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What is killer content marketing? Why do you care about content marketing? How can you create content that will fuel your sales funnel. Read the five qualities of killer content marketing and find out.

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Killer content-marketing

  1. 1. 5 Qualities of “Killer” Content Marketing Dave Zwicker October 2013
  2. 2. Why Care About Content Marketing? Content is the Key to Successful Lead Generation: • Do you need low-cost leads to fuel your sales funnel? • Then you need an effective website • An effective website requires killer content to: – Attract lots of visitors to your site – Convert site visitors into prospects – Nurture prospects into sales-ready opportunities – Close sales opportunities as new customers Page 2
  3. 3. What is “Killer” Content Marketing? The Five Qualities of Killer Content Marketing: 1. COMPELLING: Articulates customer solutions and benefits 2. TARGETED: Delivers specific content to specific audiences 3. ALIGNED: Optimizes each stage of the sales funnel 4. INTEGRATED: Powers all aspects of marketing and sales 5. MEASUREABLE: Uses analytics to maximize performance Page 3
  4. 4. Effective Content is COMPELLING • Start with “Why” you do what you do … This is your value proposition - be sure it presents the ultimate customer experience and business outcomes you can enable for your customers • Then explain “How” you create valuable solutions for customers using your unique combination of innovation, best practices and methodologies • Then describe “What” products, services and technologies you offer as components of your high value customer solutions • This will become your “thought leadership” strategy and should reflect the key business and technology concerns of your target customer set • Use this agenda to educate, inform, establish trust, demonstrate leadership and ultimately to form a relationship with future buyers Page 4
  5. 5. Structured Content is TARGETED Use a Content Grid to Map Information to Personas Audience “Personas” Information Categories Decision Makers Business Value Technology Innovation Organizational Impact Simplicity & Productivity Technology Influencers Business Managers End User Constituencies X X X X Page 5
  6. 6. Structured Content is ALIGNED Contacts & Website Visitors Offers (CTA) Landing Pages Sales Funnel Stages: Content Deliverables: Top of Funnel White papers, tutorials, eBooks, videos, checklists Objective: Maximize lead quantity Metrics: Lead volume & conversion rate TOFU Suspects Middle of Funnel Objective: Maximize lead quality Metrics: Lead scores and qualification rate MOFU Webinars, case studies, data sheets and brochures Prospects Bottom of Funnel BOFU Objective: Maximize opportunity value Metrics: Deal value and close rate Opportunities Free trials, demos, assessments, POCs, price promotions, proposal boilerplate, ROI/TCO analysis Customers Page 6
  7. 7. Structured Content is INTEGRATED Middle of Funnel Bottom of Funnel Plan Call To Action Fulfillment Proposal Sales Tools Literature Sales Enablement Events Email Outbound Marketing Website-Blog Social Media PPC-SEO-PR Inbound Marketing Presentations Top of Funnel Telemarketing Funnel Stages Execute Content Marketing Strategy WHY? HOW? WHAT? Customer Experience and Business Outcomes Best Practices and Methodologies Products, Services, and Technologies Educate, Inform, Establish Trust, Demonstrate Leadership Page 7
  8. 8. Structured Content is MEASUREABLE Requires a System for Analyzing and Improving Results • Sales Funnel Metrics: – Top of Funnel: Lead Volume & Source, Cost/Lead, Conversion Rate – Middle of Funnel: Lead Scoring and Qualification Rate – Bottom of Funnel: Deal Value, Close Rate, Acquisition Rate & Cost – End-End Metrics: Sales Cycle Time and Marketing ROI • Platforms and Process: – Website Analytics, Social Media Platforms, CRM Platform, Marketing Automation Platform, Other Platforms and Measurement Tools – Monthly Measurement, Assessment and Adjustment of Inbound/Outbound Marketing Programs and Sales Enablement Resources Page 8
  9. 9. Thank You Email: Website: dave@mspexcellence