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At the very worst time in their lives the very least we can do is our very best! With informative, media-rich content that...
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"The Caller" The Voice of Crime Stoppers International Feb2013 Issue 1 Volume 38
"The Caller" The Voice of Crime Stoppers International Feb2013 Issue 1 Volume 38
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"The Caller" The Voice of Crime Stoppers International Feb2013 Issue 1 Volume 38


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"The Caller" is an official publication of Crime Stoppers International.

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"The Caller" The Voice of Crime Stoppers International Feb2013 Issue 1 Volume 38

  2. 2. CONTENTS FEBRUARY 2013 MEDIA STATEMENT: President: 6 July 23, 2012 - Zuma Gives Crime Line The Thumbs Up Alexander MacDonald 1st Vice President: CRIME STOPPERS AUSTRALIA: Peter Price 8 Crime Stoppers Australia Adopts A New National Logo 2nd Vice President: Yusuf Abramjee 9 CRIME STOPPERS SOUTH AFRICA Treasurer: Glen Bailey 10 CSI CONFERENCE: 2014, CAPE TOWN SOUTH AFRICA Secretary: CRIME STOPPERS NETHERLANDS: 11 Ralph Page Follow Up Campaign In The Battle Against Child Sex Tourism Editor: Kevin Viney CRIME STOPPERS CANADA: 12 Ontario Association Of Crime Stoppers Partners With The Insurance Published by: Crime Stoppers International Inc. Bureau Of Canada PO Box 1219 Keewatin, Ontario, Canada P0X 1C0 1-800-245-0009 CRIME STOPPERS CANADA: 13 Major Carrie Riddell - Coralie Wagner Memorial Service Award Fax (817) 446-1576 Send address changes to: Ralph Page CRIME STOPPERS CANADA: 14 Significant Changes To The Québec Organization Newsletter Design: Overdrive Design Labs Inc. CRIME STOPPERS CARIBBEAN: 15 Me, Myself & TCEye INCREASE IN GLOBAL CHILD TRAFFICKING GIVES CAUSE FOR CONCERN, 19 SAYS NEW UNODC REPORT Unodc Launches Latest Global Report On Trafficking In Persons FIRST ONLINE COURSE UNCOVERS HUMAN TRAFFICKING 17 #THINKGLOBAL #ACTLOCAL FOR COMMUNITY SUCCESS & SAFETY | 18 CRIME STOPPERS & SOCIAL MEDIA “THE STATE OF NOW” AWARD WINNERS 2012 21The Caller is the official publication of Crime Stoppers International, Inc. It is published as a service toCrime Stoppers programs and other law enforcement agencies. Reproduction in whole or part is prohib-ited without the express written permission of Crime Stoppers International. Unless otherwise indicated,the contents of columnists and contributors reflect the opinions of the respective writers and not neces-sarily the opinion of Crime Stoppers International, Inc., or its officers or board of directors. © 2008 Allrights reserved Crime Stoppers International, Inc. THE CALLER 3
  3. 3. PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE ALEXANDER MACDONALDCRIME STOPPERS GLOBAL MEMBERS…“It is a troubling time in a new world as we collectively are chal- International address these changes?lenged by the role of organizations, structures, alliances and affili-ations in a dynamic environment. Crime Stoppers and Crime Stop- Our goal is to ensure that the Crime Stoppers partnership betweenpers International are no different as they are challenged by growth the police, the media and the community responds to these newon one hand and an ever smaller world on the other.” times so that each partner continues to play its vital role while sup- porting the others. This may involve a significant reworking of theI was struck recently by a discussion paper written by Hugh Ner- way things have always been done, since in differing communitieslien (the founding Chair of the Canadian Crime Stoppers Associa- the strength of the partnership varies, but it is rare to see all threetion) who has articulated eloquently the challenges that we face parties equally committed.and that, as President, I aim to address. I am most grateful to Hughfor allowing me to quote from his article and to paraphrase some The police response to Crime Stoppers falls somewhere on theof his ideas. spectrum from seeing it as a fundamental tool and an integral player in its relationship with the community, to seeing CrimeI believe my role as President, and that of the Executive Committee, Stoppers as an interloper to be treated with suspicion. We mustis to take Crime Stoppers International forward in this new world. especially recognize and deal with the latter if we are to change theTo do so effectively, we must recognize that the structure of the negative perception.organization will need to change, as Hugh highlights in his paper:“The status quo structure in the Crime Stoppers world is long past The media has not always understood that its role in fighting crimeits “best before” date. The organization rests heavily on Euro/ is a separate and fundamentally different role than that of report-North American thinking in its structure and its vision of the world. ing the news. But what is the media in 2013? To stay dynamic andPerhaps it is time to listen – and I mean really listen – to futurists relevant it won’t be enough for Crime Stoppers to continue to workand global thinkers on what the pace of change is bringing so that only with conventional media such as newspapers, TV and radio,we can act on what we hear and bring the organization into the since there are now multiple new forms of communication. Thus,21st century. This is going to be an incredibly challenging task as Crime Stoppers International must join and build on the chorus ofwe struggle to move our thinking from our own communities to an Twitter and Facebook (and be ready for whatever the next crazeunderstanding of the bigger picture and the impact we could have brings) to reach a large part of the community, not just young peo-if we face this challenge head on.” ple, but those who hold new technology at a distance. Crime Stop- pers International has empowered Scott Mills (Toronto) to look atThe world we live in now is unrecognisable in many ways from the Social Media and address our global needs and that of our localworld of just twenty or thirty years ago, when Crime Stoppers prin- communities, specifically for this purpose.ciples were established. With almost universal access to comput-ers, and to the Internet and social media sites from our portable The local communities are aware of our advertising efforts andSmartphones, we are all connected to each other more than ever calls for donations, but are often challenged by competing inter-before, bringing instant access to more news and information than ests and a lack of understanding of the global picture. To addresswe can possibly hope to process. Styles of crime have also changed this, Crime Stoppers must adapt to each local environment, recog-with the advent of borderless crime, such as human trafficking, cy- nizing different social, legal and cultural norms, and in that con-ber crime and international terrorism that raise law enforcement text educate the public as to how they can help on a local level,and jurisdictional challenges. Therefore, how can Crime Stoppers and how their actions fit into our goal of ensuring a safer world THE CALLER 4
