Top 5 Web Browsers for speed and better
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Top 5 Web Browsers for speed and better

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Best and Top Web browsers for speed and good performance on

Best and Top Web browsers for speed and good performance on

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  • 1. Top 5 Web browsers for Speed and Better performance Presented By, Cwittandeling,
  • 2. 1. Google Chrome • Chrome is number one web browser • Its speed, security, spontaneous makes it the best internet browser • It is the grouping of open source Web engine and Google’s own V8 engine • The Interesting fact about Chrome is, you need not to update because it updates automatically
  • 3. 2. Mozilla Firefox • Mozilla is one of the fantastic browser with privacy mode • The best things about Mozilla in terms of security, interface, browser platform and other features with good browsing performance • Nearly 450 million users around the world
  • 4. 3. Internet Explorer 10 • Internet Explorer 10 is one of the new and best web browsers that is built for speed and perfect • The best about this browser is ,it comes with direct support via email and telephone
  • 5. 4.Opera • Opera web browser developed by opera software and it offered free of charge for personal computers as well as mobile users • Features like: – Tabbed browsing – Page zooming – Integrated download management etc., Latest Version as 11.5 runs on various computer OS such as Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X,Linux etc.,
  • 6. 5.Safari • Safari was developed by Apple Inc and compatible OS for Safari are Mac OS X, Mac OS X Leopard, Windows xp and Windows Vista,7,iOS • Overall 5.0% of word wide usage and its latest version is 5.1 • Special feature of this web browser is safari reader, delivers a stripped-down and extra readable version of any web article
  • 7. Source From: • Detailed View Here: world