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Sewage & Water pipeline surveys, inspection and repairs.
Pioneers of long distance internal pipe inspection.

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Full brochure 2010 cbc

  1. 1. INTRODUCTION The pioneers of long distance internal pipe inspectionWe are a client led, multi-disciplined group w ho strive to provide the definitive range ofessential support services to the water and related industries.We provide national and international clients w ith a turnkey service for all aspects ofunderw ater inspection, maintenance, rehabilitation and construction.The group services include Internal Pipe Inspection / testing, Non Destructive Testing,Diving, Confined Space Access and Remotely Operated Vehicles.This level of diversity combining many disciplines has bred a culture of innovation w hich isreflected in our ability to solve clients problems through existing or bespoke solutions.We routinely w ork as principal contractors and project manage complex multi-disciplinedprojects from conception through to completion. Internal Pipe Inspection / testing • Non Destructive Testing • Diving Confined Space Access • Remotely Operated Vehicles. PROVIDING TOTAL CLIENT SUPPORT WORLDWIDE
  2. 2. Internal Pipe Inspection and TestingWe inspect and test partially surcharged to pressurised pipes, tunnels, aqueducts,culverts, penstocks and adits, and long sea outfalls in both flow ing and static water.Our long distance internal Pipe Inspection Vehicles ( PIV) traverse distances in excess of24 kilometres from a single entry point and currently operate from w ithin 200mm to6000mm+ diameter pipes (subject to site conditions).We combine a broad range of inspection and Non-Destructive Testing techniques (see‘Non-Destructive Testing’) to provide clients w ith vital asset condition information, frompreviously inaccessible areas. Benefits to clients include: Unlim ited sam ple readings No requirement to excavate trial pits Safe, remote inspection and testing of assets Minim al or no disruption to pum ping schedules Bespoke solutions to inspection and testing problemsPipe Inspection Vehicles ( PIV) enable detailed visual information, combined w ith accuratesonar imaging to be view ed live and simultaneously stored to hard-drive for maximumimage quality and ease of view ing.Utilising unique pipe profiling sonar and specialised softw are, we are able to m easurerem otely and quantify the visual information obtained by CCTV (see ‘Sonar scanning andprofiling’).Anomalies such as damage, deformation and joint displacement can be measuredaccurately. Silt and debris levels can be measured and the accumulative volumeassessed.Sonar is unaffected by w ater clarity and produces valuable results under conditions thatwould render CCTV ineffective.Many assets have never been inspected, due to long distances between access points,unacceptable disruption to services associated w ith de-watering and the inherent dangersof ‘manned entry’.Our Long distance PIV’s eliminate these problems and can be deployed intolive systems. Where necessary, we design and build bespoke launch systems. Inspect Test Condition and dimension surveys Lining thickness Silt and debris levels Wall thickness Deform ation Concrete integrity Joint displacement Structural condition of pipe PROVIDING TOTAL CLIENT SUPPORT WORLDWIDE
  3. 3. Diving ServicesWe are committed to providing clients w ith a turnkey service for all aspects of underwaterinspection, construction, maintenance and rehabilitation.Our innovative approach to problem solving has led us to undertake and completesuccessfully some of the most difficult and technically demanding operations w ithin theindustry, w hilst prioritising safety at all times.Working closely w ith clients and the HSE, w e have prepared safe systems of w ork forprojects as complex as live sewer shaft rehabilitation and extreme confined space diving.tasks including Ther mic lance cutting and precision concreting are routinely carried out inzero underw ater visibility. Benefits to clients include: Unblem ished safety record Turnkey service for all aspects of underw ater & m arine works One of few com panies deploying E.U. approved equipment Qualified and highly experienced personnelInspection services include video surveys utilising low light, high definition colourcameras, supported by ultra bright LED lighting. Hand-held profiling sonar can be used toaccurately measures objects underw ater that would be difficult or impossible to measure byother means. For further details see ‘Multi- Media Reporting’.Diver Non-Destructive Testing technique include electronic and ultrasonic tooling toassess concrete integrity, void detection, metal and