  4. 4. PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE ALEXANDER MACDONALDfor everybody. This is where the Crime Stoppers International mustnow play a role as it develops globally, taking lessons learned andshared with our three new National programs established in 2012,identifying the need for sharing technology and marketing and me-dia strategies as we look at costs to the individual programs.Crime Stoppers International must now take the lead in highlight-ing the advantage of sharing technology and networking outsidethe local communities in a similar manner to how law enforcementand media agencies conduct global partnerships.None of this will be achieved unless we can think of new and in-novative ways to finance our organization at local, regional andinternational levels to ensure that our programs continue, as ourgrowth can only come from within the organization. Alexander MacDonald CSI PresidentThe newly elected Executive Committee of Crime Stoppers Interna-tional has identified the need to immediately address the necessityfor global funding, and accountability of our intellectual property,and over the coming months leading up to our Spring Board Meet-ing, we will be aggressively addressing both matters.It is a great honour to be entrusted with the role of President ofCrime Stoppers International; to be associated with Crime Stoppersprograms from around the world, especially the many thousandsof volunteers, who like YOU, give tireless service and commitmentto our organizations. TOGETHER, WE REALLY ARE MAKING A DIF-FERENCE. THE CALLER 5
  5. 5. CRIME STOPPERS IN THE MEDIAMEDIA STATEMENT:JULY 23, 2012 - ZUMA GIVES CRIME LINE THE THUMBS UPP resident Jacob Zuma has lauded the anonymous tip-off ser- vice, Crime Line for its contribution in the fight against crime in South Africa.Zuma was speaking after cutting the Crime Line 5th Anniversarycake ahead of an interview on Talk Radio 702 / 567 Cape Talk inJohannesburg this morning.Zuma said: “I appreciate this joint venture, which is absolutely im-portant for our society. As you know, crime is our number one en-emy and I know that at times people misunderstand this, becausewe are one country that is fighting crime; therefore the crime inSouth Africa is reported more than in any other country.”He said that the global impression was that South Africa was lead- Head of Crime Line, Yusuf Abramjee, President Jacob Zuma, Talk Radio 702ing in crime, but pointed out that the country was rather the leader Station Manager, Pheladi Gwangwa and National Union of Mineworkersin violent crime. (NUM) Secretary-General, Frans Baleni.“We are one of the few countries that take the trouble to fight crimeand this cooperation is one of the most important between the me-dia, the police and society. It allows society to participate by usingthe number 32211 to say there’s a crime being committed.“Crime Line’s results are tangible and this shows it is working…Ithink we should all encourage this initiative and join hands. It willabsolutely help. Thank you very much for this, and now that we havereached 5 years, I’m sure that when we reach 10 years, we will havedone even more,” said ZumaCrime Line is a partnership between the Primedia Group, supportedby other media organizations and the South African Police Service(SAPS). President Jacob Zuma cuts the cake with Primedia Chairman, Paul Nkuna and Head of Crime Line, Yusuf Abramjee.Head of Crime Line, Yusuf Abramjee, told President Zuma that over3,000 arrests have been recorded and over R41-million worth of sei-zures have been made. THE CALLER 6
  6. 6. CRIME STOPPERS IN THE MEDIAMEDIA STATEMENT:JULY 23, 2012 - ZUMA GIVES CRIME LINE THE THUMBS UP“We have to strengthen the partnership between the public, the po- Abramjee thanked President Zuma for supporting initiatives suchlice and the media. It is exactly what Crime Line is doing. While we as Crime Line and taking the time to celebrate the tip-off service’sin the media hold authorities accountable, we cannot sit on the side- birthday.lines and watch the scourge of crime continuing. This tip-off servicehas made its mark and it will continue to do so. We have to try and Members of the public can pass on information about criminal ac-improve the arrest and conviction rate,” he added. tivity anonymously to Crime Line via the 32211 SMS number, online at<> or by con-Speaking at Crime Line’s 5th Anniversary recently, Minister in the tacting Crime Stop on 08600 10111.Presidency, Trevor Manuel and National Police Commissioner,General Riah Phiyega also praised Crime Line for creating a saferSouth Africa. Manuel said the time had come to tackle the so-called“chemical warfare” on communities and expose drug dealers. Al-most 80% of tip-offs and arrests to Crime Line are drug related.General Phiyega said the partnership between Crime Stop andCrime Line was making a difference and an increase in tip-offs havebeen recorded over the past year. THE CALLER 7
  7. 7. CRIME STOPPERS IN THE MEDIACRIME STOPPERS AUSTRALIA:CRIME STOPPERS AUSTRALIA ADOPTS A NEW NATIONAL LOGOC SA undertook a marketing approach for the redesign of the national logo. The National Board sought agreement from all Australian Crime Stoppers member programs to approach themarket for a public relations design company to improve the logo.The logo had been in service for almost 25 years, but it featured anold-style telephone keypad and consequently had become obsolete.The strength in the Crime Stoppers brand has never been the logo,but the name. The name ‘Crime Stoppers’ is one of the most promi-nent brands in the country – enjoying 97% national brand recognitionby Australians. So, the emphasis with the redesign was not on thesymbol, but the need for the logo to lead with the name. CSA received19 designs to select from following the approach to market. All 19designs were released to the Crime Stoppers member programs forconsideration and selection. Each program was invited to nominatetheir three preferred designs. Extraordinarily, most member pro-grams selected one single design above all others. This resulted inthe CSA Board adopting a ‘speech bubble’ design for its new logo.Crime Stoppers will officially launch the new design nationally in2013. In the meantime, all member programs will phase out theold logo on all marketing material and are approved to use the newlogo in all their future marketing and products. Similarly, all CrimeStoppers approved sponsors and supporters can immediately adoptthe new logo on all their advertising.Bryan Roach, member of the Australian Crime Stoppers group. THE CALLER 8
