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Zayd Minty from the Cape Town Partnership presents on creative initiatives in Cape Town.

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  • Creative Cape Town is a programme of CTP. It has been in existence since 2006. CTP is a non-profit entity funded by city and rate payers and mandated to manage, promote and facilitate the development of the city. We have two legs the urban management side of the CCID which provides security, social development services and cleansing and the CTP which is more strategic focussing on Sustainability, the Creative and Knwoldge economy development and 2010 amongst others
  • A central vision in line with CCDS which includes areas from Saltriver to Moullie Point ….
  • Key focus is on building proactive creative mileau drawing on CTP’s competancy as a facilitator of partnerships and as a communicator of success stories trends and opportunities. In the last few months we have created new communication products – an annual snapshot of the creative and knowledge economy in the central city, and a map detailing key sites of cultural tourism to boost this undermarketed aspect of the city with a focus on previously hidden histories of post-apartheid Cape Town amongst others.
  • We have 3 areas of support of which design is our central focus. We recognise design in its broadest form not simply in aesthetic terms and the promotion of this sector is the bulk of our work because of the recognition we give it for positioning the city as a innovater and in creating economic opportunities. We support cultural tourism and recognise the central importance of history and memory in healing our city’s divisions
  • Our work is underpinned by research through which we discovered that there are 1 000 creative economy entities in the city centre with the majority being design orientated and more than half being small business. Most entities have been in existence for over 3 years so it’s a robust economy and its growing with great opportunity for job creation because such industries are labour absorptive. We have taken a decision to focus on design strategically as a result of this study and have relationships with Design Indaba, CCDI, The Loeries, and CPUT as part of this strategic focus
  • Drawing on international experience – the precinct will offer the following key objectives aiming to harness the innovative and entrepreneurial potential of the design, media and ICT sectors through a virtual and physical incubator of innovative research and development projects supported by the a triple helix model – we have presented the project to a number of stakeholders and have included the city and province in meetings where we have experienced strong support for the initiative and its potential from various officials. We presented the project to council in October and received its blessing
  • Amongst our international partnerships is 22@ Barcelona which City and CTP are actively developing a relationship with and has potential to add to the CT Activa process influenced by Barcelona Activa agency to promote entreupeneurship.
  • This is the broad map of the area in question with the proposed boundaries being porous and flexible. You will notice that we have included in the boundaries a number of key state owned facilities and public spaces and are proposing connecting the project to such spaces as a way to create and integrated approach to renewing a range of areas and underutilised or underdeveloped state assets
  • Lastly we are advocating that the city to invest in a bidding process to get the title of world design capital for 2014, Seoul is the next world design capital in 2010. This competitive title provides huge opportunities for city positioning and re-invention The process of bidding which needs to be completed by Feb 2011 already has the in principled interest of CT Tourism, CT Convention centre, ACSA CT, Accelerate CT, CT Film Commission and many more with the Mayor pledging his support. Provides a time frame for the ECDI
  • The WDC will enable us to re-invent our city by enabling us to put our dreams down for the world in visceral form. It’s a vision bigger than the central city – but with so much happening in the central city in terms of development WDC provides us an opportunity to reposition the central city as an important economic centre as well as a key visitor destination
  • Creative Cape Town Programme

    1. 1. GROWING<br />THE<br />KNOWLEDGE<br />ECONOMY<br />Zayd Minty<br /> Creative Cape Town co-ordinator<br />
    2. 2. Creative Cape Town communicates, supports and facilitates the development of the creativeandknowledge economy in the Central City of Cape Town<br />
    3. 3. CREATIVECAPETOWNfacilitate dynamic partnerships in the Central City, in line with the goals the Central City Development Strategy<br />knowledge, innovation, creativity & culture<br />…to create a leading centre for <br />in Africa and the South<br />
    4. 4. building a proactive creative milieu in the central city <br />communicationCreative Cape Town Clusters Forums,Creative Cape Town News,Creative CT Annual,E- Social Networking,Cultural Tourism Map Walking Tours Support events and venuesadvocacy includes the key projects:East City Design InitiativeWorld Design Capital Bid<br />
    5. 5. design<br />cultural tourism<br />history & memory<br />
    6. 6. DESIGN <br />a<br />cape town<br />CITY<br />86 architecture firms <br />81 communications and advertising companies <br />95fashion <br />51 local crafts <br />62 photography <br />69jewellery <br />145other design related companies such as interior and graphic/media arts design <br />46 publishing <br />73 media <br />More than 27magazine titles published <br />Hosts 5 major design related events annually<br />
    7. 7. ECDI vision<br />The Central City Design Precinct will become the premier African environment for design, innovation, creativity & entrepreneurship in next 10 yrs <br />showcase design excellence, incubate emerging talent, <br />enable new innovations to develop<br />addition of media and ICT<br />
    8. 8. ECDI objectives<br /><ul><li>Focus on Design, Media & ICT
    9. 9. Triple Helix: government, business, academia
    10. 10. A vibrant environment for research & business
    11. 11. Research and development focus
    12. 12. Access to venture capital & small business support
    13. 13. Incubation
    14. 14. Access to prototyping machinery
    15. 15. Showcases / dissemination</li></li></ul><li>
    16. 16.
    17. 17. Reinvention post 2010? A vision to mobilise around … <br />
    18. 18. imagine! <br />
    19. 19. THANK YOU!<br />