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CSC World Magazine March 2013

  1. 1. Winter 2013WORLDAvis Budget’sRoad to Customer ValueInside the Company’s Journey to GrowRevenue with Big Data AnalyticsINSIDEBig Data Meets Presidential Politics9 Cloud Computing Predictions for 2013Technology Helps Fight a Deadly DiseaseCybersecurity for Industrial Control Systems
  2. 2. let the data be your guideHow do you navigate today’s business challenges without a map?CSC’s Big Data and Analytics services Our data-driven insights quickly lead Learn more about how CSCallow you to identify faster routes to clients to reliable results. That means can help you use your data asyour business goals. Our offerings help enabling faster innovation and decision a guide: stay on course during your business making for greater profitability andjourney, no matter what the terrain. growth along the way.
  3. 3. WORLD Inside CSC WorldDIRECTOR, GLOBAL BRAND & DIGITAL MARKETINGNick Panayi Big Data: It’s No JokeEDITORIAL DIRECTORPatricia Brown Big data has typically been about the biggest brains in organizations looking for big solutions to big problems. For years, business intelligence has been the domain of people planning strategy over a relativelySenior managing editorJeff Caruso long time horizon, using tools and tactics that were cumbersome and often counterintuitive. You quite literally had to be a rocket scientist to understand what the huge amounts of data meant to the organization.Senior editorChris Sapardanis But all of this is changing. Advanced processing power and rapidly maturing analytics technology areContributing Writers colliding with a growing appetite among executives for in-depth, customer-based information. As a result,Jim BatteyDale Coyner we are seeing new demands from every level of the organization to access vast amounts of information inPeter Krass support of day-to-day — even minute-to-minute — decision making, not just long-term planning.Jenny MangelsdorfArt director In other words, the most successful entities — whether they are companies, agencies, political parties orDeric Luong even individuals — are not just those that can apply economies of scale to produce competitively pricedDesign & production offerings. Instead, the winners will most likely be those who can microtarget, delivering what differentCreative Services — P2 segments of the market want based on a local understanding of conditions and circumstances duringCSC­­­ specific customer AMERICAS Take the case of CSC’s own Gary Jackson, who works with companies worldwide on developing big3170 Fairview Park Drive data strategies. He is very serious about big data. But he is also a very funny guy. Seriously, he’s funny. AFalls Church, VA 22042 couple of months ago he swung by D.C. from Hong Kong, and one evening a group of us saw him deliverUnited States+1.703.876.1000 his routine at a downtown comedy café. Comedy is truly a high-wire act, and Gary will tell you that every room is different. This is especially true if you cross continents and cultures. So, how is he able to leaveAsia20 Anson Road #11-01 us all laughing? He has learned how to capture the mood of the room and the moment. Only then can heTwenty Anson segment the crowd to carefully choose the material he will present.Singapore 079912Republic of Singapore+65.6221.9095 A joke, or a product, cannot be delivered in exactly the same way in different places to different cultures in a successful manner. Organizations that understand this will increasingly provide more employees accessAustraliaLevel 6/Tower B to big data resources and offer business intelligence tools to support routine interactions.26 Talavera RoadMacquarie Park, NSW 2113Sydney, Australia This is clearly illustrated in our big data cover story, “Avis Budget’s Road to Customer Value.” Like many+61(0)2.9034.3000 businesses, Avis Budget had loads of customer data with no clear way to analyze it. Today, the companyEurope, Middle East, Africa has a new marketing science organization, a new customer value model, and a new marketing campaignRoyal Pavilion and technology toolset. All of this has led to improved customer loyalty and improved profitability. Best ofWellesley RoadAldershot, Hampshire GU11 1PZ all, it has helped the company increase its revenue by $200 million.United Kingdom+44(0)1252.534000 In the article, “Big Data Meets Presidential Politics,” we show how the Obama campaign successfully used big data analytics to gain votes. The campaign deployed a team of technologists who built a sophisticatedCSC WORLD (ISSN 1534-5831) data platform code-named Narwhal to help segment, track and microtarget voters. And don’t miss theis a publication ofComputer Sciences Corporation. piece by Sashi Reddi, VP and general manager of CSC’s Big Data and Analytics group, which identifies four big data trends you should be tracking.Copyright ©2013Computer Sciences CorporationAll rights reserved. We hope you enjoy the issue and take the opportunity to visit and interact with us online. CSC WorldReproduction without permission is also available at, where you can subscribe, comment on stories, watchis prohibited. accompanying videos or download mobile versions.Comment on what you’veread in CSC WORLD Best, Patricia BrownOr write:CSC WORLD Editorial Director, CSC World3170 Fairview Park DriveFalls Church, VA 22042 USA WINTER 2013 | CSC WORLD 1
  4. 4. CSC WORLD | winter 2013 | VOLUME 11 | NUMBER 4 14 28 22 36 8 4 NEWS big data Mergers-and-acquisitions activity dominates the end of 12 4 Ways Big Data Will Transform Business 2012; a new center of excellence for mobility opens, and Customer intelligence is just one example of big data’s CSC’s Yogesh Khanna wins a CTO Innovator award. value. As the technology evolves, big data is expected to accelerate a number of important trends in 2013. 6 heard on Experts are coming to to make their voices 14 Big Data Meets Presidential Politics heard, in CSC Town Halls, online communities and In the 2012 presidential election, the Obama campaign Ingenious Minds blogs. successfully used big data analytics to influence voters. Enterprises can apply these same tactics to influence customers and drive sales. cover story Executive Perspective 8 Avis Budget’s 16 Better Coordination, Better Health People are living longer than ever before, largely as a result Road to Customer Value of improved public health and medical care. But as we start the second century of mass medicine, healthcare systems Technology is disrupting the rental car business. For Avis are under stress. Budget Group, a new emphasis on big data analytics could hold the key to achieving significant growth in the United 17 Australia’s World of Opportunity States and abroad. Australia is the center of the world. Don’t believe it? Gavin Larkings, vice president and general manager of CSC Australia, discusses the importance of natural resources, China and emerging tech in his region.2 CSC WORLD | WINTER 2013