  8. 8. CRIME STOPPERS IN THE MEDIACRIME STOPPERS SOUTH AFRICAT he anonymous crime tip-off service, Crime Line, walked away with three Media Awards for the third consecutive year at the 33rd Annual Crime Stoppers International Conference, heldin Las Vegas, Nevada.Crime Line won the Best Radio Special Report/Feature Awards inthe Print, Radio and Television categories. This includes last year’sATM bombing campaign, when Crime Line - in partnership with theSouth African Police Service (SAPS) - circulated video footage and pictures of an attack on a filling station in Pimville, Soweto. Thecampaign led to the arrest of nine of the suspects, while three aredead. “Last week alone 8 rhinos were slaughtered at a game farm in North West…and a game ranger was allegedly involved. Contact Crime Stop 08600 10111 or Crime Line 32211 (sms) / www. anonymously if you have any information on officials or civilians who might be involved in past activities or the possible planning of future activities of slaughtering our Rhinos. Please let us not lose the battle to protect them, they have no voice. Let Crime Stop/Crime Line decide whether your information is valu- able. It doesn’t matter how little you can give, it might just be oneMarisa Oosthuizen, Vinesh Moonoo, Yusuf Abramjee, Attie Lamprecht piece of a puzzle that is desperately needed. Your anonymity is guaranteed!Crime Line was also lauded in the television category for SHOUT’s“You’re the Voice” music video campaign. The world suffers a lot. Not because of the violence of bad people, but because of the silence of good people.”Crime Stoppers South Africa took the fight against Rhino poachingto a more graphic level. The under-mentioned went out on e-mail Attie Lamprechtand Twitter in SA and was circulated to millions on the same day.The comments and feedback was overwhelming and numerous tip-offs were received. These tip-offs were passed on to the special po-lice unit responsible for investigating Environmental Crimes. THE CALLER 9
  9. 9. CRIME STOPPERS IN THE MEDIACSI CONFERENCE: 2014,CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICAYusuf, Marisa and the team are very busy preparing an unforget-table Crime Stoppers International conference in South Africa, CapeTown in 2014.Cape Town has achieved yet another tourism accolade, being vot-ed the Favourite City Worldwide for 2012 in the Telegraph TravelAwards, ahead of Vancouver and New York.South Africa was also named as the Third Favourite Country world-wide, after New Zealand and the Maldives.Cape Town was recently named second-best city in the world andbest city in Africa in the annual Readers’ Choice awards by US-based Condé Nast Traveller.Other accolades Cape Town has achieved recently include Best Des-tination in Africa at the World Travel Awards 2011; Best Destinationin the World at the TripAdvisor Traveller’s Choice Awards 2011; andOne of the World’s Ten Most Loved Cities 2012, CNNgo.Cape Town was named World Design Capital 2014 and Table Moun-tain was also named a New7Wonder of Nature.Looking forward to seeing all our Crime Stopper friends in 2014!Attie Lamprecht THE CALLER 10
  10. 10. CRIME STOPPERS IN THE MEDIACRIME STOPPERS NETHERLANDS:FOLLOW-UP CAMPAIGN IN THE BATTLE AGAINST CHILD SEX TOURISM Last year on the training confer- Participants in the follow-up are: Royal Dutch Marchaussee, Dutch ence in Montego Bay, Jamaica, I Ministry of Security and Justice, National Travel Industry, NGO’s spoke to the audience about the ECPAT and Plan Netherlands. awareness campaign on child sex tourism of Dutch Crime Stoppers GREET KOSTER- WEERING, First lieutenant in the Royal Dutch Marechaussee force M. together with the Royal Dutch Marechaussee and the Minis- try of Justice. The results of that first campaign were amazing, the amount of reports increased by 400%. The results of my research on the effects of the campaignmade clear that the readiness reporting of people increased. I alsomeasured the knowledge of travelers about child sex tourism, thesignals that indicate this crime and the knowledge of the fact thatDutch citizens can be punished by Dutch law when they sexuallyabuse children abroad. My research showed that this knowledgeisn’t evident for most of the travelers who were subjects in the re-search.On, the 24th of October 2012 our next campaign was launched atSchiphol Airport by the Mister of Justice and the Commander of theRoyal Dutch Marechaussee (military police force). During the cam-paign period flyers will be put in passports of all departing passen- This is the kickoff moment! The Minister of Justice Opstelten and the Commander of the Royal Dutch Marechaussee lieutenant-general Leijtens putting the first flyers ingers (flying to all national and international destinations) at three passengers’ passports at Schiphol Airport.Dutch airports.In response to research results, the follow-up campaign will focuson the quality of the reports, so the campaign material carries acall-to-action message to the public to submit reports. In addition,the material includes signs to look for in identifying child sex tour-ism so that people will know how to recognize this crime.Another great thing about this follow-up campaign is that, becausemore branches are now involved, besides the government depart-ments, it is clear that law enforcement alone cannot beat this crime. THE CALLER 11
  11. 11. CRIME STOPPERS IN THE MEDIACRIME STOPPERS CANADA:ONTARIO ASSOCIATION OF CRIME STOPPERS PARTNERS WITH THEINSURANCE BUREAU OF CANADAI n 2011 the Ontario Provincial Government launched an Auto In- reimbursement. The OACS is very pleased with our progress to date, surance Anti-Fraud Task Force mandate to make recommenda- and excited by the future prospects that this partnership holds. tions on reducing auto insurance fraud. The Task Force Steer-ing Committee asked the OACS if they would like to participate in a DAVID J. FORSTERConsumer Engagement and Education Working Group to study auto President, Ontario Association of Crime Stoppersinsurance fraud. In an independent study conducted it was deter-mined that Ontarians were not sure who to contact if they wanted toreport auto insurance fraud.In January 2012 representatives from the OACS began meeting withthe Steering Committee, comprised of representatives from the in-surance industry, consumer groups, and government. These meet-ings led to the recommendation that the OACS should meet withrepresentatives from the Insurance Bureau of Canada, an organiza-tion supported by Canadian Insurers and who currently receive andoften investigate insurance related Tips.Discussions began on identifying the opportunity and potential for aCrime Stopper / IBC partnership, one that will assist consumers in thebattle against ALL insurance crime, while also assisting local CrimeStopper Programs in creating awareness. The symmetry was obvious,and an MOU was finalized within only a very short time. Crime Stop-per Programs across Ontario will work with their local partners tocreate awareness for all insurance crime, and IBC contributed segre-gated funds to allow Programs to be reimbursed for Reward payouts.IBC will also assist the OACS in creating awareness, through post-ers strategically located in public areas such as the Collision Report-ing Centres across the Province, through media events, web basedawareness, and through their current network of corporate partners.Although the partnership is still in its infancy and there is still muchmore that can be accomplished, awareness programs are under wayand Crime Stopper Programs have already submitted requests for Tip THE CALLER 12
