EDP Establishment and activities


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These slides were first presented at the Economic Development Partnership CEOs Forum (22 Feb 2012).

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EDP Establishment and activities

  1. 1. Economic CEOs Forum22 February 20128h15 to 12h00CTICC Ballroom West
  2. 2. OPENINGMinister Winde
  3. 3. Follow us on Twitter@WCEDP
  4. 4. PROGRAMME09h00 Welcome: Minister Alan Winde09h05 EDP Establishment and Activities Progress Report09h20 Q&A09h35 Linking the Regional Economic Strategy to the NPC09h45 Future Cape Think Piece10h15 Group Discussion on Regional Economic Agenda Setting11h00 Tea11h20 Integrated Activity and Stakeholder Mapping11h40 Discussion Feedback11h50 Closure
  5. 5. EDP Progress ReportAndrew Boraine
  6. 6. Prospectus• Why EDP• Building collaborative advantage• Mandate• Roles and functions• Structure and governance• Initial activity plan• Projected outcomes
  7. 7. Establishment process• EDP has been registered as legal entity• Provincial legislative process has started• In progress: – Detailed organisational design – Business plan and budget – Funding plan• Members Agreement and Memorandum of Incorporation are being drafted• Membership outreach process underway• Board nomination and appointment process (to be approved by Steering Committee on 29 February) – Finalise criteria – Call for nominations (March) – Board appointment (April)• Launch 25 April
  8. 8. Municipal membership• Municipalities may affiliate to the EDP and subscribe to its aims and objectives (collaborative membership) by way of Council resolution• Sections 86C-G of the Municipal Systems Act do not apply (municipalities are not establishing or acquiring an interest in or effective control of a company)• A Municipality can also consider joining the EDP as a funding partner through a grant-in-aid mechanism
  9. 9. West Cape Visit 19 March Karoo Visit 12 March Winelands/ Overberg South Cape Visit Visit TBC 16 March
  10. 10. Inter-governmental Economic Development SectorCommittee established 20 FebruaryShared analysis Economic strategyEconomic & marketintelligence Key interventions VisionLong term demand Leadership Joint actiontrends Common agenda Planning & budgetsHindsight & foresight Putting the region on Programmes & the move and on the projects map Econ. delivery system performance
  11. 11. Inter-governmentalEconomic DevelopmentSector CommitteePremiers Coordinating ForumMinMayMinMayTechLED Managers ForumIDP Managers ForumSALGA Economic Committee
  12. 12. Project One:Future CapeSpecific focus on the economy and jobs Long term challenges (Contextual Report)Ensure evidence-ledeconomic strategy and Structural unemployment Add value to localimplementation is at Beyond boundariesthe centre of the Declining competitiveness Beyond powers anddevelopment agenda functions Social violence Inter-governmental Dysfunctional settlements Strategic focus Infrastructure crunch Joint action & implementation
  13. 13. “Debate is important. Action is imperative” Are we doing the right things? (Vision, content, strateg y, common agenda, planning) Are we doing things in the right way? (Performance of economic delivery system – doing things differently)
  14. 14. Future Cape alignment Future Cape City Development Strategy Metro Economic Development Strategy Growth Potential of Non-Metro Towns First workshops: 27-29 March
  15. 15. Implementation:Balance internal & external efforts • Stronger economic location & business brand ON THE • Single strategy towards contested markets (trade, investment, events, tourism, students, etc.) MAP • Cohesive business attraction, retention and expansion strategy • Do fundamentals well ON THE • Sound business & investment climate • Integrated economic delivery system with clear roles and responsibilities MOVE • Address culture of disaggregation • Build partnerships and networks
  16. 16. Project Two:Mapping the Regional Economy1. Stakeholder Mapping 2. Activity Mapping• Who is responsible for what • Leading and lagging regions in the economic delivery • Projects with a potential to system catalyze economic strategy• Competing and overlapping • Business and investment mandates? events• Gaps? • Inbound/ outbound visits
  17. 17. Project Three:Regional Economic Development Learning Network KZN Gauteng Western Cape Inaugural meeting: 06 March National Economy
  18. 18. Project Four:Economic Leadership Executive Programme Vision Decision making 2nd half 2012 Implementation
  19. 19. Follow us on Twitter@WCEDP
  20. 20. Future Cape starts now!• Presentation of Future Cape Think Piece• EDP Road shows to the regions• Economic discussions 27-29 March
  21. 21. Linking economic strategy to NPC
  22. 22. FUTURE CAPE THINK PIECE Prof. Edgar Pieterse UCT
  23. 23. DISCUSSIONTaking the Future Cape Think Piece and the flashing dashboard into consideration:• Are there any additional themes or issues that should be added onto the agenda for 27-29 March Future Cape Economic Discussions?• Are there some key themes or issues stemming from the report that you believe should get more attention?• Or should these key themes be presented, discussed, clustered in any particular way?• Any particular recommendations on the format of March 27 – 29 economic discussions?
  24. 24. FUTURE CAPE THINK PIECE Key Questions
  25. 25. TEA BREAK
  26. 26. Follow us on Twitter@WCEDP
  27. 27. Mapping the regionaleconomy
  28. 28. Mapping the Regional Economy1. Stakeholder Mapping 2. Activity Mapping• Who is responsible for what • Leading and lagging regions in the economic delivery • Projects with a potential to system catalyze economic strategy• Competing and overlapping • Business and investment mandates? events• Gaps? • Inbound/ outbound visits