  5. 5. financial services18 iPad App Appeals to Younger Clients As one of the oldest banks in Europe, Van Lanschot keeps in step with client needs. But company growth has New ON CSC.COM brought in a younger clientele and has the bank rethinking its digital presence. Infographics Central: Explore key trends and data in visual and interactive ways with a collection of CSC20 Is That Really You? infographics on emerging technologies such as cloud Instant payments, paperless check deposits and one-touch computing, big data and mobile banking. transfers have made online banking wildly popular with customers. But the threat of fraudulent payments and identity theft is up as well. CSC Town Halls: Join a continuing series of online conferences on IT topics that matter to you, featuring HEALTHCARE CSC experts and special guest speakers ready to answer22 Scientists Explore the Origin of Outbreaks Online your questions. When scientists need access to information on medical Success Story Briefing Center: View video success topics such as human genetics and flu outbreaks, they turn stories featuring CSC subject matter experts, clients and to the National Library of Medicine. CSC supports this vast global partners or search hundreds of stories that cover repository of healthcare data. a wide range of solution areas. Technology Helps Fight a Deadly Disease At least 1.8 million people die from sepsis each year. CSC’s CareVeillance™ real-time clinical surveillance tool is helping The University of Kansas Hospital detect the disease early and save lives. CYBERSECURITY Research 26 How Hospitals Can Immunize Against Hackers 36 Where ‘Mad Men’ Meets ‘Math Men’ Cybercrime and data breaches are among the most Marketing is marketing, technology is technology, data common worries keeping healthcare CIOs up at night. is data, and never the three shall meet — right? Not so, Healthcare organizations must pursue an enterprise-type says Frank Cutitta, a research associate in CSC’s Leading approach to securing data. Edge Forum. 28 Cybersecurity for Industrial Control Systems: 40 Open Source: It’s Not Just for The Time Is Now Software Anymore The need for strong cybersecurity on industrial control IT’s influence is growing beyond the server room to systems is great. These systems — vital to the chemical, rewrite basic business strategy. A new CSC Leading Edge electrical, water and other industries — are increasingly Forum study points to open source software as key to its under attack. expanding sway. cloud computing applications 30 Understanding Cloud and How to Buy It 42 ‘Mobile First’ Movement Drives CSC and EMC sponsored the Outsourcing Center’s Cloud Application Design Buyer’s Guide, to provide a better understanding of cloud The rapid adoption of smart mobile devices has redefined and how it differs from traditional IT outsourcing. industries and spawned new ones in just a few short years. That shift is also causing companies to rethink application32 Overcoming the Fear of Cloud development strategy. Despite cloud’s high adoption rates, lingering doubts about data security remain, according to Information Security Last Word Media Group’s 2012 Cloud Computing Security Survey. 44 9 Cloud Computing Predictions for 2013 The cloud changes nearly everything, including IT’s34 How ‘Everything as a Service’ Can Save relationship with the business. Siki Giunta, vice president and CIOs Money general manager of CSC Cloud Computing and Software Today, nearly any type of hardware, software, IT process or Services, predicts major developments coming this year. business process can be offered as a cloud-based service. It’s called “Everything as a Service,” and the benefits to the enterprise are many. WINTER 2013 | CSC WORLD 3
  6. 6. news CSC’s Transformation Takes Big Turns in 2012 Another major transaction was designed to bolster the company’s big data offerings. In October, CSC acquired 42six Solutions, a premier software development company that specializes in big data processing and analytics, and advanced applications support for the U.S. Intelligence Community (IC) and the Department of Defense. “Data services and analytics capabilities are rapidly becoming essential elements of commercial and government operations, and these product offerings hold unmistakable benefits to the intelligence community,” says Sashi Reddi, vice president and general manager, Big Data and Analytics, CSC. “This acquisition aligns directly with CSC’s strategy of offering customers greater value through big data expertise and intellectual property.” In other divestitures, CSC reached an agreement with Adcorp, South Africa’s largest employment services company, to sell Paxus, CSC’s Australian IT staffing unit. The total value of this all-cash transaction is expected to be $73.5 million. “Our turnaround is tracking to plan. We are transitioning to our new operating model and we are aligning our assets with our strategy of leading the next generation of technology services and solutions. Our cost takeout initiatives are yielding results as demonstrated by higher profit margins in all three lines of business when compared with the prior year. As a result, we are raising our target for fiscal year 2013 EPS from continuing operations to $2.50 - $2.70,” says Mike Lawrie, president and CEO. “During the quarter, we divested certain non-core In work that began with the hiring of a new CEO in March 2012, businesses and we are using the proceeds to return cash to CSC’s turnaround plan hit major milestones in recent months. shareholders through our share buyback program and incre- The 54-year-old company is forging ahead with an aggressive mental contributions to our pension plans.” transformation initiative to rebalance its portfolio of services and focus on next-generation technology solutions and services. Also in October, as part of its ongoing service portfolio opti- In its largest move to date, CSC sold its credit services unit to mization, CSC entered into an agreement with Dedagroup, an Equifax for $1 billion in cash. Italian IT services company, for the sale of the consulting and systems integration services part of its business in Italy. The after-tax proceeds from the sale of the business will be approximately $750 to $800 million, based on preliminary plans. After the transaction reaches final agreement, CSC will retain CSC intends to use $300 to $400 million to repurchase shares, a presence in Italy and continue to provide a select portfolio contribute $300 to $400 million to its pension plans and apply of services, including cloud, financial services, infrastruc- the remainder to general corporate purposes. ture, business process outsourcing and healthcare offerings, to multinational companies. CSC will also retain corporate CSC’s credit services unit had owned credit files in 15 financial services products, solutions and services for CSC’s Midwestern and Central U.S. states representing 20% of the international accounts. U.S. population, and had been the largest independent U.S. consumer credit reporting agency and an Equifax affiliate for Under the terms of the agreement, Dedagroup will assume from more than 20 years. CSC all pan-Italian consulting and systems integration projects, as well as fashion industry software products and services.4 CSC WORLD | WINTER 2013
  7. 7. CSC’s Yogesh Khanna Wins CTO Innovator Award Yogesh Khanna, chief technology officer (CTO) for CSC’s North American Public Sector, won the 2012 Government Con- tractor CTO Innovator Award in the large company category from the Northern Virginia Technology Council (NVTC) and Washington Technology. The award was presented on November 12 at NVTC’s annual TechCelebration banquet. Khanna’s award recognizes his instrumental role in establishing CSC’s data center consolidation and cloud go-to-market strategy and offerings. He also developed a strategic roadmap for product offerings to support the Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative and to help CSC’s clients migrate to the “as-a-service” consumption model. In addition, he established an Innovation Task Force, comprising CTOs who represent their respective divisions at CSC. “Yogesh has remarkable passion for and proficiency in delivering results that government customers and internalMobility Center of colleagues value,” says David Zolet, executive vice presi-Excellence Opens in India dent and general manager of CSC’s North American Public Sector. “He leverages more than two decades of experienceWith mobility creating new disruptions in the enterprise, CSC to continuously drive next-generation solutions that help ourhas established a Mobility Center of Excellence that serves as a customers meet their missions and achieve greater efficien-focal point for the company’s worldwide mobility resources and cies. I continue to be impressed by his technical acumen anda base for research and development, testing, demonstrations, engaging approach.”creation of custom prototypes and definition of best practices. Khanna leads the development and implementation of the“Mobility