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Online Marketing: Using Social Media - Queanbeyan
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Online Marketing: Using Social Media - Queanbeyan


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Social media refers to websites that allow anyone to create, share and interact with a wide range of content. With more than 200+ major active social networking sites out there it can be hard to know …

Social media refers to websites that allow anyone to create, share and interact with a wide range of content. With more than 200+ major active social networking sites out there it can be hard to know what works best for you and your customer. This workshop provided participants with guidance to navigate through the social media maze and focused on the following topics and key tools:
- benefits to using social media as a marketing tool
- top 10 smart uses for social media
- overview of key social media tools e.g. Facebook, YouTube, Blogs, LinkedIn.
- setting a budget for social media
- your social media voice

This session is part of the Capital Region Digital Enterprise program. For more information visit

This workshop was presented by Threesides Marketing

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Capital Region Online Marketing: Marketing with Social Media Presented by Threesides Marketing
  • 2. Housekeeping
  • 3. Our Mission To provide energised leadership, share innovative solutions, broker positive relationships and deliver valued projects to the region. Regional Priorities • • • • • • Regional Development Planning Education, Employment & Investment Transport – Infrastructure & Services Regional Food Digital Economy Transition Living & Working Sustainably
  • 4. Key Initiatives • • • • South East Region of Renewable Energy Excellence Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme Southern NSW Harvest Association Capital Region Digital Enterprise Program How We Can Help • • • • • You Access to government programs Advice and training Sourcing skilled labour Grants - support and data Networks and contacts
  • 5. Find out More Richard Everson Project Officer Mob. 0427 27 27 54
  • 6.
  • 7. We help these businesses with their online marketing: Old Bus Depot Markets National Parks NSW Retail 360 Yass Valey Council - Tourism Sportsmans Warehouse DDCS family Lawyers Capital Region Farmers Market Trev’s café Dickson (and more…)
  • 8. Learning outcomes 1. Understand the need for social media in your business 2. Learn how to set goals and objectives for your social media plan 3. Identify the best uses of social media tools for business e.g. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn.
  • 9. What can we achieve today? Inform Inspire Direct
  • 10. Your Name, your business and when was the last time you used social media for business purposes? (hours ago, days, weeks, never?)
  • 11. 65 % Aussie Internet users who have gone social
  • 12. 7 hrs & 30 mins + each week ‘invested’ Source: Nielsen April2012
  • 13. Why social media?  Easy to update  Large connected population using it  Good way to start a conversation  Tell a better story with photos and video  Shows your business is alive  Promotes sales and specials direct to your followers  Helps with Search Engine rankings  Cheap to run
  • 14. When are we doing ‘it’
  • 15. How often are we doing ‘it’ Social vs Traditional
  • 16. Who are we doing ‘it’ with? (avg. friends) 227
  • 17. Businesses with social media presence
  • 18. How often do you update your social media sites?
  • 19. It’s still about people (right?)
  • 20. Website Exposure / Listings / Directories Social Media Resources / People Online marketing Activities Direct marketing / Email Back Links / connections Search Engines SEO/SEM Conversion / Sales
  • 21. 10 Smart Uses for Social Media
  • 22. #1 News, updates and information #2 Competitions
  • 23. #3 Offers and sales promotions
  • 24. #4 Go behind the scenes – be human
  • 25. #5 Event information #6 Research
  • 26. #7 Advertising
  • 27. #8 Customer service and feedback #9 Product Development
  • 28. #10 Be open 24/7
  • 29. Which social media site works best?
  • 30. Business vs. Personal profiles
  • 31. Which runs which? Facebook: Personal account to run a business page Youtube: Google account Twitter: Email address Linkedin: Personal account to run a personal profile or business page
  • 32. Spending $$ in social media
  • 33. Where to spend $$ in Social media • Ads / Promoted posts • Competitions • Custom Pages / Third Party app costs • Planning and Training • Community Management • Developing content – photo / video • Website integration • Reporting tools and analysis
  • 34. Marketing your social presence Links on your website Onsite info in your business Email to your email list Get friends and family to join Paid advertising (eg.Likes on facebook) Engage with other businesses
  • 35. Your social media voice
  • 36. Developing our ‘social media’ voice 1. Talk like a person – not a brochure 2. Sound like your business and yourself 3. Add value to the discussion 4. Work out when you need to respond and when you don’t 5. Sign off personally when multiple people are posting
  • 37. ‘Social media’ voice tips Use first names – ‘Thanks for your question Laura…’ Speak in the first person – ‘I / We have looked into this for you…’) Be courteous and friendly – Hi Steve, thanks for the note… Thank and acknowledge people for sharing the message or for compliments
  • 38. Things to avoid          Selling and shameless promotion Negativity Slow responses / No responses Asking questions without replying Over posting Talking about yourself all the time Fake answers Arguments Not setting a time budget for yourself
  • 39. Next steps: 1. Establish which platforms are right for your business 2. See what your competitors are doing 3. Develop good ideas for content and promotions 4. Set your time and $ budget 5. Write down your marketing ideas 6. Get started!
  • 40. Workshops and Consultations Workshops  Series of 17 workshop topics over the next 12 months  Free sessions – subsidised by federal government – in Queanbeyan and across the region Digital Consultations  4 hour digital business consultations  Develop and digital business plan  Identify 3 get started now actions  Help you start in the right digital direction
  • 41. Workshop feedback enterprisegroupfeedback Verification word: summer
  • 42. Stay in touch Website: Call the office: 62970933 Stay on our email list Tell a friend!