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Sessione plenaria

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  • 1. CA TechnologiesBusiness Service Innovation
  • 2. “New Normal” gap requires a new way of deliveringbusiness services that drive revenue BUSINESS DEMAND IT must deliver new services to support FOR INNOVATION initiatives that drive revenue Client Mobility Social Big Data SaaS Experience IT must fill this growing gap! While optimizing delivery of mainstream IT Agile Cloud Standardized Automation Bring Your Rationalization Delivery Infrastructure Reengineering Own Device IT CAPACITY FOR INNOVATION TRANSFORM FROM MAINTAINING TECHNOLOGY TO DELIVERING INNOVATION2 Copyright © 2012 CA. All rights reserved.
  • 3. Challenges making this transformationINNOVATION DELIVERED TO MARKET TOO SLOWLY• Misaligned skills and resources inhibits innovation• Traditional service delivery hampers improving time-to-value and cycle timesCURRENT IT IS EXPENSIVE TO SUSTAIN AND MAINTAIN• IT complexity is growing• Productivity is shrinkingSECURITY RISKS ARE INCREASING• Consumerization is bringing new security risks• Compliance is getting harder 3 Copyright © 2012 CA. All rights reserved.
  • 4. What do you need to do to make this shift? • Deliver services faster withDrive Innovation better qualityby leveraging new • Optimize portfolio for greatesttechnologies and the cloud ACCELERATE returnto meet business needs • Respond quickly to new demandsFree Up Resources • Transform from manual to automatedby improving efficiencyand managing TRANSFORM • Focus on service experience instead of infrastructurecomplexity • Reduce costs and cycle times • Secure online business toReduce Risk increase revenueof data breach, improper SECURE • Decrease security riskaccess and fraud • Simplify compliance4 Copyright © 2012 CA. All rights reserved.
  • 5. Business Service Innovation approach fromCA Technologies Transition from maintaining IT systems to delivering new, innovative services with speed and agilityCustomized Value Roadmaps help you Accelerate, Transform and Secure IT5 Copyright © 2012 CA. All rights reserved.
  • 6. CA Technologies solutions capabilities ACCELERATE TRANSFORM SECURE MODEL portfolio and services to AUTOMATE end-to-end for SECURE identities, access and data optimize investment scale and efficiency • Security to, for, from the cloud • Business and service insight • Process and service orchestration • Identity and access management • Service virtualization • Infrastructure/workload • Data protection and control • Project and portfolio analysis automation • Measurement and control ASSEMBLE new services quickly and easily ASSURE quality-of-service • Service evaluation and acquisition and experience • Service design and assembly • Performance monitoring • Catalog of applications • End-to-end service assurance and services • Predictive analytics MANAGE service portfolio from strategy to execution • Change and configuration management • Service level and catalog management • Problem and incident management6 Copyright © 2012 CA. All rights reserved.
  • 7. NIST Cloud Reference Architecture
  • 8. To transform, Service Providers must bridge the “new normal” gap with an innovation engine Service Provider Enterprise Customer Innovation Engine Deliver enterprise customers the agility needed to move into and Evaluation Criteria within the cloud Customer Experience ENTERPRISE DEMAND Migrate customers Agility Cost FOR INNOVATION VPDC IaaS PaaS SaaS infrastructure and link to Quality Capability providers cloud Security Risk Catalog Provide insight into IT Orchestration constraints and business Service demands Providers Insight must fill Secure and Manage - the this growing transaction link between the enterprise and the providerfor gap customers Establish, monitor contracts and Optimize SLA’s; optimize the customer ENTERPRISE CAPACITY FOR experience INNOVATION Extensible Value Deliver value-added services, exploiting new technologies and the cloud8
  • 9. La Strategia Oceano Blu Confini definiti e accettati da tutti Un nuovo perimetro Regole del gioco competitivo note Creazione di nuova domanda Costante tentativo di superare le Aggirare la concorrenza senza performance rivali sugli stessi fattori combatterla L’unico fattore determinante diventa il Non è necessario allontanarsi prezzo troppo dai confini di settore Concorrenza all’ultimo sangue
  • 10. Il Framework delle quattro azioniLa nuova Curva del Valore (Value Streams) RIDURRE Quali fattori andrebbero ridotti al di sotto dello standard di settore ? ELIMINARE CREARE Tra i fattori che Nuova Tra i fattori mai offerti dal l’industria da per Curva del settore quali dovrebbero scontato, quali Valore essere creati ? andrebbero eliminati ? AUMENTARE Quali fattori andrebbero aumentati al di sopra dello standard di settore ?
