Why MBA in Corporate Social Responsibility?


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South Asia’s first MBA in CSR

CSR is a gift to young India. It emerged as a profound area of management with assuring opportunities and growth. A new scope for the job, breaks the boundaries of man machine concept. Rather it synergises machine and humanity. This is the only area offering containment of pleasure with a combination of human touch and business. Thus, for tomorrow’sCSR manager, an individual needs to be academically well versed and professionally trained in the areas of CSR. Also to be typically groomed in perspective of CSR.

About the Program (MBA in CSR)

Endeavour to start MBA in CSR course is a national need and considered as national contribution too. From now onwards, references would be 2013; citing the mandate of CSR law as new business feature, larger than any other Management Area of Specialization. CSR in Companies Bill is the silent revolution which will take forward the India’s growth trajectory at a different level. The Value of our MBA in CSR programme can be found through the breadth of exposure from academics option and opportunities to professional outcomes. As far the law, there are more than 3000 big companies and other 11000 companies have to set up their CSR Department with full fledged operations. There would be requirement of thousands of professionals from this year. Hence, CSR-CoE is the only Indian viz. South Asia’s first Institution to offer 120 seats.

Programme Distinctive Feature

MBA in CSR provides the opportunity for you to develop your career by combining social issues with business perspectives. Better groomed in a way where you would be able to co-relate and differentiate between a typical welfare project and peoples benefit through corporate participation by CSR. Sustainability Reporting is already fall under CSR. It is linked with Industrial Relations, Supply Chain Management, R&R and Brand Values, the list is literally big. This will equip you with the knowledge and skills to tackle business and society for the benefit of the people.

This is the first formal management programme has job potential with career growth. MBA in CSR is fresh endeavor to realize the power of your dreams. If you have a reason to grow in your time, this programme is the answer.

We understand your potentials and this is our passion This pioneering programme demonstrates our commitment to ensuring that the teaching of social responsibilities of corporate practices and ethics are a core part of the CSR-CoE’s MBA.

Through this programme we are building new management cadres- its bit different compare to as usual general MBA programme. We are careful for your right choice and this is the only emerging area en route for realizing your power of dreams. This is undoubtedly distinguished opportunity calling you.

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Why MBA in Corporate Social Responsibility?

  1. 1. 2 www.csrcoe.asia
  2. 2. CSR :The Need for India• In one hand, from this year onwards - 13,000 Industry has to form CSR Department with minimum three (1 + 2) Directors which is equal to 2,000,000 new breed of CSR Professionals in India• And in other hand, there is no Institutional support to feed the service need for the Industry… “In next coming years India alone needs minimum 1,50,000 CSR Professionals ” -- Source: World Economic Forum ; 2011 www.csrcoe.asia
  3. 3. PerspectiveSome Examples of Mandatory CSR Reporting…..  ISO 26000 - 2010 ( accepted by 130 Countries)  Financial Statements Act 2008 (Denmark)  Law on Limited Liabilities Companies 2007 (Indonesia)  Companies Act 2006 (UK)  New Economic Regulations Act 2001 (France)  Companies Bill 2012 – CSR is mandatory with “2%” of PAT . CSR bounded by Law with penal action – is made a history in the world. Once first world countries taken lead in Environment during „90s … now India shows path to the rest of the world … how to make business Social… www.csrcoe.asia
  4. 4. CSR Guidelines  New Companies Bill stated that CSR spending @ 2% of PAT along with Reporting is must. There has to be a dedicated Department supported by an Independent Director + two other Directors.  2073 Listed Companies (plus 11000 Industry) will be under the ambit of CSR;  It will create more than Rs. Twenty Seven Thousand Cr. Business Yearly!! www.csrcoe.asia
  5. 5. CSR is the only instrument in the CorporateManagement paradigm which shall govern byCompany Law and will have financialimplications with direct and indirectstakeholders – in contrary to … Marketing,HR, OB, Strategy, Sustainability etc. area ofmanagement operations. www.csrcoe.asia
  6. 6. Scope of MBA in CSR• India requires more than 2,00,000 new breed of CSR Professionals in coming years.• Currently, India needs MBA in CSR in thousands, but wwe as a nation doesn’t have any qualified CSR Professionals.• Other MBAs have been not relevant and out marketed.
  7. 7. Why You should opt MBA in CSR for the Job of the CSR Professionals• Until you do MBA in CSR it cant be possible to deliver: CSR Project Management, Value Creation Assessment out of CSR, Added Brand Value through CSR, CSR-Social Marketing & Advertisement, Proficient in Corporate Ethics as per the guide line of NHRC, CSR & GRI, and matter related to Corporate Sustainability and Corporate Governance. www.csrcoe.asia
  8. 8. CSR-CoE Launching MBA in CSR• This is the first course in South Asia viz. India towards bridging the gap of human resources in CSR• The course curriculum and its operationalties has earned Intellectual Property Right and highly appreciative appraisal certificate from IIM - Ahemdabad• With impeccable credentials, we in “CSR-Centre of Excellence (CSR-CoE)” are the first to offer ‘Master in Business Administration in Corporate Social Responsibility’ (MBA in CSR) – Affiliated to the University of Mysore.
  9. 9. Why CSR-CoE, Mysore• Fascinatingly, CSR-CoE is nested in the campus where Dr. Gopalaswamy started Akashvani (All India Radio) and an experimental school for the children in 1928. Present, Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Ms. Jay Lalita was among the students of the school.• CSR Centre of Excellence (CSR-CoE) is entailed with dedicated professionals with versatile experiences drawn from industry and academics.• This is the only private institute which has exclusive partnership with premier Government of India Institutions e.g. IICA & SCOPE
  10. 10. Board of Advisors
  11. 11. Board of Studies
  12. 12. CSR-CoE’s CredentialsCollaborating Partnering Organisations. Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs Ministry of Corporate Affairs Government of India SCOPE (An Apex Body of Public Enterprises)
  13. 13. CSR-CoE’s Credentials Affiliated to University of Mysore Under Maharaja Education Trust in partnership with ICSM
  14. 14. How you will be selected?• There will be no Written Test.• Only Personal Interview will be conducted.• Any extra curricular achievement will get special points.
  15. 15. How Economic and Exceptional it is?• The trend of MBA fees in a moderate Institute goes around 3.5 to 5 Lacs  Whereas, CSR-CoE offers 1.93 Lacs.• Moderate and even good institute today can’t assure you a dignified job, where really your MBA would be applicable  After, MBA in CSR you would be placed in a professional cadre with a known and prestigious organisation of India.• CSR-CoE ensures your minimum package shouldn’t be less than 3.5 Lacs.
  16. 16. These companies have already ensured to take you and there are lots more www.csrcoe.asia
  17. 17. For more information Please visit – www.csrcoe.asia CSR - Center of Excellence GSI, Dr. M.V. Gopalaswamy RoadLakshmipuram, Mysore 570004, Karnataka, India