has become a strategic priority for many enterprises,” government cloud strategy and is an active contributor tosays Chirag Srivastava, head of CSC’s Mobility Center of Excellence. CSC’s global cloud computing initiatives. He recently served“However, the opportunities generated by mobility may instigate as a commissioner on the TechAmerica Foundation Big Datasignificant technology and organizational change.” Commission. He is frequently sought after for his opinions and perspectives by media, appearing on Federal News Radio andTo address that change, the center, based in Noida, India, WTOP News in Washington, D.C. He also participates in panelhas opened research and development laboratories in Noida, discussions at industry conferences, presenting frequently atHyderabad and Bangalore, created tools that speed solution technology and business solutions conferences.development, and established processes and project-executionmodels to help clients stay ahead of the mobility curve. This annual award recognizes CTOs within the region’s government contracting community for their critical contri-CSC has a legacy in mobility, creating mobile solutions when butions to achieving results for their customers and theirwired solutions weren’t viable, such as in space or deep in the leadership within their own companies. The winner wasearth. Today, the company’s mobility solutions continue to evolve chosen by an independent panel of leaders from the governmentwith innovation, providing a scalable, manageable, step-by-step contracting community.approach to mobile-enabling processes, people and assets.“On the road or in the office, business must go on,” says Watch Yogesh and His Team in Action:Srivastava. “Our approach is based on proven technologies and From Ideation to Reality — Inside a CSC ­process-transformation methodologies to help clients achieve Innovation Centerrapid results from their mobility investments.” Learn more about CSC Learn more at Centers of Excellence at WINTER 2013 | CSC WORLD 5
  8. 8. Heard on Experts inside and outside of CSC are coming to to make their voices heard, in CSC Town Hall webcasts, our online communities and our Ingenious Minds blogs. Here are some highlights. Cloud cover In years past, when you spent time making IT better for your agency, you were probably making it harder to communicate with other agencies. Now managers see [cloud computing] as a way to jump over cultural and technical barriers they had created in the past. You don’t have to blow up what everyone has; you just build over it with applications offered as a service. The new breed Gen. Michael Hayden Former CIA and NSA Director of data scientist If you are having a hard time finding and hiring data scientists, you are probably looking for them in the wrong places. Data scientists are not necessarily graduating from universities with degrees in math, statistics or science. They could be graduating from your local school of art and design with a degree in digital media. … There is a massive shift around analytics that our current university graduate is not prepared for. Most university graduates know how to use various analytical tools. They also understand the statistics underlying the tools, but they cannot “abstract” or “story tell” as is demanded in the current market. Gary Jackson Director of Business Analytics at CSC CSC WORLD || WINTER 2013 CSC WORLD WINTER 2013
  9. 9. Understand the Practical BYOD challenge innovation The bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trend requires a lot of architectural planning and engineering, and it’s People tend to think of innovation treated just like any large-scale business transformation as cutting-edge technology, project. It requires everyone — help desk, network pie-in-the-sky. But innovation engineers, server admins, architects of a dozen talents, is also about cost, figuring out accountants, legal experts and most important of all, end how to deliver a product a number of times more users — to come up with a solution that’s a) workable; cheaply. I think that’s going to become increasingly b) useful; c) affordable. Using your iPhone to check your important as you have a government customer with a company email might seem effortless and easy, but it’s constrained amount of funding that will be looking for complex stuff. If we’re doing it, we need to know what low-cost providers for the solutions it needs. we’re letting ourselves in for and how much of an open season we really want to declare. Joe Anselmo Editor-in-Chief, Aviation Week & Space Technology magazine Mikio Tsunematsu Town Hall: “Aerospace & Defense Industry Searches for Solid Ground” Networks Specialist CSC Blog in CSC’s CIO Engage community Rise of the machines ValueMachine-to-Machine: It’s the Internet of the future. Therewill be two or three major distribution chains that will use evangelistsmore and more machine-to-machine or credit-card-by-phone Organizations have at least three ways to get value fromnetworks to sell you, say, a Diet Coke at a ball game. In fact, IT: better management of IT itself, better management ofthe Olympics in Brazil will be a total M-to-M type of Olympics. business processes, and enhancing the customer experience, through smart uses of data, new services or new products.Siki Giunta We need to raise awareness about the kind of value ITVice President and General Manager, Cloud Computing can bring to an organization, and then the senior leadershipand Software Services at CSC team needs to be clear about who in the organization is responsible for pursuing and achieving and sustaining those three sources of value. Nils Fonstad Associate Director, INSEAD eLab Town Hall, “CIO Barometer: The Rapidly Evolving Role of IT Leadership” WINTER 2013 | CSC WORLD 7
  10. 10. Cover STORY Avis Budget’s Road to Customer Value Inside the Company’s Journey to Grow Revenue with Big Data Analytics by Chris Sapardanis Technology is disrupting the rental car business. In a post-recession market, intense competition is forcing companies to offer new and better services to customers. The resulting touch- screen kiosks, mobile apps and car-sharing options are recent proof of a global $50 billion industry’s innovation awakening.8 CSC WORLD | WINTER 2013
  11. 11. For Avis Budget Group, a leading global vehicle rental services Working with a big data team from CSC, Avis Budget began onecompany, and the only one operating two truly global brands, a of the most important programs in the company’s emphasis on technology, data analytics and marketing couldhold the key to achieving significant growth in the United States Their first goal: grow market share. “Avis is the leader inand abroad. commercial car rental in North America,” Gartland says. “We have the No. 1 position when we talk about car rental forA postrecession plan commercial travelers and a 64% share of their wallet. But we stillBack in 2009, nobody was talking about big data. In the midst of have the opportunity for an additional 36%.”the Great Recession, with millions of jobs lost in the United Statesbetween Sept. 2008 and Sept. 2009, companies were cutting The same is true of Budget. “Budget is more of a leisure brand,back significantly on employee expenses such as business travel, and we have about 45% share of wallet with the normal Budgetand the uncertain economic outlook led many consumers to client,” he says. “How do we capture that incremental 55%postpone or cancel their leisure travel plans. share of wallet, so in their decision set they’re always thinking of using the Budget brand? If we could do that, we could addThe recession’s toll on travel meant a reduced demand for rental over two billion dollars of incremental revenue to the Northcars at airports, which lowered revenue for rental car companies. American business.”But instead of keeping their heads down until the economicstorm passed, executives at Parsippany, N.J.