lining thickness w ith accurate andrepeatable results. For further details see ‘Non- Destructive Testing’We offer a broad spectrum of conventional repair and rehabilitation services.Our depth of experience, coupled w ith an innovative ethos has enabled complex andchallenging problems to be overcome successfully.Our design engineers and fabricators enable us to provide a genuine Turnkey solution formany projects. Repair and rehabilitation Design, build and install Lock gate seals and stop plank grooves Intake grills and screens Shafts & Boreholes Sluice gates Riverbanks and tow paths Mass and precision concreting/grouting Dock & reservoir w alls Erosion control Valve and pipe work replacement Fixed underw ater CCTV systems Pipeline clearance and cleaning Pipe and cable laying PROVIDING TOTAL CLIENT SUPPORT WORLDWIDE
  4. 4. Remotely Operated Vehicle ServicesWe operate a fleet of specialised Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV).Our ROV’s fill the gap betw een the capabilities of our specialised internal Pipe InspectionVehicles (PIV) and the requirement to inspect highly specific areas such as water tow ersand industrial cooling pipes etc.A comprehensive inspection capability utilising CCTV is further enhanced by our ability tomeasure underw ater features rem otely. (see ‘Sonar profiling & scanning’). This enablesdetailed reports to be generated w ithout the need to deploy a dive team .Many of the ROV’s can be fitted w ith the same inspection and testing equipment as ourPipe Inspection Vehicles (see ‘Non-Destructive Testing’). Benefits to clients include: Can be deployed where there is no man access Can be deployed safely in hazardous environments. ‘Off the shelf’ systems, for rapid deployment Nom inal surface support requiredWhere a standard vehicle is not suited, w e design, build and deploy bespoke vehicles tomeet almost any inspection and testing criteria. Common applications with ‘Off the shelf’ solutions Lock systems Underground reservoirs Shafts, wells and boreholes Water storage tanks Filter beds Adits and Tunnels Culverts and SluicesA typical application being Scottish Pow er at Cruachan Pow er Station. A detailed videoinspection of a penstock w as required. This particular penstock had never been surveyed.The penstock w as 6m. In diameter and 400m. in length, running at an angle of 55° throughthe mountain. A further complication being the presence of a bifurcation point, w here thepipe divided into tw o tunnels, each 3m. diameter long and 200m. In length.We developed a vehicle capable of carrying out the survey. The main vehicle surveyed thefirst 400m. At the bifurcation point a separate CCTV system detached from the mainvehicle and continued to inspect the 3m. diameter tunnels. PROVIDING TOTAL CLIENT SUPPORT WORLDWIDE
  5. 5. Multi-Media Reporting Survey footage including: CCTV footage, dimensions, sonar profiles, report text, etc. is combined w ith Non- Destructive Testing data and view ed live on the surface w hilst being simultaneously recorded to hard drive in the surface control unit. Reports are generated and formatted into interactive web based files for ease of view ing. Hyperlinks enable easy access to footage, data and draw ings of key areas. This allow s for quick and easy access to data, even in large reports.Morrison UtilitiesBrede Well 03Key locations Where required, Com puter Aided Design is used to produce graphic representations and engineering draw ings. Reports are delivered on either CD-ROM or DVD- ROM dependent on size. A hardcopy is also supplied. Report content Full survey footage and report on DVD-ROM Interactive web-based report Sonar/video clips and stills of key areas Graphical, three-dimensional representations Draw ings of key areas PROVIDING TOTAL CLIENT SUPPORT WORLDWIDE
  6. 6. Sonar profiling and scanningMounted on PIV’s, ROV’s or handheld, our unique profile sonar enables remotemeasuring in low or zero visibility situations. Accurate to w ithin 10 millimetres(dependent on scale), the sonar system gets results in the most difficultunderwater conditions. Sonar profile Survey notesMeasurement string Bearing pitch rollMeasurement value CCTV Distance traversed in metre’s Screen grab from typical internal pipe inspection. Pipe diameter of 1.8 meters. Measurement showing silt level at base of pipe. The sonar is unaffected by the low visibility.Any number of measurements can be taken during the survey. Measurements can alsobe taken any time after the survey utilizing specialised computers.An indication of the Density of the m aterial is show n by the colour scale and intensity ofthe scan.Densityscale Low density areas in the crown of Here the sonar is used to measure this brick culvert show mortar loss. a lock gate stop plank groove. PROVIDING TOTAL CLIENT SUPPORT WORLDWIDE
