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Friends with green benefits shafer


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Published in: Technology
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  • Deep Tunnel System that protects the service area against sewer overflows.Read off slideMake special note of last bullet point – it was designed to have one to two overflows per year.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Watershed Collaboration =Friends with Green Benefits
    • 2. Milwaukee’sWatersheds
    • 3. Below groundGallons of Storage Long In Diameter
    • 4. 2000 through 2005 were not good years Mistrust Media Blitz Lawsuits Public Outrage Politics
    • 5. So, what did we do?I decided we had to do something different, so we: •Continued building grey infrastructure (we excelled at this and it needed to be done) •Develop better science (People believe scientists) •Start speaking to the public (Sewer School) •Seek out collaborations (We are all environmentalists!) •Initiate green infrastructure program (I knew I would “own the risk”, so it is personal)
    • 6. I knew we needed to integrate Grey and Green: Start with a grey backbone… •Treatment Plants •Sewers •Storage Vessels… But then go Green… •Rain Barrels •Rain Gardens •Bioretention…
    • 7. Marquette University Beach Closing StudyFate and Transport Study Storm sewer sampling Cladophora Study New Partner – The UWM Great Lakes Water Institute and Many, many more
    • 8. New Partner – The Conservation Fund Greenseams Greenseams®2,300 Acres Since 2002
    • 9. New Partner – The Milwaukee Community Service Corps and individuals Rain Barrels
    • 10. New Partner – The Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission Water Quality Initiative WWTP 5% SSOs Urban-Non- 2% Agricultural Runoff 23% WWTP SSOs 2% 2% CSOs CSOs 7% 49% Rural- Rural- Agricultural Agricultural Runoff Runoff Urban-Non- 21% 21% Agricultural Runoff 1975 68% 2000Estimated Pollutant Reduction over 25-Year Period About 50 PercentCONCLUSION: Focus on abating stormwater runoff pollution
    • 11. New Partners – Multiple Organizations Green Roofs MequonMMSD MillerCoors Milwaukee County Zoo
    • 12. New Partners – Multiple Individuals Rain Gardens
    • 13. A simple thought…
    • 14. Southeastern Wisconsin Watersheds Trust1000 Friends of Wisconsin Friends of Milwaukee’s Rivers Clean WisconsinRiver Revitalization Foundation 16th Street Community Health CenterRiver Alliance Editorial: Watershed trust can be a force for regional unity - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, May 4, 2008
    • 15. New Partners – The Joyce Foundation
    • 16. New Partners – American Rivers Green Infrastructure Program
    • 17. So, Watershed Collaboration = Friends with Green Benefits•Sustainable Infrastructure•Climate Adaptation and Mitigation•A regional green infrastructure program•Improved understanding of the W’s (what, why, when)•Increased financial resources (Joyce Foundation and GLRI)•As collaborations grow, they multiply•And to me most importantly, true friendships Mayor Barrett
    • 18. And, •Partner with Agricultural Community •Continue to educate stakeholders •Finalize the watershed permit on the Menomonee River •Develop a water quality trading program that works in Wisconsin •Attain our 2035 Vision AND – we need your help
    • 19. For moreinformation,Visit MMSD.COM