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Go Green with CSC’s FirstPoint


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CSC at Digital Pharma & Life Sciences Conference 2011: …

CSC at Digital Pharma & Life Sciences Conference 2011:
CSC‘s GreenInitiative
Reduce Paper and Enhance Collaboration with FirstPoint

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011 Kurhaus Wiesbaden/Germany

Published in: Health & Medicine
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  • 1. Digital Pharma & Life Sciences Conference 2011Dienstag, 22. Februar 2011 g,Kurhaus WiesbadenTuesday, February 22, 2011Kurhaus Wiesbaden/Germany
  • 2. Go Green with CSC’s CSC sFirstPointDIPL. ING.DIPL.-ING. Peter BRANDSTETTERHead of Life Sciences EMEA Central RegionCSC
  • 3. Agenda• CSC‘s Green Initiative• Reduce Paper and Enhance Collaboration with p FirstPoint• FirstPoint 3.0
  • 4. CSC sCSC‘s Green Initiative
  • 5. CSC’s Green Initiative • M b Climate S Member Cli t Savers C Computing ti Initiative • CSC ranked #3 Green Outsourcer in the World, 2009 • Global Green 100 Honoree Picture or • Paper Consumption decreased by Text 34%. • What FirstPoint can do ? More than 99 Million Tons of  – Reduce Paperp p  and p ppaper paperboard were used  – – Enhance Collaboration to reduce Travel in the U.S. in 2005(  Think before you print !
  • 6. Reduce Paper and EnhanceCollaboration with FirstPoint
  • 7. Gartner – Predicts 2010 – IT Pharma R&D •Clinical trials will continue to move away from paper‐ based Supply Chain •Concentration of pharmaceutical distribution  p continues to grow Compli- •Penalties for noncompliance increase C li ance •Government contracting complex Sales •Traditional role is evolving •Tremendous market changes in Europe Tremendous Europe
  • 8. R&D - Collaboration beyond ELN R&D Processes – IT Today Discovery Pre-Clincal Clinical Post Market (I – III) Devices De ices Pharma Custom Excel, (LIMS) covigilanc code Word eCTD e R&D Processes – IT Vision Discovery Pre-Clincal Clinical Post Market (I – III) ECM and Collaboration Platform (Multi Site, Multi Organisation) Custom Code, QM Backbone Pharma Standard SW ( (ELN, SAP, LIMS) , , ) covigilance g
  • 9. Power of Choice: Software + Services EAI Layer FirstPoint (Sharepoint) MES, , SAP LIMS FirstDoc etc. Excel Word Quality Datawarehouse y Quality Management Cockpit
  • 10. FirstPoint 3.0
  • 11. TRUSTED COMPLIANCE @ WORK• Office I Offi Integration i• Guided Path• Advanced Workflows CSC’s FirstPoint Compliance platform• Electronic Forms extends SharePoint to fully comply with• Compliant Spreadsheets 21 CFR Part 11 and Annex 11 ensuring• PDF Renditions secure collaboration with a myriad of• Controlled Printing external business partners• Best Practi Lib i B t P tice Libraries – R&D, eTMF and Clinical – QM – Sales & Marketing
  • 12. CSC’s FirstPoint Compliance Platform SECURE COLLA‐ Regulatory  CROs  CMOs  Go‐to‐Market  BORATION Affiliates Investigators Supply Chain Partners BUSINESS  Research &  Clinical/  Quality &  Sales &  ON MODULES Development eTMF Manufacturing Marketing ABORATIO Metadata  Advanced Workflow  Advanced Document  Automation Engine Lifecycle EDM & COLLA Authoring Templates Intuitive Workflow UI PDF Renditions FIRSTPOINT  Document Auto  Auto Periodic Review Metrics & Reporting COMPLIANCE  Numbering Electronic Forms Configurable E‐mail  M PLATFORM Document Auto  Audit Trail Notices Naming Advanced Security Administrative Utilities Change Requests CONTENT  Microsoft SharePoint MANAGEMENT
  • 13. FirstPoint’s Quick Start to Compliance Each business module contains preconfigured libraries  based on experience from over 50 implementations!BUSINESS  Research &  Research Clinical/  Quality &  Sales & MODULES Development eTMF Manufacturing Marketing •Nonclinical •Clinical •Controlled  •Advertise‐ •Clinical Clinical •TMF Site TMF Documents ments and  •Quality (CMC) •TMF Study •Change  Promotional  •Regulatory Requests MaterialsThe libraries consist of  •Content types •Guided Paths (Metadata  •Workflow templatespredefined: •Site columns Automation) •Security templates
  • 14. FirstPoint Eliminates Error & BoostsProductivity via “Guided Paths” Guided Paths• FirstPoint’s advanced metadata automation tool called Guided Path auto  populates metadata where possible• Guided Path  provides  consistent data  and reduce the  volume of data  dat a Creating a  entry document is faster,  – Metadata   easier, and less  becomes   more  error prone when  valuable for   it’s pre‐populated  searching   with exactly what  y and workflow   you need! automation
  • 15. Workflow Guides Secure Collaboration 2.  A copy of the  document is  automatically  exported to a  p 1.  Author initiates workflow  controlled  and invites contributing  SharePoint site authors4.  An audit trail is kept of   3. Contributing authors and  all actions for the  external business partners  updated document and  can simultaneously  the collaboration site is  collaborate in a secure and  deleted upon completion  controlled setting using  of the workflow  Word Track Changes
  • 16. FirstPoint CollaborationCopy a document from FirstPoint Site to SharePoint SiteFirstPoint Main Site FirstPoint Workspace Site When the workflow  is initiated a copy of  the d h document is  created and placed  on the collaborative  workspace A document with  compiled changes is  copied back to FirstDoc  as a new version.  
  • 17. Power of Choice: Software + Services SERVICES Trusted Cloud Services For Healthcare For Financial Services For Government
  • 18. THANK YOU !