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Turn Your Website into a Virtual Sales Rep for Your IT Services Business
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Turn Your Website into a Virtual Sales Rep for Your IT Services Business


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Your website is a critical asset that can be leveraged to engage with your target audience, generate sales opportunities and grow your business.

Your website is a critical asset that can be leveraged to engage with your target audience, generate sales opportunities and grow your business.

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. How to Turn Your Website Into a Virtual Sales Rep for Your Business
  • 2. Agenda • How Effective is Your Virtual Sales Rep? • It’s all About Content & Inbound Marketing • Understand Your “Buyer Persona” • Use Content to Get Found, Convert & Close • Build an Inbound Marketing Engine • Assess Your Website’s Effectiveness • Question & Comments
  • 3. Your Website is a Virtual Sales Rep Grows Your Business Tells Your Story How Effective is Your Virtual Sales Rep?
  • 4. Your Website in Action Education: What problem am I trying to solve? Evaluation: How do I best solve my problem? Decision: Where do I get the best solution? The Buyer’s Journey Attract Visitors Turn Visitors Into Buyers Your Website is the First Place Everyone Goes to Learn About You…
  • 5. A Critical Marketing Resource Suspects: Unqualified Leads Prospects: Qualified Leads Oppty’s: Potential Deals Your Lead Funnel Attract Visitors Fill Your Funnel With Leads Your Website Can Perform 90% of the Sales Process For You! $$$
  • 6. It’s All About Content Showcase Cloud Solutions Describe Business Outcomes You Have the Perfect Platform to Create the Perfect Sales Rep
  • 7. It’s All About Inbound Marketing Leverage your website to: • Generate quality traffic • Convert traffic into leads • Nurture leads into buyers In other words to: • Be your virtual sales rep • Grow your business • Lower your acquisition cost Deals Get Found Convert Close SEO Social Media Blog
  • 8. Inbound Marketing Flips the Model OUTBOUND is OUT … • Too expensive • Very unpredictable • Less & less effective INBOUND is IN … • More cost-effective • Consistent results • It really works!
  • 9. What the Experts are Saying…
  • 10. “Inbound” is the New Marketing • 200 million Americans registered on the FTC “Do Not Call” list • 89% of Internet users now search online before making a purchase • By 2020, customers will manage 85% of their relationship without a human • Companies using inbound marketing have 55% more traffic & 70% more leads • Inbound marketing can cut the cost of deal acquisition in half
  • 11. Understand Your Buyer’s Persona • Their pain points • Why they buy • Their decision process • The value they realize • Their evaluate criteria • Their information sources Do the research and eliminate the guesswork Talk to real buyers about real buying decisions Interview your best customers and ideal prospects
  • 12. Deliver Relevant Content to Them Deals Decision Stage Consideration Stage Awareness Stage Awareness Stage • Problem-related • Videos, checklists, eBooks Consideration Stage • Solution-related • Webinars, case studies Decision Stage • Decision-related • Assessments, demos, trials Audit and categorize your existing content Repurpose content for appropriate buyer stages Create new content to refresh or fill the gaps
  • 13. A Wise Man Once Said…
  • 14. Use Content to Get Found Deals Get Found Convert Close SEO Social Media Blog • SEO Optimization – Keyword research – Link building • Your Blog – Relevant & authoritative – Frequent & consistent • Social Media – Tw, LI, FB, G+, YT, RSS – Build & engage communities Do you have at least 500 to 1,000 monthly visitors? Does your traffic increase every month?
  • 15. Use Content to Convert Traffic Deals Get Found Convert Close SEO Social Media Blog • Content Offers (CTA’s) – Quality Content = Conversion • Landing Pages – Design & placement – Contact data & analytics • CR Optimization – A/B testing & analysis – Continuous improvement How many landing pages do you have today? Do you convert 5% of your monthly visitors?
  • 16. Use Content to Close Deals Deals Get Found Convert Close SEO Social Media Blog • Lead Nurturing – TOF, MOF & BOF content • Lead Scoring – Rate & qualify all leads – Based on touches & behavior • Segmented Lists – Based on lead score – Nurturing & qualify into deals Do you close 1 in 10 of your monthly leads? Are they the right kind of deals?
  • 17. Build an Inbound Marketing Engine  Business Goals  Marketing Targets  Buyer Persona/Journey  Website Assessment  SEO Optimization  Campaign Strategy  Content Development  Weekly Blog Posts  Social Media Marketing  Search Engine Marketing  Lead Nurturing  Analytics Assessment  Campaign Optimization  New Content Creation Develop Your Inbound Marketing Engine Drive Your Inbound Marketing Engine In 90 days you will have an efficient engine for scaling your business
  • 18. Measure & Optimize it Constantly Key Performance Metrics • Traffic volume • Site conversion • Lead quantity • Lead quality • Deal acquisition rate • Average deal values Monitor the Metrics That Matter on a performance dashboard Assess the role of content, campaign strategy and methods Do more of what works and less of what doesn’t work
  • 19. Realize a Return on Investment Managed Funnel $$$ - Suspects - Prospects - Opportunities Traffic Content for Website & Offers (based on buyer persona) Landing Pages (conversion- optimized) Leads Segmented Database $2,500/month Revenue Generated 36 months Contract Term $90,000 Contract Value 50% Gross Margin $1,250/month Gross Profit $2,500/month Marketing Expense 2 months Payback Period $42,500 Return on Investment Typical Inbound Marketing ROI Targeted Buyers Incremental Revenue (SEO, Blog & Social Media)
  • 20. My Favorite Quote …
  • 21. Some Questions for You … • How many deals do you need each month? – What is your lead-to-close conversion rate? • How many leads do you need each month? – What is your visitor-to-lead conversion rate? • How many visitors do you need each month? – How many do you have today? • What is the state of your inbound marketing? – What gaps need to be addressed right away?
  • 22. Find Out by Taking Our Inbound Marketing Assessment Provided by:
  • 23. Grade Your Website with the Hubspot Grader
  • 24. Implement Inbound Marketing using a Managed Service SEO SEM Graphics Analytics Strategy Lead Nurturing Conversion Content Social Media HTML • Flat monthly fee • Deep experience • Multiple disciplines • Flexible & adaptable • Fraction of the cost of internal resources • Scalable up & down • Operates as your virtual organization
  • 25. Questions and Contact Info Todd Hussey Phone: (800) 785-4620 Dave Zwicker Phone: (800) 785-4620