  12. 12. CRIME STOPPERS IN THE MEDIACRIME STOPPERS CANADA:MAJOR CARRIE RIDDELL - CORALIE WAGNER MEMORIAL SERVICE AWARD While waiting for the International Crime Stoppers to respond the program began in Kandahar Province. Cellular phones are the best way of communication in that area. A series of cell phone number were setup with police coordinators taking tips. The “Tips Line” was distributed to the communities where the Canadian troops were working. Although there were few cash tip payouts, Tips were solic- ited by handing out phone cards. This program as it existed assisted the CIMIC teams in accomplish- ing more than any other team had previously accomplished in the previous 10 years. These teams completed over 500 projects at a value of over $4,000,000 in a period of eight months. Almost double the next closest CIMIC unit. But, more to the point there were no serious casualties.Major Carrie Riddell participated in the War in Afghanistan. Duringthis time he was the commander of CIMIC in Kandahar Province.He commanded 45 troops broken down into teams. Each team wasassign community projects in their territories. These were all “overthe wire” jobs. Part of Major Riddell’s job was to ensure that his menwere safe when they were working in the communities.The PRT consists of a civilian, military and police component. MajorRiddell met a member of the RCMP, Sgt Short, working in the policecomponent who was trying to find that the local people could helpreport on the Taliban and IED’s. Improvised Explosive Devices arethe major concern, but there are others.As a member of a Crime Stoppers board in Canada Major Riddellstarted thinking of ways to implement this concept in Kandahar. SgtShort had been unsuccessful in setting up a Crime Stopper pro-gram, so Major Riddell sent some information home to his wife.Lynne Riddell (Carrie’s wife) sent a message through the interna-tional CS website. Although she didn’t receive a message. Theywere contacted by Gary Murphy, the International president at thetime who wanted to verify that Major Riddell was in fact a memberof the St Thomas Crime Stoppers board. THE CALLER 13
  13. 13. CRIME STOPPERS IN THE MEDIACRIME STOPPERS CANADA:SIGNIFICANT CHANGES TO THE QUÉBEC ORGANIZATIONIn 1996, Info-Crime Quebec was created by a group of dedicated pro-fessionals, with the intent of giving the population of Quebec, with theexception of Montreal, a tool by which they could report crimes bymeans of a tip line, while assuring complete anonymity and the pos-sibility of collecting a reward of up to $2,000.00.Over the years, Info-Crime Quebec has continuously improved theprocess, and has achieved outstanding results by means of awarenessfor the tip line as well as the online reporting system on the web. Part-nerships with the public, law-enforcement agencies and the media,were instrumental in making it possible to solve crimes.Surveys, meetings, and debates took place within our organization in Mr. Tom McConnel, Provincial presidentorder to decide on the feasibility to comply with the Canadian Crime Dedicated volunteers at all levels made a project become an out-Stoppers Association’s French version of Échec au crime. standing reality.It was agreed by all members that the terminology Échec au crimewould have a positive impact on our organization and the public. InFrench, the word “Échec” sends out a strong message and emphasiz-es our mission of preventing and fighting crimes, with the end resultbeing safer communities.From a business perspective, a thorough analysis was made in or-der the carefully plan, prepare and execute a flawless implementationplan. A major component was the communication plan for all mem-bers, the media, law enforcement agencies and the public, with a timefactor leading up to and beyond the press conference. Long live Échec au crime! Visit our website, press conference was a success; several media covered the event. Please note that it is in French only at this point in time.Our president, Mr. Tom McConnell, made the presentation by whichwe officially became Échec au crime. Press releases were picked up SUBMITTED BY NORMAND SAVOIEand transmitted on the air or in newspapers in the following days.Another important component is the 2012-2013 transition plan. Thisentails the implementation of a new website,, bill-boards for municipalities, literature and promotional items, presen-tation material, links on the Sûreté du Quebec and other partners’intranet systems, as well as meetings with all regional police com-manders and public safety committees. THE CALLER 14
  14. 14. CRIME STOPPERS IN THE MEDIACRIME STOPPERS CARIBBEAN:Me, Myself & TCEyeI ssues of crime and violence among young people in the Turks and Caicos Islands challenged our authorities to identify a program that could effectively and efficiently tackle and stem the growingtide of crime and lawless acts among the youth in particular and thesociety in general. The Turks & Caicos Islands comprise 40 islandsand cays, eight of which are inhabited. The range of islands acrossa significant land mass lends to the complexity of policing mattersof crime and hence supports the need for innovative solutions tobridge the communication of information between our citizens.Our search for an innovative solution in the area of communicationled to consultation and meaningful collaboration with Crime Stop-pers Trust U.K. The program Me, Myself and TCEye was contextu-alized based on the British model known as Me, Myself and Eye.This initiative highlighted the use of text messaging as a popularmedium among people and was designed to capture their interestand to engage their participation in the fight against crime.We quickly recognized that this initiative required corporate andgovernmental support if optimum benefit was to be derived fromthe use of this technological innovation. Equally compelling wasthe complexity of the task of finding a strategy to engage our youth,whether in the classroom or on the block, in structured discussion ations. Each of the lessons contained in this program promote goodon the potential of a project of this nature and import to our country citizenship through the teaching of positive values. The Me, Myselfas a whole. & TCEye partners strongly believe that good citizens are far less likely to commit crime and victimize others.In order to advance this initiative, the Board of Directors of CrimeStoppers Turks & Caicos subsequently approached Scotiabank A Curriculum Development Committee was created and their mis-(Turks & Caicos) Ltd and the Ministry of Health & Education and sion was to create lesson plans and resource materials for usearticulated the possible benefits to be derived from their support of among our primary school students. This committee included thethis initiative and invited them to become partners in the develop- Lecturer in Primary Education & Community Studies, Turks & Ca-ment and contextualization process of the Me, Myself & Eye Pro- icos Islands Community College as Chair; a Social Worker in thegram to fit the needs of our island states. They both accepted. Social Development & Gender Affairs Department, Ministry of Envi-The aim of this program is to equip young people with the tools that ronment & Home Affairs; the Inspector in charge of the Communityare necessary to enhance their ability to cope with difficult decisions Police Department, Royal Turks & Caicos Islands Police; the Na-and empower them with those skills needed to resolve conflict situ- tional Youth Director, Ministry of Health & Education; and the Prin- THE CALLER 15
