Social Media For Success & Safety 33rd Annual Training Conference Las Vegas 2012


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Constable Scott Mills Toronto Police Service Corporate Communications Social Media Officer & Crime Stoppers International Social Media Adviser presentation slides from 33rd Annual Crime Stoppers International Training Conference, Las Vegas, Nevada October 2, 2012 For more info visit or contact Scott by e-mail or or

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Social Media For Success & Safety 33rd Annual Training Conference Las Vegas 2012

  1. 1. @CSIWorld #CSIWorld “The State of NOW” Crime Stoppers InternationalSocial Media “Success & Safety” Crime Stoppers International 33rd Annual Training Conference Las Vegas, Nevada USA October 2, 2012 Scott Mills
  2. 2. Archived Live Stream Video of Presentation
  3. 3. State of NOW Crime Stoppers International Social Media Google Plus Page “Crime Stoppers International”
  4. 4. State of NOW Crime Stoppers International Social Media Youtube Account #HangOutsOnAir Live Stream Archived Videos From #CSI2012 viewed & shared from here
  5. 5. State of NOW Crime Stoppers International Social Media Twitter account @CSIWorld Hash Tag #CSIWorld
  6. 6. State of NOW Crime Stoppers International Social Media Facebook Page
  7. 7. Crime Stoppers Internatioanl Facebook Leave A Tip TabConsists of the Leave A Tip Tab & A Terms of Use Tab For Programs Using TipSoftTo install one or both tabs send an e-mail to Scott Mills
  8. 8. Terms of Use WordingCrime Stoppers InternationalFacebook Leave A Tip Tab
  9. 9. State of NOW Crime Stoppers International Social Media To post a presentation here e-mail Scott Mills
  10. 10. 5 P’s For Social Media Success! Purpose Process Payoff Potential PREVENTION Thanks to Jeff Brown @4JeffBrown for vision and action helping Crime Stoppers programs worldwide engage in social media
  11. 11. “Stop Marketing~Start Engaging” Scott Stratten @UnMarketing
  12. 12. “Talk With People Already Listening & Your Influence Will Grow”  Liz Strauss @LizStrauss
  13. 13. “Every Organization Now Needs A Chief Listening Officer” Jeff Pulver @JeffPulver
  14. 14. PURPOSE of Using Social Media For Success & Safety To help stop, solve and prevent crime together “Think Global” “Act Local” Deb is one of many faces of success & safety using social media for Crime Stoppers @SolveCrime
  15. 15. PROCESS of Using Social Media for Success & Safety Policy that promotes engagement Locally and Globally Define the mandate assign duties CSI Board Members & Advisors need to post content regularly & engage with public Distinct difference from only President and PR Director speaking with public & media
  16. 16. PAYOFF of Using Social Media For Success & Safety Increase in brand recognition Increase in tips to help prevent and solve crime (tips tripled from 300/yr to 1000/yr in Toronto in 2yrs with 1/4 of the staff & strategy of success & safety using social media tools Increase in funding opportunities
  17. 17. POTENTIAL of Using Social Media For Success And Safety help PREVENT and solve crime Help detect & prevent online bullying PREVENT a terrorist attack PREVENT suicides FACILITATE Lawful Peaceful Protest Toronto Police Officer @TonyoVella & G20 & Occupy Protester @DanielaAum connected in social media for Success & Safety to “Make A
  18. 18. PREVENTION Traditionally Crime Stoppers measures effectiveness in # of tips to solve crime Public wants crime PREVENTION Need to ENGAGE with community 2 way dialogue Need for a Chief Listening Officer (Photo) Follow community member @PaisleyRae for a valued opinion on the need to listen & have 2 way dialogue with purpose & process in social media
  19. 19. Community & PoliceCooperation Using Social MediaTools & Lawful Peaceful Protest Top Cop Digital Forensics at The Hague @I3K & community member @PaisleyRae agree on use of social media tools for success & safety #SMILEcon #YVR 2011