  7. 7. Non-Destructive TestingThe Group provides a comprehensive range of Non-Destructive Testing servicesWhen combined w ith our long distance internal pipe inspection capability, w e can extendthe reach of asset investigation beyond conventional boundaries.Whether deployed by Internal Pipe Inspection Vehicle, Diver or Remotely Operated Vehicleour Non-destructive testing systems obtain critical inform ation to enable clients toassess the structural integrity of assets.Our partnering companies are amongst some of the leading experts in the NDT field. Weensure that clients benefit from highly accurate data across all Non- Destructive Testingdisciplines. Standard services include: Metal particle inspection (M.P.I.) Ultrasonic metal/plastic thickness testing Lining thickness Concrete integrity testing Ground probing radar (GPR) Cathodic protection testing Magnetic flux leakageUltrasonic’s enable the testing of pipe w all thickness and lining de-lamination.Ground Probing Radar (GPR) is used to detect and assess reinforcing w ithin concrete,voids, cracks and fissures in concrete and sub-strata.Magnetic flux leakage (MFL) techniques are utilised to assess the condition and predictthe longevity of steel & cast iron structures and pipelines etc.As part of our ongoing development program, w e are currently w orking w ith a partneringcompany to adapt the MFL system for internal pipe testing on both cast and steel pipes.The MFL system w ill operate remotely from our Pipe Inspection Vehicles (PIV) enablingaccess & testing to be carried out on otherw ise inaccessible locations. Typical applications Underwater and w ater filled structures Tunnels, aqueducts and adits Pipelines Storage tanks and reservoirs Bridges PROVIDING TOTAL CLIENT SUPPORT WORLDWIDE
  8. 8. Confined Space ServicesThe Water Services Group are committed to designing, building and operating equipmentand utilising technology that can eliminate the need for manned access.On many projects manned access remains the only practical option.To this end, w e maintains teams of skilled and experienced confined spaceoperatives w ho are supported by state of the art equipment.We w ork in the capacity of sub-contractor or principal contractor to provide a safe andeffective service on extreme locations including:Landfill methane sumps - chemical storage tanks - live sewer systems - tunnels - shafts -subterranean chambers - adits - pipes - water storage tanks. Services include: CCTV/Visual/Video inspection Non-destructive testing (N.D.T.) Reinforcing and repair w ork Grout pum ping and concreting Ultra high pressure ‘cold’ cutting Welding Valve/Pipe installation/m aintenanceAs project requirements dictate, w e utilise escape sets, full BA sets and surface suppliedbreathing air systems for extended duration contaminated environment w orks.We operate air and hydraulic pow er tools; intrinsically safe camera’s, lights, tooling andNon- Destructive Testing ( NDT) equipment and w ork w ith partnering companies to providethe definitive range of specialised inspection and testing services. Excursions include: Difficult and rem ote access Extended duration operations Contam inated/Harsh environment workAll projects are carried out in strict accordance w ith the Confined Space ACOP and w econsult w ith both the Health & Safety Executive and independent safety consultants on themore complex projects that w e undertake. PROVIDING TOTAL CLIENT SUPPORT WORLDWIDE
  9. 9. SEA OUTFALL SERVICESinspection ● testing ● cleaning ● rehabilitation ● trackingWe provide a turnkey solution for all aspects of outfall inspection, testing and rehabilitation.Outfall surveys can present more challenges than other pipe surveys in terms of accessibility,dependency on weather and the identif ication of deterioration patterns.Exposure to the splash zone combined w ith an aggressive internal and external environmentcan serve to create widely varied corrosion and damage patterns.External surveys provide valuable information on general condition, but little of the informationrequired to determine outfall performance and longevity. Internal inspection & testing services Sonar profiling - silt/debris/dam age levels Ultrasonic w all thickness testing Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) 3D Gyroscopic outfall m appingCertain critic al aspects of outfall performance and longevity can often only be determinedaccurately from w ithin the pipe.We understand the diffic ulties associated w ith obtaining the data required to effectiv ely assessthe condition and potential life-span of an outfall.To this end, we combine unique inspection systems w ith cutting edge technology to