  15. 15. CRIME STOPPERS IN THE MEDIAcipal of The Ashcroft School. be used to justify amendments to the Teachers Handbook and then a final version will be produced. The updated Me, Myself & TCEyeAs a consequence of the committee’s hard work, creativity and com- will be introduced into the Turks & Caicos islands public and privatemitment, a Teachers Handbook was produced. This Handbook raises primary school curriculum in September 2013.questions on attitudes about “snitching” and explores different as-pects of giving information that may be helpful to the investigative Crime Stoppers Turks & Caicos, Scotiabank and the Ministry ofprocess. Students are challenged to identify how they would respond Health & Education anticipate that Me, Myself & TCEye will continueto different situations and the impact their decisions may have on to evolve, just like the youth of the Turks & Caicos Islands.themselves and others. It examines crime issues and how the stu-dent deals with them. Discussions are underway with Scotiabank to make My, Myself & Eye a regional initiative that can be “personalized” to suit each country’sWe have decided to introduce Me, Myself & TCEye in phases, starting September 2012 to “get it right”. The pilot phase will be conductedin three primary schools – the largest government primary school PRUDENCE GENTLES (MRS.),on the most populous island, a private primary school on that island Manager Crime Stop Jamaicaand a smaller government primary school on a less populated is- Director Caribbean/Bermuda & Latin America Crime Stoppers Teachers in those schools will provide feedback from the class-rooms to the Director of Education and the Curriculum DevelopmentCommittee. The findings from feedback from the pilot schools willCRIME STOPPERS MEMBERS:In The NewsDon’t mess with this Crime Stopper.Jim Arenovski, Crime Stoppers International Director from Saipanduring a recent visit to Thailand. The picture is at the Tiger Templein Kanchanburi Thailand very close to the “Bridge over the RiverKwai”. We promised Jim we wouldn’t use the caption “Taking a biteout of Crime” which is too bad as it seems to fit well! THE CALLER 16
  16. 16. CRIME STOPPERS IN THE MEDIAINCREASE IN GLOBAL CHILD TRAFFICKING GIVESCAUSE FOR CONCERN, SAYS NEW UNODC REPORTUNODC LAUNCHES LATEST GLOBAL REPORT ON TRAFFICKING IN PERSONS12 December 2012 - The 2012 Global Report on Trafficking in Per- Victims of 136 countries were detected in 118 countries betweensons released today by UNODC has revealed that 27 per cent of all 2007 and 2010, during which period 460 different flows were identi-victims of human trafficking officially detected globally between 2007 fied. Around half of all trafficking took place within the same regionand 2010 are children, up 7 per cent from the period 2003 to 2006. with 27 per cent occurring within national borders. One exception is the Middle East, where most detected victims are East and South“Human trafficking requires a forceful response founded on the Asians.assistance and protection for victims, rigorous enforcement by thecriminal justice system, a sound migration policy and firm regula- Trafficking victims from East Asia have been detected in more thantion of the labour markets,” said Yury Fedotov, Executive Director of 60 countries, making them the most geographically dispersedUNODC of the findings. group around the world. Victims from the largest number of origin countries were found in Western and Central Europe.Also worrying is the increase in the number of girl victims, whomake up two thirds of all trafficked children. Girls now constitute 15 There are significant regional differences in the detected formsto 20 per cent of the total number of all detected victims, including of exploitation. Countries in Africa and in Asia generally interceptadults, whereas boys comprise about 10 per cent, says the Report, more cases of trafficking for forced labour, while sexual exploitationwhich is based on official data supplied by 132 countries. is somewhat more frequently found in Europe and in the Americas. Additionally, trafficking for organ removal was detected in 16 coun-Within this picture, there are significant regional variations. While tries around the world.the share of detected child victims is 68 per cent in Africa and theMiddle East, and 39 per cent in South Asia, East Asia and the Pacific, The Report raises concerns about low conviction rates - 16 per centthat proportion diminishes to 27 per cent in the Americas and 16 per of reporting countries did not record a single conviction for traf-cent in Europe and Central Asia. ficking in persons between 2007 and 2010. On a positive note, 154 countries have ratified the United Nations Trafficking in PersonsThe vast majority of trafficked persons are women, accounting for Protocol, of which UNODC is the guardian. Significant progress has55 to 60 per cent of victims detected globally. However, the total been made in terms of legislation, as 83 per cent of countries nowproportion of women and girls together soars to about 75 per cent, have a law that criminalizes trafficking in persons in accordancewith men constituting about 14 per cent of the total of detected vic- with the Protocol.tims. Nonetheless, this is not a uniform picture as one in four de-tected victims is a male. Related Information: Fedotov acknowledged the current gaps in knowledge about thiscrime and the need for comprehensive data about offenders, vic-tims and trafficking flows. Still, the number of trafficking victims isestimated to run into the millions. THE CALLER 17
  17. 17. CRIME STOPPERS IN THE MEDIAFIRST ONLINE COURSEUNCOVERS HUMAN TRAFFICKINGA new national online training course, believed to be the first of its happens abroad. But human trafficking is far more widespread thankind, has been launched in the UK to raise awareness of human you think - it is happening right now on your streets and in yourtrafficking and equip professionals and the public with the skills to communities. Victims have many faces. The exploitation rangesidentify and report it. from adults and children being abused for sexual exploitation, to them being coerced through threats or violence to make fraudulentHuman Trafficking Uncovered is aimed at UK professionals in the welfare claims. Some are trafficked for begging and other forms ofpublic, private and voluntary sectors, who come into contact with per- organized street crime.”petrators and victims. It is also available to members of the public. He added: “Everyone has a role to play in tackling human trafficking,The course has been launched ahead of a new European Union helping to bring criminals to justice and protecting the victims. ThisDirective that the UK has signed up to which comes