Hemen Patel CRM Metrix: Columbus WAW, Jan 27, 2010


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SECRETS TO SUCCESS SERIES: Customer listening and feedback metrics are the most powerful for optimizing and maximizing your digital strategies. In this discussion, CRM Metrix will identify why it is a misconception to rely solely on site traffic and satisfaction metrics to justify the brand website investment. Hemen Patel, Russ Shirley, and Ike Brunner will illustrate and educate about the large opportunity to drive sales and revenue, increase loyalty, and gain or convert market share by focusing on the metrics that count.

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Hemen Patel CRM Metrix: Columbus WAW, Jan 27, 2010

  1. 1. CRM Metrix, Inc. The Customer Listening Company The Marketing Power of Brand Websites Th M k ti P f B d W b it CRM Metrix – the customer listening company 1
  2. 2. About CRM Metrix, Inc. About CRM Metrix, Inc. CRM Metrix is a global market research company offering leading digital market research solutions that are  used by leading brands:  A one of a kind company with offices in New York, Cincinnati, Paris, Mumbai and  Singapore.  Singapore CRM Metrix offers a full range of digital market research solutions to help brands make the best decisions at  all stages of the digital marketing development process and to maximize the return on their digital marketing  investment. Digital marketing covers the brand website, online ads, online campaigns, email CRM programs,  social media, online sponsorships, micro sites, etc. i l di li hi i i CRM Metrix is committed to working with clients to "measure what matters" to your digital marketing  success. With our full range of digital market research tools, you will know that you are making the best  decisions at all stages of the digital marketing development process. g g g p p The Minute Pitch ‐ With any digital media or marketing strategy, CRM Metrix solutions offer: Pre‐Launch 1) Concept Development 2) Concept Testing, Screening and Optimization 2) Concept Testing Screening and Optimization 3) Usability Research Post‐Launch 1) Measure Performance of digital strategy 2) Evaluate contribution (ROI) of digital strategy 3) Optimize digital media or marketing strategies CRM Metrix – the customer listening company
  3. 3. CRM Metrix, Inc. – Digital Market Research Solutions CRM Metrix is committed to working with clients to "measure what matters" to your digital media and  marketing success. With our full range of digital market research tools, you will know that you are  making the best decisions at all stages of the digital marketing development process. Evaluate & Optimize Usability Consumer Online Strategies Research Intelligence Online Videos SiteSURF™ Benchmark TOBS™ Online Sponsorships Benchmark your site against Target Online Behavior Science competitor sites to compare Research that provides insights Micro Sites Micro-Sites p performances and determine into your target’s online y g strengths and opportunities behaviors. Insights lead to Online Widgets to optimize site business decisions leading to what media to use to connect Facebook Fan Sites and how to connect SiteSURF™ Tasks Online Campaigns Evaluate features of your site by inviting consumers to brandDelphi™ Idea Websites perform task and evaluating A qualitative/quantitative the performance of the tasks solution that provides relevant Email CRM Programs g ideas to add new features and optimize website CRM Metrix – the customer listening company 3
  4. 4. CRM Metrix– The Analytics CRM Metrix brings to the table the ‘Voice of the Consumer’ insights. Actionable i i h that drive business d i i A i bl insights h d i b i decisions. CRM Metrix – the customer listening company
  5. 5. The 1st Question We Ask: What Are Your Site’s Objectives? Reduce Abandonment To Engage Build Customer Relations Build Customer Relations Build Brand Equity Provide Product Information To Acquire Drive Purchase / Purchase Intent Drive Purchase / Purchase Intent Provide Customer Service To Increase Conversions Lead Generation Provide Product Support pp Deliver Fluid User Experience The main aim of any marketing strategy evaluation should be to  measure the level at which these objectives are being met and  measure the level at which these objectives are being met and generate strategies from insights to optimize.  CRM Metrix – the customer listening company 5
  6. 6. SiteCRM™ Six Dimensions – In a Nutshell A Website Visit Experience Evaluation Tool to 1. Evaluate/Optimize Contribution of Experience towards Building Brand Health 2. Evaluate/Optimize Contribution of Experience towards Revenue Metrics 3. Evaluate/Optimize Contribution of Experience towards Customer Relations 4. Measure User Experience (in market site usability) Summarizing: Evaluation that Leads to Maximization of Site Objectives Key Stakeholders Brand Teams, Marketing Teams, User Experience, Interactive Teams, Agencies, Senior  B dT M k i T U E i I i T A i S i Marketing Management, Consumer Insights, Consumer Experience, Market Research. CRM Metrix – the customer listening company 6
