TOP             ENTERPRISE IT             IN 201210             By Bob Hayward             Chief Technology and           ...
It’s time to look back over 2011 and try to discern the key technologiesTOP                             and trends likely ...
1                                                                       The Sky Is Not the Limit                          ...
1TREND                    The Sky Is Not the Limit                    HEAD FOR THE CLOUDS                                 ...
2TREND                              A Legacy Transformed                              REWRITE HISTORYTHE DEMISE OF LEGACY ...
3TREND                              Big Data                             MORE IS BETTER NOWTHE REVOLUTION CHANGING EVERYTH...
4TREND                             Convergence of IT and OT                             CLOSE THE DIVIDEWE’RE NOT AT A CRO...
5TREND                             Strategic Leaking                             OPEN THE PIPELINETHE POWER OF INFORMATION...
6TREND                              Post-PC Era                              MOBILITY FOR                              EVE...
7TREND                             The User Is the Universe                             WORK ANYWHERETHE ENTERPRISE IS NO ...
8TREND                             Rapid Knowledge Capture                             KEEP KNOW-HOWTHE DRIVE TO RETAIN RE...
9TREND                              Taking IT Seriously                              GREEN IT                             ...
10TREND                            Collaborate Without Borders                            FINDING TALENT                  ...
So, what’s the point here? Well, if you’re not actively discussing or                                even debating and ass...
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Top 10 IT trends 2012


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It’s time to look back over 2011 and try to discern the key technologies
and trends likely to be top of mind for enterprise IT in 2012.

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Top 10 IT trends 2012

  1. 1. TOP ENTERPRISE IT IN 201210 By Bob Hayward Chief Technology and Innovation Officer, CSC Australia and CSC AsiaTECHNOLOGYTRENDS TO C
  2. 2. It’s time to look back over 2011 and try to discern the key technologiesTOP and trends likely to be top of mind for enterprise IT in 2012.10 Innovations, products and concepts from the consumer world contin- ued to dominate enterprise technology during 2011. This trend started more than 10 years ago and shows no sign of slowing down. Finishing the year as the world’s second-largest PC firm, Apple contin- ues to grow at a phenomenal rate. Their innovations fuelled the explo- sion of smartphones and tablet devices. In 2011, the post-PC era arrived,TECHNOLOGY and who would have guessed just 5 years ago that Apple (iPads, iPods),TRENDS Google (with Android), Samsung (Galaxy) and Amazon (Kindle Fire) would emerge as the major players?Competition in this space has become brutal. Patent battles Having a presence in social media, using the sites to gleanand deals to acquire firms with important patent assets are sentiment and market insights, and emulating them throughcommonplace headlines in the news. Even the incumbent corporate-sanctioned facsimiles were priorities of enterprisefavourite for enterprise mobility — RIM with their BlackBerry IT in 2011.devices — stumbled badly during the past 12 months. High-profile incidents in 2011 involving WikiLeaks, Sony, RSA and Epsilon changed the way we think about informa-BE MORE SOCIAL tion security. Now all enterprises must continually assessOther consumer firms and technologies that forced en- their levels of protection and treatment of sensitive data.terprise IT to respond in 2011 included Twitter, Facebook, 2011 was not a banner year for systems reliability andLinkedIn and a number of other social media sites. availability. Serious website outages affected Common- wealth Bank, Qantas, Virgin, RIM, Distribute.IT, the ASX and the Australian Parliament. GET YOUR HEAD IN THE CLOUDS Yet, if there was one prevailing ray of hope during the darker days of 2011, the one answer that could change everything, it was ‘the Cloud’. Enterprises started to un- derstand cloud services. They considered the increasing number of choices and options from cloud service providers as serious alternatives to the normal delivery of IT services. During the last year, we started to discuss the phenomenon of ‘big data’ as we grasped the potential to use a growing variety of data architectures to more optimally support diverse workload requirements. No longer is the answer always a SQL database. The IT industry lost many pioneers and innovators in 2011, including one of the greatest of all time. Steve Jobs left us at far too early an age. Other greats who have sadly departed include Ken Olsen, Dennis Ritchie, John McCarthy and Robert Morris. The part of the Baby Boomer generation that gave birth to this incredible IT industry is now reaching its twilight.T REND 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 TO C
