ICT Form 4: Hacking


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Our presentation ! XD .. ICT Form 4: Hacking

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ICT Form 4: Hacking

  1. 1. HACKING Prepared by: Mohd Qhaiyum Shah Bin Raman Nurul Lisa Bte Mandih
  2. 2. CONTENTS:  Introduction of Computer Threats  Definition of Hacking  Definition of Hackers  Advantages of Hacking  Disadvantages of Hacking  How to Prevent Hacking – (Hacking vs. Firewall)  Conclusion  References
  3. 3. Introduction The computer is a great tool to store important information. In certain cases, the information is very vital that losing it will harm the computer system.
  4. 4. Computer threats can come from many ways either from human or natural disasters. For example, when someone is stealing your account information from a trusted bank, this threat is considered as a human threat. However, when your computer is soaked in heavy rain, then that is a natural disaster threat.
  5. 5. Definition of Hacking Hacking is a source of threat to security in computer. It is defined as unauthorized access to the computer system by a hacker.
  6. 6. Definition of Hacker Hackers are persons who learn about the computer system in detail. They write program referred to as hacks. Hackers may use a modem or cable to hack the targeted computers.
  7. 7. Advantages of Hacking  Can be used to recover lost information where the computer password has been lost.  Teaches us that no technology is 100% secure.  Hacking is good with games especially when you are online but the only problem is, if the gaming server finds out that you have been hacking. Then, you could get chucked off the gaming server so watch out!
  8. 8. Disadvantages of Hacking  Criminals can use it to their advantage.  It can harm someone's privacy.  It's illegal.  It destroys other people’s work.
  9. 9. Hacking VS. Firewall Hacking is an unauthorized access to the computer system done by a hacker. In order to prevent it from happening, we can use firewall to prevent the hacker from accessing our computers. A firewall permits limited access to unauthorized users or any activities from the network environment. The logo of Firewall
  10. 10. Conclusion Hackers are just people with innovative spirits and an in-depth knowledge of technology. Hackers aren't necessarily criminals, though as long as crime has the potential to pay, there will always be some criminals who are hackers. There's nothing wrong with the hacker knowledge itself, despite its potential applications. Therefore, do whatever you like as long as you didn’t make other people suffered and devastated on your own action.
  11. 11. References 1. Books: • ICT Resource Book (Form 4) • ICT Mind Map Note Version 2.0 (Form 4 & 5) 2. URL’s (Internet): • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hacker • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hacking
  12. 12. That’s All From Us Thank You For Listening! 