into force in course aims to raise awareness amongst professionals and the gen-April 2013. The Directive states that officials likely to come into con- eral public, by giving them the information on how to recognize thetact with victims or potential victims of trafficking in human beings signs of human trafficking, what to do about it and how to report it.”should be adequately trained to identify and deal with such victims. Human trafficking is the illegal trade of human beings, and a mod-Human Trafficking Uncovered has been created by The Sheffield ern day form of slavery. It includes forced labour, domestic slaveryCollege in South Yorkshire, England, which has an award-winning and coercion into the sex industry. Every year, thousands of men,reputation for delivering online courses nationally and internation- women and children fall into the hands of traffickers in this countryally, with Nick Kinsella, a former senior police officer and anti- and abroad through abduction, coercion or force, fraud, deceptiontrafficking expert. Human Trafficking Uncovered is believed to be or abuse of power.the first course of its kind. Charities supporting the project includeCrime Stoppers and Love 146. The online awareness course takes between three to 10 hours to complete and costs £53 per individual user. The course defines what Nick Kinsella founded and led the UK Hu- human trafficking is and the various forms it takes, the extent of the man Trafficking Centre from 2006 to 2010 crime and the methods used by criminals to control their victims, when it was based in Sheffield, and is cur- how to respond to it, and how European and UK authorities are deal- rently on the board of the United Nations ing with it. It also links to a comprehensive range of web resources Global Trust Fund for Victims of Human for further study. A certificate is issued on completion of the course.  Trafficking. He has also been involved in Heather MacDonald, Chief Executive, The Sheffield College, said: international prevention campaigns and “We have a strong track record and award-winning reputation for training, and helped to bring the UK’s first delivering online courses that improve students’ academic and ever successful conviction on human traf- professional skills. Professionals in public and voluntary sector or- Nick Kinsella ficking at Sheffield Crown Court in 2005. ganisations have a responsibility to improve their awareness and knowledge of human trafficking so they can fulfil the requirementsHe said: “Human trafficking is an extremely serious crime that is of the new European Union Directive. This brand new course hasoften hidden. Many people think of it as remote, something that been specifically developed to meet that need. As one of the larg- THE CALLER 18
  18. 18. CRIME STOPPERS IN THE MEDIAest further education colleges in the country, The Sheffield College Online College, is led by  a multi-award winning team with  almostis also using the resources to educate its own staff and students on two  decades of experience of delivering learning and training intothe issue.” people’s homes, communities and workplaces locally, nationally and internationally. Students, mainly adults, study online - often revolv-For more information go to or www. ing their studies around family and work Call 0114 2602600 or email The Sheffield College Press Release. Media contact:1. The 2012 US Trafficking in Persons report states worldwide there MARY HAMPSHIRE,is now an estimated 20.9 million people trapped in some form of Press Officer.modern day slavery - more than at any point in history. Tel: 07985 7790782. The European Union Directive 2011/36/EU on Preventing andCombating Human Trafficking in Human Beings and Protecting ItsVictims, comes into force in April 2013. It states that the training ob-ligation should be promoted for members of the following catego-ries when they are likely to come into contact with victims: policeofficers, border guards, immigration officials, public prosecutors,lawyers, members of the judiciary and court officials, labour inspec-tors, social, child and health care personnel and consular staff, butcould, depending on local circumstances, also involve other groupsof public officials who are likely to encounter trafficking victims intheir work.3. Human Trafficking Uncovered enables people to: recognize thesigns of a trafficked person either in danger of, or being groomed fortrafficking; react in the right way so they don’t impose further risk to Image posed by model.the victim and their loved ones; report suspicions to the correct au-thorities to safeguard the victims and help catch the traffickers; andact responsibly to combat human trafficking and help stop it fromescalating.4. The Sheffield College began educating health and social carestudents on the issue of human trafficking as part of their course,two years-ago, and is now rolling out the awareness program toother staff and students. The Sheffield College’s virtual campus, the THE CALLER 19
  19. 19. At the very worst time in their lives the very least we can do is our very best! With informative, media-rich content that keeps you fully engaged as you learn, the Human Trafficking Awareness online course enables you to gain the knowledge you require to help a trafficked person in danger - in as little as three hours. u Just 3 - 10 hours commitment, adaptable to suit your level of involvement, to complete the course and gain certification u Easy to roll-out online training across your entire organisation with no geographical barriers u With no set time schedules your staff can train at a time, location and pace to fit the demands of their job role u Highly cost effective at £53 per user (substantial volume discounts for Private, Public and Voluntary Sectors) u Complements your Corporate and Social Responsibility and Learning and Development Programmes“ The online course is very comprehensive and fully achieves the aim of raising awareness and understanding of the terrible crime of human trafficking. “ Brian Taylor, former Chief of the Anti-Trafficking Section, United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) Human Trafficking Uncovered awareness training includes: u Four comprehensive online learning modules covering key aspects of human trafficking u Numerous images, videos, media clips and articles which Human Trafficking Uncovered is a collaborative training and educational enhance the “real life” story of human trafficking programme led by Nick Kinsella, an acknowledged anti-trafficking expert, u Links to relevant online resources such as government in conjunction with: legislation, directives and research documents The Sheffield u Exclusive victim experiences that put the crime into a real-life College perspective Supported by: u Course content is constantly updated with latest developments, media reports and prosecutions. For more information call The Sheffield College 0114 260 2600 or visit Safeguarding Girls and Young Women Coming in November an online course designed for teachers and care workers to help protect girls and young women from sexual exploitation.