obtaindata from locations previously considered inaccessible.Internal inspection & testingAn internal inspection is of vital importance in determining silt/debris levels, damage anddeformation, all of whic h have a direct impact on outfall performance.Internal Non-Destructiv e Testing (NDT) including Ultrasonics and Magnetic Flux Leakagetechniques (MFL), provide critic al condition and longevity data.Outfall trackingOutfall tracking, plotting the ‘x y z’ axis of the pipe, enables a comparative study to be madeagainst the ‘as-built’ draw ings, in order to determine whether pipe migration has occurred. External inspection & testing services Side - scan and bottom profiling sonar Pipe location and tracking Ultrasonic w all thickness testing CCTV/Video - still photographic Cathodic protection system testing
  10. 10. External inspection & testingA detailed external inspection by divers will determine generalcondition including: extent of outfall burial/exposure,stabilisation & pipe saddle structural condition, condition andfunction of diffusers and localised wall thickness testing.The survey can be tied in to the internal survey w ith anyinternal anomalies being checked externally by diver.A detailed CCTV survey provides a permanent record.Vessel charterVessels from 6m - 60m - Barges - Tugs - Amphibious vehiclesOutfall cleaningWe combine traditional High Pressure water jetting techniques with our unique winched scraper system toclean pipes varying between 400 - 1800mm diameter for lengths in excess of 700m.The w inching system is ‘low-impact’ and presents none of the damage hazards associated with traditionalwinching such as abrasion damage and joint displacement. The system is easily deployed by divers. All-terrain HP jetting rig deployed at beach Hi-vac lorry jetting unit and portable dive access hatch to support pipe-cleaning trailer on work barge during 700m outfall operation on remote access location cleaning operationOutfall rehabilitationWe provide a comprehensiv e range of rehabilitation servic eswhic h include: placement of Fabric Formwork shuttering forpumped concrete containment on pipe stabilisation, pipesupport and scour protection operations.Fabrication and installation of pipe saddles for localised repairand sectional replacement.Diffuser clean, repair and replacement.Under-scouring is the major cause of joint displacement andsubsequent failure. The problem is easily overcome by thetimely placement of concrete stabilisation mattress. Placement of concrete stabilisation mattress to support section of pipe spanning sea bed PROVIDING TOTAL CLIENT SUPPORT WORLDWIDE
  11. 11. PIPE REPAIR AND STABIL ISATION SYSTEMpipe inspection ● testing ● cleaning ● rehabilitation ● trackingWe provide a turnkey solution for all aspects of pipe inspection, testing and rehabilitation.The ProblemFollow ing an internal pipe inspection of a 2.5m diameter power station cooling pipe in India,serious pipe displacement and defective joints were found to be causing major operationaldifficulties for GMR Energy, the power station owner.The common problem was that leaking joints in the pipe were washing out the surroundingbedding material resulting in pipe sections dropping into the newly formed voids, withsubsequent joint displacement and the ingress of tons of the surrounding sand.Wave action against adjacent joints was starting to loosen previously stable joints.After extensive research into proprietary pipe repair systems by both GMR Energy and WSG,it became clear that nothing on the market would come close to providing the necessarypermanent and effective solution to their problem.The SolutionAs part of our ‘Total Client Support’ policy we designed, built and installed our unique piperepair and stabilisation system on the five worst leaking and most heavily displaced joints.The system was modular to facilitate access via small diameter hatches and shafts, and waseasily installed by our dive teams working in zero underwater visibility conditions.De-watering the pipe was not an option. System applications Displaced & dam aged pipe joints Localised wall dam age Pipes varying in diameter between 1m & 6m Internal pipe stabilisation Leaking joint repairsDuring the initial PIV survey and subsequently during the installation phase, voids of varyingsizes were detected behind various pipe sections.The voids occurred as a result of joint displacement and localised damage to wall sections.A number of voids were filled by ‘hand-placed’ concrete bags positioned prior to the repairsystem Installation, and/or a combination of pumped ‘micro-concrete’ via injection tubesstrategically built into the repair system sections.Most of the repair joints required a combination of both techniques.
