Flooded Channels and Frigid Tears: Getting Discovered in a Saturated, Mobile World | SoCon13


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Presentation by Nick Ralabate and Carlos Quinones of Secret Library.

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Flooded Channels and Frigid Tears: Getting Discovered in a Saturated, Mobile World | SoCon13

  1. 1. Flooded Channels and Frigid Tears Discoverability on the App Store
  2. 2. Secret LibraryCarlos QuiñonesNick RalabateOne year as Secret LibraryTwo games on the App Store
  3. 3. Centrifeud (April ’12)Wall Street Journal: “Games to Play”COOL PIZZA (Sept. ’12)Touch Arcade: Top Arcade Games of 2012Paste: Top 20 Mobile Games of 2012
  4. 4. The Problem at Hand
  5. 5. App Store 2008 - 2013$99 to be start distributing your games641+ releases per day!19,000+ new apps per month!775,000+ apps!Very lightly curatedAbout 25% are games (real numbers hard)
  6. 6. A Harsh Mistress
  7. 7. Why we picked AppleLarge install base: half a billion iOS devicesExpectations commensurate to small gamesNo time to port to 80 different AndroidsMedium game production time 4-12 mo.Medium game cost between $20k to $200k
  8. 8. CaveatsGames supposedly have a harsher curve thanutility appsAn obvious way to stand out is via brandTechniques depend a lot on how you intendto sell your game (paid vs. F2P vs. ads)
  9. 9. More CaveatsOur first year asmarketers! Uh-oh!Didn’t think too deeplyabout target audience, somost tactics were tailoredto “people like us”
  10. 10. Last CaveatIt would help if you have a good gameIt better look fantastic, this is HUGE“Too many games are dead from the outsetbecause they simply do not choose a settingor character which is appealing to themarket. “ -Ben Cousins
  11. 11. Game Review SitesTiming is key; try to synchronize with launchTONS of game review sitesEmailing all of them is time intensiveTarget most popular sites firstCan hire a PR firm to badger peopleCould give a whole talk on this...
  12. 12. WSJ vs. Kotaku
  13. 13. In Game Tweets (done well)• Twitter• Facebook• Email your friends!• Sword & Sworcery • Tweet in game dialogue
  14. 14. In Game Tweets(done pretty ok)
  15. 15. Top of the charts -->New releases list --^- People browsing won’t dig too deep...+ First day + first week sales are key!
  16. 16. Cross Promotion + Why not! - Kick out to store + Just you or a ring - Only intra-platform
  17. 17. Viral DesignHi-tech word of mouthFarmville style, from the land of Facebook+ Very powerful way to get new customers+ Part of the design of the game- Spammy :(
  18. 18. + Whoa! Front page! Maybe even the TV!- Unpredictable without a contact...There are things that make a feature more likely: Use new hardware or iOS features Be popular Get a publisher
  19. 19. Paid Installs?+100% guaranteed- $$$IAP only: more than $1.00 per install
  20. 20. Price DropsFree App blogs may syndicate the pricechange+ Crazy Tweetbots from Russia+ Huge payoff in installs- Only 5% conversion rate- Makes more sense for IAP games
  21. 21. Spongiform Metafount 2 Search! Memorable names are important Keywords! Examples: Centerfeud :( Cool Pizza :|
  22. 22. App Store CopyUnder your controlGreat screenshots and copyUsed by journalists when talking about yourgamesIcon should stand out
  23. 23. CategoriesType of gameHow competitive is your genre?Arcade?Local multiplayer?
  24. 24. Game Center See what your friends are playing! + Free + Easy to integrate - No way to measure effectiveness About 50% for COOL PIZZA
  25. 25. Updates!Reach out to the press... againHopefully your original reviewers + newones
  26. 26. App Store ReviewsMore a matter of things to avoid than thingsto do:
  27. 27. N is for Networking Trade Shows: GDC, SEIGE, PAX Festivals: IGF, IndieCade, XOXO + Almost free! - But, mostly insiders
  28. 28. Game Forums+/- Enthusiasts+ Free!- Not active member of forum = 0 views
  29. 29. Three days spent onpromotionFirst attempt at releasing agame on the App StorePriced at $1.99Hoped to stand out aslocal multiplayer iPad game
  30. 30. FREETen days spent onpromotionArcade Games categoryHoping to stand out withunique art style and musicTchotchkies
  31. 31. Reading Listwww.secret-library.comhttp://www.streamingcolour.com/blog/2011/09/28/results-ios-game-revenue-survey/http://www.thinkwithgoogle.com/insights/library/studies/understanding-the-modern-gamer/http://www.gamasutra.com/view/news/178516/http://gamesfromwithin.com/making-a-living-barely-on-the-iphone-app-storehttp://www.pentadact.com/2012-03-17-gdc-talk-how-to-explain-your-game-to-an-asshole/
  32. 32. Check out our gamesCentrifeudCool PizzaMeet us in the hallway!
  33. 33. Atlantans Ahoy!There’s lots of hot iOS gaming action in ATL...
  34. 34. Ask us anything. ANYTHING.