  20. 20. CRIME STOPPERS IN THE MEDIA#ThinkGlobal #ActLocal For Community Success & Safety |Crime Stoppers & Social Media “The State of NOW”C rime Stoppers programs worldwide are the key to commu- We need to look at sponsorships from cell phone providers and so- nity success and safety in a modern world. Community led cial media websites, and work on a social media policy that empow- registered charities, in partnership with local law enforce- ers everyone involved in Crime Stoppers to play their role in socialment and media offering anonymous reporting of information to media on a daily stop, solve and prevent homicides, shootings, assaults, ganginvolvement, bullying, cyberbullying, terrorist attacks, online and There is a paradigm shift from blocking social media to using socialoffline criminal harassment, terrorist attacks. media, engaging in relationsihps online with our community to ac- complish our mandate.The key to the programs is people. Everyone has a role from thecommunity volunteer board member, to the Crime Stoppers Co- I stated the need and the opportunity for an International Fusionordinator and the law enforcement or partner agency official who Centre For Success And Safety that could be a training and call cen-receives the anonymous information to help stop, solve or prevent ter all in one if we got the right funders in place, and used collab-the crime. oratively our collective knowledge and expertise to accomplish this.Our world is now a global village and social media is making our If you are interested in trying to accomplish this goal together, andworld more connected each day. taking Crime Stoppers programs to the next level, please watch the archived #HangOutsOnAir live streamed video of the presentationWebsites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google Plus, Instagram, from the conference titled “Crime Stoppers International and SocialTumblr, WordPress and many more are tools for both local and Media .. The State of NOW” and send an e-mail to socialmedia@global communication that, if used with purpose and process will csiworld.orglead to tremendous payoff and potential for community success andsafety locally and globally. The time for talking about needing to embrace social media is over. The time for action in a cohesive and unified global manner is now.This was the topic of “The State of NOW” talk on Crime Stoppers Let’s talk!and Social Media delivered at the 33rd Annual Crime Stoppers In-ternational Training Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada in October, For Crime Stoppers International Social Media click on our website2012 by Scott Mills, the Social Media Adviser of Crime Stoppers In- or click at the direct links below. Join the movementternational. towards our community success and safety! Think global, Act Local!Since this presentation, many inquiries have been made about howwe need to accomplish this mission. SCOTT MILLS Social Media Officer, Toronto Police Service.It is very simple. We need to assign roles, as we now do to peoplein Crime Stoppers programs, and we need to extend those roles to social media to effect our mission of preventing and solving actlocal-for-community-success-safety-crime-stoppers-social-crime. In short, we need to celebrate community success and pro- media-the-state-of-now/mote community safety using all social media sites that our localcommunities are engaged in. THE CALLER 21
  21. 21. CRIME STOPPERS AWARDS 2012AWARD WINNERS 2012_______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________2012 PRESIDENT’S AWARD Coralie Wagner Memorial Service AwardCrime Stoppers International recognizes “In recognition for outstanding performance and commitment, personifying a spirit of community cooperation and demonstratingScott Mills qualities of leadership on a local, national and international level”Toronto Police Services Major Carrie RiddellIn appreciation for your outstanding personal commitment to Crime St. Thomas Crime StoppersStoppers International _______________________________________________________Michael Gordon Gibson Gary Murphy Global Vision AwardPresidentCrime Stoppers International “The Gary Murphy Memorial Award is presented to the Crime Stop-_______________________________________________________ pers program that has shown significant success within their com- munity in its first year of operation. Developing local and nationalTOP AWARDS 2012 partnerships within their community, law enforcement and the me- dia, and embracing the global concept that ‘Crime Has No Borders’ and sharing the spirit of past CSI President Gary Murphy”.Paul D Boudreau Coordinator of the Year Service Award Presented to Crime Stoppers of El Salvador“In recognition for outstanding performance and commitment, _______________________________________________________personifying a spirit of community cooperation and demonstratingqualities of leadership” SPECIALIZED TRAINING AWARDJames Taliaferro “In recognition of continued support of, or outstanding service toCaddo Parrish Crime Stoppers a member Crime Stoppers program through specialized training/_______________________________________________________ program”Civilian of the Year Specialized Training Award“In recognition for selfless devotion, persistent service and signifi- Windsor and Essex County Crime Stopperscant contributions to a member Crime Stoppers program” _______________________________________________________Pat GillieCrime Stoppers of Hamilton Inc______________________________________________________ THE CALLER 22
  22. 22. WEB SITE AWARD Media Award - For communities 1 – 3 Million“In recognition for the development of an outstanding website pro- Best Print Crime of the Weekmoting Crime Stoppers” Western Australian Crime Stoppers, LtdSaskatoon Crime Stoppers West Australian Newspaper Holdings, Ltd _______________________________________________________Designed by Beagle Productions – Trent Perehudoff_______________________________________________________ Media Award - For communities 1 – 3 MillionPRINT AWARDS Best Print Public Service Announcement“In recognition for continued support of, or outstanding service to, amember Crime Stoppers program through advertisement or publi- Western Australian Crime Stoppers, Ltdcation” The West Australian Newspaper Community Newspaper GroupMedia Award - For communities 0 – 300,000 _______________________________________________________Best Print Crime of the Week Media Award - For communities 1 – 3 MillionCrime Stoppers of Haldimand, Norfolk & Tillsonburg Best Print Special Report/FeatureThe Tillsonburg News_______________________________________________________ Western Australian Crime Stoppers, Ltd Community Newspaper GroupMedia Award - For communities 0 – 300,000 _______________________________________________________Best Print Public Service Announcement Media Award - For communities over 3 MillionCrime Stoppers of Haldimand, Norfolk & TillsonburgThe Simcoe Reformer Best