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The introduction by Bulelwa Ngewana

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  • Welcome to everyone. This is the seventh in our series of 2010 Central City Partners Forum. We’re literally now in the home stretch; we can see the end in sight with just71 days to go as of today. What we’d then like to focus on today are the most important aspects of the 2010 FIFA World Cup that will affect you, as Central City stakeholders – in other words, your businesses, your livelihoods and your day-to-day operations as you both benefit from the World Cup and/or try to conduct your lives as normally as possibly!
  • The Final Draw week was a milestone in that it focused the international media’s attention on Cape Town as a World Cup Host City, but the Cape Town Partnership’s involvement in a vision towards 2010 of course began long before 4th of December.  It in fact began back in 2006 with the development of a 2010 Strategic Plan adopted jointly by the Provincial Cabinet and the City’s Mayoral Committee and which ultimately resulted in a joint Business Plan in August 2007. At that point, we took a decision to increase our capacity by appointing a 2010 Project Coordinator for this major event. Carola has been working very closely with the 2010 team from the City of Cape Town. Her area of jurisdiction is many those areas in particular that fall outside of the official FIFA zones, but yet fall within the boundaries of the Central City. These are the so-called sponge areas as they will absorb the overspill from the official FIFA zones.
  • Since then, we’ve:Formed the 2010 Central City Partners Forum;
  • Hosted Confederation Cup viewing evenings
  • Supported the Dreamfields Project with the first urban activation of this nation-wide project. Our event last year saw the largest number of corporate sponsors involved to date in a single Dreamfields event;
  • Were involved in all activities around the week-long FIFA Final Draw, from the Switching on of the Festive Lights on 29 November to the events inside the CTICC and the Long Street Festival on 4 December. That was of course the day that really put Cape Town on the map in terms of World Cup followers across the globe as well as the international media;
  • We’ve also been involved in sixteen 2010 workstreams across both City and Province levels, as well as 10 other workstreams formed by independent organisations; Because of all of these, we are probably currently the most knowledgeable one-stop shop for information on the World Cup in the Central City, and we are not only using that knowledge to answer the large number of questions we receive every day but to take that information onto the streets in a variety of ways, to ensure that every stakeholder in the Central City has a sense of ownership around the World Cup – whether they will be opening their venues to the fans or joining in the fun in public areas or simply watching the activity with interest from their office blocks; To top it all, we’ve also been appointed as the City’s project manager on the Fan Walk, which you’ll be hearing more about shortly; And of course, our CCID colleagues are an integral part of the success of the World Cup and are heavily involved themselves in all preparations in terms of the Central City being ready to welcome the world.
  • Let’s turn our thoughts now to the footprint of the World Cup in the Central City, from 11 June to 11 July: First of all: there will be the official FIFA Fan Fest at the Grand Parade. This will be open throughout the month long event, from 11am to 11pm The location of this event will also see the City Hall used as an unaccredited media centre - the main centre for accredited media being of course at the Cape Town Stadium.  We have members from the successful tender consortium here with us today and so we’ll shortly be hearing more about the plans for the FIFA Fan Fest.
  • The Main Transport Hub along Hertzog Boulevard, together with the newly upgraded Cape Town Station, will form the heart of the City’s IRT network. This is in close proximity to two other important areas, namely Pier Place and Thibault Square, which the City has selected as the two official fan gathering squares before matches.
  • All of these points – from the FIFA Fan Fest, the Main Transport Hub and the two fan gathering areas – will be linked to the Stadium by the official pedestrian route known as the Fan Walk. We hear a lot of people referring to this as the Fan MILE – but that would imply that it is a FIFA-controlled route. We are very happy to acknowledge that our Fan Walk is a Host City initiative and, because it is, it is therefore open to far wider participation by Central City stakeholders than an official FIFA route would have been. Again, more about the Fan Walk later in our programme.
  • And of course, there is the region we all call the Fan Zone, which really is all the rest of the Central City, but in particular, areas such as St George’s Mall and Long Street, the East City area leading to the Grand Parade, as well as the Foreshore Northwharf area that holds the largest concentration of Match hotels and of course leads to the V&A Waterfront.
  • As the Partnership, we would like to applaud those of you who have already embraced the World Cup, and we see some of that handiwork around us here today in the displays put up by the Cape Craft and Design Institute who have nurtured their members through the 2010 experience, as well as retailers such as Mike’s Sports who have even gone so far as to open a shop dedicated to the World Cup on the Fan Walk. We’ve also had teams on the ground distributing our ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ brochure and, even though we only have slightly more than two months to go, it has come to our attention - through this and through the many email and telephone enquires handled by our 2010 Project Coordinator every day - that many Central City stakeholders are still in the dark about the event, and what they can or can’t do. Our last Forum was aimed specifically at ground-level retailers and to target that audience, we brought in Shameel Ho-Kim, 2010 Project Co-ordinator for the City of Cape Town, to talk about FIFA’s Rights Protection Programme and in particular the concept of ‘business as usual’ in the Central City.  We have a much broader audience here today, and we’re still getting the same questions about the do’s and don’ts, so we’ve bought Shameel back today to address this much broader audience. We apologise to those of you who may have heard this presentation before, but we believe you probably can’t hear it enough!  So, Shameel, over to you... (END of Introduction)
  • Blank slide – introductions to all speakers.
  • Although we have had to date seven successful 2010 Central City Partners Forums, this is sadly our last large one here at the CTICC.As the Cape Town Partnership, it is our mandate first and foremost to address the concerns of the Central City stakeholders that live, work and play here on our doorstep. From here on, the Forums will be breaking up into mini-forums as we address stakeholders in each of our four precincts directly. So, if you are one of those stakeholders with your roots firmly here in the Central City, we look forward to seeing you at one of these forums when we come to your precinct.
  • For the many Forum members from outside the Central City that have supported this initiative, it is not the end of the road: as always reports from all our forums – mini or otherwise – will continue to be posted on our website. Likewise we will continue to keep you posted of all 2010 updates by email as we have done in the past. You will have found on your seats the latest issue of City Views and we invite you to read the first of a two-part interview conducted with our own local soccer hero, ex-BafanaBafana striker and proud supporter, George Dearnaley, who many of you will remember from a previous Forum. George gives some wonderful insights in particular to preparing your business for the fans coming. We also leave you with a copy of the ‘Frequently Asked Question’ brochure that we have prepared for the Central City, but that still holds enormous value for anyone interested in the World Cup in Cape Town, no matter where you are based. This brochure is available as a download from our website, and we urge you to use it freely and widely in your own businesses as well.  We’ve also prepared copies of the Transport workstream’s latest info brochure, which not only recaps on the information Richard gave us earlier on the Central City, but stretches right across the Peninsula. 
  • Of course, life does not end with the 2010 FIFA World Cup, and in fact for many of us, now is the time we are seriously looking beyond 2010. From the Cape Town Partnership perspective, we are already looking at three important projects beyond the World Cup, notably: Our bid as a City to be selected as the World Design Capital 2014;The ongoing redevelopment of the Cape Town Station; andThe Provincial Property Project.  
  •  But for now, we wish you all the very best the World Cup can offer us, and hope that, once it is over - rather than just an enormous sense of relief - what you experience is a sense of adventure as you enthusiastically ask the question: “What’s next?”
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