  3. 3. 1 The Sky Is Not the Limit HEAD FOR THE CLOUDS 2 A Legacy Transformed REWRITE HISTORY 3 Big Data MORE IS BETTER NOW 4SO WHAT DOES 2012 HOLD IN STORE? Convergence of IT and OTI predict a lot more of the same. Consumer tech disruptions CLOSE THE DIVIDEwill drive agendas, even within the largest of enterprises.2012 is shaping up to be tough for business, with a great 5deal of uncertainty about the economic outlook in Europeclouding global sentiment. Unless something changes Strategic Leakingsoon, economic growth will be slow during the next several OPEN THE PIPELINEmonths. Business will pare IT budgets to the bone. Every-thing that can be pushed back or deferred will be. 6Nevertheless, the momentum behind technology-enabled Post-PC Erabusiness growth and innovation remains strong. ITinvestment does not come to a complete stop as in-flight MOBILITY FOR EVERYONEprojects continue. 7DELIVER CHEAPER AND BETTER The User Is the UniverseFor 2012, Gartner still project over US$2.7 trillion of globalenterprise spending on information and communications WORK ANYWHEREtechnology. CSC’s Leading Edge Forum (LEF) has identi-fied, as the service economy of the new world matures, that 8enterprise is changing its view of IT from a choice between Rapid Knowledge Capturelower costs and more value to a new view where cheaperand better is the new norm. KEEP KNOW-HOWIn this new world, enterprise IT functions must reducetheir back-office focus so they can keep up with the 9explosion of technology at the front of the company. Taking IT SeriouslyAs a result, enterprises in Australia will be casting theireyes over several technology trends in 2012, trying to GREEN IT IS IN FULL BLOOMdiscern the right time and the best approach to takethe best advantage. 10Here are my top 10 technology trends for Collaborate Without Bordersenterprise IT in 2012: FINDING TALENT EVERYWHERET REND 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 TO C
  4. 4. 1TREND The Sky Is Not the Limit HEAD FOR THE CLOUDS THE SILVER LINING FOR ENTERPRISE IT The cloud bandwagon rolls on, transforming and redefining service availability in its path. The five defining elements of a cloud service (elasticity, on-demand, metered consump- tion, shared resources and Web access) start to become the default means by which new IT services are rolled out and implemented. Cloud elements are made available in the public, private, community and hybrid models to support infrastructure, platform, software, and business process service types. Improved agility and removal of all the impediments for innovation become the most significant advantages gained The growing need for by choosing cloud. There are subtle changes underway as the overall adop- transparency, trust and tion of cloud increases. The growing need for transparency, governance will gradually trust and governance will gradually lead to the emergence of voluntary industry codes of conduct, trust marks and confor- lead to the emergence of mance to emerging standards, like the CloudTrust Protocol. voluntary industry codes of Currently, weak scrutiny by SMEs and consumers on the conduct, trust marks and credentials of cloud providers will adjust to reflect growing concerns over treatment of data, privacy and security. And conformance to emerging larger enterprises remain somewhat cautious about using global public clouds. These public cloud ‘take it or leave standards, like the it’ offerings do have a role to play in modern enterprise IT, CloudTrust Protocol. and leading organisations will always find some part of the portfolio of IT to run here. But they are not that interested in running the majority of their portfolio in offshore clouds, or clouds that might be reached through the public Internet using fraudulent credentials and currency. As a result, enterprises start to lean towards clouds that are inaccessible from the public Internet. Participation is by invitation only to selected like-minded enterprises. The participants will be in-country, and usually in community or private clouds. And service delivery is by reputable providers with a pedigree in handling sensitive enterprise requirements.T REND 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 TO C
  5. 5. 2TREND A Legacy Transformed REWRITE HISTORYTHE DEMISE OF LEGACY ASSETSThe huge inventory of legacy systems and applications is a Enterprises in 2012 start to seriously consider retiring,substantial part of many enterprise IT portfolios. And yet it replacing or decommissioning legacy assets. And many willis missing out on all the exciting innovation from consumer look to transform legacy to more contemporary languagestech, cloud and mobility. (Java, C#, Ruby) and environments (x86, cloud) using a growing number of automated and semi-automated toolsSomething has to be done. now coming into the market. The costs of inaction are nowLegacy systems cost a fortune to operate. They voraciously outweighed by the benefits of using more contemporary ITconsume scarce energy using outdated hardware and environments.lazily operate obsolete software/languages withdwindling expertise. Enterprises in 2012 start to transform and seriously consider retiring, replacing or decommissioning legacy assets.T REND 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 TO C