-based Avis Budget A customer-centric planbegan formulating a plan to identify new opportunities and grow The result of Avis Budget’s strategic planning during thetheir business using customer data. downturn gave birth to the company’s focus on CRM. A customer value segmentation roadmap would be the starting“The recession was the time to revise our strategic thinking, point. CSC was chosen to help implement a program that wouldand say, ‘When we come out of this, and we will come out of it, enable Avis Budget to derive new insights from their customerwhat is the investment that our company should make in order data and take informed channel-specific actions to marketto enhance the post-recession customer’s experience and drive programs and services.loyalty, revenue and profit for the company,’” says Tom Gartland,president of North America at Avis Budget Group. “Before we arrived and started to work with Avis, the company was a transaction-based company,” says Alex Black, a senior“When we first started talking about a customer relationship partner in CSC’s Analytics Insights and Information (CRM) and loyalty program, the car rental industry “Avis had a lot of transaction information but none of it waswas seen by many as a commodity business,” he says. “We had aggregated by customer.”the opportunity to change that paradigm, that by the rightcustomer execution, service excellence and an enhanced loyaltyprogram, we would be seen by our potential clients as differentfrom competitors.”Data-driven growthIn the information age, data is a valuable asset. Research firmIDC is predicting a big data market that will grow revenueat 31.7% a year until it hits the $23.8 billion mark in 2016.For companies such as Avis Budget, the potential to minetheir data — and derive actionable marketing insights — ispractically limitless.CSC defines big data as data that consists of large volumes, highvelocity or variety. Avis Budget’s challenge concerned elementsof all three components. The company had significant volumes oftransaction data that needed to be analyzed for real-time actions(offers, service treatments, etc.) and an accelerating volume ofunstructured data coming in from its website, call center, emailsand social media channels.Alex Black, a senior partner in CSC’s Analytics Insightsand Information practice (left), and Tom Gartland,president of North America at Avis Budget Group WINTER 2013 | CSC WORLD 9
  12. 12. cover STORY CSC’s initial work with Avis Budget was to help it define and After the lifetime value model was developed and approved, implement a customer-led, service-driven vision. Both the Avis implementation began. CSC applied the model to Avis Budget’s and Budget brands would benefit from the program. 40-million strong customer database. Customers were stack ranked from the top down into value segments. “What we were focusing on was to start with a customer- valuation approach,” says Black. “Let’s build a model, determine “Then we really focused on the top-value segments to drive who the most valuable customers are and figure out how to offers and treatments, as a way to engender loyalty,” Black says. concentrate on them by doing some extra special things. “At the same time we were careful not to discriminate against That meant a lot of data work, a lot of campaign-management lower-value customers because they might be high potential work and a full program that included really transforming the in the future. All of those nuances got involved in applying the entire organization.” results of the model.” Better service via data To validate the modeling, CSC helped Avis Budget develop and The car rental business seems pretty straightforward until you run six marketing campaigns powered by IBM Unica’s marketing pull the skin back. The complexity begins when one considers campaign management tool. Despite the extreme complexity of all of the different touch points and systems. “Ultimately, Avis running multichannel campaigns using a new system, in a short Budget is trying to create a differentiating experience every time time frame, the effort solidified the power of the customer model, someone rents a car,” Black says. “That’s a challenge, because and actually generated additional revenue while the program’s car rental seems like a commodity to a lot of folks.” work continued. The first step in the CRM program with Avis Budget was A 360-degree view developing a customer intelligence roadmap. In six weeks, The more you know about your customers, the better you can CSC delivered a three-year plan that outlined what business, serve them. Powered by IBM’s Master Data Management for technology and organizational projects were needed, broken Customer application, Avis Budget’s customer value scores are down by costs, timelines and dependencies. part of a 360-degree view of the customer that also includes rental history, service issues, demographics, corporate affiliation “A value model predicts a customer’s future value,” Black says. and customer feedback. “Avis had never done any customer value segmentation before. So this was a great starting point. It made a lot of sense to focus on, first and foremost, your most valuable customers and offer them a way to move the dial on their business.”10 CSC WORLD | WINTER 2013
  13. 13. In order to develop further customer insights, CSC helped AvisBudget develop and launch an advanced analytics team namedthe Marketing Sciences Organization, including defining keyroles and interviewing candidates. Client: Avis Budget GroupFully launched six months ahead of schedule, Avis Budget’s new Challenge:focus on customer value segmentation is gaining steam. The • Maximize customer lifetime valuecompany is experiencing the benefits of big data analytics and • Meet customer service expectationsa customer database organized by brand, segment and other • Build customer loyaltykey factors. Solution:“The first thing our analytics told us was that we weren’t • A new Marketing Sciences Organizationcapturing all of the potential rentals from our existing clients,” • A new customer value modelsays Gartland, who is responsible for operations, sales, • A new marketing campaign and databasemarketing and customer care for Avis Budget across the United technology toolsetStates and Canada. “We were missing something — which wasreally rich data. And what the data said to us is that there were Results:opportunities to create relationships and provide offers that met • Improved customer loyaltyclient needs.” • Improved profitability • Increased revenue by $200 millionThe data also told Avis Budget that there was significantopportunity for customer upgrades. The company now has theinformation to appropriately enrich offers to upgrade, based on About Avis Budget Group:customer loyalty or different value propositions. The project has Avis Budget Group is a leading rental car supplieralready helped Avis Budget increase incremental revenue by that serves the premium commercial and leisure$200 million. segments of the travel industry. Budget also operates one of the leading truck rental businesses in theUnstructured social data United States.A major source of unstructured data for Avis Budget is social Avis Budget Group and its subsidiaries andmedia. In fact, that’s a growing trend for most companies. The licensees provide a range of vehicle rental servicesNielsen Company found that one in three social media users through 10,000 rental locations in approximatelywith a customer service issue prefer to use social media, instead 175 countries. The company has three operatingof calling the company’s customer service department. regions: North America; Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA); and Latin America/Asia Pacific. Avis Budget“Today, any given company can have a customer service Group has approximately 29,000 employees and isproblem that can go viral, and then the whole world knows headquartered in Parsippany, N.J.about it within hours or days,” says Gartland. “Companies thatfail to immediately address customer service problems, whodo not manage these situations as potential customer recoveryopportunities, are putting their brands at risk.” Watch our Avis Budget Group Success Story Videos atTo manage the company’s presence in the social space, as as collect valuable data, Avis Budget’s global social mediateam monitors mentions of the company’s brands acrosssocial channels.