How to grow your IT channel revenue by 400% (or more)


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Want to grow your indirect channel revenue by 400% or more? This presentation will describe how small changes in channel partner productivity can turn into a huge increase in revenue.

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How to grow your IT channel revenue by 400% (or more)

  1. 1. How to Grow Indirect IT Channel Revenue by 400% (or More) Presented by CSBexcellence
  2. 2. Partner Productivity Copyright © 2014 CSBexcellence Page 2 Cloud Vendor 20% 80% Channel Partners Channel Revenue 20% 80% Drives Drives Does 20% of your channel drive 80% of your revenue?
  3. 3. Business Impact • Your channel revenue could be much, much higher • Your rate of growth could be much, much faster • You’re wasting time & resources on low-performers • Your revenue is at risk if any high-performers go away Copyright © 2014 CSBexcellence Page 3 Your success is tied to the success of your channel! If 80% of your channel is underperforming…
  4. 4. Low Productivity Factors Your channel partners may … • Lack resources to generate new business • Have little or no experience in sales & marketing • Be reluctant to invest money in marketing programs • Have saturated their installed customer base • Or, simply lack the motivation to grow their business Copyright © 2014 CSBexcellence Page 4 You can remove all of these obstacles, except the last one.
  5. 5. The Answer is SALES LEADS • Many partners know how to close deals • Most partners don’t know how to find deals • Resources that enable partners are only partially effective • Qualified sales leads are the shortest path to growth Copyright © 2014 CSBexcellence Page 5 What if your partners were seeded with quality leads? Leads: The missing ingredient in most channel programs
  6. 6. Lead Quality is Key • Targeted at the right kind of customer • Sales-ready prospects in the buyer zone • Produced on a consistent basis • Generated at a low cost-per-lead Copyright © 2014 CSBexcellence Page 6 Lead quality makes all the difference, IF leads are: A quality lead funnel drives higher & sustained revenue growth
  7. 7. Partner Productivity: One Scenario… • Increased average deal size from 15 to 20 users? • Increased one-time revenue from $40 to $50 per user? • Increased recurring revenue from $40 to $50 per user? • Increased deal acquisition from 0.5 to 1 deal per month? • And you added another 25 new partners just like them? Copyright © 2014 CSBexcellence Page 7 What if your best partners: Your channel revenue would grow by 400%
  8. 8. How to Increase Revenue by 400% Copyright © 2014 CSBexcellence Page 8 Ideal Channel Revenue Existing Channel Revenue 400% Increase
  9. 9. Partner Productivity Modeling Tool Copyright © 2014 CSBexcellence Page 9 Existing & Ideal Input Assumptions Detailed Revenue Projections Graphical Summary TAB #1 TAB #2 TAB #3 Download the model at:
  10. 10. Generate Quality Leads with Inbound Marketing • To nurture more leads into buyers • Target more high-value customers • Deliver more sales-ready leads • Generate leads with more consistency • Reduce the cost of customer acquisition Copyright © 2014 CSBexcellence Page 10
  11. 11. Use Inbound Marketing to Recruit New Partners • Define and target your ideal partner profile • Attract prospective partners with online content • Nurture, qualify and convert the best-fit partners • Onboard new partners with an end-customer inbound marketing program to build their funnel Copyright © 2014 CSBexcellence Page 11
  12. 12. Inbound is the “NEW” Marketing • The average buyer completes 57% of the buying process before ever contacting a sales person (CEB – New Decision Timeline) • 85% of tech buyers need to encounter at least 3 pieces of content before engaging solutions provider (Marketing Sherpa) • 30-50% of leads that enter the sales pipeline are qualified leads that are not ready to buy (Gleanster) • Companies using inbound marketing have 55% more traffic & 70% more leads (Hubspot) • Inbound marketing cuts deal acquisition cost in half (CSBexcellence) Copyright © 2014 CSBexcellence Page 12
  13. 13. Inbound Marketing as a Managed Service SEO SEM Graphics Analytics Strategy Lead Nurturing Conversion Content Social Media HTML • Flat monthly fee • Deep experience • Multiple disciplines • Flexible & adaptable • Fraction of the cost of internal resources • Scalable up & down • Operates as your virtual organization Copyright © 2014 CSBexcellence Page
  14. 14. The Return on Investment Managed Funnel $$$ - Suspects - Prospects - Opportunities Traffic Content for Website & Offers (based on buyer persona) Landing Pages (conversion- optimized) Leads Segmented Database $2,500/month Revenue Generated 36 months Contract Term $90,000 Contract Value 50% Gross Margin $1,250/month Gross Profit $2,500/month Marketing Expense 2 months Payback Period $42,500 Return on Investment Typical Inbound Marketing ROI Targeted Buyers Incremental Revenue (SEO, Blog & Social Media) Copyright © 2014 CSBexcellence Page
  15. 15. Constant Measurement and Optimization Key Performance Metrics • Traffic volume • Site conversion • Lead quantity • Lead quality • Deal acquisition rate • Average deal values We monitor the Metrics That Matter on a performance dashboard We assess the role of content, campaign strategy and methods Then we do more of what works and less of what doesn’t work Copyright © 2014 CSBexcellence Page
  16. 16. Our Engagement Model Copyright © 2014 CSBexcellence Page 16 We begin with deep discovery, content development and campaign design Then we build traffic, optimize conversion, nurture buyers and drive deals
  17. 17. For More Info VISIT: Todd Hussey Phone: (800) 785-4620 Copyright © 2014 CSBexcellence Page Dave Zwicker Phone: (800) 785-4620