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INFORM: Shahram Kharaghani

  1. 1. Managing TMDLs, the MS4 Permit and Watersheds in the City of Los Angeles “stormwater runoff as a resource” Shahram Kharaghani, PhD, PE, BCEE City of Los Angeles Stormwater Program Manager September 26, 2013
  2. 2. Outline Municipal Stormwater Permit • Watershed Planning • From Planning to Compliance • Coordination• Conclusions •
  3. 3. City of Los AngelesCity of Los Angeles supportive of Regionalsupportive of Regional Board’s vision of aBoard’s vision of a comprehensive approachcomprehensive approach to urban runoff waterto urban runoff water qualityquality Municipal Stormwater Permit Compliance Planning & Monitoring Enhanced Watershed Management Plan Coordinated Integrated Monitoring Program Water QualityWater Quality
  4. 4. Municipal Stormwater Permit 4th Generation Permit Challenges / Opportunities – Minimum Control Measures – Monitoring Requirements • Receiving Water • Outfalls – Watershed-wide Collaboration • Watershed Management Plans • Enhanced Watershed Management Plans – Numeric Limits • Receiving Water Limitations • Water Quality Based Effluent Limitations – Reasonable Assurance Analysis – Time constraints plan development and implementation
  5. 5. 22 TMDLs impact City of LA out of the 32 in permit Los Angeles River WatershedLos Angeles River Watershed • LA River TrashLA River Trash • LA River NitrogenLA River Nitrogen • LA Harbor BacteriaLA Harbor Bacteria • LA River MetalsLA River Metals • LA River BacteriaLA River Bacteria • Echo Park Lake ToxicsEcho Park Lake Toxics • Lincoln Park Lake Trash,Lincoln Park Lake Trash, NutrientsNutrients Santa Monica WatershedSanta Monica Watershed • Santa Monica Bay BeachesSanta Monica Bay Beaches Bacteria (Dry Weather, WetBacteria (Dry Weather, Wet Weather)Weather) • Marina Del Rey BacteriaMarina Del Rey Bacteria • Marina Del Rey ToxicsMarina Del Rey Toxics • Santa Monica Bay Nearshore &Santa Monica Bay Nearshore & Offshore DebrisOffshore Debris • Santa Monica Bay ToxicsSanta Monica Bay Toxics Ballona Creek WatershedBallona Creek Watershed • Ballona Creek TrashBallona Creek Trash • Ballona Creek MetalsBallona Creek Metals • Ballona Creek ToxicsBallona Creek Toxics • Ballona Creek BacteriaBallona Creek Bacteria • Ballona Creek WetlandsBallona Creek Wetlands Dominguez Channel WatershedDominguez Channel Watershed • Machado Lake TrashMachado Lake Trash • Machado Lake NutrientMachado Lake Nutrient • Machado Lake ToxicsMachado Lake Toxics • Dominguez Channel/ LADominguez Channel/ LA Harbor Metals and ToxicsHarbor Metals and Toxics Municipal Stormwater Permit Compliance Planning & Monitoring
  6. 6. Municipal Stormwater Permit Compliance Planning & Monitoring City of Los Angeles leadsCity of Los Angeles leads four Enhanced Watershedfour Enhanced Watershed Management Plans withManagement Plans with about 30 partner agenciesabout 30 partner agencies
  7. 7. 5yr5yr 1010 1515 2020 2525 aa bb cc #1#1 #2#2 #3#3 #4#4 #5#5 MCMs, Ordinances, Distributed & Regional BMPS Municipal Stormwater Permit Compliance Planning & Monitoring Coordinated Integrated Monitoring Program TMDL ComplianceTMDL Compliance MilestonesMilestones Enhanced Watershed Management Plan IterationsEnhanced Watershed Management Plan Iterations Permit CyclePermit Cycle
  8. 8. City of Los Angeles Integrated Resources Plan Watershed Planning - Water Sources of untapped water… • Stormwater :Stormwater : 100 MG/day (dry-weather);100 MG/day (dry-weather); > 3 BG/day (wet-weather)> 3 BG/day (wet-weather) • Wastewater:Wastewater: 300 MG/day goes to the ocean300 MG/day goes to the ocean • Groundwater:Groundwater: BG of water (contaminated)BG of water (contaminated) Watershed Planning - Water ““provides a universal view”provides a universal view”
  9. 9. City of Los Angeles Water Quality Compliance Master Plan for Urban Runoff Watershed Planning - Stormwater Watershed Planning - Stormwater Mission Reduce pollution from urban runoff to meet Clean Water Act MandatesReduce pollution from urban runoff to meet Clean Water Act Mandates • Source control & institutional measures • Storm water capture, treatment, & reuse • Infiltration & groundwater recharge • Multi-use benefits • Community & stakeholder value • Drought tolerant landscaping • Pervious pavements & green roofs • Outreach / partnerships
  10. 10. From Planning to Compliance Watershed Planning (IRP, WQCMPUR) – Institutional Measures • Public Outreach – Municipal Ordinances • Green Building Ordinance • Landscape Ordinance • Low Impact Development (LID) Ordinance – Local (on-site) Measures • Rain Barrels • Rain Gardens – Regional Measures • Public Projects • Green Street Standards Manuals for Public/Private • Green Street Standard Plans MS4 Permit Implementation o Minimum Control Measures o LID / Green Street Policy o Distributed BMPs (Green-Blue Infrastructure) o Regional BMPs to retain and infiltrate 85th percentile storm
  11. 11. Coordination With Stakeholders o City departments and officials o Environmental organizations o Neighborhood councils o RWQCB, SWRCB, US EPA o Municipalities o County, state agencies o Others Coordinate MS4 Permit negotiations & TMDL development Development of EWMPs and CIMPs Implementation of EWMPs Implementation of CIMPs Evaluation of Progress to Compliance
  12. 12. • Great opportunity to meet water quality while augmenting water supply sources • Leveraging resources • Cost effective • Plans may enable the region to secure a more sustainable source funding Conclusions
  13. 13. Shahram Kharaghani, PhD, PE, BCEEShahram Kharaghani, PhD, PE, BCEE City of Los Angeles Stormwater ManagerCity of Los Angeles Stormwater Manager September 26, 2013September 26, 2013Additional Information: or