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Presentation by Carrie Montagna, Marketing Manager at McKesson.

Presentation by Carrie Montagna, Marketing Manager at McKesson.

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  • 2. Non-Profits Never HaveEnough… Time Staff Money Space Volunteers Fundraising Ideas Content Board involvement Stakeholder buy-in
  • 3. How can we expect them to do aneffective job at socialmedia marketing on top of all that?!
  • 4. Social Media is a Full-Time Job Knowledge of social media channels Knowledge of business communication Some knowledge of technology Time: some require 24-7 monitoring Money  social media monitoring tools  set up a blog  online advertising
  • 5. More than likely a non-profit does not have the time or resources for a full-timesocial media manager.
  • 6. Social Media is crucial to a non-profit’s success.
  • 7. Presence does not equal success.
  • 8. So how can you help?
  • 9. Social Media Game Plan Evaluate Train Listen Share 10 Steps to Engage Monitor Social Strategize Success Sell Measure Re-evaluate
  • 10. Social Media Game Plan Evaluate  Current channels  Current strategy STE  Audience  Goals P1
  • 11. Social Media Game Plan New Non-Profits  Same thing – get the social media marketing plan IN the overall business plan  Example: CanineCellMates.org  Problem: No web presence but needed to grow awareness and fundraise  Solution: Create blog to engage the public and keep them interested in the mission  Results: 127 Facebook Fans, 50 blog followers, Secured web designer, architect and multiple volunteers  Example: WoLPix.com  Problem: Crowdsouring start-up with basic online marketing skills  Solution: Begin social media channel communications to secure volunteers with the needed expertise  Results: 200 Twitter Followers, Secured social media volunteer  Example: Atlanta Women’s Club  Problem: No online skills, lack of stakeholder buy-in  Solution: Begin social media channel communication to increase club membership  Results: 48 Facebook Fans, 10 new members, Secured newsletter editor, webmaster  Example: Community Consulting Team  Problem: Awareness, MBA expertise but lacking social media knowledge  Solution: Hire social media manager to engage new members online, Customers also able to engage online now
  • 12. Social Media Game Plan Train  Social Media 101  Stakeholders STE  Board members  Employees P2  Audience  Re-train after new strategy in place
  • 13. Social Media Game Plan Listen  Look at the activity on the current channels STE  What activity is happening on P3 industry channels: key issues, news, etc.  Are there competitors?
  • 14. Social Media Game Plan Share  Share company’s message STE  Share content  Videos are the most powerful tool with P4 non-profits  News-jacking
  • 15. Social Media Game Plan Engage  Great content will inspire others to share your message  Videos – Big Brothers Big Sisters  Testimonials – Red Cross Blood Services STE  Statistics – Partnership Against Domestic Violence  Opinion - ??????????? P5  Contests – USAID/Human Trafficking  Campaigns – Care.org, political  Blog – Feeding America, Bloom   Industry thought leaders – Oprah (education), World Pulse (womens rights) The average B2B company uses eight different content marketing tactics to achieve one single objective.
  • 16. Social Media Game Plan Monitor  Respond to engagers STE  Keep a watchful eye  Google Alerts P6  HootSuite  HubSpot
  • 17. Social Media Game Plan Strategize  Evennon-profits need a marketing plan STE  Make the social media plan a part of it  Remember – this is just like a business plan P7  SWOT  Objectives  Competition  Research  Costs  Promotion
  • 18. Social Media Game Plan Strategize  Social Media Marketing Plan
  • 19. Social Media Game Plan Strategize  Social Media Marketing Plan
  • 20. Social Media Game Plan Strategize  Create an editorial calendar
  • 21. Social Media Game Plan Strategize  Create mini-calendars for campaigns
  • 22. Social Media Game Plan Sell  Remember that you are inspiring others to take action  Messages must be powerful and STE moving P8  Remember the 4-1-1 rule  Keep one call to action at a time
  • 23. Social Media Game Plan Measure  The ABC’s of Social Media ROI  Analytics  Benchmarks  Conclusion STE P9
  • 24. Social Media Game Plan Re-Evaluate  The social media world is dynamic  Stay on top of trends  Always be on the look-out for industry case studies  Are your goals aligning with your objectives?  Do the executives see the importance yet? STE P 10
  • 25. In SummarySocial Media can help a non- profit! AWARENESS - Build awareness of the mission ACTION - Grow organization  New supporters, donors, volunteers ENGAGEMENT - Promotion  Get those new supporters to be your marketers!
  • 26. Well Said….
  • 27. Q&A
  • 28. How Can I Help You?•Deck•Social media plan examples•Social media strategy planning•Templates for benchmarks•Training/Certification Courses•Career advice/resume help
  • 29. Carrie Montagnaccmontagna@gmail.com@ccmontagnalinkedin.com/carriecmontagnaLinkedIN Group: Non-ProfitMarketing