Building Brand Loyalty in a Digital Age

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  • To bring this to life, we want to share an actual exchange on baby as this typifies the mum on mum conversation


  • 1.  
  • 2. Building brand loyalty in a digital age
  • 3.  
  • 4.  
  • 5. Why brand loyalty? 12-18 months
  • 6. 3 steps to loyalty heaven 1. Product that delights 3. Build a relationship 2. Get top-of-mind
  • 7. Building a relationship Hungry for info Hungry for support Hungry for progress Excite- ment Secret Off to the shops Labour worries Coping Developing a routine Back to work? Desire for progress Pre Pregnancy Baby Weaning Toddler
  • 8. Articles & tools First impressions count Personalise and tailor Forums & Friends
  • 9. Common approach, different brands Pre Pregnancy Baby Weaning Toddler
  • 10. … in a digital age…
    • Interaction, self-expression
    • Live chat
    • Integration
    • Cost => frequency
    • Less is more
    • 100% digital
  • 11. Changes afoot
    • You come to us
    • Search optimisation
    • 1:1
    • Word of mouth
    • We come to you
    • Search as loyalty driver
    • 1:1 in public
    • Online chat
  • 12.
    • I was just wondering what you ladies are planning on doing with regards to milk now that our little one's are hitting 1 year. I had intended moving Olivia straight onto cow's milk but today i've found a leaflet for Growing Up Milk. What are you ladies planning on doing? Claire xxx
    • What my health visitor suggested was to continue offering Nick his food mixed with cows milk and gradually start introducing cows milk. Hope this help. xxx Bubbly
    • I'll be going straight to cows milk! Lemon Cupcake
    • My HV said that growing up milk is just a marketing ploy, but babies don't need it as they'll be getting all the nutrients they need from their food (or should be!) Amy and Ruby xxx
    • That Cow & Gate advert annoys me!!!! It sucks in mothers who worry about giving their child all they need to grow. Iron is found in a lot more things than just milk so as long as Ruby has a varied diet she won't have to drink gallons of milk. Lemon Cupcake
    • Thanks Ladies! Much appreciated as always. Claire x
  • 13. Building brand loyalty in a digital age 1. Product that delights 3. Build a relationship 2. Get top-of-mind