“We have a recovery process in place, so if it’s a complaint or acustomer service issue, we can recover immediately, or reach “We are now able to understand whether it’s a customer offer,out to that customer and solve the problem,” Gartland says. whether it’s a customer complaint, or whether it’s an opportunity to recover if there’s a customer service issue,” Gartland says. “WeIn addition to improving customer interactions, CSC is helping now better understand the lifetime value of the people in ourAvis Budget capture this unstructured data. During the database. And we can change our behavior. Our behavior cancustomer value model implementation, CSC led a side project match the customer service expectation and the value of thatcalled a “voice-of-the-customer” roadmap. This project identifies customer for life.”the sources of feedback, figures out how that data can beharnessed and then puts it into an environment where it can beanalyzed and acted upon. CHRIS SAPARDANIS is a senior editor on CSC’s digital marketing team. WINTER 2013 | CSC WORLD 11
  14. 14. 4 Big Data ways by Sashi Reddi Big Data Will Transform Business Big data is poised to Big data expands customer intelligence From a customer’s perspective, it’s a simple question to answer: exploit previously “Don’t you remember me?” For any enterprise with hundreds to millions of customers, that recognition doesn’t always happen. That’s changing. As our spotlight on Avis Budget notes, the untapped efficiencies, 1 company uses big data to identify its most valuable customers today and tomorrow. And it’s doing so without penalizing deliver new innovations customers who aren’t frequent renters. and create value. How? Big data differs from narrow applications that look at just one source of data, yielding small answers. Big data examines a broad range of sources that include structured information such as purchase histories, customer relationship management He didn’t realize it, but the ticket agent at the counter was (CRM) data and intelligence from industry partners, as well as about to make an expensive mistake. unstructured information such as social media. In the case of the airline, those partners could include credit card companies, “He said he could put me on standby — no problem — and I hotels and other travel industry sources. felt grateful,” recounted a colleague, telling me of her recent misadventure. But then he said, ‘That’ll be $75 for the change.’” Big data analytics also brings unstructured data into the fold, The agent didn’t know, and his system couldn’t tell him, that information gleaned from social media feeds, blogs, videos and even though her longtime elite status had expired with this other sources. Sorting through this information would have particular airline, my colleague was still an avid traveler whom helped the airline answer a big-picture question that companies they might want to win back — one who rightly expected some have struggled for decades to answer: How do we treat all of small consideration, a nuisance fee waived, as thanks for her our customers like rock stars? past and, more important, her future loyalty. Expanding customer intelligence is just one trend. As the technology evolves, using big data will accelerate three other trends over the coming year.12 CSC WORLD | WINTER 2013
  15. 15. CSC’s BIG DATA 2 AND ANALYTICS PRACTICEBig data improves operational efficienciesBig data will finally forge the last links of the value chain that We offer consultancy and solutions to help organizations gain competitive advantage by executing on insightswill help companies drive more operational efficiencies from gained through the combination of internal and externalexisting investments. information sources. If your challenge is determining where to find the right information and how to use it toThat feedback loop is created by data generated in the drive the outcomes you require, our Big Data & Analyticsfield, and it’s growing at a pace that’s hard to comprehend. experts can help.Sensors on a single commercial aircraft generate 20terabytes of data an hour. Automobiles are reporting back Learn more atdata collected from onboard sensors and dealer service And let’s not forget the growing tide of RFID-equipped vehicles, crates and packages.These incredible repositories of data, combined with machine- For example, a delivery company with trucks in the field canto-machine interaction, are fueling a new wave of predictive improve on first-generation, efficient-routing tools by usinganalytics, services that enable equipment such as airplanes to smarter tools that can anticipate traffic conditions alongdetermine their own maintenance schedule, alerting the supply certain routes at a specific time of day or create a new route inchain to ensure that the needed parts arrive at the right place response to information about an accident that just occurred orat the right time. information that’s input by the driver. 4Big data is moving from the realm of data scientists into No time to lose — big data and analytics go “as a service”everyday business transactions and encounters. In call centers, Building an internal big data department stacked withanalytics-infused CRM systems can review multiple data sources petabytes of storage, rows of blade servers and a team of datain real time to suggest offers that a representative can present scientists isn’t within the reach or a desired core competencyto a customer. At the doctor’s office, analytics integrated into a of every company. In an earlier time, spreadsheets were thehealth maintenance app may improve outcomes by presenting de facto tool and best friend of marketing managers, collectingthe physician with informed suggestions and next steps to data from campaigns and digesting it into rough but valuableconsider in treating a patient. insights. Ask them how that’s working now.Insurance companies, which have long been data driven, The avalanche of inputs from social media and otherwill benefit significantly from the introduction of big data. unstructured information that is characteristic of big dataIndustry-specific analytics will help them speed claims doesn’t fit the spreadsheet model any longer. The volume,processing while reducing costs and spotting potential fraud variety and velocity of data have made it too complex toby use of analytics-backed solutions that can determine analyze using old-school tools, and not everyone wants towhether a claim can be processed automatically or should be become a data scientist.flagged for review by a specialist. 3 That’s where data and analytics offered as a service will help.Big data + mobile means new business processes Companies of any size can employ big data by sharing a poolAs companies become more data-driven, it’s only natural that of scientists and resources, getting the expertise they needthose insights find their way into the hands of people who can without venturing beyond their core competencies or taking onput them into action. Mobility will accentuate the impact of big a big fixed on both customer intelligence and operational efficiencyby making everything immediately actionable. Armed with Speaking of expense, that brings me back to my colleague andimmediate decision-making capability and intelligence on your the ticket agent. How did she fare?mobile phone, you will be able to implement new businessprocesses that will change how business is done. “Well, I paid the fee because I really had no choice at that point,” she said. “But I do avoid booking with that airline whenAdding mobility to big data means enabling frontline I can.”employees with real-time insights, when and where they needthem. Those insights will come from blending data in motion That’s an important and expensive lesson. Maybe the issue— information that’s changing on the fly — with data at rest. isn’t whether we can afford to implement big data, but rather,Mobility also enables real-time data collection from the field, whether we can afford not to.adding to the pool of knowledge that will drive insights inanother part of the system. SASHI REDDI is vice president and general manager of CSC’s Big Data and Analytics group. WINTER 2013 | CSC WORLD 13
