Bridging The Generation Gap: An interactive workshop presented by CAPA (Michigan)


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I tried my best to recreate the education workshop for the CAPA members who couldn't join us that day. I hope you enjoy!

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Bridging The Generation Gap: An interactive workshop presented by CAPA (Michigan)

  1. 1. BRIDGING THE GENERATION GAP An Interactive Workshop by Council of Asian Pacific Americans Sat. May 16, 2009 • 1 PM to 4 PM • Oakland Community College
  2. 2. Mission <ul><li>CAPA unites Asian Pacific Americans and the community at large through culture, education, and community service </li></ul>
  3. 3. <ul><li>Do you sometimes wonder what your teenager is thinking? </li></ul><ul><li>Have you ever felt that your parents don’t understand you? </li></ul><ul><li>  </li></ul><ul><li>Communicating with family members isn’t always easy, </li></ul><ul><li>but there are lots of fun ways to keep talking. </li></ul>
  4. 4. Henry Tanaka (OCC)
  5. 5. Gregory Clark (AT&T)
  6. 10. Please sign in…
  7. 11. ACTIVITY Future Visions: Each youth participant is asked to write about (or draw a picture of) the future that they envision for themselves when they’re 25 years old. At the same time, each adult participant writes or draws the vision that they have for their child at age 25. PURPOSE To encourage participants to express themselves about their view of what constitutes a “successful” future. Future Visions (art activity) Tom Schneider, MSU Vision Discussion Christy Hicks, MSU
  8. 13. Identifying the Challenges in Cross-Generational Communication Vidya Ramaswamy, WSU
  9. 18. Lava Crossing Game Participants work together in teams of 10 to 15 people. The goal of the game is to move the entire team safely from “today” (one riverbank) to the “future” (the far riverbank, represented by their vision drawings). Constraints: The space between the “riverbanks” is hot lava, so no player can touch it. The only things that players can use for support as they cross the river are stepping stones, and their teammates. Stepping stones must remain in human contact at all times; any stone that is out of contact will sink into the lava, never to be seen again. If any of the constraints are violated, the entire team returns to the start point.
  10. 19. Purpose To have fun while promoting the concept of parents and children working together toward a positive future.
  11. 20. A sian A merican A ssociation from Oakland University performs a skit about teenage Bob (in green) who wants to become a ballet dancer. The problem is how will his parents handle the news, especially since Bob didn’t get straight A’s on his report card.
  12. 21. Bob’s parents are very disappointed and concern when they learn that their son refuses to be a doctor like his younger sister.
  13. 22. Bob’s father isn’t too happy…Meanwhile, AAA turns to the audience and ask what they would do if they were in the same position…
  14. 23. What is the solution?
  15. 24. Well, it turns out that Bob’s own father wanted to be a dancer once! He was just too embarrassed to tell Bob. As long as Bob is happy and works hard to succeed in the dance field, his parents will have to support his decision!
  16. 25. Rising Hip Hop artist, Kidd Skilly performs after sharing his experience on generation gap issues.
  17. 27. Education co-chair, Aneesa, passing out certificates along with CAPA’s president, Mumtaz.
  18. 28. Thank you to everyone who volunteered and participated! A special thank you to our sponsor AT&T and support from Oakland Community College Diversity Department!!!
  19. 29. For more information, visit