  12. 12. Patent Application No: 0913010.5KeystoneBy design the system provides a circumferential keystone that matches the exact profile of partially open or fullydisplaced joints and provides a high level of structural stability, even when the pipes are spanning voids in thebedding material, thus preventing further destabilisation. Benefits Cost effective perm anent repair solution Effective in dry, partially surcharged & surcharged pipes Custom built to application Unaffected by chem icals, temperature, salinity ‘no dig’ solution, resistant to internal/external pressureThe system is equally effectiv e in concrete, steel, iron and brick built pipes, tunnels, culverts, outfalls andaqueducts, etc. irrespective of the transported fluid and fluid temperature.Subject to requir ements the system can be manufactured in stainless steel and custom built to suit anyapplication. PROVIDING TOTAL CLIENT SUPPORT WORLDWIDE
  13. 13. TOTAL PIPE SOLUTIONsurvey ● report ● clean ● rehabilitate ● relineWe provide a turnkey solution for all aspects of pipe inspection, testing and rehabilitation.We understand the delicate nature of old tunnels, culverts and aqueducts.We have inspected in excess of 400km of clients assets, many of which are in excess of50 years old, with some in excess of 100 years old.Many traditional inspection and cleaning techniques can lead to catastrophic failure. We havedevised and implemented many innovative and unique solutions to overcome this problem.Initial SurveyThe initial survey is of paramount importancein determining the condition of an asset. Ourminimum recommended combination of CCTVand Sonar enables important visual data to begained (were vis ibility permits) and accuratemeasurements taken to assess critical is suessuch as deformation, cracks, voids, missingpointing, and silt/debris levels .Sonar image (right) clearly shows missing pointingand deformation in brick culvert - BW MarsworthReporting & RecommendationsUpon completion of the survey (subject torequirements) reports are generated andformatted into interactiv e browser based filesfor ease of viewing, allow ing for quick and easyaccess to data, graphic representations, ‘videostills’ of key areas, and survey footage. At thesame time, w e w ill provide a recommendationfor any remedial w orks that appear necessaryalong w ith an indic ation of likely cost.Interactive browser based reportThames Water Turnford AditPipe CleaningWe provide a variety of innovative low impactcleaning techniques including rotary brush andlow pressure water cleaning, non-water rootcutting, all of which are carefully monitoredthroughout the operation.Irish Glass Bottle Co. DublinRemoving industrial sand from 4’ diameter x 300mlong brick built culvert
  14. 14. Pipe RehabilitationPipe rehabilitation services include, pressure grouting,re-pointing, external concrete mattresses for protection andstabilisation, localised repair and sectional replacement.Many services can be carried as part of a div ing operation or aremote underwater operation w ith no requirement to de-wateror suspend servic es.Timber form for Fabric Formwork Mattress being utilised for culvertrepair and protectionPipe ReliningWe provide a variety of innovative live pipe relining techniques whic h include relining with High DensityPolyethylene (HDPE) pipe, for a permanent, cost effectiv e solution. BW Morrison - Marsworth Reservoir Pipe floated to location prior to winching HDPE Pipe sections fusion welded on site through existing culvert from paddle shaftBenefits Include: Minim al environmental im pact No requirement for de-watering No requirement for reservoir shut down No requirement for costly piling.On a recent project for BW Morris on the above servic es were combined to inspect and measure the draw-offculvert at Marsworth Reservoir , a Site of Special Scientif ic Interest (SSSI). The proposed re-lining strategywas accepted and successfully implemented.The project strategy eliminated reservoir shut down, de-watering or sheet piling thus ensuring there was noimpact to the sensitive environment. PROVIDING TOTAL CLIENT SUPPORT WORLDWIDE
  15. 15. VESSEL CLEANING & MAINTENANCEWe are a total service provider for all aspects of vessel inspection, testing, cleaning andmaintenance.We have been actively involved in vessel cleaning, waterborne repairs and maintenance since theearly 1980’s.We are committed to providing clients with a turnkey serv ice for all aspects of vessel inspection,testing, cleaning and maintenance, along with the inspection and maintenance of dock gates,mooring systems and other harbour related structures.We provide an efficient and cost effective ‘in-water’ hull cleaning service to improve hydro-dynamicefficiency and to facilitate comprehensive inspection and Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) forcondition asse ssment and longevity prediction.Propeller cleaning and polishingWith fuel-efficiency being of paramount importance we are increasingly asked to clean and polishpropellers.Close monitoring of vessel performance shows that a power saving of 