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Tim Tompkins on Times Square and Cape Town

Tim Tompkins on Times Square and Cape Town



Tim Tompkins' presentation to on Times Square and the work of the Times Square Alliance during a tour of Cape Town, 24 July 2012.

Tim Tompkins' presentation to on Times Square and the work of the Times Square Alliance during a tour of Cape Town, 24 July 2012.



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  • ParticipantsNearly 8,000 (up from a then record-setting 2,255 in 2010)Over 1,000 survey responders told us this was their 1st time participating38% who took survey patronized a Times Square businessOn a scale of 1-5, with 5 most likely…the average attendee survey scored a 4.5 that they would return next yearWebcast – 651,000 viewer minutes (549k last year) , 70K+ streams, 18k+ unique viewers, watched in 24 countriesStudios –73 helped promote the event this yearBudget – Sponsorship funded the entire event
  • Despite hot temperatures, we had media attendance from every local outlet and most major national/international wiresEarly attendance meant photos went around the globe in a matter of hoursBroadcast coverage more than tripled from last year: 4,360,859 in 2011, almost 13 million this yearTotal media impressions grew by 432,000 this yearNote: Print/Online coverage is collapsed as most outlets ran in both places

Tim Tompkins on Times Square and Cape Town Tim Tompkins on Times Square and Cape Town Presentation Transcript

