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Das Potential von Cloud Computing ist enorm. Wie der Einstieg für Unternehmen am Besten gelingt zeigt dieses Whitepaper.

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  1. 1. DOING BUSINESSIN THE CLOUDGETTING STARTEDThe potential of cloud computing is enormous. It promises a step-change in how you think about the services that underpin yourbusiness: paying only for what you use; passing investment, riskand management headaches to a service provider; being able toscale at the flick of a switch; enjoying unprecedented levels ofagility, collaboration and productivity. But there are pitfalls toavoid in order to realise the full business benefits.
  2. 2. CSC CLOUD AD ARE YOU READY WHAT IS IT? There are a plethora of cloud-based Another advantage of our process- focused approach is that it provides a FOR CLOUD? services on offer: some mature (think of clear scope for your assessment. Most cloud-based backup storage) and others organisations rely on a small number Cloud computing not; some designed from the ground up of core processes. These will include as enterprise solutions, others evolved common processes, such as order-to- promises game-changing cash or procurement-to-payment, and from consumer services. If you migrate business benefits (see to cloud computing services, you need to industry- and company-specific ones. You understand all of these factors to avoid may have a good idea of the processes our whitepaper, available introducing new sources of complexity you want to consider; if not, well advise from But in and risk to your organisation. you based on our experience with organisations like yours. business, few things are This means that you cant afford to view black and white. Most cloud computing as purely an IT project. We score each process to identify its If you focus on IT architectures and appli- suitability for transfer to a cloud deliverybusinesses can benefit from cations, rather than on how these support model, taking into account the IT serv- selective use of the cloud. business processes and your organisa- ices and security frameworks that apply tions strategic objectives, youre unlikely to it, and the contractual and regulatoryBut where? You’re probably constraints within which it operates. We to achieve the full benefits or mitigate the facing a barrage potential risks. identify any barriers to migration arising from your existing IT setup or the way of questions: Our three-week cloud adoption assess- your organisation works. ment will give you a head start in understanding the complexity of the cloud As well as scoring the top-level process, computing ecosystem. we drill down to its component processes multitude of options in the and assess these to make sure that they rapidly developing cloud Well help you assess the suitability of your fit with the top-level assessment. If not, marketplace? business processes for delivery through well advise you of changes you can make an appropriate cloud-based model. Well to align the component process or it may help you decode the options: all the as need to be extracted as a separate target choices will support our a service possibilities — infrastructure, process with its own suitability score. business strategy? platform, software, process — and the different types of cloud: private, public, hybrid and so on. WHAT DO I GET? we migrate? Suitability scorecard Finally, well give you a roadmap to help The suitability scorecard gives you much you prioritise your cloud migration and more than a yes/no assessment of whether we relinquish? transformation activities. the process is suitable for migration to a cloud-based model. It tells you the ideal HOW DOES IT WORK? level at which you should be looking for right performance and Businesses revolve around processes, a cloud-based alternative: process as a security? so that’s where we start. This approach service, software as a service, platform as ensures that both business and IT leaders a service or infrastructure as a service. are engaged and our assessment is change our procurement based not just on technical feasibility or Cloud adoption roadmap and management policies? a single factor, such as cost, but includes The roadmap identifies the processes all the issues that are important to your that will deliver the most benefit to organisation. your organisation if delivered through an appropriate cloud model. As well as We appreciate that every business is prioritising your processes for you, we different. So we consider your strategic use our extensive knowledge of the matu- objectives, the way youre organised, your rity of different types of cloud service, regulatory constraints, and your our continuing assessment of all the key key differentiators.
  3. 3. DOPTION ASSESSMENT Current state analysis Current Roadmap The CSC Cloud Adoption Determine Define state scope strategic analysis Assessment will help you reach objective the right decisions to make centric the shift to cloud computing analysis a risk-free and successful CSC Cloud maturity map experience. At the end of Cloud adoption assessment process the three-week assessment, you’ll understand: market players, and our experience in or hybrid — and the factors you should enterprise service delivery, to recommend consider that may distinguish between the type of cloud that each process is different service providers. jargon means suitable for — public, private, community computing and business strategies WHY CSC? Unlike other companies, we’ll only ever send in senior transformation consultants to perform your adoption assessment. They will work with you to define the scope are suitable for moving to a of your assessment, perform the assessment, produce the reports and be there to cloud-based delivery model answer your questions. and which arent you should put into the cloud: whether you should retain impartial, unbiased advice control in house but use cloud- based infrastructure, buy the entire process in as a service, seminal texts in their field or something in between for their critical infrastructure ready and offer the right levels of security and governance for including Google, Microsoft and Amazon your business technologies since the emergence of cloud computing, providing advice and guidance to many early adopters and what to consider before signing on the dotted line including defence and intelligence agencies around the world WANT TO KNOW MORE? Billetel to meet a peak demand of 70,000 tickets/day for the Rugby World Cup Contact our cloud service team: Visit our microsite: or call Desktop, CSC Dynamic Server, and cloud-based infrastructure 0845 602 4204
  4. 4. Subscribe to our newsletter to keep in touch with news and views from CSC. Please visit CSC HeadquartersThe AmericasFalls Church, Virginia, 22042United StatesEurope, Middle East, AfricaAustraliaAsiaRepublic of SingaporeThe mission of CSC is to be a global leader in providing technology enabled businesssolutions and services.With the broadest range of capabilities, CSC offers clients the solutions they need tomanage complexity, focus on core businesses, collaborate with partners and clients, andimprove operations.CSC makes a special point of understanding its clients and provides experts with real-world experience to work with them. CSC is vendor-independent, delivering solutionsthat best meet each client’s unique requirements.For 50 years, clients in industries and governments worldwide have trusted CSC withtheir business process and information systems outsourcing, systems integration andconsulting needs.The company trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol “CSC.” Winner, MCA Management Awards, Financial Services International category, Project of the Year for UK Border Agency (Zurich Financial Services) Winner, British Computing Society Award for mobile technology: CSC delivery of vital patient information ‘09 to NHS ambulances