10-20% can be achieved asa direct result of effective propeller cleaning and polishing alone. In most cases underwater cleaningand polishing produces superior finishes to the finish obtained during dry-dock cleaning.Vessel repairsCommercial considerations necessitate certain vessel repairs being carried out without the need todry-dock, being aware of the need for speed and effectiveness, we have combined traditional andinnovative techniques to provide efficient and cost-effective repair solutions. Vessel Repairs Wet Welding Therm ic lance cutting Aperture blanking Propeller repair/replacement Bilge keel cropping Anode replacement Non-Destructive TestingHarbour repair & maintenanceWe routinely carry out a full range of underwater engineering services including: dock gate repairs,harbour walls, bridges, pontoons, mooring systems, sluices and specialised underwater concretingfor structural repairs, construction, pipe-support and anti-scour mattress installation.INTERNAL PIPE INSPECTION & TESTING, NON-DESTRUCTIVE TESTING (NDT ) DIVING & CONFINED SPACE SERVICES, REMOTELY OPRERATED VEHICLES PROVIDING TOTAL CLIENT SUPPORT WORLDWIDE
  16. 16. VESSEL INSPECTION & TESTINGExternal inspectionWe are a total serv ice prov ider for all aspects of vessel inspection, testing, cleaning andmaintenance.We have been actively involved in vessel maintenance since the early 1980’s, when in addition toproviding our full range of diving inspection and maintenance services, we were responsible for andactively involved in, the maintenance of the Hydrospace Int. dive support vessels based in themiddle east.Since then we have been committed to providing clients with a turnkey serv ice for all aspects ofvessel inspection, testing, cleaning and maintenance, along with the inspection and maintenance ofdock gates, mooring systems and other harbour related structures. External vessel inspection Diving inspection Rem otely Operated Vehicle (ROV) inspection Rem ote inlet/outlet inspectionWe are keenly aware that commercial matters dictate vessel docking is kept to a minimum.To this end, we strive to provide a fast response and an efficient service.Rapid Inspections are an essential part of the service and where appropriate we utilise RemotelyOperated Vehicles (ROV) to carry out an initial inspection of the Hull, Sea Chests andPropellers etc.Where further information is required we utilise teams of highly qualified, experienced divers toprovide the additional technical information unobtainable from an ROV survey.We operate a range of unique internal Pipe Inspection Vehicles (PIV) capable of inspecting both dryand water filled pipes with diameters as small as 50mm.Whatever your requirements for inspection may be, we guarantee to provide a solution.If we do not have a suitable vehicle in our existing fleet of specialised PIV’s we will design, build andoperate a bespoke sy stem to match your requirement.Internal inspectionWe inspect storage tanks, and confined spaces both remotely and by utilising our teams of fullytrained and equipped confined space personnel. We also operate extended duration surfacesupplied breathing apparatus sets, for difficult access and extended duration projects. Internal vessel inspection Internal pipe inspection Confined space inspection Rem otely Operated Vehicle (ROV) inspection Diving inspection
  17. 17. External/internal testingWe provide a comprehensiv e range of non-destructiv e testing (NDT) services, including our unique MagneticFlux Leakage (MFL) condition assessment system.We work closely w ith some of the leading experts in the NDT field to ensure that the level of technology thatwe offer to our clients is truly state-of-the-art. Ultrasonic thickness testingUltrasonic’s is ideally suited to carrying out localised wall thickness testing and can provide goodcomparativ e results betw een areas considered as high risk of wear and damage and the areas considered aslow risk.MFL techniques are utilised to map and siz e all signif ic ant corrosion patterns on the external face of astructure and subject to corrosion drivers, corrosion protection and the extent of the surface area percentageinspected, we are able to predic t structural longevity and overall structural condition.MPI we utilise a combination of techniques for detecting cracks, laps, seams, voids, pits, subsurface holesand other discontinuities. Internal and External vessel testing Ultrasonic Testing Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) Metal Particle Inspection (MPI) Hull roughness testing Propeller roughness readings CCTV InspectionWe routinely deploy these techniques efficiently and effectively on a wide variety of vessels, often underextreme conditions above and below water; in difficult access confined spaces, suspended from ropes andwithin fluid storage tanks, to provide clients with critical asset condition information irrespectiv e of location. INTERNAL PIPE INSPECTION & TESTING, NON-DESTRUCTIVE TESTING (NDT ) DIVING & CONFINED SPACE SERVICES, REMOTELY OPRERATED VEHICLES (ROV) PROVIDING TOTAL CLIENT SUPPORT WORLDWIDE