  6. 6. 3TREND Big Data MORE IS BETTER NOWTHE REVOLUTION CHANGING EVERYTHINGThe potential value of gaining insights from analysing large A word of caution ...and increasingly unstructured data sets has hit mainstream. Big data means big backups and big recovery. EnterprisesSo be prepared for ‘big data’ questions from your business. that do not engage comprehensive disaster recovery plan-CSC’s recent Leading Edge Forum (LEF) report The Data ning are playing with fire.rEvolution revealed the impressive range of data-intensivetechnologies, applications and future possibilities. But thegap between the promise and the reality of big datausage is still wide. Be prepared for ‘big data’In 2012 many organisations will try to apply the new questions from your business.shared-nothing architecture and distributed processingframeworks to store, process and manage businessinformation. By the end of 2012, IT strategy andarchitecture vocabulary will grow to include termslike MapReduce, Direct Record Access or Queries,NoSQL Databases, Parallel Relational Databases,Hadoop (MapReduce engines) and many more.T REND 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 TO C
  7. 7. 4TREND Convergence of IT and OT CLOSE THE DIVIDEWE’RE NOT AT A CROSSROADS.WE’RE AT AN INTERSECTION.Business will look to exploit the increasing convergence This convergence of ‘white collar’ and ‘blue collar’between traditional information technology (IT) used across enterprise technologies will be given many names: theenterprises and operational technology (OT) used to sup- Internet of Things, Smart [name your thing here],port production and control assets. IT/OT convergence Machine to Machine and IT/OT, to name a few.promises to integrate machines with enterprise systems,driving value-based optimisation and bullet-proof reliability.While IT has matured in reliability, its convergence with OT While IT has matured in reliability,will not rapidly expand the traditional patch of enterprise its convergence with OT will notIT as some are promising. The convergence is happeningat different paces and it depends on the operational stack rapidly expand the traditionalyou are talking about (e.g., MES/SCADA, control, intelligentsensors) and the industry you are dealing with (e.g., patch of enterprise IT asmanufacturing, mining, defence). some are promising.Nevertheless, we expect that in 2012 enterprise IT willincreasingly work in the operational space. But the focusfor enterprise IT must address the age-old divide betweenOT managers (mainly engineers) and their IT counterparts.TR END 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 TO C
  8. 8. 5TREND Strategic Leaking OPEN THE PIPELINETHE POWER OF INFORMATION TRANSPARENCYThe 2011 disclosures of hundreds of thousands of U.S. StateDepartment diplomatic cables by WikiLeaks led CEOs,CIOs and senior managers to ask, “How can I lock downmy organisation’s information and make sure this doesn’thappen to me?”It is becoming increasingly clear, however, that companieswill have to become more transparent, whether they wantto or not.In 2012 we expect that the more strategic firms will ask acompletely different question: “What data and informationthat we’ve always considered confidential should we bemaking available online — and how could we leverage thedisclosure of that information?”As part of ongoing Leading Edge Forum (LEF) research,CSC has found that organisations that practice strategicleaking will gain big advantages over their competitors ina wide variety of ways: better publicity; deeper customerloyalty and trust; more satisfied and motivated employees;stronger links to vendors, contractors and partners;improved recruiting; and better relations with investors.It is becoming increasingly clearthat companies will have tobecome more transparent,whether they want to or not.T REND 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 TO C
  9. 9. 6TREND Post-PC Era MOBILITY FOR EVERYONETHE CONSUMERISATION OF ITSmart, context-aware, mobile devices and enterprise Enterprise IT must make significant changes in procurement,applications that exploit the latest devices are making the vendor management, employee support, security policiestraditional desktop/laptop computer seem old-fashioned, and legal compliance. This became clear as part of theunintuitive and generally a drain on productivity. In CSC Leading Edge Forum (LEF) ongoing study of thecombination with in-built location-based presence, accelerating consumerisation of IT.augmented reality and sensors, employees are exposed Designing enterprise applications that redefineto a new way of interacting with the digital world. productivity using the newly emerging interfaces of smart2012 will be the year that these truly mobile devices and devices will be a critical competitive differentiator.applications become pervasive across the enterprise (in the Exploiting voice (think of the longer-term impacts ofnew post-PC era). Enterprise IT must find ways to embrace Apple’s Siri on the iPhone 4S) and gesture- andthis trend so it does not end up on the wrong side of history. expression-recognition technologies. Leveraging improved real-time translation capabilities and using video and augmented reality. These will be the new skills of the transformative developer. Enterprise IT must find ways to embrace this trend so it does not end up on the wrong side of history.T REND 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 TO C
