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Most copywriters find that their clients can't give them the information needed to really explain their products and services from the customer's point of view. This simple process allows you to break down your client's products and services until you understand the customer problems they solve. Your clients will think you can read minds.

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Copywriting ESP

  1. 1. Copywriting ESP Presented at Commpose in July 2010 Twitter hashtag: #copywritingESP
  2. 2. Copyright © 2010 Charlene Kingston
  3. 3. About Me Charlene Kingston Instructional Designer Information Strategist Crow Information Design Software user assistance @CrowInfoDesign Social Media DIY Workshop @SocialMediaDIY @Kinchie Copyright © 2010 Charlene Kingston
  4. 4. Your Copywriting Problem You want to write about  your client in a way that  their customers get it Client doesn’t know how  to talk about their own  business Copyright © 2010 Charlene Kingston
  5. 5. Tweet Bite Copywriters have more  challenges than just  thinking up creative  writing ideas @Commpose  #copywritingESP Copyright © 2010 Charlene Kingston
  6. 6. Your Clients Don’t Say What You Need Shy Confused Think the work speaks  for itself Think other people  should speak about their  work They don’t know what to  tell you Copyright © 2010 Charlene Kingston
  7. 7. Most Business People Have The Wrong Focus Insiders point of view Tell you what they do to  create and deliver their  product/service What goes into the making,  not what value it delivers to  their customers Industrial revolution era  thinking Copyright © 2010 Charlene Kingston
  8. 8. Tweet Bite Division of labor causes  people to focus on what  they do instead of how  they help customers @Commpose  #copywritingESP Copyright © 2010 Charlene Kingston
  9. 9. Your Clients Use Meaningless Words What does this really  mean to a customer? Best in class Industry leader Expert Thought leader Make them tell you  the features of their  product/service Copyright © 2010 Charlene Kingston
  10. 10. Ignite Phoenix Example Served on Ignite Phoenix  core team for 2 years Elevator pitch: Ignite  Phoenix is an information  exchange aimed at  fostering and inspiring  Phoenix’s creative  community. WTF?! It’s an evening event  where people give talks Copyright © 2010 Charlene Kingston
  11. 11. Tweet Bite Words to never use in the  Gobbledygook  Manifesto | |  @dmscott  @Commpose  #copywritingESP Copyright © 2010 Charlene Kingston
  12. 12. Strategy To Read Your Client’s Mind List deliverables Clump into solution sets Identify the reasons Convert into problems Summarize problems solved Copyright © 2010 Charlene Kingston
  13. 13. Step 1 Make A List of What They Deliver Deliverable types: Visible Deliverables Invisible Deliverables Ask them for the features of  each deliverable These are the building blocks  for understanding their  products/services Copyright © 2010 Charlene Kingston
  14. 14. Review The Delivery List Observe the details Many vs. few Simple vs. complex Visible vs. invisible What does this tell you  about your client and  their customers? Copyright © 2010 Charlene Kingston
  15. 15. Step 2 Clump Deliverables Into Solution Sets Most businesses think  about products/services in  categories Entrees Side dishes Drinks Customers buy combo  meals Insiders point of view keeps  them from understanding  how they help customers Copyright © 2010 Charlene Kingston
  16. 16. Step 3 Analyze Each Solution Set List the reasons why a  customer would use each  solution set Ask the question: Why  does your customer need  this product/service? End up with a master list  of reasons why customers  use the products/services Ask sales people,  customer service Copyright © 2010 Charlene Kingston
  17. 17. Step 4 Convert Reasons Into Solved Problems Use the reasons to reverse  engineer the customer’s  problems. Ask the question: How  does this product/service  help your customer? Create a list of customer  problems that the  product/service solves Now you see the company  from the customer’s  perspective Copyright © 2010 Charlene Kingston
  18. 18. Let’s Try Some Examples Solution Sets Reasons (why?) Problems Solved (how?) 1 Press release Notify the media about a Notify new potential company announcement customers about the company and its products 2 Logo/ID kit Create a professional image Encourage potential customers to buy from the company 3 Resume Tell people about my work Get a better job history 4 Massage Work out the tensions from a Improve overall health and stressful job/life wellbeing 5 Monthly Increase the accuracy of your Owe less taxes Bookkeeping business records Service Copyright © 2010 Charlene Kingston
  19. 19. Step 5 Summarize How They Solve Problems Summarize what the  client does based on  the customer problems  they solve Write about how your  client solves problems Client thinks you work  magic because you  bring clarity Copyright © 2010 Charlene Kingston
  20. 20. Tweet Bite You help your client most  when you write about  how they solve  problems @Commpose  #copywritingESP Copyright © 2010 Charlene Kingston
  21. 21. Strategy To Read Your Client’s Mind List deliverables Clump into solution sets Identify the reasons Convert into problems Summarize problems solved Copyright © 2010 Charlene Kingston
  22. 22. Supplemental Materials Tonight’s materials: Handout with main points,  lists of questions Post the slides I’d appreciate if you  would refer small  business people to Social  Media DIY Workshop Free content Premium content Membership site Copyright © 2010 Charlene Kingston