  29. 29. Stakeholder mapping the Regional EconomyBroad 10 WESGRO Small Enterprise Development Agency (SEDA)/ ( Bellville) Cape Chamber of Commerce Cape Town International Convention 8 Cape Town Partnership Centre (CTICC) Accelerate Cape DEDATSectoral coverage 6 4 2 Cape Town Routes Unlimited Cape Town Tourism Narrow 0 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Strategic Influence High Low
  30. 30. Mapping the Regional Economy1. Stakeholder Mapping 2. Activity Mapping• Who is responsible for what • Leading and lagging regions in the economic delivery • Projects with a potential to system catalyze economic strategy• Competing and overlapping • Business and investment mandates? events• Gaps? • Inbound/ outbound visits
  31. 31. Activities mapping ON THE •Common agenda •Stronger economic location & business brand MAP •Cohesive business attraction, retention and expansion strategy ON THE •Partnerships for joint action •Integrated economic delivery system •Sound business & investment climate MOVE
  32. 32. lindiwe@wcedp.co.za
  33. 33. Philippi Economic Development Initiative (PEDI) Our Vision and Mission Introducing the Current Projects
  34. 34. Who We Are• PEDI was founded 1999• To drive Economic, Social and Community Development in Philippi.• PEDI is a nonprofit (section 21 organization) governed by a board of directors from a diverse range of Institutions• Currently has serving members on its board from: – The City of Cape Town (CoCT) – Provincial Government of the Western Cape (PGWC) – Local community organizations and Landowners.
  35. 35. PEDI’s Mission• PEDI’s mission is to support programmes and projects within the greater Philippi area in order to: – Alleviate poverty and facilitate job creation – Foster Entrepreneurship and Economic Empowerment – Facilitate Training Opportunities For the benefit of local communities.
  36. 36. Why Philippi• By far the most accessible investment area (commercial and Industrial) in the Metropolitan South East.• Close proximity to major road transport routes, such as the N2, R300, Lansdowne Road and Klipfontein Roads.• Close to Cape Town International Airport.• 20 minutes to Cape Town Harbour• Proximity to a substantial labour supply• Close to 250 000 households in a diversifying consumer market• Relative low land cost• Attractive to foreign/donors committed to local economic development• Investment already made by the Province and City over the last 10 years include: – Joe Quabi Long Distance Bus Terminus – Stock Road Railway Station – Philippi Fresh Produce Market – Police Station – Upgrade of the Philippi Soccer Stadium, etc.
  37. 37. PEDI’s Objectives• Promote Investment and Development• Serve as a facilitator for the community• Serve as an access point in the area• Identify opportunities for development• Align Growth and Development to the Strategic Objectives as set out by CoCT• Establish CID to help upgrade area (Current taxes are under collected by R100 Million/pa)
  38. 38. Current Projects in Philippi• R1 Billion in projects currently earmarked• Infrastructure development to support growth • Fresh Produce Market. • The Business Place. • Philippi Plaza Shopping Centre. • Teguka Industrial Park • Beautiful Gate (Jobs Database and Employment sourcing relating to the projects in the area) • Philippi Agricultural Project (PAP) • iThemba Labantu • Dynamo Business Park • And more developers looking at the area
  39. 39. Philippi Produce Market• Established to serve small farmers in the local area• On site vegetable processing for Value Add• Junior Farmer training on site• Easy access to N2 for shipping
  40. 40. The Business Place• Development of Business Skills• Entrepreneur Mentorships• Business in a Box• Research & Development of New Ideas
  41. 41. Philippi Plaza• Philippi’s 1st Shopping Center• Employment Opportunities• 50 High Street Stores including a Super Spar• Dedicated Taxi rank
  42. 42. Teguka Industrial Park• 70 Warehouses and offices for rent• Manufacturing of precast concrete panels• Vehicle Maintenance Facility• Good access to N2
  43. 43. Beautiful Gate• Family Resource Center• Hospice and Medical Services• Employment Resource Center• Soccer & Sports Programs
  44. 44. Philippi Agricultural Project• 2 Ha Training Center• Training 14 new farmers• Prototype digester producing Biogas• Additional 500 Acres identified for growth
  45. 45. iThemba Labantu• Community Center & Hospice• Mechanic & Solar Installer Training• Craft & Handwork Workshops• Soccer, Drama & After School activities
  46. 46. Dynamo Business Park• Major rehab of existing structure• Business Services and Lecture Halls• Theatre and Cultural Resources• Retail Space
  47. 47. PEDI• Creating Jobs• Driving Development & Investment• Causing Social Upliftment• Being a Voice for the Community
  48. 48. Philippi Economic Development Initiative (PEDI) Thank You You Questions are Welcome Tel: +27 21 371 9824CEO: Fax: +27 86 612 4799 Email : info@pedi.org.zaThomas Swana Web : www.pedi.org.za
  49. 49. Garden Route ?
  50. 50. Garden Route
  51. 51. Garden Route
  52. 52. Garden Route4 Business Chambers5 Tourism Associations5 Municipalities1 District MunicipalityACSAPetroSASeveral other stakeholders
  53. 53. Garden RouteIdentified key industries:• Tourism• Manufacturing• ICT• Agri ProcessingNow identifying key interventions• Clusters• Incubators• Lobbying• …8%
  54. 54. Garden Route Thank You
  55. 55. Group DiscussionFeedback
  57. 57. Dates to diarise The Learning Network 6 March EDP roadshows: 9 March – Cape Winelands 12 March – Karoo 16 March – South Cape 19 March – West Coast Future Cape workshops 27 to 29 March EDP launch 25 April
  58. 58. Follow us on Twitter@WCEDP