  • 11. “CA Market Dynamics”CA Business Planning Services to Collapse Service Provider Time to Revenue - Stages consistent with CA competitive advantage – helps service providers build their margin by getting to market fast Business Modeling to (Cloud) Service Market Launch and maximize profit and Portfolio Planning Sales Enablement accelerate breakeven • A compelling • Pricing and • Acceleration of lead differentiated set of packaging of generation cloud services planned services • Rapid spin-up of • Phased service • Initial customer marketing and sales launch to take adoption and staff market share service growth 11
  • 12. Components of CA Market Dynamics Launch Strategy Service Portoflio Expense & Goals Planning Modeling • Local market • Service offers, • Hardware demand launch sequence planning • Competitive • Pricing & • Implementation analysis packaging & staffing Sales & Channel Co-branded Awareness & Demand Development Marketing Assets Generation • Sales enablement • Content library • Webinar Content, training & for rebranding best practices playbooks • Collateral & • Marketing • Business value multi-media development justification funds12
  • 13. Suggested Service Offers, and Real World Pricing (US)Share of 2010 marketand 5 year growth rate¹ ‒ $15/user/month – messagingSaaS ‒ $40/user/month – messaging + email 20% MESSAGING REVENUE EMAIL ‒ $3165/month email up to 1000 users 47 ‒ $5000/month email up to 5000 users % ‒ $7150/month email up to 10000 users VIRTUAL PRIVATE DATA CENTER Launch virtual ‒ $2800/month – 32 Core 48 Gb server/storage,PaaS memory 1Tb live & backup storage, 39% ‒ $4800/month – 64 core, 128 Gb, 2Tb/2Tb PaaS, and VPDC ‒ $7500/month – 192 core, 192 Gb, 4Tb/4Tb now to take advantage of 10 PLATFORM AAS current market % ‒ $199/month – 1 node, 1.5 CPU core, 2304 MB RAM, 90 GB storage demand ‒ $634/.month – 2 nodes, 5 CPU cores, 7680 MB RAM, 300 GB storageIaaS ‒ $1984/month – 4 nodes, 16 CPU cores, 24576 MB RAM, 960 GB 30% storage 43 % VIRTUAL PRIVATE ‒ $30-90/month – Linux Follow with SaaS SERVER (IaaS) ‒ $40-100/month - Windows after experience and knowledge of local market LAUNCH demand grow ¹ Source: Total 2010 Public Cloud Market: $22.2B. IDC Worldwide & Regional Public IT Cloud Services 2010-2014 Forecast, June 2010 How Service Providers are Leveraging CA Technologies to Make Money in the Cloud
  • 14. About CA Technologies MARKET LEADERSHIPCA Technologies is a leadingprovider of IT management One of the Forbes World’s Mostsoftware and solutions to global Innovative Companiesprivate and public enterprises: RANKED #1 in Forrester’s list of IT Management• Broad and deep portfolio of Software Vendors by Revenue.* solutions that deliver business outcomes across the entire RANKED #2 Cloud Systems Management business services lifecycle Software Vendor**• Innovation through organic One of Fortune Magazine’s Most Admired investments and acquisitions Companies (software industry)• Customer choice: multi-platform and system agnostic, consume One of Newsweek’s Top 10 greenest companies software the way you want – on-premise, on-demand, 30+ years managing complex IT environments service providers $4.5 billion annual revenue & strong profit*Forrester Research, Inc., “Who’s Who In IT Management Software 2.0”, August 17, 2010** IDC, “Worldwide Cloud Systems Management Software, 2011-2015 Update and 2010 Vendor Shares”, Document No. 231493, November 2011.14 Copyright © 2012 CA. All rights reserved.
  • 15. Grazie