  7. 7. Could this be the New Marketing Model? Brand TV Blogs Radio Brand Social Networks Print Website Micro‐Sites Outdoor Online Ads Online Ads Forums Engagement Strategy Reach Strategy CRM Metrix – the customer listening company 7
  8. 8. Conclusion – The End Game High High High Reach  R h Attention  Att ti Engagement  = C t E t Customer  The Brand Website has the potential  to operate at a high level and deliver on all  to operate at a high level and deliver on all three marketing components. CRM Metrix – the customer listening company 8
  9. 9. Brand Websites Build Brand Equity at All Levels Compared to other media and marketing strategies, the brand website moves the needle at all levels of brand equity. CRM Metrix – the customer listening company 9
  10. 10. Power of Brand Website – Visitor Quality Engagement The brand website is a dark knight within the  competitive battlefield. It offers up the  opportunity to interact with and influence non‐ opportunity to interact with and influence non loyal users. Competitive Battlefield Medium Affinity Low Affinity Multi‐Brand Users M lti Brand Users Competitive Users Competiti e Users 45%‐55% Visitors 10%‐15% Visitors A Great Asset to Capture Market Share Source: CRM Metrix SiteCRM™ norms CRM Metrix – the customer listening company 10
  11. 11. Brand Websites Drive Lifts in Purchase Intent + 4 5% 4.5% Pre-Visit (control) vs. Post-Visit (test) Source: CRM Metrix SiteCRM™ norms CRM Metrix – the customer listening company 11
  12. 12. Brand Websites Drive Lifts in Purchase Intent Acquisition & Conversion (Lifts Market Share) Low Affinity Medium Affinity (Competitive Users) (Multi Brand Users) +3.1% +3 1% Pre-visit vs. Post-visit +3.2% +3 2% Pre-visit vs. Post-visit Source: CRM Metrix SiteCRM™ norms CRM Metrix – the customer listening company 12
  13. 13. Consumer Purchase After Visiting Brand Website (Claimed) On average, brand websites have a purchase influence of 33% to 41%. High Affinity Low Affinity Brand Loyalists Competitive Users N = 960 (100%) N = 740 (100%) Claimed Purchased = 72.9% (700) Claimed Purchased = 37.8% (280) Average Spent Most Recent Purchase = $44.03 Average Spent Most Recent Purchase = $39.10 Site Visit Purchase Influence = 53.03% Site Visit Purchase Influence = 51.43% Source: CRM Metrix SiteCRM™ projects CRM Metrix – the customer listening company 13
  14. 14. Brand Websites Drive Incremental Purchase Growth in Share of Wallet $$ (Category Spend/Brand Spend) Source: CRM Metrix SiteCRM™ projects CRM Metrix – the customer listening company 14
  15. 15. Brand Websites Drive Incremental Purchase Growth in Purchase Frequency After Site Visit Source: CRM Metrix SiteCRM™ projects CRM Metrix – the customer listening company 15
  16. 16. Brand Websites Build Positive Brand Opinions I feel much better about the brand CRM Metrix Norms CRM Metrix Norms Corporation 2 Norms Corporation 2 Norms Corporation 1 Norms Corporation 1 Norms Net Lift = +13% Net Lift = +17% Net Lift = +23% Source: CRM Metrix SiteCRM™ projects CRM Metrix – the customer listening company 16
  17. 17. Brand Websites Build Brand Image Perceptions Is high quality Is a brand I trust Is credible Is a cool brand Is a leading brand Site : 1 (100% Positive Lifts) 10/10 Image Attributes Site : 2 (90% Positive Lifts) Site : 3 (80% Positive lifts) Site : 4 (50% Positive Lifts) The majority of brand websites measured drive lifts in brand image perceptions Source: CRM Metrix SiteCRM™ projects CRM Metrix – the customer listening company 17
  18. 18. Brand Websites Build Customer Relationships Customer Retention Index™ – Driving Engagement Satisfaction, Satisfaction Revisit & Recommend Website Site : 1 Site : 2 Site : 3 Now this is a Relationship Building  Performance Source: CRM Metrix SiteCRM™ norms CRM Metrix – the customer listening company 18
  19. 19. Brand Websites Drive Word‐of‐Mouth & Buzz  Brand Websites Drive Word‐of‐Mouth & Buzz Potential 6.0% Promoter Growth 9.75% NP S Growth 9 75% NP®S Growth Source: CRM Metrix SiteCRM™ norms CRM Metrix – the customer listening company 19
  20. 20. Brand Websites Drive Brand Recommendation Intent Brand Websites are a buzzworthy platform to kick start word‐of‐mouth campaigns B dW b i b h l f ki k d f h i +5.7% +5.5% +5.2% +4.9% +4.5% +4 5% Site 1 Site 2 Site 3 Site 4 Site 5 Brand Recommendation Lifts Source: CRM Metrix SiteCRM™ projects CRM Metrix – the customer listening company 20
  21. 21. Thank You! Question & Answers Hemen Patel Hemen Patel Russ Shirley Russ Shirley CRM Metrix, Inc. CRM Metrix, Inc. President VP, Marketing and Client Leadership Tel : 201‐617‐9889 Tel : 513‐234‐4460 Email : hpatel@crmmetrix.com Email : rshirley@crmmetrix.com Location: New York Office Location: Cincinnati Office Ike Brunner CRM Metrix, Inc. Director, Analysis and Client Leadership Tel : 513‐234‐4468 Email : ibrunner@crmmetrix.com Email : ibrunner@crmmetrix com Location: Cincinnati Office CRM Metrix, Inc. 700 Plaza Drive, 2nd Floor, Secaucus, NJ 07094 CRM Metrix, Inc. 700 Plaza Drive, 2 Floor, Secaucus, NJ 07094 Tel: 201‐617‐9889 / Fax: 201‐617‐8588 :: www.crmmetrix.com New York – Cincinnati – Paris – Mumbai ‐ Singapore CRM Metrix – the customer listening company 21