  16. 16. big data Big Data Meets Presidential Politics by Jim Battey In winning the 2012 presidential election, the Obama campaign registration data and online habits. “They developed models successfully employed big data analytics to influence people and predicting who was most likely to vote and then targeted get them to vote. Analytics experts say enterprises can apply follow-up events at those people,” Black says. these same tactics to influence customers and drive sales. Social media played a prominent role in the election. During the The 2012 election was a watershed event for leveraging campaign, Deen Freelon, an assistant professor in the School technology in the political arena. Both the Obama and Romney of Communication at American University in Washington D.C., campaigns relied heavily on technology, but many observers say blogged extensively on the use of technology in the election. the Obama campaign tapped into the power of data analytics Freelon says that although more research needs to be done more effectively. to determine the impact of social media, “There is no question that both candidates took social media seriously.” He says the “Part of the reason for the Obama victory was the campaign’s best evidence of its impact is a study which found that people ability to mobilize the vote, and it used a lot of data to do that,” are more likely to vote if they learn, via social media, that their says Alex Black, who leads CSC’s Enterprise Intelligence Practice. friends will vote. The Obama campaign deployed a team of technologists who built a sophisticated data platform code-named Narwhal that As a by-product of the technology efforts, and the fact that proved highly effective for raising money and tracking voters. Democratic voters skew to a younger demographic, the Obama campaign maintained a lopsided advantage in social media Narwhal served as the technical backbone for campaign circles. (See: “Obama vs. Romney: By the Numbers.”) The operations, integrating data to enable functions such as experts say organizations can capitalize on lessons learned from customized email fundraising and identification of likely voters. Obama’s victory in the use of data analytics and social media. Obama campaign staffers used the system to analyze voters’14 CSC WORLD | WINTER 2013
  17. 17. Obama vs. Romney: By the Numbers Barack Obama Mitt Romney 35.4 million Facebook Likes* 11.8 million 24.9 million Twitter Followers* 1.7 million $1.07 billion Total Funds Raised $993 million $690 million Funds Raised Online N/A 9 Swing States Won 1 65,367,939 (51.0%) Popular Vote 60,707,106 (47.3%) 332 Electoral Votes 206*As of Dec. 2012. Sources: Facebook, Twitter, New York Times, Time Magazine, Huffington Post. Watch an Inauguration Day videoAnalytics comes to the fore on Obama’s data-driven victory atObama’s victory confirmed the value of using technology and analytics. The technology side of Obama’s campaignwas organized into teams to oversee technology, digital and Learn more atanalytics. Engineers working for the campaign developed such as Dashboard, an online organizing community, andObama’s analytics team developed The Optimizer, a tool forplacing television advertisements in front of the most optimal “Companies have a little bit harder time with engaging —audiences for the least amount of money. turning it into a relationship that is continuous — so it helps not only with the purchase, but also helps postpurchase activities,“The Obama campaign proved the power of big data,” says using the product or suggestions about the product,” BlackGary Jackson, CSC’s director of Business Analytics. One lesson says. He advises enterprises to employ a lot of different tactics,learned from the election is that enterprises can employ a and make social media a part of an engagement strategy.concept called the “psychology of analytics” to prompt action “Constantly review the analytics, build models and do a lot offrom a customer. Jackson notes that many companies spend testing and re-testing to see what works best.”a lot of time and money on big data projects only to end upfinding out the same insights they already knew. He calls it “Your Jackson says Obama’s team searched to find people who areMom’s Mom Is a Woman” analytics. The key for businesses, he the influencers and added them to social circles of people whosays, is using data analytics to target the right people. would actually vote for him in the states he needed to win. “He used the ‘psychology of analytics’ to drive the vote in his favor,”“The Obama big data team sought out those who were already he says. “Simply put, big data is about pairing up the ‘want to’sadvocates and did matchmaking using what CSC calls ‘affinity with the ‘have to’s.”ratios’ — linking people with the same life-style and life-stagedetails with people in their social circles to drive action,” Jackson Still, not all analytical data is useful and accurate. Companiessays. “We believe that customer behavior changes only when should beware of poll bias. “A lot of people think that wheninfluenced by other human beings — social circles — or by being there’s a sophisticated algorithm or model, it is statistically pure,compared to people like them.” yet we know many have bias in them. Whether it’s the bias of the researcher or the bias of the mathematician, all points in theDr. Freelon thinks there is no one-size-fits-all strategy that building of models and algorithms are subject to bias.”will work for every organization. “Just because Obama didit doesn’t mean it is right for everyone. Still, we do know the In the end, just as in political campaigns, success in business isObama campaign conducted rigorous message testing of its a matter of engaging customers. “This campaign demonstratedWeb presences to determine what content and style elicited the ability to reach people,” Black says. “We’ve got to get ourthe greatest responses from users.” arms around big data and social media and build an analytical framework so we can gain insights and figure out how theEngage your customers data is going to affect our businesses. Enterprises need toSimilarly, Black says the Obama team successfully engaged in learn how to use the data to come up with ways to improvemicrotargeting voters. “But the key is what you offer them, the operation.”and how you make it stick,” he says. So how can companiessuccessfully engage with their customers? JIM BATTEY is a writer for CSC’s digital marketing team. WINTER 2013 | CSC WORLD 15
