Pushforward iPhone App, Media Kit


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Media kit for Pushforward iPhone app, spring 2011

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Pushforward iPhone App, Media Kit

  1. 1. Pushforward 2011Pushforward iPhone App Media KitContacts:Press: Ashley Eliot, ash@acrosstheuniversepr.comOther inquiries: Christopher Hill, 123contactme@gmail.comContacts Press: Ashley Eliot, ash@acrosstheuniversepr.com Other inquiries: Christopher Hill, 123contactme@gmail.com
  2. 2. Pushforward 2011About:Pushforward is a community-based platform built for those passionate about the arts. Theforum serves as an outlet for newsworthy topics within the arts industry, including art, design,film, fashion, photography, writing and music.The main goal of Pushforward is to help promote good art and design. We focus on specificcontent that adheres to your interests and then you “push forward” your favorite posts.Pushforward is a global community application available in over 10 languages.Short Summary:Pushforward has 3 basic purposes:1. Help lift other artists from the noise online.2. Submit art to be published and forwarded.3. Submit artist events to be promoted.How Does Pushforward Work?Pushforward has 3 main functions:Forwarding your favorite posts. Your personal network matters. You can forward almosteverything on Pushforward with email, SMS, Foursquare, Twitter and Facebook inside theapplication.Submitting your art and news. Just go to http://PushforwardBlog.tumblr.comand upload your artwork and/or announcement to be published.Utilizing even more features through your personal account. You can follow other members,send internal messages, share photos, and have thread conversations on our Wall. You canalso promote your shows and events on the Events page calendar, then your fans can leavecomments, RSVP, post photos, and get driving directions inside the application.Contacts Press: Ashley Eliot, ash@acrosstheuniversepr.com Other inquiries: Christopher Hill, 123contactme@gmail.com
  3. 3. Pushforward 2011Why Purchase the Pushforward iPhone App?* Stay informed. Whether you are creating art or promoting it,Pushforward keeps you and your fans in-the-know.* Share your news. We want to promote your endeavors, all you have to do is click submit.* Be part of an art community. As a member of Pushforward you are part of acommonwealth of people involved in making art and the creative industry.* Give back. We believe environmental and educational causes are two categories that all ofour members would agree to support. Every purchase of the Pushforward iPhone app will giveback to several causes that you can find on the Pushforward Blog.Pushforward Content Features:*Daily themes: Artist Monday Portfolio Tuesday Film Wednesday Fashion Thursday Photography Friday Design on Saturday Read on Sunday* Hourly news posts from the “Social House” leadership in our community.*Constant Twitter posts from the “Social House,” Pushforward members, and related news posts.*Wall page for posting photos, news, and thread conversations.*Events page with member-submitted events, including contact email, map of location, comment and photo features.* Account sign in with Twitter, Facebook, and Foursquare. Your personal profileincludes a Points chart, internal follow and following options, plus internal email options.Contacts Press: Ashley Eliot, ash@acrosstheuniversepr.com Other inquiries: Christopher Hill, 123contactme@gmail.com
  4. 4. Pushforward 2011Screen shots of the Pushforward iPhone app in action:1. Home Page - Open the app.2. News Page - Select a post.3. Select Share - Options to forward with a comment.4. Video Page - Watch video, save to favorites, or forward again.5. Profile Page - Manage personal profile information.Background:The Pushforward app, created by Christopher Hill and beta tested in 2010, is a faster way tonavigate arts specific content and choose favorite news to forward onto personal networks.Hill has worked in artist-related projects for over 10 years, including branding, fashion design,film production, and social media activities.In 2008, Hill started naming his activities Make Something Real Presents... as a way toexpress the importance of finishing the art you once started. Today MSRP is about creativemedia production, the Pushforward app, and collaborative projects.“Our primary goal is to build motivation to follow your own path as anartist,” says Hill.Contacts Press: Ashley Eliot, ash@acrosstheuniversepr.com Other inquiries: Christopher Hill, 123contactme@gmail.com
  5. 5. Pushforward 2011Extra value for marketing and event promotion:Special Requests: We want to help you deliver your specific news message on Pushforwardcreating extra promotional opportunities to best support your events. All you need to do iscontact us about it.Official Announcements: We will post your news or event announcement with specialattention on multiple channels. All you need to do is ask.QR Codes: We have special QR codes for campaigns, contests, and events. Our QR codes can“lock” a specific media file (like a song, audio, or video). This means, for example, that youcan provide the QR code to your community purchasing physical merchandise like a tee shirtor album, or link to hidden additional content from a print publication. The content will only beaccessible inside Pushforward by scanning the QR code that you distribute.Push Notifications: We can send location based “push notifications” by ether zip code or toeveryone on the network. Example: We currently send a reminder about all Hibbleton galleryshow openings, in the morning of the event, only to users within 50 miles of Hibbleton gallery.City Guide Map (launching in May 2011): We are building a map page of venues, shops,clubs, restaurants, galleries, and events around the world, for those mentioning andsupporting Pushforward content. Each pin on the Google map will reveal details about thelocation, get driving directions, see location photos, business hours, phone number, and link totheir website.Contacts Press: Ashley Eliot, ash@acrosstheuniversepr.com Other inquiries: Christopher Hill, 123contactme@gmail.com
  6. 6. Pushforward 2011Dear friends,The new Pushforward iPhone app is available on iTunes app store in the Social Networkingcategory, with future plans to also be on Android. Please visit our blog on Tumblr.com,http://pushforwardblog.tumblr.com for more information.I would love to be interviewed about the new Pushforward app for your website or blogcommunity and welcome any inquiries for copies of the images used in this media kit.If you like Pushforward, we hope you will consider writing a review for us on iTunes. Talkingabout good art and design is important. If you choose not to join Pushforward, we hope youwill help lift good art and design from the noise online in your own way.It’s not easy being an artist. We must Pushforward!I wish you well.Christopher HillFounder, PushforwardContacts Press: Ashley Eliot, ash@acrosstheuniversepr.com Other inquiries: Christopher Hill, 123contactme@gmail.com