw HTML is available when an error occurs » A DNS analysis is made after a monitor is triggered » A domain analysis is made after a monitor is triggered Page 58 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  50. 50. Root Cause Analysis Failed Test Redirect View Screenshot Waterfall Analysis Page 59 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  51. 51. Delivering customer transparency › Public Status Pages » Used by some of the biggest names in the industry today » Completely customizable to enable the customer’s own brand » Provides customers with visibility into performance and availability globally » Reduces support calls and cost » Independent validation Public Status Dashboards Page 60 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  52. 52. Reporting › Periodic (day, week, month) reports can be automatically sent as an email or accessed via the console › Exports to PDF or Excel, can download Data Cubes for further Your name here! analysis › Graphs are PNG or Interactive Flash objects › Raw data 30 days › Root cause analysis 48 hours › Statistical data 1 year Page 61 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  53. 53. Vulnerability Scanning with Alerting › Performs over 45,000 checks for known vulnerabilities and security exposures › Uses a database which is updated daily by multiple accredited organizations including CVE and Bugtraq › Real-time email, text, and pager alerts following the detection of severe vulnerabilities Page 63 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  54. 54. Real Browser Monitoring› Supports Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome & Safari web browser› Monitors run from 50+ global monitoring stations› Real browser performance metrics (e.g. when all elements been loaded and is the page ready to be rendered in your browser).› JavaScript error reporting› Timed screenshots of a website loading in the browser (e.g. from a white screen to the full page)› Waterfall charts of all embedded elements in a page (images, CSS files, etc.) Page 64 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  55. 55. Mobile - In-App Monitoring› Announced June 14th at ** NEW ** Velocity Conference› Reduce application deletion rates and increase sales› Aimed at developers of mobile Applications› Low impact – instrumentation of the application› Device owner has control› Privacy maintained - no personal data is collected Page 65 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  56. 56. NIMSOFTDCIM Page 66 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  57. 57. Introducing Nimsoft DCIM – Solution DCI M Servers Storage ecoMeter probeChiller Billing and MeteringCRAC Fault Management Vblock/ Flexpod SLACRAC Management Performance and Availability MgmtCRAC UPS UPS Virtualization and Cloud Management DX Generator Nimsoft Service Desk IntegPDU PDU RPP CRAH CRAC Generator Nimsoft CMDB Integ BMS Page 67 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  58. 58. Nimsoft DCIM - Features› Based on Industry-leading ecoMeter technology – Top right leader position in DCIM quadrants by IDC and Verdantrix› Comprehensive analysis via various DCIM calculations templates » OOB Calculations: Total PDU Power, Total Generator Power, CRAC Power, Total Consumption Power , Total Power Quality Meter Power , Total Diesel Generator Power, Electric Board Power, PUE, Total IT Load, Total Non IT Load, Total DC Load› Complete Real-time data capture of power, cooling, environmentals with OOB data collection templates for various data center systems and devices » Modbus device templates: Cyberex breaker , E-Mon Power Quality Meter, Eaton PDU, FM200 Fire Panel, ION PDU, Schneider Electric Power Quality Meter, Siemens PDU, » SNMP device templates: APC Rack PDU, APC env Rack PDU, APC UPS, PDI PDU, Liebert PDU, Trane Opto CRAC Page 68 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  59. 59. Nimsoft DCIM Offering (contd.)› Numerous Out-of-box UMP Unified dashboards for Datacenter Summary, PDUs, CRACs, UPSs etc. » Various drilldown list views and perform reports› Sample Dashboard-designer-based custom dashboards for all types of devices and data center/location summary› Support for multiple datacenters analysis› Multi-tenancy data collection, analysis and Dashboards› Predictive SLA Analysis and base-lining› Hardware converter boxes for non TCP-IP data collection e.g. Serio I/O(RS-485): TrendPoint EnerSure TrendPoint EnviroCube (Optional) Page 69 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  60. 60. THANKYOU!Q&A Page 70 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved