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Esams newsletter sept 2010

  1. 1. ESAMS Newsletter September 1, 2010 V olume 7 Issue 2 ESAMS Data Change Requests In order to help the HGW/ESAMS staff keep track of the numerous INSIDE THIS ISSUE requests submitted by ESAMS system users, ESAMS has created the 1 ESAMS Data Change “Data Change Request” application. An extension of the “Bugs” Requests application, this part of the ESAMS system allows administrators to send requests directly to ESAMS Request Support personnel. These 2 ESAMS Class Enrollment personnel then delegate the request to the developer or technical 3 Respirator Changes support specialist who is most capable of fulfilling the request, thus ensuring that the request is implemented quickly and correctly. When a request is completed, or more information is required, the developer/specialist can contact the requester through the “Messages” link (found under My Links on the ESAMS Main Page). The messaging system operates much like E-mail, but is contained within the ESAMS website for security. The “Data Change Request” link is located on the ESAMS Main Page under Administrative Links. (For Fire users, this link is located under the “Administration” tab.) We urge all administrators to begin using the Data Change Request link for their requested changes or additions to the system (including record deletion/edit and posting documents on the website, just to name a few). Not only does this application ensure that the proper person performs the requested change, but allows communication between both parties and provides records of “Use the Data Change the request. Request for any changes to ESAMS!” Currently, requesters must use E-mail or the TRMS “Personal File Cabinet” to transmit the data files containing the request information. The HGW/ESAMS programming department is enhancing the “Data Change Request” system so that requesters will have the capability to attach files to the request, allowing those files to remain with the request information and within the ESAMS website. HGW & Associates 9000 Executive Park Drive, Suite A100 Knoxville, TN 37923 Phone: (865) 693-0048 Fax: (865) 693-3242
  2. 2. Page 2 ESAMS Newsletter ESAMS Administrative Class Enrollment HGW/ESAMS provides the “ESAMS for Safety Professionals” training course at our corporate office headquarters in Knoxville, TN. This training encompasses lessons on each of the applications found on the “HGW conducts the ESAMS website and allows administrators to gain hands-on experience ESAMS for Safety with each system under the guidance of our ESAMS Instructors. Classes Professionals course in will be held once per month and each attendee will be charged a Knoxville, TN.” nominal fee. Personnel wishing to enroll in an “ESAMS for Safety Professionals” class will need to enroll in the class via the “Classroom Training Schedule” link under My Links on the ESAMS Main Page. Enrolled students can go to the “Needed Training” link on the ESAMS Main Page and click on the “Title” or “Class ID” of the course to obtain “HGW Form 1646”, by which the students will provide the billing information for payment. The class administrator/instructor will make contact with the prospective students to ensure that the attendees have received and understood “HGW Form 1646”. Payments will not be fully processed until five (5) business days before the class convene date, at which time HGW/ESAMS will validate both student enrollment and payment method. We look forward to seeing your administrators in our classroom.
  3. 3. Page 3 ESAMS Newsletter Respirator Changes The Respirator application is being given a facelift as well as a few functional changes. The look of the application is being changed, both to make the screen easier to read by users and as a cosmetic alteration that will be seen in other ESAMS applications in the near future. The “The Respirator Respirator Use Questionnaire (for both Respirator Administrators and application is receiving a Supervisors) will also received this new look. new look and new In accordance with a decision made by the CCB earlier this year, functionality!” personnel enrolled in a respirator program must have their respirator medical surveillance record entered in the ESAMS system before respirator training and fit testing can be recorded. To facilitate this, a “Medical Surveillance” button is being added to the Respirator Record page to allow users with OMSS access to quickly move to the Medical Surveillance area and record the required data. This is noted in the Respirator Record in “Step 1”, so that the administrator will know whether or not the data has been entered. ESAMS and Naval Safety both hope that this will be useful to administrators in ensuring that their personnel are up-to-date on their requirements. HGW & Associates 9000 Executive Park Drive, Suite C150 Knoxville, TN 37923 Help Desk Phone: (865) 693-0048 Help Desk Fax: (865) 693-3242