  18. 18. industry perspective Better Coordinated care makes a difference Research from across the world suggests that “coordinated care,” by which we mean actively managing the relationships among multiple care providers, can both improve health Coordination outcomes and decrease costs. By establishing well-understood care pathways and protocols, a coordinated care system can Better Health make a real difference for patients. The role of technology is clear: information flow, process management, administrative scheduling and record keeping. The technology provider’s requirement is to deliver robust integrated systems that embrace multiple, independent care providers. As we move farther into the 21st century, it will be the way systems work together that will drive improvement as much as the individual systems themselves. A key feature of successful coordinated care systems is the adoption of “evidence-based” medical practices. Clearly, adopting approaches that have been demonstrated to be effec- tive seems like a good idea. It is surprising then that Eric Topol, M.D., in his influential book, The Creative Destruction of Medicine, claims that “A large proportion of tests and prescrip- tions used frequently in medicine have little or no supportive evidence of utility.” He quotes The Institute of Medicine as a by Andrea Fiumicelli source supporting the claim. The massive improvement in human life expectancy was This is not the place to comment on the culture and practice of undoubtedly one of the great achievements of the 20th medicine. One thing is clear, though: The rising use of technology century. While there are still dramatic differences between in medicine means more electronically held patient data. It is a countries, people all over the world can expect to live longer scary thought that online retailers already have better systems than ever before, largely as a result of improved public health for understanding the motivations and habits of their customers and the wide availability of medical care. But as we start the than healthcare systems have for their patients. second century of mass medicine, healthcare systems are showing signs of serious stress, both in developed and Analytical techniques produce evidence developing nations. Applying analytical techniques to patient data will undoubtedly yield a rich source of evidence about populations as a whole, as It’s a complicated picture, but two factors seem clear: The well as insights that can transform the treatment of an individual activities of medical practitioners, no matter how effective they patient. We are already seeing analytics help healthcare payers may be in isolation, are often not well coordinated; and medical improve their businesses. The real health benefits will come interventions are often underpinned by surprisingly little when we use it to improve the provision of care — as, for evidence. Our health, it would seem, is an area where instance, with the CareVeillance solution described elsewhere in information technology can make a significant contribution. this issue. Most of us will have experienced the frustration of dealing with Take a look at any care setting and you will see technology in use. multiple clinicians, each an expert in his or her field but each Medical records and lab results are held electronically; in many with only a partial picture of the situation. In some ways it is cases, appointment booking and scheduling are computer-based; an inevitable reflection of the multiple specialties that make up and of course a wide range of medical devices are measuring vital medical care, but it is also a reflection that healthcare systems signs. In some hospitals, such as Cabrini in Melbourne, Australia, have not yet embraced systems that speed data flow through clinicians routinely carry iPads that give them immediate access their organizations. to patient data. The next step is to coordinate all of that technology across all Watch Andrea Discuss Technology of those care settings, and to harvest the data we are already and the Future of Healthcare at collecting. The foundation is effective next-generation technology solutions; the result will be better health outcomes. Andrea Fiumicelli is vice president and general manager of CSC’s Healthcare Group.16 CSC WORLD | WINTER 2013
  19. 19. regional perspectiveAustralia’sWorldof Opportunityby Gavin LarkingsAustralia is the center of the world. Don’t believe it? Well, doyou monitor energy use? Australia is among the largest naturalresources providers in the world. Concerned about the agingpopulation? To us, it represents a growing market opportunity.How about cloud computing, big data and other IT developments?These and other new technologies have been eagerly adopted byAustralian CIOs. Are you watching China? It’s our single largestforeign market.In fact, as Asia expands, so do our markets. To be sure, so installations slowed dramatically. But now, people are lookingAustralia, with nearly 23 million people, is nowhere near Asia’s to absorb cloud computing in a better manner, and as a result,size and capability; China alone has a population of more than we’re seeing the technology adopted across entire enterprises.1.3 billion. Yet Australia offers many of the vital products andservices that Asia requires. While Asian demand has temporarily Cybersecurity is another growing area of interest in Australia.declined, it’s still far more robust than that of, say, Europe. In Local clients are especially concerned about the risk of cyber-fact, we believe that Asia will remain the source of big demand attacks, especially in light of recent reports that China infiltratedfor Australian products and services over the next decade. Asia the systems of several U.S. newspapers. That’s a big area ofis where our business — both today’s customers and tomorrow’s concern for us, given that China is both a major diplomaticprospects — is growing. partner and a large industrial customer.While much of the world frets over energy use, Australia deals An aging population is another issue that Australia, along withwith it daily. Our natural resources sector includes mining, oil much of the Western world, must deal with — and another thatand gas, and these companies constantly seek greater effi- can be addressed with IT. People 65 and older now representciencies. One example is the adoption of automated trucks. about 14% of Australia’s population, according to the AustralianAustralia supplies great quantities of iron ore and other minerals Bureau of Statistics, while the proportion of those aged 85to China. With this technology, each scoop of minerals from a years and older has more than doubled in the past 20 years, tocrane is carefully measured, which means that trucks are always nearly 2% of the total.filled to precisely the same level. Similarly, Australia is also amajor recycler. In the past year, CSC Australia alone recycled One result: Healthcare has become an important component ofsome 675 kg. (approximately 1,490 lb.) of electronic waste. our national economy. IT can help. One of our healthcare solutions is a patient-administration service that can be provided remotely.Financial services is another critical domain for Australia. Four So if you’re in the hospital in Melbourne or Sydney, your physicianof the country’s top banks rank among the global top 50. Given could monitor your vital signs even while vacationing in Hawaii.Australia’s relatively small markets, that makes these banks These and other challenges represent vital new opportunitieseven more important to our overall economy. Also, Australia has where IT — and CSC — can help chart the future.several large financial services and insurance companies. One ofthem, AMP, has been a client of CSC’s for more than 40 years. Gavin Larkings is vice president and general manager of CSC Australia.Technology for the businessAustralia also is a leader in the transformation of business by IT. Watch Gavin in the Video: Fueling theBig data, cloud computing, virtualization and mobile tech- Australian Economynology are all game changers here. But the emphasis is always the business, never on technology for its own sake. Cloudcomputing is a case in point. The business results of early cloud Learn more about CSC Australia atimplementations left many Australian companies disappointed, WINTER 2013 | CSC WORLD 17