  • Times Square’s Public space journey An overview Cape town, South Africa 1
  • Parks reflect surroundings “You can neither lie to a neighbourhood park, nor reason with it. Artists conceptions and persuasive renderingscan put pictures of life into proposed neighbourhood parks or park malls, and verbal rationalizations can conjure up users who ought to appreciate them, but in real life onlydiverse surroundings have the practical power of inducinga natural, continuing flow of life and use.” ― Jane Jacobs, The Death and Life of Great American Cities
  • An evolving mission 1992To make times square clean safe & fun 2002To promote & improve times square so thatit retains the creativity, energy & edgethat have made it an international icon for over a century
  • MISSION STATEMENTTo promote and improve Times Square so that it retains the creativity, energy and edge that have made it an international icon for 100 years.Dynamic ‟ Times Square will always be about energy and constant changeDistinctive ‟ unlike any other place in the world, with its own special edgeDiverse ‟ a mix of commerce, culture, and all the peoples of nyc and the worldDesirable ‟ a safe, attractive and appealing placeDestination ‟ a place that everyone – from NYC, NY state, the country and the worldfeels is the pace to be, see and be seen
  • What Changed Times Square„ Economic Development tools „ Tax reductions „ State buys land „ Public/private financing „ Cross subsidy
  • What Changed Times Square„ Zoning (Land Use regulations) • Increased density • Lights & signs • Dispersing adult stores
  • What Changed Times Square„ The Times Square Alliance
  • Clean & SafeSanitation:• 185,000 bags removedcrime down:• 11% since 2008• 58% since 2001• 82% since 1992
  • 24
  • 25
  • Crossroad of Desire 100 Year Retrospective of Times SquareMaking newsThe crowdsSex & desireEntertainingAmericaSigns of the times 26
  • Ogilvy & Mather Brand Analysis“Times Square’s historic andcultural significance has come toshape how people perceive theNew York city experience as awhole. For many, New York issynonymous with Times Square.”
  • Ogilvy & Mather Brand Analysis •“Times Square derives its meaning from its experiential content, which is constantly evolving & changing”
  • Ogilvy & Mather Brand Analysis “Times Square is a brand with which people have an emotional connection. The potent sense of energy, movement, innovation, optimism and opportunity that characterizes the physical spacealso reflects the mentality of those drawn to it”
  • Ogilvy & Mather Brand AnalysisAttributes that best capture theessence of the Times Square brand:• Timeless - enduring• Iconic – epicenter of NYC• Extraordinary – one of a kind• Exhilarating – energetic, magnetic, kinetic• Connector – in touch with & creator of popular culture
  • 31
  • 32
  • 33
  • 34
  • Comments from design trust Workshops“It would be a big mistake if the streetscape had a sort of dulling effect of uniformity…” “We need to choreograph the chaos…there has to be a place to appreciate the chaos.”“It‟s really important that we think about scale, really grand scale and then also very human scale.” “Create a place where Times Square can be observed.” 35
  • 36
  • 10 Things to Keep in Mind from the Design Trust Workshops Balance different elements. Recognize the diversity of who and what is here, as well as the layers. Create places. Be sure to make Times Square a place where New Yorkers want to come to. Look for opportunities to reinforce and recognize what is authentic, what is historic.
  • 10 Things to Keep in Mind from the Design Trust Workshops Allow for the exhibition of creativity as a way to express Times Squares unique qualities. Re-think the relationships between pedestrian and vehicular spaces. Think of Times Square as an ever-changing theater set, with both fixed and changing elements. Look for ways to make the horizontal plane as exciting and dynamic as the vertical. ...Keep it simple.
  • Expand and Rebuild Duffy Square 39
  • Create 53% More Sidewalk Space 40
  • “Wire” the Bowtie
  • Provide Spaces and Opportunities for PublicArt
  • Encourage and Recognize Higher Quality Design
  • Explore Enlivening the HorizontalPlane
  • London::New YorkPedestrian Issues Forum June 2005
  • Times Square:A National Perspective February 2008
  • Putting the Heart back into Times Square I wish they would put some of the 56% "New York" back into Times Square 64% Times Square has improved 55% dramatically over the past ten years 81%* I would like to see more independent 52% Total U.S. stores/mom and pop shops in Times Square 61% Tri-State Times Square has become just 45% another big mall 52%Times Square does not reflect the true 36% quality of New York City 50%* 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% *Significantly higher than corresponding audience at the 95% level Ranked on Total U.S.
  • RECOGNITION FOR DUFFY SQUAREBuilding of the Decade ‟ New York Magazine
  • RECOGNITION FOR DUFFY SQUAREAWARDED 2007 NYC Art Commission, Award for Excellence 2008 New York Magazine, Best in Architecture 2009 Travel & Leisure, Best Public Place 2009 American Planning Association, William H. Whyte Award 2009 AIANY, Design Merit Award, Lumen Citation for the Integration of Light, Architecture and Signage 2009 International Association of Lighting Designers, Lumen Award 2009 World Architecture Festival, New and Old category winnersubmitted NYC Dept. of Small Business Services, Placemaker Award Municipal Art Society of New York ID Magazine
  • Broadway Pedestrian Plazas
  • Overall opinions are positive 8 in 10 Tri-State Area Residents have positive opinions of the Pedestrian Plazas in Times SquareBase: Total Tri-State Residents Q34. What are the first words that come to mind when you think of these pedestrian plazas in Times Square?
  • Theater-Goers are positive toward plazas, too Impact of Times Square Pedestrian Plaza on Theater-Going Experience Positive Impact No Impact Negative ImpactBase: Total Recent Theater-Goers (past 6 mos) --“Don’t know” responses not included Q71. What impact has the Broadway pedestrian plaza had on each of the following: Your theater-going experience
  • Negative associations with Times Square softening, positive ones improving - Net Words to Describe Times Square Today + Net2008: 92%* 2008: 83%2009: 83% Top 5 Negative Words Top 5 Positive Words 2009: 87%* * * * * * * * Base: Tri-State Area Residents * Statistically significant at 95% Q17. Which, if any, of the following words best describe Times Square today?
  • Bow-Tie redesign
  • Bow-Tie redesign
  • Bow-Tie redesign
  • Bow-Tie redesign
  • Bow-Tie redesign
  • Redesign Snohetta’s Times Square Glitz Fix Revealed Times Square ‘noir’: Gritty, $27 m redoA New Look Is Coming to TimesSquare: Minimalism Times Square Redesign Plan Unveiled Times Square Redesign: Less Beach, More Blade Runner
  • Times Square museum &visitor Center
  • The times square story
  • The times square story
  • The times square story
  • 90
  • Broadway on Broadway
  • COVERAGEPrint: 1,716,943Broadcast Audience: 616,068Radio: 4.2 MillionOnline: 21 sitesTwitter: 27,842
  • National Coverage, Global Reach PRESS COVERAGE508, 544,601 Total Circulation of Print/Online Coverage12,865,902 Estimated viewership of Broadcast Coverage Total Media Impressions 521,410,503
  • Grate performances-Best of the Buskers
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Mmmm “Meetingbowls” Times Square Alliance and Hidemi Takagi Present „Blender‟ at Times Square Make New Friends in Times Square „Meeting Bowls‟
  • Adam Frank “Performer” Performer: An Auto-Affirmation for Everyone
  • Kyungwoo Chun “versus”
  • Dances for a Variable Population
  • Shen Wei Dance Arts
  • Bright lights: big verse • • Sing, oh muse, of Times Square “Poets evoke its flair for a contest celebrating the famed New York stretch of concrete and chaos. Poetry, poverty, preening -- its all there as four writers read their works on a wind-whipped night.”
  • Mmmm “Meetingbowls” Times Square Alliance and Hidemi Takagi Present „Blender‟ at Times Square Make New Friends in Times Square „Meeting Bowls‟
  • xploding Flowersnd Robert Wilsonortraits Supplant Ads Digital Art Coming ton Times Square Times Squareumbotron Times Square Moment
  • Times Square Moment
  • Philip Glass WORLD PREMIERE
  • Creating A great public realm- High quality design- Well managed- Creatively and consistentlyprogrammed
  • Creating A great public realm-Know thyself-Love thyself-Use data-Build a constituency-define the problem-Support & advocate
  • public realm-Community based-Consistent-Coherent-concentrated-Creative-Critical mass