Print Crime of the Week_______________________________________________________ Crime Stoppers Victoria – AUMedia Award - For communities 0 – 300,000 Herald Sun _______________________________________________________Best Print Special Report/Feature Media Award - For communities 1 – 3 MillionCrime Stoppers Barbados, IncSilverpin Design Best Print Special Report/Feature_______________________________________________________ Western Australian Crime Stoppers, LtdMedia Award - For communities 300,001 – 1 Million The West Australian NewspaperBest Print Crime of the Week Community Newspaper Group _______________________________________________________Crime Stoppers Of Hamilton, IncAutotrader Media Award - For communities over 3 Million_______________________________________________________ Best Print Public Service AnnouncementMedia Award - For communities 300,001 – 1 Million Crime LineBest Public Service Announcement Primedia _______________________________________________________Tacoma-Pierce County Crime StoppersSeattle University Media Award - For communities over 3 Million_______________________________________________________ Best Print Special Report/ FeatureMedia Award - For communities 300,001 – 1 MillionBest Special Report/Feature Crimestoppers – UKTacoma-Pierce County Crime Stoppers Daily Express _______________________________________________________The News Tribune_______________________________________________________ THE CALLER 23
  23. 23. RADIO AWARDS Media Award - For communities Over 3 Million “In recognition for continued support of, or outstanding service to, Best Radio Crime of the Weeka member Crime Stoppers program through advertisement or pub-lication” Crime Line Primedia _______________________________________________________Media Award - For communities 0 – 300,000 TV AWARDSBest Radio Crime of the Week “In recognition for continued support of, or outstanding service to, aCrime Stoppers of Haldimand, Norfolk & TillsonburgCD 98.9 FM member Crime Stoppers program through advertisement or publi-_______________________________________________________ cation”Media Award - For communities 0 – 300,000 Media Award - For communities 0 – 300,000Best Radio Public Service Announcement Best Television Crime of the WeekCrime Stoppers of Haldimand, Norfolk & Tillsonburg Crime Stoppers of Haldimand, Norfolk & TillsonburgMoose FM CHCH_______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________Media Award - For communities 0 – 300,000 Media Award - For communities 0 – 300,000Best Radio Special Report/Feature Best Television Public Service Announcement Crime Stoppers of Haldimand, Norfolk & Tillsonburg Caddo Crime StoppersCD 98.9 FM MMCC, Inc._______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________Media Award - For communities 300,001 – 1 Million Media Award - For communities 0 – 300,000Best Radio Crime of the Week Best Television Special Reports/Features Windsor & Essex County Crime StoppersAM 800 Crime Stoppers of Haldimand, Norfolk & Tillsonburg_______________________________________________________ Rogers _______________________________________________________Media Award - For communities 300,001 – 1 Million Media Award - For communities 300,000 – 1 MillionBest Radio Public Service Announcement Best Television Crime of the WeekCrime Stoppers of Hamilton, IncKX 94.7 Crime Stoppers of Halton_______________________________________________________ CHCH TV Halton Regional Police ServicesMedia Award - For communities 300,001 – 1 Million _______________________________________________________Best Radio Special Report/Features Media Award - For communities 300,001 – 1 MillionCrime Stoppers of Hamilton, IncBill Kelly Show – 900 CHML Radio Best Television Public Service Announcement _______________________________________________________ Crime Stoppers BelizeMedia Award - For communities 1 -3 Million Channels 5 & 7 News _______________________________________________________Best Radio Special Report/FeaturesGreater Kansas City Crime Stoppers TIPS HotlineKC Forum – Alice 102Q 104 FM_______________________________________________________ THE CALLER 24
  24. 24. Media Award - For communities 300,000 – 1 Million Productivity Award - For communities 0- 300,000Best Television Public Service Announcement Greatest increase in Total Property RecoveredCrime Stoppers of Halton Crime Stoppers of Haldimand, Norfolk & TillsonburgTV Cogeco Ontario Ontario, CanadaHalton Regional Police Services ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Productivity Award - For communities 300,001 – 1 MillionMedia Award - For communities 300,001 – 1 Million Greatest increase in ArrestsBest Television Special Reports/Features New Brunswick Crime StoppersTacoma-Pierce County Crime Stoppers New Brunswick, CanadaQ 13 - Washington’s Most Wanted _______________________________________________________TV TacomaComcast Community TV Productivity Award - For communities 300,001 – 1 Million_______________________________________________________ Greatest increase in Total Property RecoveredMedia Award - For communities 1 – 3 Million Crime Stoppers of Hamilton, IncBest Television Crime of the Week Ontario, Canada _______________________________________________________Western Australia Crime Stoppers, LtdChannel Seven Productivity Award - For communities 1 -3 Million_______________________________________________________ Greatest increase in ArrestsMedia Award - For communities 1 – 3 Million Greater Kansas City Crime Stoppers Tips HotlineBest Television Public Service Announcement Kansas City KS - USA _______________________________________________________Western Australia Crime Stoppers, LtdChannel Seven – Today Tonight Productivity Award - For communities Over 3 Million_______________________________________________________ Greatest increase in Total Property RecoveredMedia Award - For communities 1- 3 Million Crime Stoppers of York Region, IncBest Television Special Reports/Features Ontario, Canada _______________________________________________________Western Australia Crime Stoppers, LtdChannel Seven Productivity Award - For communities Over 3 Million_______________________________________________________ Greatest increase in ArrestsMedia Award - For communities Over 3 Million Crime Stoppers Queensland LtdBest Television Special Report/Feature Queensland, Australia _______________________________________________________Crime LinePrimedia Productivity Award - For communities Over 5 Million_______________________________________________________ Greatest increase in Total Property Recovered2012 PRODUCTIVITY AWARDS NSW Crime Stoppers Sydney AUProductivity Award - For communities 0 – 300,000 _______________________________________________________Greatest increase in Arrests NOTE: 2013 awards criteria will be made available via our website and through ourHuntsville Area Crime StoppersHuntsville, AL – USA Regional Directors by May 15, 2013. THE CALLER 25
  25. 25. THE CALLER 8