  10. 10. 7TREND The User Is the Universe WORK ANYWHERETHE ENTERPRISE IS NO LONGER THE CENTREIf we are indeed in a post-PC trend, then enterprise IT Traditional enterprise will growwill require a greater level of understanding of our newperimeter at the edges. With increasing mobility, users are beyond its accustomed perimeter,able to work anywhere, on any device and over any network moving out to the edges.(business, shared or third-party). Robust access like thisraises notable security concerns.Traditional enterprise will grow beyond its accustomedperimeter, moving out to the edges. With stories ofhigh-profile data breaches constantly in the news, securityidentity management will be in the spotlight. In 2012,forward-thinking organisations will understand the newperimeter and change current enterprise-centricapproaches to a new user-centric federated identitymanagement approach.T REND 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 TO C
  11. 11. 8TREND Rapid Knowledge Capture KEEP KNOW-HOWTHE DRIVE TO RETAIN RETIRING BABY BOOMERSThere are thousands of baby boomers retiring now every In particular, organisations leverage principles from theyear. Many are irreplaceable, and unfortunately there are computer gaming industry to make business processes andsimply not enough people to take their place. The result: a education ‘sticky’ (addictive). The gaming sector definitelyhuge loss of critical knowledge and IP, most of which is tacit has the user engagement formula nailed. The 2011 launchesknow-how built up over years of experiences that can’t be of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3 wereeasily transferred. larger than any Hollywood blockbuster movie during the year.The mass exodus, or ‘great crew change’ as some So stay tuned to hear the phrase ‘gamification’ a lot have labelled it, will drive targeted spendingon rapid knowledge capture, storing and transference.In 2012, expect to see the use of virtual environments The mass exodus, or ‘great crewto communicate key business processes. New human–computer interfaces, like Microsoft Kinect and Augmented change’ as some industries haveReality, could allow some retirees to remotely stay on the labelled it, will drive targetedjob, shadowing and interacting with their younger peers. spending on rapid knowledge capture, storing and transference.T REND 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 TO C
  12. 12. 9TREND Taking IT Seriously GREEN IT IS IN FULL BLOOMTHE URGENCY TO PAINT IT GREENIT sustainability has dropped off in importance due to continuous improvements in energy, ethical waste removalglobal financial uncertainties. But the introduction of a and water use. Nationally, initiatives such as Mandatorycarbon tax in Australia and rising energy costs will force Energy Performance and Government-led productenterprises to take sustainable IT seriously. stewardship will place sustainability firmly on any enterprise IT agenda.The visibility and urgency of electricity spending —especially in Australia, where the public grid energy is IT use of energy is projected to grow four-fold betweenalmost entirely produced from coal — will rapidly rise up the now and 2020. But the IT systems deployed in areas suchcorporate hierarchy. In 2012 IT will lead the deployment of as smart grids, intelligent buildings, optimised supply chainsbetter tools required for detailed reports on energy use by and fleet management should help offset energy usebusiness unit across the IT infrastructure, and to track as they utilise improved efficiencies across industries and economies.IT use of energy is projected By the prudent and focused investment in intelligent IT systems in building management, supply chain, transport,to grow four-fold between logistics and energy production/distribution, the nationalnow and 2020. goals of achieving carbon emission reductions in excess of 25% by 2020 can be achieved (without the need for a tax or trading scheme).T REND 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 TO C
  13. 13. 10TREND Collaborate Without Borders FINDING TALENT EVERYWHERETHE EMPHASIS ON OFFSHORING KNOWLEDGEAND PROCESSThe global search for talent and insight at a competitive Technologies that enable orprice will drive an increased emphasis on offshoring ofknowledge work and the outsourcing of business processes facilitate collaboration across thein 2012. A readiness to go outside the organisation for world in virtual teams will be majorskills and feedback will also raise the acceptance ofcrowd-sourcing and the use of social media to converse areas of investment.with the market, stay alive to new opportunities, generateideas and create content. Technologies that enable orfacilitate collaboration across the world in virtual teamswill be major areas of investment.T REND 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 TO C
  14. 14. So, what’s the point here? Well, if you’re not actively discussing or even debating and assessing the implications of these trends in your organisation, then enterprise IT is not doing its job. It’s imperative that your organisation understand these trends and incorporates them into strategic thinking. It will help you create new ways of doing things. Find better markets. Rise above theIN SUMMARY competition. And thrive in this fast-paced and ever-growing, innovative world. What do you ADDITIONAL INSIGHTS: CSC Chief Innovation Officer Lem Lasher’s IT-Business Predictions for 2012 CSC Chief Innovation Officer Lem Lasher’s IT-Business Predictions for 2012 (Video) think will be CSC’s Leading Edge Forum on the agenda of enterprise IT Gartner Predictions 2012 IDC Australian ICT 2012 Top 10 Predictions Ovum Super Themes in 2012 in 2012? T REND 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 TO C
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