2010 Report Back & Development Trends


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2010 Report Back & Development Trends

  1. Central City Partners Forum<br />Cape Sun<br />24 August 2010<br />Cape Town Partnership<br />
  2. Central City Partners Forum<br />
  3. Top topics for future discussions<br />World Design Capital 2014 Bid<br />Central City Events Strategy<br />Property Trends<br />Public Space Management<br />Provincial Government Property Project<br />Sustaining the Fan Walk<br />
  4. Central City Development Strategy<br />cape town central city<br />into the future<br />managing growth and leading change over the next ten years<br />
  5. 2010 World Cup Review<br />get our citizens involved l provide great experience for our visitors l help make the event an unqualified success l enhance the Cape Town brand l leave a lasting socio-economic legacy<br />
  6. Connected system: Stadium, Fan Fest, Fan Walk, Public Transport, Entertainment, Accommodation, Security, Cleansing, Decorations, Lighting, etc<br />
  7. 2010 WC paradigm shifts<br />Global stereotypes towards Africa challenged<br />Local self belief<br />Can think big<br />Can work together for a common purpose<br />Can deliver on time<br />Can go beyond ‘business as usual’ thinking<br />
  8. Attitudinal shifts and great expectations<br />Its nice to walk the streets of the city, especially at night<br />Public transport is OK<br />The Central City is a great place to visit<br />The city is safe, even for my family<br />
  9. For locals and visitors alike, the 2010 WC was an exceptional experience...<br />How do we turn the exception into the norm?<br />
  10. March against xenophobia on Fan Walk, July 18<br />
  11. Ubuntu Festival, July 18<br />
  12. City Integrated Events Strategy Team<br />Role of sporting, cultural and business events in setting new deadlines for coordinated action<br />Bidding priorities (10 years); event coordination (12 months)<br />Events criteria?<br />Ensure well organised event (to include public transport and park and ride where possible)<br />Maximise local participation<br />Improve visitor experience<br />Promote Cape Town brand<br />Leave economic, social and cultural legacy<br />
  13. Implications for the Central City?<br />Plan and organise the Cape Town Central City as a permanent major events precinct: event venues; public spaces; public art; walking and cycling routes; public transport; accommodation; entertainment; retail strategy; markets and traders; dressing the city; outdoor advertising; safety and security, neighbourhood forums, etc<br />Sustain Fan Walk<br />Cape Town brand paradigm shift - from ‘escape from the city into nature’ to ‘engaging with the city and its people’<br />
  14. ABSA Premiership Soccer double header on 27 August<br />Fan Walk 16h00 – 20h30<br />Vasco de Gama vs Orlando Pirates 18h00<br />Ajax Cape Town vs Bloemfontein Celtics 20h45<br />
  15. Integrated Rapid Transit System – one of Cape Town’s most important projects<br />
  16. Central City Development Strategy<br />cape town central city<br />into the future<br />managing growth and leading change over the next ten years<br />
  17. Transport and related issues in the Central City<br />Integrated traffic, parking, public space, pedestrian and cycling strategy<br />Taming of Strand St<br />Consideration of transit malls: Upper Long St; Darling St; Adderley St<br />
  18. Long distance bus terminal<br />
  19. Development guidelines for land use management<br />
  20. Provincial Property Project<br />Objective to leverage socio-economic benefit<br />Audit of Provincial buildings<br />Focus on six precincts<br />Artscape<br />Govt Garage<br />Prestwich<br />Wale St<br />Oude Molen<br />Somerset<br />Revised PPP process<br />Precinct development plans<br />Property feasibility studies<br />Transaction advisors<br />Infrastructure carrying capacity audit?<br />
  21. C<br />B<br />A<br />CTICC expansion and Foreshore redevelopment<br />CurrentOwnersfthe Overall Site<br />
  22. Culemborg Quarter<br />
  23. Cape Town Station phase two redevelopment<br />
  24. Culemborg redevelopment?<br />
  25. Creative Cape Town communicates, supports and facilitates the development of the creative and knowledge economy in the Central City of Cape Town <br />
  26. East City Design Initiative<br />
  27. Cape Town Broadband Infrastructure<br />
  28. 24 SEPT – 3 OCT 2010<br />