UCSF Informatics Day 2014 - Neil Risch, "The Institute for Computational Health Sciences"


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  • UCSF Informatics Day 2014 - Neil Risch, "The Institute for Computational Health Sciences"

    1. 1. Institute for Computational Health Sciences Neil Risch & Michael Fischbach, Interim Co-Directors
    2. 2. Target - Vision To coalesce an exceptional academic community that will create new computational approaches to address major questions across the spectrum of translation, from biology to healthcare to population health. To enable UCSF to be at the forefront of innovations involving the merger of big data, new devices, biomedical sciences and health that will change the practice and delivery of health care
    3. 3. Plan 1.Launch a Center that will mature to an ORU (or equivalent) with associated administration, space, computational resources & data infrastructure 2.Recruit faculty in collaboration with other departments and/or with primary affiliation with ORU 3.Define and conduct educational activities 4.Enhance computational and informatics infrastructure
    4. 4. Process (thus far) Identified by faculty as a priority in the Human Biology initiative (January 2011) Task Force on Bioinformatics convened (June 2011) External advisors convened and report received (December 2011) Taskforce reports completed; interim Co- Directors selected (May 2012) Business Plan presented to CEC (June 2012) Start up funds provided by EVCP (July 2012) Executive Committee identified and formed (July 2012) Monthly EC meetings start (August 2012) First recruitment partnering (August 2012) Launch Recruitment for Education Coordinator (June 2013)
    5. 5. ICHS Administration • Interim Co-Directors – Michael Fischbach and Neil Risch • Interim Business Manager – Lisa Woldin • Strategic Support – Terri O’Brien – Mini Kahlon • Administrative Support – Jenny Banaszek
    6. 6. ICHS Executive Committee • Nancy Adler • Patsy Babbitt • Michael Blum • Claire Brindis • Rahul Deo • Stuart Gansky • Matt Jacobson • Ajay Jain • Sarah Nelson • Katie Pollard • Andrej Sali • William Seeley • Mark Segal • Ida Sim
    7. 7. ICHS Executive Committee Ex Officio • Julie Auger • David Haussler • Susanne Hildebrand- Zanki • Sorena Nadaf • Keith Yamamoto
    8. 8. ICHS EC Subcommittees Recruitment Education Infrastructure Clinical Informatics
    9. 9. Recruitment Partnering • Recruitment Subcommittee – Katie Pollard (Chair) – Michael Blum – Matt Jacobson – Bill Seeley – Mark Segal • Completed Co-Recruitments – Shawn Douglas (CMP) – Xiao Hu (Nursing) – Steven Altshuler and Loni Wu (Pharm Chem) – Michael Keiser (IND) – Sourav Bandyopadhyay (BTS) – Brian Shoichet (Pharm Chem)
    10. 10. Education Initiatives • Education Subcommittee – Patsy Babbitt (Chair) – Matt Jacobson – Catherine Lucey – Ida Sim • Plan to recruit education coordinator to work with Patsy to lead new initiatives • Plan to infuse more bioinformatics/biostatistics training in all graduate and professional programs through formal and informal coursework
    11. 11. Clinical Informatics • Clinical Inforamtics Subcommittee: Ida Sim (Chair) Russ Cucina Nancy Adler Adams Dudley Michael Blum Yao Sun Claire Brindis Joel White • Goal to expand the presence of clinical informatics on campus through targeted recruitments • Additional training (master’s program?) in clinical informatics under discussion
    12. 12. Infrastructure Subcommittee • Sorena Nadaf (Chair) • Mary Beth Baker • Josh Baker LePain • Karen Brungardt • Brad Dispensa • Tom Ferrin • Michael Fischbach • Joe Hesse • Richard Johnson • Pui Kwok • Neil Risch • Andrej Sali • Saunak Sen • Vivek Swarnakar
    13. 13. Infrastructure Coordination • Sent out survey to campus to determine needs in high performance computing • Constructed plan for additional consolidation and expansion of HPC on campus as needs evolve, especially in the area of genomics – IHG Cluster (Minnesota St. Data Center) – QB3 Cluster – Cancer Center Cluster
    14. 14. New Director Recruitment • Currently underway • Search committee formed; advertisements posted, outreach letters sent • Applications received plus letters of inquiry • 2 candidates interviewed to date