  20. 20. What Does “Social Media ForSuccess And Safety” Look Like? Take Crime Stoppers where the people are online in social media circles Facebook Pages (with Leave A Tip Tabs) Twitter accounts Google Plus pages and #HangOutsOnAir Youtube videos Engage community success to build audience Talk to those people already listening and grow the inner circle of success and safety
  21. 21. Celebrate Success Promote Safety Examples of amazing programs that celebrate success and promote safety using social media and Crime Stoppers International Leave A Tip tabs on Facebook pages
  22. 22. South Africa SHOUT! Twitter account @ShoutSA
  23. 23. South Africa SHOUT! Facebook Page
  24. 24. Mac’s Convenience Stores Intalled Facebook Page Leave A Tip
  25. 25. Mac’s Convenience StoresLaunched Twitter & SocialMedia Campaign Supporting Crime Stoppers
  26. 26. Video Explaining How Mac’s Convenience Stores Crime Prevention Social Media Campaign Works Thank you Sean Sportun Toronto Crime Stoppers Board Member & Macs Convenience Stores Loss Prevention
  27. 27. RCMP Airport DrugsFacebook Page Leave A Tip Tab Clicking on Leave A Tip Tab takes tipsters directly to Peel Crime Stoppers program
  28. 28. RIP Memorial Facebook Pages Mike Pimentel Toronto unsolved homicide Families & community members making Facebook pages to solve crimes are great opportunities to install a Crime Stoppers International Leave A Tip tab
  29. 29. Crime Stoppers Program Facebook Pages
  30. 30. “Project Eyewatch” New South Wales PoliceUses Facebook Leave A Tip Tab Facebook Leave A Tip tab directs tipsters to NSW Crime Stoppers website
  31. 31. Spanish Speaking Education Network  Crime Stoppers Facebook Leave A Tip Tab installed on Spanish Language Education Network’s Facebook Page For Success & Safety
  32. 32. School Facebook Pages Are Great Opportunities For Crime Stoppers Leave A Tip Tab Installation & Training Runnymede Collegiate School Facebook Page in Toronto, Canada has installed Crime Stoppers Leave A Tip Tab Clicking on Leave A tip tab takes tipsters to Tipsoft programs across North America
  33. 33. Local Community Event Facebook Pages GreatOpportunity For Crime Stoppers Leave A Tip Tab Polar Bear Dip in Oakville, Canada
  34. 34. Real Estate Company UsingCrime Stoppers Facebook Leave A Tip Tab Home Life Realty Ottawa
  35. 35. Business Improvement AssociationsGreat Opportunity For Crime Stoppers Leave A Tip Tab Installation  Bronte BIA in Oakville, Canada
  36. 36. Think of Potential “50 Cent” or “Justin Bieber” InstallingFacebook Crime Stoppers Leave A Tip Tab
  37. 37. How Do We Do It? We need a phone company to sponsor
  38. 38. Social Media Set Up Twitter Facebook page Youtube account Smart phone Training for Board Members how to engage and when to engage Clear expectations for volunteers Expectations not met then data plan cut off
  39. 39. Stay Connected With #CSIWorld Google Plus “Crime Stoppers International” All presentations & live streams will be available in social media
  40. 40. Offer of Help Lauri Stevens @LawsComm Tuesday Wednesday & Thursday Evenings help set up Gmail account Youtube Account Twitter Account Google Plus profile & page Facebook Page with Leave A Tip tab
  41. 41. Questions For Future Is there a role for Crime Stoppers in social media monitoring for community safety? Situations where people are talking in social media about potential of violence If Crime Stoppers were monitoring due to a tip, it could save a life Example Danzig Shooting in Toronto
  42. 42. Needs Going ForwardTo Save Lives Using Social Media  Global Social Media Fusion Centre  Potential To Stop Terrorist Attacks  Potential to stop suicides  There is a role for Crime Stoppers  Need for Human Resources  Need For Funding
  43. 43. Crime Stoppers 33rd AnnualTraining Conference Speaker @WardClapham says to “LEAD BIG!”
  44. 44. Crime Stoppers > Lead BIG! Community led programs are vital Partnerships with law enforcement unique Partnerhsip with traditional media is key Crime Stoppers programs are the most networked, recognized and respected law enforcement community partners in the world. It is time to LEAD BIG IN SOCIAL MEDIA FOR SUCCESS AND SAFETY.
  45. 45. SMILE!! Hope Vision We are the action We can do it See you at our evening workshops & online! Let’s get to work! For more info e-mail: