DF2UFL 2012: Data Management & Integration Approaches


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DF2UFL 2012

Morning Session: Data Management & Integration Approaches

Presented by: Informatica [Silver Sponsor] John Jannich

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DF2UFL 2012: Data Management & Integration Approaches

  1. 1. Data Management & Integration ApproachesYOUR organization’s data integration needs & key considerations for success
  2. 2. John JanichInformatica Cloud
  3. 3. Agenda Data Management and Integration Basics Integration 101 Customer Success Story Demo Q&A
  4. 4. Before we get started Who uses (or has used) the Apex Data Loader? Who uses Informatica Cloud’s free Data Loader? Who uses Informatica Cloud advanced editions? Who uses other Salesforce integration tools? ….who has no idea what I’m talking about?
  5. 5. KNOW YOUR DATA! What information do you want to go into Salesforce? Where is does this data reside? Do you need to pull data out of Salesforce? If so, what? At what frequency? What is the process? Do you need to replicate Salesforce data for reporting?
  6. 6. Don’t Code Yourself Into a Corner!Today’s Needs:  Simple data loading  Manual, ad-hoc  Low Maintenance “Start small, think big.”Future Needs:  Internal skills/resources available  Scalable solution
  7. 7. What is Your System of Record? Customer, product, order, pricing master  What ERP system is in house? Frequency of CRM integration  Batch and real-time? Now you know what data you want to integrate , HOW are you going to do it?
  8. 8. Knowing the Salesforce Integration Options 1 2 Benefits Include… Free Tools Cloud Services Greater Adoption Stronger Connection Informatica Cloud More Business Value
  9. 9. Free Tools:Import Wizard & Data Loader
  10. 10. Free Tools: Starting with the Data Loader  Pros: 1  FREEFree Tools  Easiest way to get your feet wet  “Good enough” might just be  Cons:  Loading data is just one requirement  Ad hoc vs. automated (scheduled) 3
  11. 11. AppExchange: What Options are There? Search Data Integration 140 options!
  12. 12. The Latest Trend: Cloud IntegrationBenefits include… 2 Rapid Deployment Cloud Services Ease of Use Minimal Training Fewer IT Resources Automatic Upgrades Subscription Pricing
  13. 13. Evaluating a Cloud Integration Solution1. Multitenant vs. Hosted 4. Role of IT2. Ease to Use 5. Will it Scale?3. Can You Try Before Buying 6. Is the Vendor Viable? David Linthicum, What to Look for When Evaluating Integration-as-a-Service Solutions
  14. 14. Informatica Cloud www.InformaticaCloud.com
  15. 15. Prestige Cruise Holdings Success StoryChallenge Synchronize data from Data Warehouse with Salesforce.com to give field sales a timely, accurate view of B2B relationships and performance Provide geographically dispersed sales force with easy access to accurate up-to-date data Overcome resources limitations: only one employee to manage Salesforce.com Increase overall agility of the CRM/Integration platform
  16. 16. Prestige Cruise Holdings Success StoryStrategy How much data and how often? - Frequency: Real Time/Batched Leverage event-based triggers to limit - Data Flow: Bi-Directional synchronization time ~60,000 Accounts Due to resource limitations, we needed an ~100,000 Contacts agile plug-and-play solution ~300,000 Opportunities Find a product with a proven track record ~100,000 Others
  17. 17. Prestige Cruise Holdings Success StoryResults & Lessons Learned With planning, baseline cloud integration took “Thanks to Informatica Cloud, 12 hours to complete Prestige Cruise Holdings’ innovation and business agility Daily integration process consists of 3 task are light-years ahead of where flows with a total of 40 data synchronization they used to be.” tasks - Javier Gonzalez. CRM Reduced processing time ~200% using Bulk Manager, Prestige Cruise API and Real-Time Outbound Messaging Holdings, Inc. ~500k records processed daily Adjustments are often made in less than 1 hour, including testing
  18. 18. Brief Demonstration www.InformaticaCloud.com
  19. 19. John Janich Q&A
  20. 20. Thank YOU!www.InformaticaCloud.com