  20. 20. Financial services iPad App Appeals to Younger clients by Kim Henri Vandenhoute As one of the oldest independent banks in Europe, Paul Timmermans, managing director at Van Lanschot, says the Van Lanschot has kept in step with client needs expansion of the firm’s client base brought in a wave of younger customers in their 30s and 40s who expected online banking consistently over its long history. But even this services at a higher level. “These are clients who are very familiar centuries-old firm was surprised by the rapid with the online world in both their professional and private lives,” change in customer preferences. he says. “They expect to have online access to both their invest- ment portfolio and the information that we offer them in our Early versions of Van Lanschot’s online presence capacity as asset managers and investment advisors.” were limited to online payment services and Designing a future-oriented platform statement viewing. The firm felt customers would Recognizing a significant change in customer needs, Van continue to put greater importance on private Lanschot engaged CSC to develop a new Web portal. Original banking than online access. But it soon became features such as investment portfolio viewing were given a clear that the next generation of investment fresh look. New features were added, including access to a wide range of personalized financial information and research. banking customers expected a different banking experience — one where tablets play a key role. Portal architecture was designed for performance on a wide range of browsers and devices — a notable upgrade from the previous system. Every aspect of the system was designed to be as flexible as possible to accommodate ever-changing customer needs. Client: Van Lanschot The industry quickly took note of the Van Lanschot project. Challenge: Banking & Finance recognized the firm’s new portal winner with • Improve the banker’s online presence and services its 2011 ICT Innovation Award. for customers. • Offer more services that are attractive to all (and Following a successful rollout, the firm began anticipating especially younger) generations. additional services it could offer from its new platform as it sought to evolve a new multichannel organization. The evolution Solution: of tablet computers presented the firm with an opportunity to • A new multi-channel solution consisting of a new secured extend its innovative portal services to this new class of devices. Web portal, which features a fresh look for investment portfolio viewing and upgraded personalization functionality “We saw the steady rise of mobile devices, the tablet in particular, for research and financial information. An app for iPad was with the iPad in the lead,” Timmermans says. “With the new portal also developed. as a base to expand from, it was clear we could immediately seize the occasion. iVan Lanschot would soon be a reality.” Results: • The new portal is flexible, supporting a wide range of The change from a face-to-face, single-channel institution to browser versions. one that serves customers via multiple channels isn’t a task that • A specific app providing advanced portfolio management happens overnight. Timmermans says it required a commitment services is also available for the iPad. from the firm’s business group at all stages of the process, from the original design through delivery.18 CSC WORLD | WINTER 2013
  21. 21. down results by region, sector, share prices and more. iPad users also have access to all the research Van Lanschot offers, anytime, anywhere. The resulting iPad application “The whole idea fits into the concept of private banking. With makes Van Lanschot one of the Van Lanschot Private Banking Online and iVan Lanschot, we are clearly differentiating ourselves from our competitors,” first private banks to offer financial Timmermans says. Recognizing the application’s popularity and client service capabilities, Van Lanschot’s Netherlands-based information and research to clients parent company has announced plans to make the application available to clients of other subsidiaries. “We’re quite proud that on a tablet computer. an initiative from a modest subsidiary was taken up in that way,” Timmermans says. For Van Lanschot the success of its iPad application confirms the institution’s strategy; a multichannel approach with a centralOf the firm’s 140 employees, seven members of the business focus on Internet access and mobility. Timmermans expectsgroup provided critical validation at each step, taking a leading that the investment will continue to provide multiple returns asrole on the project. The entire 10-member IT team was involved application use increases. “It’s ultimately about more than that,”as well. The firm also supported the change with a large dose Timmermans notes. “Our clients are just very happy that we canof business transformation coaching to ensure that everyone provide them with a solution via their iPads. And that may bewas prepared. the most valuable return of the project.”From a technical perspective, making the Van Lanschot portal Kim Henri Vandenhoute is a senior consultant foraccessible from a tablet required the coordination of multiple Multichannel Service Offerings, CSC Financial Services.technologies and companies, including IBM for mainframedevelopment, Thomson Reuters for front-office software,Clear2Pay for online payment and UnifiedPost for the delivery Learn more atof digital account statements. project management was a key success factor,Timmermans says, noting that a part of the bank’s systems ishosted at IBM and Accenture in the Netherlands. “Initially, wewere going to manage the project ourselves, but we finallyentrusted that aspect to CSC,” he says. About Van LanschotAny undertaking of this magnitude often uncovers the need With a history of more than 270to make additional changes. Van Lanschot’s iPad applicationdevelopment was no exception. Designs called for an update to years, Van Lanschot is one ofThomson Reuters’ eXimius front-office software and improve- the oldest independent banksments to Van Lanschot’s server park, both significant projects intheir own right. in Europe. Its focus is on private banking and providing servicesCSC’s plan to make the maximum use of Web services resultedin a solution based on a service-oriented architecture and related to asset management andhoused in a cloud infrastructure. “It was a good idea to further investment advice. Van Lanschotdevelop the underlying systems along with the modernizationproject that we carried out. Everything now runs with greater manages approximately €50 billionstability than ever before, exactly as an iPad user would expect,” of assets. The Belgian subsidiaryTimmermans says. was created in 1992 to serve DutchOffering information and research in a new way customers settling near the BelgianThe resulting iPad application makes Van Lanschot one of thefirst private banks to offer financial information and research border. Since that time, the firm hasto clients on a tablet computer. Clients receive a structured expanded into the Belgian market.view of their investment portfolio, including a clear overviewof risks, returns realized and maturities. Investors can break WINTER 2013 | CSC WORLD 19
  22. 22. Financial services Is That Really You? Authenticating your identity for online banking leaps forward with mobile devices. by Dale Coyner When was the last time you stood in line at a bank? It’s probably been a while. Instant payments, paperless check deposits and one-touch transfers have made online banking wildly popular with customers. And as virtual banking grows, the threat of fraudulent payments and identity theft rises as well. Financial transactions have always been a popular target for thieves, although the nature of the threat has changed over time. Mike Groat, partner executive at Daon, a CSC partner that supplies identity assurance software for CSC’s ConfidentID™ Mobile platform, says it’s more profitable today to conduct financial fraud electronically. “Financial institutions face a number of threats, and adding online and mobile banking increases the number of potential avenues for thieves,” Groat says. “You have direct assaults on a financial system as well as ‘man-in-the-middle’ attacks that try to get between customers and banks. That is becoming more prevalent with the use of mobile devices.” Fraud isn’t limited to hackers pounding on a bank’s firewall. Sometimes it’s an inside job, Groat says. “Some of the largest losses come from employees who misuse funds, engage in unauthorized after-hours trading or [make] transactions that don’t follow policy,” he says.20 CSC WORLD | WINTER 2013