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"Show Me The Money" presentation from the forenamed talk which took place on the 9th March in the Wee Red Bar located within Edinburgh College of Art.

"Show Me The Money" presentation from the forenamed talk which took place on the 9th March in the Wee Red Bar located within Edinburgh College of Art.

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  • Recorded? Welcome to first of a series of public discussion forums covering issues around a curating process for upcoming show at Talbot Rice gallery thank you to our panal of speakers: John, Richard, Angela Introduce CATS What we’re doing- running a series of discussions covering issues around our curating process Logo- changing, denotes installation, visually relates to our curatorial vision…. LAURA- theme Why we’re doing these talks. To gather and share research To create an engaged community and body of support Develop an audience for the show A way to make our process transparent…
  • We have a private face- basecamp Public face… edited selection Curated network, also linking to our theme
  • Our story began… Art boot camp Team bonding, team chatting and team drinking
  • Our story will end… Well it wont really- final purpose of these talks is to take the information, contacts and support with us into the big wide world Focus on finance… finance in the broadest sense, how financial issues are affecting our show and the current wider art scene 3 topics to focus around i)Hierarchies when dividing a budget ii)Shift from SAC to creative Scotland- individuals and organisations iii) Current state of collecting in Scotland Now pass to Maria who will give a brief intro to our financial issues so far…
  • Cove park : Starting point No previous experience on finance Questions Research What is financing an exhibition What should I look for? Familiarized with terms like funding, Scottish Arts Council, Gift Economies, Individual Giving Fundraising Finally The generous budget was set! Reallotment of expenditures.
  • Initial schedule of splitting the budget, Already have been small changes and there definitely others to come through time.
  • The Budget is enough if it is spend wisely and witty. Money bound together with responsibility. We’ve been lucky to have Talbot Rice for free as a venue and we are plenty of people in the group to manage to do whatever is needed for free.
  • Issues of morality on the way. But wouldn’t be enough for artists to participate in this show as TR is a high status Gallery? ECA won’t support macats to this extend which means we should find alternative ways to pay them if we decided to do so.
  • To conclude I should refer to the fact that until now the financial progress is based on theoretical terms, and for now on the practical work begins. For the time being what I tried to achieve through my research anticipate oncoming costs.
  • Thank you Maria Extras Maria- HOW we split the budget… other Maria- WHY we’ve split the budget like this How does this relate to other exhibition budgets? (Embassy- Angela) Hierarchies of the budget Not paying the artists?
  • Compare Greek – Spanish reality?? Greece: No sponsors no funds from public sectors, Greek reality cannot spend time or money during this phase. Priority: avoid bankruptcy Art is luxury, when the basic needs of the man are left in peril, art draws back. Thus gift economy is set aside, only some private enterprises fund arts . Even the press avoids any kind of reference to such themes. But “ Britain is economically at the subsistence level. There are 2.7 million people who will confirm this.” ROCCA- Info from Kirstie Skinner- phone call Pass to John Beagles Maria- Greek way Maria- Spanish way
  • Collecting  Economical crisis Richard Demarco Laura
  • Me after the Talk


  • 1. “ Show Me The Money” Financing Exhibitions in Conversation With MA Contemporary Art Theory Plus Guest Speakers; John Beagles – Artist Angela Back – Co-Director, Embassy Gallery and Richard DeMarco – Private Collector 9 th March 2010, Wee Red Bar
  • 2. www.macats2010.blogspot.com Where You Can Find Us a digital presence
  • 3. Cove Park January 2010 the process begins...
  • 4. Talbot Rice Exhibition Opening: 3 rd June time to celebrate?
  • 5. _ Budget _ What needs to be paid _ Funding + Sponsors _ Public/Private sectors _ Do we need funding? _ Cost analogies Financial Progress
  • 6. Table of expenditures Art Direction (prints, designs, etc) 2.200,00 Transportation/insurance 500,00 Exhibit Supplies 500,00 Education 300,00 Promotion/Marketing 300,00 Preview Expenses 200,00 SUM 4.000,00 Contingency 500,00
  • 7. Financial progress
    • _ We don’t need no extra funding
    • Alternatively Collaborate with local businesses such as bakeries for the series of our discussions and preview supplies.
    • Use existing equipment from Talbot Rice gallery
    • Use Edinburgh Local Exchange Trading Scheme
    • “ In Kind” Contribution when needed
    • Use our personal contacts to let the public become aware of our show
    • _ The rest paid through our budget.
  • 8. Paying the artists? Should we raise money for this? Financial Progress NO starving artists!
  • 9. Money used till today: education of the MaCATS Ensuing costs dependent on the upcoming decisions related to our theme: past/present, archives, collections. Working with Schools seminar- Engage Scotland Sculpture & Performance Conference – Henry Moore institute Financial progress our budget!
  • 10. 3. Budgeting Cake… how big is your slice?
  • 11. 2. Sponsorship/ funds/ donors
  • 12. 1. Collecting… what’s it all about?
  • 13. The End